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FRIDAY AGAIN, I think I missed the other four days.  Here's a couple of things I saw on FB this week and they made me giggle.

                                         THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT.





Have a good weekend everyone.  Monday is the continuing story of Betty Barker and her sexual education, be sure to stop by.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Shades, Ropes and Plugs

Yesterday, a friend and I went to see 50 Shades of Gray.  Originally there were going to be six of us but we couldn't seem to get it all straight, so it ended up being only two.  We went to an afternoon show and the theatre was filled with 'grannies'.  I know I was one of them but my friend said she was the youngest and I was the next youngest.  Jaimie Dornan is no Christian Grey - not for want of trying but I just couldn't buy it.  All in all, I think if you didn't read the book you would be left wanting. I was left wanting and I did read the books - maybe I just don't remember what happened in what book since I read them three years ago but my friend and I left the theatre asking "what's all the damn fuss about?"  You'll have to let me know your thoughts.

Next, I have a 5000 word novella out there now - Learning the Ropes  it's on sale for .99 cents.  Parts of it were originally featured on this site and PK's FF once upon a time. Shameless plug here.   

Going to sign off here, have to come up with a story for Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Hope it warms up if you're in the deep freeze and if you're not think about how lucky you are.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.                                                     

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Another Monday

Bonjour everyone.  Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day Weekend? Today is President's Day so some of you stateside have a three day weekend.  Of course, if you're from the New England states I believe you are having a twenty-six day weekend just to deal with the snow. (Sorry, couldn't resist)  Have faith, spring is only five weeks away.

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras?  Is that really possible?  Easter must be super early this year. We spent the weekend with our kids and grandkids in PS.  Actually, we're probably still there now, but due to come home later today.  

I"m cheating again - no new story, but this is the whole first chapter of The Starr Crossed Cowboy, so if you've not already read it, you might enjoy.  If you have, you know how it turns out and if you haven't you'll have to go to Amazon.  

Have fun tomorrow and I'll see you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

The Starr Crossed Cowboy -

Starr Winslow was dressed for the day in her usual get up of long johns, weathered green chambray shirt, careworn blue jeans and scruffy boots. Until the sun rose higher in the sky, she might need her shearling jacket and gloves. She greeted Catie, who was busy packing up and getting ready to head for the base camp and took the cup of coffee she offered.  Catie only cooked for her and Buck now.  Jesse, a gnarly old curmudgeon, took over the chore of cooking for the cowboys' years ago, and the ranch hands now had their meals in the bunkhouse instead of the ranch house.

This time of the morning was special to her; so peaceful, and everything was right with the world.  Looking up at the now fading stars, she admired the pre-dawn sky with the streaks of light and the colors.  Everyday was different, the departing night clouds shrouding the sun to color the sky with shades of red, orange, purple and midnight blue before giving way to the usual azure blue sky of morning.

Halfway to the barn, she met with Buck.  She never remembered a time when Buck wasn’t there, he was as much part of the ranch as the landscape.  He had wandered onto the spread when he was a raw kid and hired by her granddad, Micah Winslow, when he took over the ranch from his granddad.  He remained through thick and thin, life and death. He had helped her dad Zack, when his dad Micah passed and was about to retire when her dad passed suddenly. Somewhere along the way, he met and married Catie. Buck and Catie lived in the small house he built under orders from Micah when their son Justin was a babe. When Starr’s mother left, Catie took over the cooking and cleaning and raised both Starr and her son Justin together.  They were looking forward to retiring to Arizona to be near Justin and his family when that crazy-ass  bull decided to break out of his enclosure and gore her dad, killing him. Their plan was currently on hold because Buck couldn’t leave her alone to run the ranch. Until they hired a foreman, he felt was right for Starr and Whispering Pines Ranch, he was on board.  His body may not be as spry and pliant as in years gone by but his heart carried him through.  He guided Starr each day, and his knowledge was invaluable in teaching her the necessities of being a successful ranch owner.         

Winslow Whispering Pines Ranch, located in the heart of the Big Sky Country with stunning views of Castle, Crazy and Bridger Mountains as a backdrop, was home to the Winslow’s for generations.  Starr was the last of the line and was determined she was going to prove she deserved her birthright. Starr had worked on the ranch alongside her Dad and Buck since she could first sit a horse. The only time she had not lived on the land was when she attended college.  After graduation, she came back to take her place next to her dad.  She expected to have years to glean her daddy’s knowledge and experience, but a rambunctious bull had changed everything. He was gone and now it all sat on her shoulders. There were easier paths in life, but not for her.  She was born to live on a ranch much to her mother’s chagrin. There was no girlie girl in her, and it was one of her pet peeves when some men naturally assumed she was of the weaker sex and couldn’t run the ranch or the people on it.  They were mistaken, and she intended to prove they were wrong. Selling off Winslow Whispering Pines Ranch to some city slickers who wanted to turn all of Montana into a haven for the rich and famous wasn’t an option.

“Did you put that ad for a Ranch Foreman on the web last night, Starr?”

“I did, Buck.  I upped the salary and made it sound really pretty.  Except that anybody worth their salt will know it's all just flowery words.” 

They laughed at the truth of the statement. Buck headed to the bunkhouse, but Starr walked to the barn.  Starr walked the length of it, greeting each of the horses along the way.  The last stall belonged to Sundance who was crooning his head over the stall at the sound of Starr’s voice.  She stroked his long neck and whispered in his ear.  He shook his head and brought his face up close to hers. 

“Are you ready for this, boy?”  He shook his head again as if he knew exactly what she was asking.  She opened the stall gate and started to get Sundance ready for this day.

At the bunkhouse, Buck gave the ranch hands and trail drivers their assignments.  Their chore over the next few days was rounding up and bringing the cattle down from the summer pasture to the lower elevation for the winter. They had taken on extra hands known as trail drivers who did nothing but go from ranch to ranch to assist with this task and one of Buck’s duties was to oversee and keep a fine eye out for anyone who might fill the ranch foreman’s duties.

Buck Sampson hoped this would be his last cattle drive.  He was getting too old for this shit but he couldn’t leave Starr to do it by herself.  She desperately needed a ranch foreman; however, so far, they hadn’t had any luck with the candidates they had interviewed. Apparently, working for a woman put a damper on things for the cowboys who applied.  Of course, he might have felt the same way once upon a time.  Even so, Starr was different; she was as much his daughter as she was Zack Winslow’s.  He loved her as his own and praised her when she was good and spanked her when she was bad. Even now, when he deemed necessary and out of eyesight and earshot of the ranch hands, he still delivered a swat to her backside when she got too full of herself.

Starr had Sundance all saddled and ready to ride when a dusty red pick-up pulled into the yard.  She watched as six feet of jean clad legs stepped out of the cab.  Seriously, he had to be at least a foot taller than her, and she was 5’5.  His hat was pulled down over his face so from her distance it was hard to determine his age, but she would guess about 35.

“I’m looking for Starr Winslow or Buck Hastings,” he called out to her.

“I’m Starr Winslow, what can I do for you?”

“I hear you’re looking for a Ranch Foreman.”

“We are, but now is not a good time.  I don’t have time for an interview.  We are heading up country to bring down the cattle for the winter.”

“Then now is the perfect time.  You get me a mount, and I’ll saddle up and go with you.  You can see how I work, and I can see whether or not I want to work here.

Buck rode up and listened to the last part of the conversation.  He didn’t say a word but waited to see how Starr responded. Starr liked his spunk.

“Okay, Mister.  We can always use an extra hand on roundup.  She dismounted and went over and offered her hand.

“You know who I am, now who are you?”

“Jude Barlow, pleased to meet you Starr.”  He liked the strength of her handshake and noticed her nails, clean and cut down low, a little clear polish maybe, but that was it. They were the hands of a working girl and had the callouses to prove it, not some skirt pretending to be a rancher.

“Drive your truck over to the barn and park it on the side.  Buck and I will meet you there.”

Starr and Buck had a quick conversation while they led their mounts to where Barlow parked his truck.  Buck led him into the barn and introduced him to Billy Jack.

“He’s a fine gelding, young enough to still be spirited but old enough to be more of a help than a hindrance on the drive.  Saddle up and we’ll talk more on the way up.” Buck told Jude.

“So who do I answer to you or Starr?”

“Son, this is Starr’s ranch and we all answer to her.  If that’s a problem, you best not bother going through the trouble of saddling up Billy Jack.”

“Fair enough."

Kate was driving the ranch truck containing everything needed at the base camp.  Several of the ranch hands rode ahead to make sure the road was clear and to start rounding up the cattle.   Starr, Jude and Buck rode together with Buck between them. Starr spoke first.

“So Jude, let’s hear your story.  First, how did you hear about Whispering Pines Ranch?”

“A friend of mine interviewed here a couple of weeks ago.  He told me about it.”

“Obviously, he didn’t take the job.  Did you ask him why?”

“He said there was no way he could work for a woman, and a young, pretty one at that.”

“You are honest. I like that.  So what makes you think you could work for a woman.”

“I was raised by a single mom.  She gave me orders all the time and when I didn’t pay attention, she had me go out back and cut a switch.  I learned some good dance moves as she wielded those switches, but eventually, I got the message and learned to listen to the lady; she cut me no slack.  I learned to respect women, I may not always agree with them, but I will listen to their opinion and then make my decision.”

“Does that mean if you don’t listen I should cut a switch?” Starr asked.

Jude smiled at her remark, and his whole face lit up.  He didn’t look as embarrassed as she felt asking the question.  When she heard it, she couldn’t believe she said it out loud; it was what she was thinking but didn’t realize she had verbalized the thought.

 “If you want to see my dance moves all you have to do is ask.”

Starr blushed, and Buck rescued her by asking him where he last worked and why he thought he could handle the job at Whispering Pines.

“I have worked on a ranch since I was about seventeen years old.  I went to Texas Tech on a football scholarship and blew out my knee in my freshman year. I found work on a nearby ranch that allowed me to stay in school.  I worked for Mr. Ray Danforth for sixteen years. Unfortunately, Mr. Danforth passed, and the ranch was sold and parceled out to a home builder, and I was out of a job.  I’ve been looking for another since.  I have a degree in financial management, which is a joke because I have no finances to manage.  I do, however, know how to manage a ranch. I don’t think there is any ranch job; I haven’t done.  You can check my references.  Silas Minton, Mr. Danforth’s attorney, will vouch for me.”

Buck listened to Jude, and his story had a ring of truth.  He would still check if out though.  He was not about to head off to Arizona until he was confident that Jude Barlow was everything he claimed to be.  “That’s quite a story, Jude, and you can bet we will check it out once this roundup is over. Until then, we’ll pay you the same as the other hands -that’s salary plus room and board.  Is that agreeable to you?”

“Sure, I’m willing to prove my worth.”

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Happy Valentine's





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Another Week Already

Happy Monday

It's been a lovely week here weather wise, sorry if it hasn't been as great where you are. Spring is coming, hang on.  Life has been quiet, just usual stuff.  This weekend we're going to PS to meet our kids - excited about that.

Did manage to write a story this week.  Not the greatest and it may or may not be the beginning to a new book.  Let me know whether you think I should continue.  Of course, there is no title because I can never seem to come up with one I like - suggestions gratefully accepted.

Annie Wilson stepped out of the kitchen to get a coke.  The lunch crowd was finally over and she thanked the powers that be and hoped the rest of the afternoon would be slow - Meat Loaf Tuesday was always a killer and she was whipped.  She went to get a coke from the dispenser when she heard the jingle of the bell over the door indicating another customer had walked in.  She looked up and quickly looked down

She met him five years ago when she was just 18 and he was 22. They met when she was visiting her sister in Dallas, and supposedly out for a night of fun at a street festival instead of  clubbing. Under age at the time and with a false ID in the name Clovis Gentry, and false courage from the tequila, she flirted and carried on with every man/boy at the club.  She was about to get herself into real trouble when she stepped outside with someone that was interested in more than flirting.  He wasn’t taking no for an answer and she was fighting him off like a tomcat when Jace McCall came to her rescue.  He stepped in between the two.

“I don’t think the lady wants what you’re offering.”

“Who the hell are you and what business is it of yours?” came the surly reply.

“It doesn’t matter, the lady is not interested.  Now go back to whatever rock you climbed out from and leave her alone.”

The guy pulled back his arm and was about to deliver his fist into Jace’s face, when a well placed kick from ‘Clovis’ ended the confrontation.  The big jerk immediately had something else to do with his hands.  Doubled over and grabbing his precious jewels, he swore at them as Jace led her away.

Jace knew she had one too many tequilas because he had his eye on her for quite a while.  She was a looker and way too big for her britches, thought she was God’s gift to men.  She needed someone to take her in hand before she got into big trouble.  He wasn’t looking for someone to babysit and that’s what she needed so he’d stayed away but when he saw her leaving with that idiot, he knew he had to do something. So here he was, arguing with her about how she was going to get home.

“Do you have someone to drive you home?” he asked.

“I can drive myself.”

“I don’t think so, you’re far too drunk to get behind the wheel.”

Annie was not about to let somebody tell her what to do.  She started digging into her purse for her keys, when he grabbed her arm and everything spilled onto the ground.  Jace confiscated her keys as he helped her pick up the remaining items.  He ushered her back into the bar, sat her down and ordered some coffee.  He pushed the mug in front of her and told her to drink.

“I don’t drink coffee,” she told him.

“Drink the coffee!!!”  She pushed the mug away.

“Little girl, I’ve taken about all the nonsense I’m going to take from you.  Now you either drink the coffee or I’m going to take you over my knee and spank that spunky little bottom of yours right here.”

“You wouldn’t dare.  You touch me and I’m calling the police.”

“I would dare, now drink the damn coffee.”

“No!!!”  He pulled her across his hip and spanked her bottom six times amid her hoots and hollers.  People reacting to the commotion were doing some hooting and hollering of their own, enjoying the show and urging him to continue the spanking. He let her up, “Now go ahead and call the police.”  She sputtered and spewed but didn’t use her phone, nor did she drink the coffee.

Jace scowled at her but refused to leave her side.  He collected her belongings from the bartender, took her by the arm and pulled her to his truck. People applauded as they went by.  He opened his door, slid her across the seat and buckled in her seat belt.  He was afraid if he pushed her into the passenger door she would bolt before he got around to the other side.  He drove to the address she gave the cabbie last night only to find it was a grocery store.

“What’s your address?”  She didn’t open her mouth.

“Girl, speak up or you’ll be back over my knee.”  Silence.

“Girl, I’ll pull over if you don’t give me that address now!!!.  In a very meek voice, he heard 11171 Chapman.”

“11171 Chapman where?”


He drove up to a one-story ranch house in suburban Dallas.  She jumped out of the car and ran to the door the minute he shut off the engine.  She was at the door and almost inside when he caught up to her.  A gal, looking very much like ‘Clovis’ was at the door, with a tall fellow standing beside her.

“Where have you been?  We’ve been worried sick.”

“She’s been at The Regal Canadian.  It’s a club downtown.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Jace McCall and I sort of took care that she got home in one piece.”

“Thank you Jace McCall.  She’s only 18 years old and my parents would never forgive me if anything happened to Annie while she was staying here with me.  I’m Cathy Price and this is my husband Dick.”

“Annie, huh.  Well she has ID stating she is Clovis Gentry and old enough to drink.  I felt she had a little too much to drink and after an incident decided to see her home myself.  Here are her keys and the car is at the club.”

“Well, we can’t thank you enough Jace Mc Call.  Dick and I would like you to join us for dinner tomorrow as a thank you.  Does a home cook meal appeal to you?”

“You bet.”

When Jace arrived for dinner the following evening, a very different Annie Wilson answered the door. She looked fresh-faced and a lot more appealing than she had the night before.  She wore an off the shoulder peasant blouse, a short denim skirt and cowboy boots.  Her long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail that swished when she walked and that cute little butt he had spanked last night looked very appealing.

It was a delicious dinner and the conversation enlightening; Annie acted like the teenager she was.  Her demeanor had very much to do with the fact that her brother-in-law, with her father’s permission, had taken her in hand the previous evening.  As Cathy told how Annie had received a paddling the night before, he watched the color creep up into Annie’s face.  “Of course, she was lucky because if she had been home the paddling would have been bare bottomed instead of over her clothing.  Daddy always punished us bare bottom.”  Jace was embarrassed for Annie who seemed to fade into the woodwork as the conversation continued. 

After dinner, Annie started to take dishes to the kitchen and Jace offered to help.  He wanted to tell Annie not to be embarrassed about the dinner conversation that he was brought up much the same way and a spanking was nothing to be embarrassed about.

“It’s all your fault, Mr. Clean.  If you had just minded your business, none of this would have happened.”

“Obviously, you still don’t realize how irresponsible your behavior was and the how badly things could have ended; instead of just getting your bottom spanked, you could have ended up beaten, raped or even killed.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Yes, I saw what a good job you were doing in the parking lot.   You were lucky I came along.”

“Well, I’m grounded for the duration of my visit here and Cathy confiscated my false ID, so I guess I’m safe for a while.”

“That’s a good thing, because obviously the paddling didn’t instill any sense into you.”

“Please,” and rolled her eyes at him.

At this point, Jace had to leave the kitchen before he took her back over his knee.  This girl needed a damn good spanking, probably more than one.  He wouldn’t mind taking on the chore of making her see the error of her ways but she was way too young. He hoped she’d make it to twenty-one before getting into any more trouble, but he had serious doubts.

Jace rejoined Cathy and Dick in the living room, thanked them for the dinner and took his leave.

“Come say good-by to Jace,” Cathy yelled into the kitchen.

Annie, was quite a little actress, and turned into the sweet girl he met earlier in the evening.  “Thank you so much for everything.  Hope I see you again.” She reached up to kiss his cheek and whispered “Never.”

He snickered and had all he could do to keep his hand from swatting her backside.

“Good night all.”  He walked to his truck and hoped he did come across Annie Wilson sometime down the line. He had a thing or two he would like to teach spunky Ms. Wilson.


See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

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Checking In

Good Day Everyone - Just life here, nothing to report but wanted to check in.  Sorry for all of you who continue to experience the wrath of Mother Nature - you are a hardy bunch.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

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Post Super Bowl

Happy Monday after the Super Bowl Everybody.  Did the ending turn out the way you wanted? I didn't much care either way, but enjoyed some of the commercials.  Where we are now is only about ten miles from the stadium so it was a pretty busy week around here traffic wise.  It will be good to get back to the usual patterns.

I know I've mentioned for a while that I have been in a writing drought.  I'm still there and I don't have a new story for this week.  I've tried a couple, but there only half done and I don't like either one of them.  So, after two years of weekly stories, my creative brain is on sabbatical.  I'm going into the archives, as all of you can do, because they're all posted on the side, but for some reason I really liked this one so I'm posting it again.

I can't promise for next week, but we'll see.  Hope you enjoy this repeat.

The Band Play On

Today was the last day of a tour that took them through 42 states during the past eleven months. Both band and crew members were exhausted. It was grueling work – the crew had the chore of putting up and taking down the equipment and stage effects every single  day at each venue, and for the band being on stage playing for two/three hours, a night under those blazing hot lights when temperatures often reached over 100+ degrees was anything but glamorous. Outsiders thought the life of performers was all glitz and glamour. That’s because they were looking at it from the outside in, not the other way around. Being on the road and away from home was not easy.  It meant little sleep, lousy food and cramped quarters; and it was hell on relationships.

He looked out over the audience and even with the lights shining in his eyes, he saw her. She was real, not the imaginary version he had pictured over the last couple of years.  Right now, he is not 44 years old but 26 and remembering.


Rowdy bought a ranch, Rivers’ Roost, in the hill country of Texas. He planned to retire there once their musical career was over.   It was his place to unwind and forget about being a “country rock” star. During one of his extended stays between road trips, he met Cindy Travers.  Cindy was working behind the counter in Johnson’s Feed when Rowdy met her.  She was born and raised in Odessa and was a cowgirl in the real sense of the word, not the Hollywood version.  She was sweet and down to earth and had no idea that he was part of Rivers Rangers, which suited him just fine.  One of the things he loved about this part of Texas was that no one cared about his fame, 95% of them never made the connection, so he could  live as normal folks did while he was there.  His dates with Cindy consisted of going on picnics, horseback rides, evenings at the  drive-in theatre, an occasional visit to one of the local bars if there was a live band, stuff he hadn’t done since he was a teenager.

On one of their nights out, a Rivers Rangers song was playing on the radio, and Cindy was singing along.  The DJ announced that the group, along with several other bands, were giving a concert for The Children’s Network at the Fort Worth Convention Center and that tickets were available.

“I sure would love to see those guys in concert.  I listen to them all the time. They are one of the few groups I would travel to Fort Worth to see."

“Really, do you know anything about them?” Rowdy asked.

“Other than they’ve been around a while and play great music, not much.  I know there're four of them,  but I don’t even know what they look like.”

He loved her innocence and hoped that what he told her would not change anything between them.

“You’re right, Cindy, there are four of them.  Two of them are brothers and the other two childhood friends.”

“So you must like them too if you know about them.” Rowdy was still in awe of her naivete.

“Oh yeah, I know all about them.  If you would like to go to the concert. I can get you a front-row seat and a backstage pass.”

“I would love it but it would be too expensive.”          

“On the contrary, it won’t cost me a dime.”

“How can that be?” she asked.

“I’m Randy Rivers of Rivers Rangers.”

“No, you are not; your name is Rowdy.” Rowdy laughed.

“Yes, Rowdy Rivers but my real name is Randy.  Rowdy is just a nickname my mom gave me as a kid, and it stuck.  My longtime friends and all of my family call me Rowdy but my given name is Randy. Think about it for just a minute. The name of my ranch is Rivers’ Roost, and my last name is Rivers.”

“But you’re so normal,” she told him.

“When I’m here with you, I’m normal.  My other life is anything but normal.  We’ll go to the concert, and you will see what I mean.”

She came to the concert and couldn’t believe how different everything was from home.  There were what seemed like thousands of people clamoring for his time and attention. Girls of every make and model were all throwing bras, and undies, trying to stuff things in his pocket, people pulling him this way and that for a picture.  She was overwhelmed and couldn’t wait to get out of there.  He saw her panic and quickly could  remove her from the havoc and bring her to a quiet place.

“How do you do cope with this turmoil? This is craziness.”

“Yes, it is, but I wanted you to see what my life was like when I’m not with you.”

What Cindy saw was just a fraction of what usually occurred backstage.  She was appalled at the way grown men and women behaved. If she had dressed or acted like some of those young girls, her daddy would have taken a strap to her backside and wouldn’t have cared that she was a adult woman.

On their way home after the concert, Randy asked what she thought.

“I loved the concert itself.  The music was fabulous, but I couldn’t believe some of the things that went on backstage and in the dressing rooms.  Thank Goodness, Rivers Rangers behave themselves."

“I don’t want you to think we are angels. Back when we started out, we were pretty raucous too.  We’ve just mellowed in the last five or six years,” he told her.

“I like the way you are now.  I could never be like those girls and if that’s what you want or expect, I don’t think we should be together,” she told him.

“Believe me, that is not what I want anymore.  As a matter of fact, if you ever tried acting like any of those girls, I would bare your bottom and spank the devil out of you.”

She giggled.  “You think I’m kidding?” he asked her.

“No, I giggled because earlier when I saw the things those girls were doing, I said to myself that my daddy would strap my bottom.”

“He might do it, but he would have to stand in line behind me.”



He heard the chants and the foot stomping from the audience that brought him back to the present. He began to play and was going through the motions when all he could think about was her and what she was doing here.

His mind continued to wander to the beginning again.

Cindy and Rowdy had made it ten years before they split. Rivers Rangers popularity continued to grow and every year it seemed Rowdy was home less and less.  Once in a while, she would travel with him, or meet him on the road for a couple of days until she couldn’t take it anymore and would retreat back to Rivers Roost. However, once Buck was born; she stayed behind and waited for Rowdy to come home. When Ashley came along two years later, Rowdy surprised her by bowing out of the tour for the following year. 

Rowdy was glad to be off the road and settled into family life and ranching.  The first couple of months were bliss to Cindy. The kids loved having their daddy around, and Cindy was thrilled to have a husband who was in her bed every night. They fought like any other couples, mostly about Rowdy spoiling the kids and Cindy being so frugal, but the make-ups were fun. He would threaten to take her over his knee; she would act all indignant and fight him every step of the way, but she loved it and those trips over his knee always ended with the most mind-blowing orgasms.

Cindy began to notice Rowdy’s restlessness.  Suddenly, his guitar was dusted off, and he began playing occasionally.  He would hole himself up in the studio for hours. When the guys stopped by during a break in their tour, he became really moody.  He was finding fault with everything and everybody.

“Stay away from Daddy.  He’s grumpy again.” He heard Buck say to Ashley.

He felt bad about his behavior and knew it was related to the fact that he missed making music. He loved his wife and kids, but it wasn’t enough.  He had spent a good portion of his life on the road and he missed the music and the camaraderie with the guys.  Truth be told, he was jealous when the guys would relate stories of events that occurred on the road. The other guys didn’t have wives anymore; they were free to come and go without any familial responsibility.  Their spouses decided it was not worth being married to someone who was never home, and even when they were home, road life often interfered with their family life.  There were still promotional spots, rehearsals, wardrobe fittings, photo shoots to get in before they took to the road again and then there were the ever-present  groupies and the fear that one day their loved one would give into the temptations constantly being offered.  None of them, except for Randy and Cindy, ever made it more than two or three years.

He tried talking to Cindy about his restlessness,  but she didn’t want to hear it.  She didn’t understand why being with her, and the kids wasn’t enough to keep him happy. They started bickering at each other until finally Rowdy had it and made a decision he hoped would solve the problem.

 “I’m doing a weekend gig with the guys when they come through Dallas next weekend.”

“But next weekend is my Daddy’s birthday party,” she told him.

“Tell him I said Happy Birthday,” and he went out and slammed the door behind him.

She followed him out of the door, still hollering at him.

“That’s enough, Cindy.  I don’t want to hear any more.  I need a break.”

“What about me, when do I get a break?” she asked him.

“Go now if you want.  Just be back by Thursday.”

“Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you, it takes away your guilt for going next weekend.”
“Either go or don’t go.  I’ll be here until Thursday.”

Cindy ran up to him, hauled off and gave him a hard kick in the shins.  He grabbed her and hauled her over to the tack room.  He grabbed a set of leather reins, yanked her over a hay bale and started wailing on her behind.  She was kicking and screaming at him to stop.  Suddenly, she heard Buck’s voice.

“Daddy, stop, stop.  Don’t spank Mommy anymore.”  He stopped and threw down the reins.  Cindy stood up and went over to Buck and said it was alright that she and Daddy were just playing a game.  She hugged him tight.

“Where’s your sister? Let’s go inside and get some lemonade and cookies.”

She and Buck walked out of the barn and toward the house, passing Rowdy on the way.  He was leaning against the fence, staring off into space. She stopped.

“Next week when you go to Dallas, don’t come back here until you have made up your mind what you want.”

The weekend gig in Dallas was a mistake. When he rejoined the group, he realized what he had and what he was giving up. Unfortunately, fate stepped in and changed the course of his life.

It was true what was written and heard about roadies.  They were a determined group, and although it was fun at first to have such rabid fans; it soon lost its luster. Some of them would maneuver a band member into a compromising situation and then had a friend take a picture and sell it to one of the “celebrity” publications. Rumors of affairs and one-night stands that never happened were often the cause of many a marriage break up.

Wives and girlfriends had to have thick skins, and lots of trust in their guy and Cindy had that for years.  However, now she was older and Cindy worried about the constant barrage of young, sexy girls throwing themselves at him.  Lonely guys often fell prey to temptation. Even though Cindy should have known better, when the story made the front pages of the “celebrity rags” that Randy Rivers of River's Rangers was back on the market, she still fell victim to believing the rumors.

When Rowdy explained it was all untrue, Cindy was too hurt to listen and told him she wanted a break. She said she would take the kids and move into town.  He didn’t want to uproot Cindy and the kids; so he moved into the foreman’s quarters on the ranch.  This arrangement allowed Rowdy access to his kids when he was home.  Cindy agreed that as long as he honored her wishes to stay away from the house, the children could stay with him when he was in town.  As hard as it was on him, he had honored this agreement and hadn’t set foot in the main house since the split.

Buck and Ashley were devastated by their parents split. They got to spend time with their dad because he still lived at the ranch, between road trips, but it wasn't enough.  Even after five years, they still wished their parents would get back together.  Actually, it’s what Rowdy wanted too. Cindy still held his heart in her hands.


Rowdy couldn’t wait until their set was finished.  He wondered if she would come backstage or just wait until the concert was over and waited by the bus.  When the audience called for an encore, he actually groaned.  The band played three more number and Rowdy practically ran off the stage.

Cindy wasn’t backstage.  He asked a couple of people if they had seen her, and everybody told him there hadn’t been anybody backstage asking for him.  He began to think that maybe his imagination had played tricks on him.  He had an hour before they were due back on stage, and he went out for some air.

Standing away from the crowd, he saw her.  He smiled, and she smiled back at him as he walked toward her. It was a little awkward; he had all he could do to keep from enveloping her in his arms. 

“Hello Rowdy,” she said in the sweet sultry voice he loved so well.

“Hello Cindy.  You look great, but then you always did, even with a dirty face and hair all askew from working at the ranch.”

“Thank you for that.”

“What are you doing here Cindy?  Everything’s all right, isn’t it.  Jeb would have let me know if anything was wrong.”

“I need to talk to you,” she told him.  “I didn’t want to do it over the phone.”

Suddenly, he had a feeling in the pit of his stomach and it felt as if the ground had just dropped beneath his feet.

“Sure, do you want to do it now or meet me later.”

“I’d like to meet you later.  I’m staying at a hotel in town, The Carlisle.  Why don’t you come meet me afterward?  I’m in Room 420.”

“Sure, are you going to give me any clues?”

“We need to talk,” was all she told him.

The next two hours and forty-five minutes, lasted for days.  He kept messing up the chords and getting dirty looks from his brother. 

“What the hell is the matter with you?  You keep fucking up.” Wes asked his brother during a break between songs.

“Cindy’s here.”

Wes nodded his understanding, and told Joe and Jack to be aware and ready to take over at any time.  He knew how his brother still felt about Cindy and her showing up at a venue didn’t bode well for Rowdy.

The minute the show ended he bolted. Through his manager, he arranged for a bag, a cab and a room when he returned from meeting Cindy earlier.  He grabbed a quick shower, changed clothes and hopped on the elevator. He rapped on the door and heard her voice.

“It’s me, Cindy.”   He heard the slip lock slide back, and the door opened.

Once again, he had all he could do not to take her in his arms.  He loved her as much now as the day he took her as his wife, and it was killing him that he couldn’t act on it.

“How was the show?” she asked.

“Like all the rest, over,” he answered.  “How are the kids?  I skyped with Buck the other day.”

“He mentioned it.  Ashley is busy with her school project.  Hard to believe next year will be entering high school.”

“Okay Cindy.  My stomach is in knots, and although I’m not sure I want to hear what you have to say, it needs to be said eventually.”

“This isn’t easy for me either, you know,” she told him.

“I know that.  What’s up?”

“I’m seeing someone.  It’s starting to get serious, and I want to file for divorce,” she told him.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” was all he could think to say for a minute.

“Who is he?  Have the kids met him?  Do they know what you’re doing here?”

“His name is John Sanderson.  He’s the pharmacist at the local drug store.  I met him when Buck had that infection a while back.  The kids met him and they like him, and no, they don’t know why I am here, or that I am here.  I wanted to tell you in person.  I don’t expect things to move that quickly, but I didn’t want it to come as a shock when you are served with the papers.”

“Do you love him?”

“I like him well enough.”

“That’s not what I asked.  Do you love him?”  She didn’t answer him and looked away.

“So you don’t love him.”

“He’s a decent man; he likes the kids, and he is good to me and I’m tired of being alone.”

“Have you slept with him?”

“I don’t think that is any of your concern, Rowdy?”

“You’re right and I really don’t want an answer because I don’t want a picture of you and some other guy in my head. Is lonely an excuse to hook up with some guy you don’t love?”

“Rowdy, I’ve been waiting for five years for you to decide that I’m more important to you than the damn music.  I’m not getting any younger and John is a good man and loves me.”

“I love you too and I’m a good man.”

“Yes, you are.  I can’t deny that.  However, John Sanderson will be in my bed every single night of my life.  Can you say that?”

“Yes,” he answered so quickly he shocked her.

“Yes, then why haven’t you done it?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to give us another chance?  You know how I feel about you; I've never held back.  I have just been honoring that damn agreement you made me sign when we separated.  I didn’t want to jeopardize not being present in my kids lives by pressuring you into something I didn’t think you wanted.”

“I always wanted you; I didn’t want the lifestyle.”

“Well, it seems we’ve been at cross purposes,” he told her.  “What will it take for you to forget about this and take me back.”

“You know the answer to that, Rowdy.”

“Okay.”  She watched him take his phone out of his pocket and dial a number. 

“It’s me.  I’m through, do whatever you have to do.  I’ll tell the guys.”  He dialed another number.

“Wes, are Joe and Jack with you?”

Wes replied, “Yeah; we're just winding down here in the bus. Are you with Cindy?”

“Yeah.  I wanted you to know I’m quitting as of right now.  I just called Jeb and told him to do whatever is necessary.  I won’t be back this time so don’t hold my spot.  I know what’s important now,” and he ended the call.

This time he did what he wanted to do earlier, he went over to Cindy and took her in his arms.  They melded together like hot glue.

 The following morning, Cindy and Rowdy boarded a plane headed to the Midland Airport. He called Jeb to have a car waiting for him.

“I’ll do it this time bro, but don’t forget I don’t work for you anymore,” and laughed.

“Yeah, that’s going to take some getting used to.”

Cindy told him “Welcome to the real world.” He laughed and his hand found her bottom, giving her a gentle pat.


Rowdy decided the best way to celebrate their getting back together again was to throw a big bash for friends, family and neighbors.  He hired a caterer who specialized in barbecues, had several kegs of beer, tons of sweet tea and a band that did covers of Rivers Rangers.  Wes, Jack and Joe flew in for the event, so did Jeb, who commented that he’d done a good job organizing everything without help.  Cindy piped in that he needed lots of help and laughed.  Rowdy popped her bottom when no one was looking.

During the party, Rowdy tried getting around to greet everyone.  He went up to this one older couple and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Rowdy Rivers.  Welcome to the party.  I’m not sure I know you.  Are you new around here?”

“Fairly new.  I’m John Sanderson and this is my wife, Emily.”

“John Sanderson, John Sanderson, the pharmacist.”

“Yes, I met your wife when she was picking up a prescription for your son Buck.”

“I see, well welcome to the area.  Hope you’re enjoying yourself.  Be sure to stick around for the fireworks.”

“We plan to,” they told him.

Rowdy went off to find Cindy.  He found her in the kitchen mixing up a batch of margueritas.

“I just met the nicest older couple,” he told her.

“Oh really, who?”  

"John Sanderson and his wife Emily.”

The color drained from her face.  He watched her start to squirm.

“Yeah, you better squirm.  You made up that whole damn story.”

“Well, it worked, didn’t it.” 

He laughed.  “Yeah, it did.  It doesn't mean you are not going to pay the piper for that little charade.  Tonite, when everyone’s gone and the kids are off doing their thing; you are going to get a spanking that’s going to light you up good. 

“Fireworks after the fireworks,” she said.

“You bet,” he told her.

“I can’t wait.”

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.