Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Up?

Nothing okay, that's what..... Just everyday stuff.  I feel the the pressure to post something, anything.  Hubby and I have been taking turns passing each other germs so the past week we have been coughing, blowing and God is sure blessing us tenfold. 
TMI - thought so.

We have begun the great Good By. You know when you are leaving a place you’ve lived for a while there are people and things that you are going to miss.  We had dinner with some friends Saturday night and even though you don’t say it you know it will probably be the last time you see each other.  We had a great time and always do but it’s been tough trying to schedule time together while we are in the same locale so the possibility of meeting again after we’ve moved are very slim.  Today I had lunch with a good friend who I know I will see even after we’ve moved and another who I won’t.  It’s life. 

VANILLA has been the order of the day lately.  Between our colds and our schedule, time has skipped by (more like a quick run) and by the end of the day we are both so exhausted we just collapse into bed.  We are almost at the end though so I’m hoping we get in some playtime soon. At my age, you have to worry about drying up and withering away.  You laugh but you have seen those little old lady cartoons where she is just a mean ole’ curmudgeon.  That’s me after a week with no attention.

Just some Aimless Rambling.  I‘ll be back when I have something to ramble about aimlessly. See you later.

Make it a Great Day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

For Better or Worse - I'm Done

Have you tried opening a post office box lately?  I tried opening a box in the state to which we are moving.  What a fiasco. I have been working on it for over a week.  It’s no surprise the post office is losing money.  Long story short – no post office box.  I know why people Go Postal.  I had my own little rant yesterday.  Unfortunately, hubby was home so guess who got to experience the “raging bull”.  Smart man, after I blew him off he just retreated to the lanai and left me to my rant. I did tell him though not to take it personally.  I know, I know a lot of you would have been spanked for the tirade but fortunately or unfortunately I am not one of you.  I could have sure used one though. It would have diverted my attention. 

I am calmer today. I will use my friends address for the few pieces of mail that need to be forwarded and personally call the places with the information.  The new residents can deal with the post office.  I’m done.

More aimless ramblings, oops, sorry it’s AIMLESS RANTING.  See you later

Monday, January 23, 2012

RED is the color of the day

Red Sky, Red Tail, Red Tales and Red Sunset.  It’s been that kind of day.

Beautiful sunrise this morning.  Sky was filled with shades of red, pink and purple.  Kind of like a well spanked butt.  I don’t usually get to see a sunrise because I am a late riser but happy I got up this morning to see God’s artwork.

We went to see the movie Red Tales today.  For those not in the know, it is about the Tuskegee Airmen who were the first black pilots in the US military (WWII).  I am a history buff so I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Several years ago there was an HBO movie called Tuskegee Airmen that was very good too.  The HBO movie gave a lot more of the history of how they came  to be so in that respect, I liked that one better.                                                      

Prior to going to the movie, hubby and I had some play time.  My tail was attacked with the doggin’ bat and I was dancing around pretty good.  He said he was glad I liked being spanked because he sure liked spanking me.  When my posterior gets to a certain shade of red, he stops.  I am never going to get any badges because I color quickly and fade even faster.  Oh well, its fun while it lasts. For those spanknos out there quit rolling your eyes.

Outstanding sunset this evening.  Going to miss seeing the sun go down over the gulf.  Guess we’ll be seeing it over the desert or the Pacific.  Those sunsets can be very colorful too.  Is the green flash only visible over water or can you see it over land too?  I’ll have to look that up. 

We even stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner and had lots of red stuff (salsa, enchilada sauce) etc,. etc.

Enough aimless rambling for now.  See you later.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Don't Do Well With Titles

Today after catching up on my reading list of blogs (list on side doesn’t include all) I came to a conclusion we are blessed with loving caring mates.  The majority of the blogs are written by women (men don’t feel left out) and whether we are just venting about some of life’s inequities, or we’ve just been spanked or hugged or listened to, the love of our mates is reflected in the posts. To me it’s like a beacon in the fog of stories you see on the news or read in the newspapers.  

I see my husband do things every day to make life better for us. They may just be small things but he goes about them in such a matter of fact way and it's easy to forget that it really is just a labor of love.  That same love is what I see reflected in the everday posts of my reading list. 

I like to think we are not just a small percentage of loving, caring couples but part of a larger community that shares our good fortune.  Today’s news is so skewed toward “if it bleeds, it leads”  I think it’s easy to forget there are probably a lot more men and women like us and it gives me hope for a better future for our kids and grandkids. 

The fact that my husband brought me flowers and chocolate yesterday for no good reason other than he is such a good guy and he loves me might have something to do with this musing too.

Just some more aimless ramblings.  Make it a great day.   

See you later. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Got this email the other day and wanted to share:

Mother walks by the bedroom of her 35 year old daughter and hears this buzzing sound. Knocks but gets no response.  Knocks again and then opens the door.  The daughter is having fun with her vibrator.  Daughter says well I’m 35 and I’m probably never going to get married so it’s the only fun I have.

Couple of days later, the father walks by the bedroom and hears this buzzing sound.  Knocks on the door several times and opens the door.  The daughter is using her vibrator.  Father says “What are you doing”.  Daughter replies well I’m 35 years old and probably never going to get married so I am getting all the pleasure I can.

The following Sunday, Mother hears this strange buzzing sound coming from the family room. She goes in and her husband is sitting on the couch and the vibrator is buzzing away next to him. She asks “What are you doing”. 

His response:  “I am  watching football with my son-in-law”

Well the title of the blog is Aimless Ramblings.  See you later.  Make it a great day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Do You Wanna Dance?

 I just love invitations, the hot spicy kind, don’t you?  As I said in my last post, I was handed an invitation in the form of our new toy.  My husband sprained his wrist so it has been vanilla time around here lately. Now vanilla is good-especially ice cream- but I like a little variety.  Keeps us fresh and feeling frisky.  We decided to christen our other new toy – our motor home. So out we went- toy bag in hand.  It started with a brisk warm up over clothing.  We moved to the bed.  He removed my sweatpants but left the thong.  He patted and teased and rubbed my fanny and thighs and played in other areas. Boy was it getting warm in that motor home.  The thong was removed and he slowly started spanking me with the spanker. The swats increased in velocity and intensity until I was really wiggling around trying to avoid the barrage.(Warmer still)  Based on the spanking he gave me, I would definitely say his wrist is better or was - it may not be anymore.

We ended as always by dancing our dance.  We used to be this young but we are still vigorous  because not only did the earth move but the motor home rocked.  We consider it fully christened.

BTW -  We’ve named it The Cat House because one of the main reasons we purchased it was to make it easier traveling with our cats. Go ahead and chuckle – you know you want to.

Enough aimless ramblings for now.  See you later.

Make it a great day.

Comment *()$$)##@

Is anyone else having difficulty with reading or leaving comments?   For the past couple of days, I will click on comment and the screen will go blank and nothing happens.   I can get through on some sites but not others.  I've commented on these sites before so this is something new -  to me anyway. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


That’s my hubby.  He knows me so well and after all our years together (40+) we are still friends and lovers.  We have made each other better than we were. We have picked up each other’s good and bad traits and blended them together into a loving mosaic.  Considering we are polar opposites it’s amazing to me that we even got together in the first place.  For two very opinionated, headstrong people I can’t remember ever having a real fight.  Differences of opinion, heated discussions, arguments, hell yes – but never what I would consider a real fight. Sometimes we try things my way and other times his way.  By now though, it is just our way. Through all the peaks and valleys (some really high peaks and very low valleys-especially during menopause)  he IS my very best friend and we love each other to pieces – even if he does want to strangle me sometimes – that is if I don’t get to him first.  That’s where the lover part comes into play and play we do. 


Gotta go now.  I just got an invitation from my BFF.  Fill you in at a later time.

Make it a Great Day

Monday, January 9, 2012

Terms Women Use with Their Men

1. Fine--This is the word we use to end an argument when we know we are right and they need to shut up.
2. Nothing--Means something and he needs to be worried.
3. Go Ahead--This is a dare, not permission, do not do it.
4. Whatever--A woman's way of saying screw you.
5. That's Okay--She is thinking long and hard about how and when you will pay for your mistake.

I think I received this in an email and it struck the right chord.  I know that Fine and Whatever are words that my husband is very familiar with - so much so that now even he is using them. He said that whoever wrote this must be living in our house. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Respect and Submission

Is DD about respect and/or submission?  I was thinking about this yesterday. It’s funny but several blogs over the last few days dealt with submission.  Must be in the stars.   Anyway I know my husband and I respect each other.  I trust him implicitly – it is a trust that has been earned over our many years together and will not be thrust away.  My husband does not demand nor does he expect to always receive my submission any more than I expect to always receive his.  This works for us.
I really like the term give in or defer more than submit.  It’s softer and to me denotes more of a willingness while the other more of a demand.  Semantics.

The more I read the more confused I am.  To me marriage is an equal partnership.  Each partner brings strengths and weaknesses to the relationship. If there is mutual respect I see no need for rules and regulations.  I’ve become more acquiescent as I’ve gotten older but I never accept any restriction willingly.  Maybe it’s because I came of age in the 60’s when women fought to take their place in society side by side with the male species or maybe it’s because I saw my mother lose her identity day by day to a dominating, opinionated man.  I like my husband's dominance in the bedroom but complete subservience is not granted there either.  I like being spanked but not for discipline. It is a conundrum. Whatever the reason, I will not grant full unquestioning submission to any man or woman.  God is the only one to whom I owe my total subservience.

I am blessed in that I live in a place that allows me choices because not every coat fits everybody. Now that I have aimlessly rambled on for way too long, I am still confused and will just add it to the list of things that escape me.

Enough for today.  See you later.  Make it a great day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


3rd day of the new year already.  Didn’t make any New Years Resolutions.  Why bother I never keep them not for want of trying but because I either can’t remember what they were and if I wrote them down where I put them.  I have a plaque that constantly reminds me “What did I come in here for”.  Since menopause I have suffered from CRS (can’t remember s***) or stuff if you want to sugar coat it. 

Hope you had a lovely holiday season and everyone is decompressing.  The letdown can be exhausting too.  It was a nice treat to not have to take down decorations.  When we came back from our New Year’s outing the holiday was officially over – no reminders.

There hasn’t been much spanking going on.  My sweet hubby sprained his wrist (and no he was not spanking my butt at the time)  it was very swollen and sore. He did try using the doggin bat yesterday and found it didn’t hurt his wrist at all.  So I received my New Years spanking a couple of days late. It was great.  I know all you spankos understand and those spanknos are shaking their heads and saying what is she crazy or something. 

It is very cold here today.  We went from 83 on Sunday to 45 now and it is noon.  I expected this when I lived in Colorado.  The weather there can change every 45 minutes.  But sunny Florida – the only people not bundled up are the snowbirds. 

  See this is how it is supposed to be.  Better check my GPS.
Enough for now.  See ya later.