Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Have you Ever?

Borrowing this meme from Ami Starsong (thank you Ami). I've read the answers of many other friends since then and it's been great fun.  

Have you ever:

1.  Stood on top of a very high mountain or cliff, looking down at countryside, or out to sea?
Yes, often.  We lived in Colorado and often went to Pike's Peak and Mount Evans.  We actually lived at 8500 feet which is higher than some mountains to some people.

2.  Lain on your back on a hot summer's night, listening to the crickets chirping, and watching the satellites as they chase each other across the heavens?
Yes, but not in a long time.  I can't get up now.  

3. Skinny dipped at midnight?
Yes, and in the daytime too.

4. Intentionally or inadvertently swim with sharks?
I've been in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans but have never seen a shark up close and personal.  Dolphins yes.

5. Broken a bone in your body?
My pinky finger when I was a teenager.

6. Driven a car at speeds of 120 mph?
No. Don't think I've ever driven even over 100.

7. Played "Pooh sticks"?
Have no idea what this is?

8. Run in a "Pancake" race?
No, see No. 7 - I must lead a sheltered life.

9. Had your eyelashes dyed?
No, but I have had eyeliner tattooed on the top and bottom. One of the best things I've ever done.

10. Ridden a horse naked?
Absolutely not.  My hair has never been long enough.

11. Punted down the River Cam? (or any other river)
Not the River Cam not any other river.

12. Played tennis in a short white tennis skirt whilst wearing minimal knockers?
Tennis is an athletic endeavor - I don't participate in many athletic activities.

13. Helped an inebriated husband up the stairs at 2 in the morning?
No, if it happened when we had stairs, he stayed where he was.

14. Been too scared to get out of a swimming pool whilst on holiday, due to a  very large Doberman sitting on the edge watching you?
I can't image that even happening, but I love dogs so I doubt I would ever be afraid.

15. Sat in a deckchair snoozing happily whilst the sound of leather on willow echoes distantly in your ears?
Have sat happily snoozing in a deck chair many times but have only heard the waves lapping against the side of the ship or boat. Besides, I have no idea what leather on willow is?

16. Taken a ride on the Maid of the Mist under Niagara Falls?
Yes, when I was a little girl.

17. Climbed up something - rock face, climbing wall, rope in a sports halls, long ladder, tree and been too scare to climb back down.
I'm too scare to climb up, so coming down wouldn't be a problem.

18. Been too liberal with the "Eau de Cologne" which then ran down where it shouldn't, which in turn caused you to hop madly around and rip your knickers off and throw them as far from you and you could?"
No, but other things have caused me to rip off my 'knickers' and throw them as far as I could.

19.  Made snow angels?
As a child, now I don't do snow.  Sand angels are fun though.

20.  Lost a shoe in a ploughed field on a moonlight walk home after a party?
No, wow I just realized I have a lot of 'no' answers.  I have to get out more.

21.  Shrieked loudly, due to being spanked hard and frightened away a visitor/s who was about to knock on your door.  And you are desperately hoping they will never ask...
I haven't been that lucky.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to Monday Story Time

Happy Monday everyone.  The last few days of September - can you believe it? It's still pretty warm here.  I thought it would be at least down to the eighties my now - guess I was mistaken.  I don't remember it being so warm once football season started.  Oh well.  It doesn't seem to be affecting Ray's team any - they're winning, and this was the third week in a row they have on the television. He's in his glory.  

We're down to our last weeks in Texas.  Moving is just around the corner.  I'm ready; I like the motor home, but I'm done.  I want more space. I can't believe Ray, and I have lived together in this closeness and we're both still alive and liking each other - well at least most of the time.

I have another new short story that was released on Saturday. If you ready Saturday's post you know, it's a little different than my norm. Sadie and The Texas Ranger is a period western.  I have another book coming out in early November, Rocky Mountain Christmas, and then I think that will be it until the first of the year.  Moving and the holidays and real life will take time away from writing.

Okay, enough rambling for now.  Here's this week's story.

Sandy Newton and Billy Maguire grew up in the same neighborhood and were schoolmates from kindergarten.  Billy gave Sandy her first kiss in sixth grade They dated for a while in high school, and when they broke up, he still had her back and was always her fall back guy. 

Sandy went off to college in another state while Billy stayed in Riverton and went to the local community college.  When he received his AA degree instead of continuing his education, he enlisted in the service. 

Once in a while, they would hear of each other through their families but that ceased once Sandy married.  Sandy’s husband was a high-powered executive who’s company posted them all over the world.  Billy decided to make a career in the Navy.  He finished his education and was promoted up the ranks.

Ironically, Sandy and Billy ended up in San Francisco area at the same time. They ran into each other while Sandy and her children were sightseeing in Monterey. Billy was attending courses at the Naval Post Graduate school and was on his way to the Monterey Aquarium.  Located, a stone’s throw from the school grounds, he was enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the smell of the salty sea air when he was suddenly popped in the head with a nerf ball.  Surprised he looked up and into the embarrassed face of Sandy Newton Granger.

“I’m so sorry.  Jackson, apologize to this man right now!” Sandy said without even looking up.

“Do I have too?” Jackson asked.

“You do if you want your nerf ball back,” Billy told him in a stern, authoritative voice, then directed his look to Sandy.

“Hello, Sandy.”

 “Do I know you?” she asked.

“Since we were about his age,” he replied.  Sandy really looked at him then, and it registered this was Billy Maguire.  Dressed in his naval uniform, he made an imposing figure and was even more handsome than she remembered.

“Oh my God, “ she exclaimed.  “Billy Maguire, or should I say Captain Billy Maguire.”

“Billy, will do.”  She reached over and kissed his cheek and then explained to her son this was an old friend.  They stood there talking until Jackson tugged at his mother’s arm exclaiming that he had to go to the bathroom. 

“Are you free for lunch?  I’d love to continue catching up.  Forrest Gump’s is right over there, and we can get Jackson his needed bathroom.”

“I’d love to.”  The three of them walked the short distance to the restaurant.  Sandy was surprised that Billy was unmarried and that some lucky woman hadn’t lured him into matrimony.  Billy exclaimed that he’d never met anyone that wanted what he did and left it at that.  Sandy said that she and her husband had their ups and downs because he was always working, but Jackson kept her busy enough that she didn’t mind so much right now.  She said she wanted more children, but it hadn’t happened.  She said they would have to settle somewhere soon because once Jackson started school, their vagabond life would cease.  Billy said he understood because he led something of a nomadic life too.

They parted company, each thinking their private thoughts of what might have been. 


Billy, retired from active duty in the Navy, came back to Riverton help out his mom after the death of his father. As a Naval Reservist, he occasionally traveled but mostly remained in Riverton. 

He ran into Sandy’s mother in the grocery store one day and learned that Sandy and her husband had divorced, and now that her son, Jackson was in college, she too had moved back to Riverton. 

He wasted no time in calling her and arranging a luncheon date.  When they met it was just as if time stood still.  Their friendship had stood the test of time and there was no uneasiness between them.  She explained that her husband Hank was a workaholic and laughed when she said he probably didn’t even realize she was gone until he didn’t have any clean underwear.  She explained that Jackson was a sophomore at Stanford and that she accepted a teaching position here in the Riverton School District.

It was only natural they began dating and it wasn’t long before Sandy learned Billy’s expectations and the reason he hadn’t found a woman that met those expectations.

It happened on a night they were going to dinner and a movie.  Sandy had a bitch of a day at school and was surly when Billy picked her up for their date.  He had dodged many of her barbs until she called him a complete asshole while they were discussing an issue that had occurred.  They were walking into the restaurant and his hand met her ass.

“What was that?” she yelled at him.

“It was a swat and a reminder to watch your name calling.  I understand you had a bad day and I’ve been listening to you complain since I picked you up, but leave me out of it.  I respect your opinion and while I may not always agree with it, I don’t resort to calling you names. I expect the same consideration.”

“Why you arrogant prick?” and he swatted her again.  Sandy pulled out her phone and called for a taxi.  “The military has certainly made you an old stuffed shirt and I’m no longer surprised that you’re still single.” She turned and walked to the curb to await the taxi.

Billy said he would take her home and she needn’t call a taxi, but Sandy was having none of it.  She railed at him while he stood next to her until the taxi arrived.  When he tried to pay for it, she swatted his hand away and told the driver to take off. 

Billy didn’t expect to hear from Sandy anytime soon and was shocked when she called him a couple of weeks later.  Jackson was being honored at some school event and she found out that Hank was going to be in attendance and didn’t want to go unescorted.Billy, being the sweet guy that he was, accepted her invitation.

Billy had a naval assignment that weekend at the post-graduate school in Monterey so they agreed to meet at The Westin in Palo Alto.  Sandy told him she would take care of the reservations. When he arrived at the hotel, Sandy had already checked in and he was  surprised to find she had booked adjoining rooms.  Smiling to himself, he wondered if that fact had any hidden meaning and decided to let her take the lead.

He phoned her to let her know he had arrived, and he wanted to shower and change out of his uniform.

“We’re already late and the taxi will be here any minute.”  He heard a rap on the adjoining door and opened it to Sandy, dressed in a pastel silk suit and looking absolutely beautiful.  He told her so and she thanked him and said that he didn’t have to change, he looked pretty damn good himself.

“Are you sure, I can be in my civvies quickly.”

“No, the uniform is perfect.  It suits you.”

They rode to the event and arrived at the cocktail party and were met by Jackson. 

“Do you remember Billy?” his mother asked.

“No, I don’t.” So Sandy introduced them and explained how he hade met Billy when he was little.  Just about then, a tall, good-looking man dressed in a fitted silk suit that probably cost a fortune came up to them.  On this arm, was a tall, willowy blond that was about Jackson’s age.

“Billy, this is Jackson’s father, Henry Caldwell.  Hank, this is Captain Wm. Maguire.”

Hank extended his hand and introduced his date.  Sandy smiled sweetly but made a comment about whether she was a classmate of Jackson’s.  The girl blushed at the intended slur to her and Hank.  Billy noticed the discomfort and immediately extended his hand offering a greeting to Hank and his date.

“Are we all sitting together at the event?” Sandy asked.

Jackson said he wasn’t able to get four seats together.  “Well thank God for small favors,” Sandy said. 

Her remark was uncalled and Billy could see that it upset Jackson and tried changing the subject.  He took Sandy’s hand and gave it a little squeeze.  He brought his mouth close to her ear and whispered to ‘be nice’.

She gave him a look that would freeze ice and when Hank noticed he said he didn’t miss that side of his former wife.  “She can be a handful,” Hank said and told Jackson he’d see him after the ceremony and walked away with his date.

“You could have at least warned me that he was dating someone half his age and would be bringing her here,” she said to Jackson.

“Mom, no offense, but you’re divorced.  Dad’s entitled, same as you.”

Billy was glad to see that Jackson didn’t let the incident upset him and was impressed with the way he handled Sandy.  He ordered cocktails for the three of them and they chatted amiably until it was time to enter the auditorium.

While they were walking to the auditorium, Billy told Sandy he was disappointed in her behavior and she better not ruin Jackson’s night by acting like a bitch.  Not happy to be chided, she let loose with a couple of epithets and even if it was sotto voce, she was still heard by the people standing close.  Billy clammed up and told her they would discuss it afterward.

Sandy, realizing she may have overstepped his bounds of acceptable behavior, retracted her claws and was gracious to him and to her ex-husband and his date when they met after the ceremony.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last.  When Jackson and his date joined them at the restaurant, Sandy reverted to her former bitchiness by asking if her son and her husband’s date were classmates.  It made for an uncomfortable evening and the evening ended quickly.

Billy didn’t have much to say on the way back to the hotel, but Sandy was still carrying on about the nerve of Hank.  Billy said she had ruined the evening.  It was her son’s evening, and she had ruined it for everyone. 

“Enough, I don’t want to hear any more,” Billy told her.

“Well, too bad.  I’m not finished venting.”

When they got to the hotel and went upstairs, Billy left Sandy at the door.

“Aren’t you going to come in, we do have adjoining rooms you know.”

“I do know, and no I’m not coming in.”

“Why not?” She asked.

“Because if I come in I might just end up in the brig.”


“Oh, don’t be silly.  What could you possibly do that would end with you in the brig?”

“Me taking you over my knee and wearing you out with the back of my clothes brush.  You were rude and childish tonight and apparently it’s the way you act whenever things don’t go exactly as you want. I don’t remember you being like that when you were younger but you have learned some abominable habits since then.”

Sandy couldn’t believe it when Billy turned and walked to his door.

An hour later, Billy heard a knock at the adjoining door.  He opened it, and Sandy stood there with her hairbrush in her hand. 

“I’m sorry.  I don't know when I turned into a Grade A Bitch, but I don’t like what I’ve become.  Maybe a spanking is what I need – they worked when I was younger.”

“Sandy, I don’t know.  Suppose you decide differently.”

“I pinky swear promise I won’t.”  She smiled at him, and as he remembered their eight grade gesture, he smiled back.  He led her into his room and over to the bed.

“Don’t spank me too hard,” she told him.

“I’m in control now and you have a lot to make up for.”  He swatted her with his hand a few times, warming her up for the hairbrush.  When he switched to the hairbrush, she immediately began begging for mercy and swearing she would be good from now on.  Her behind was a nice rosy shade of red when he put down the brush.

He rubbed her back a few times and raised her up.  She nestled into the curve of his neck as he stroked her hair.

“Do you think maybe I could get a kiss?” she asked.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, and I think maybe you should hang on to that hairbrush.”  He laughed before crushing his lips to hers.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm baack and with news

Hello everyone.  I'm back from my Florida trip.  I had a great time seeing old friends, attending a beautiful wedding and meeting some new friends.   It's always good to come back home though even if you loved everything about the place and the trip.

One month from today we will be moving in a brick and mortar house.  I hope I don't get lost having so much more space.  Just imagine all the nooks and crannies I'll have to stash those "secret goodies." Ha ha.  Time flies and I'm sure it will feel like it's happening ten days from now instead of thirty.

Thanks for all the well-wishes on my last Monday post.  I didn't have much time to spend on internet while I was in Florida so I didn't individually respond to everyone.  Rest assured though, I did read them. I tried catching up on all the blogs yesterday and still missed a few, so don't be mad at me if I haven't commented on your latest posts.  I will get to them, or at least you new ones, I promise

I came back to an email that a story that's been at the publisher's for a while may well come 'live' this weekend.  Sure enough, I received an email today that it was live.  It's a totally new story so if you want to go by and have a quick read it's titled Sadie and The Texas Ranger.  It's a little different than my usual in that it's a period piece - a look into life in the Old West.  It's on sale for .99 cents so it won't break the bank.  Let me know what you think?

I'm in the process of writing a new story for this Monday and just needed a little break to gather some ideas.  I'm going to leave you with a beautiful gulf sunset that I experienced from my recent trip. It was not the most spectacular sunset ever and it's hard to see because it's small, but there was a shrimp boat just crossing in front of the setting sun and it made for a perfect picture. Of course, by the time the boat stopped moving enough so I could snap the pic, the shrimp boat had already crossed in front of the sun and it's more to the right, but it's there.  Oh well.

Enjoy and I'll see you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Not Your Usual Monday

Good Day Everyone.  If everything is as planned, I am enjoying the view of the Gulf of Mexico from my balcony room in Florida.  The sun is shining, I'm listening to the sound of gulls which is music to my ears and the salty sea breeze is wafting through the air as I sip my coffee, or pina colada, or some variation thereof.  Get the picture?

As promised last Monday, today in lieu of a new story, I'm giving you a look into The Doctor and Her Rancher.  The first chapter is what you see when you click on "See Inside"

Chapter One
Dr. Lauren Bancroft drove into Carsonville on a Tuesday afternoon in mid-September. Overwhelmed with the beauty surrounding her, she knew she would be at home here. Carsonville, Montana was as picturesque a town as one could ever expect to see. She felt as if she was driving onto a movie set back in Los Angeles instead of her new home. Main Street boasted a general store, a small Mom and Pop Grocery store, a cafĂ©, an old-fashioned looking drug store, nothing like Walgreen’s or CVS, the local bank, and a post office. Driving further down Main Street she saw the town hall, the Fire Department, a local grain and feed store and at the end stood a white church with a tall steeple.  Following directions on her GPS, she turned at the only light in town onto Madison Avenue.  She drove past a laundromat, the sheriff’s office and found what she was looking for – a square of buildings marked Medical Center.  There were four wooden structures surrounding a courtyard.   One housed a dentist, a veterinarian office, an emergency clinic and next to that her new officeDr. Dedham’s sign still hung above the door. There was a sign in the window announced Dr. Lauren Bancroft, the new town doctor, would be arriving soon and until then call 406 555 4468 for emergencies only. She smiled to herself.

Lauren was born and raised in a small town outside of Ketchum, Idaho.  Her dad was a pharmacist and her mom taught high school science. So it didn’t come as a surprise when, at seven years old, Lauren announced that when she grew up she wanted to be a doctor.  She remained steadfast in that wish and started researching the best colleges when she was only a high school junior. She received a partial scholarship to UCLA and then went on to David Geffen UCLA Medical School. She had completed an internship and residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center before she joined a private practice where she became one of fifty other doctors.  She hated it.  There was no time to actually get to know a patient – you knew the chart and nothing else.  It wasn’t why she went into medicine, but it paid down some of the debt hanging over her head so she toiled there until the death of her parents freed her. If she had her druthers, she would rather have had her parents for a few more years, but a helicopter crash during a tour of the Grand Canyon shattered that possibility

At thirty-five and debt free, she began looking for a better place to live and practice the kind of medicine she dreamed of while watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as a young girl.  She was leafing through the New England Journal of Medicine when an ad caught her eye.  Carsonville was looking for a town doctor. 

Googling Carsonville, she found the town was named after Cassidy Carson, who settled in the area in 1867.  Carson fought for the south during the civil war and when he returned home found he’d lost everything including his wife and small son. He headed west like hundreds of others displaced by the war and joined a cattle drive in Texas that traveled along the Bozeman Trail in Montana.  The vast grasslands of the open range enticed many of the drovers to stay and try their hand at ranching.  Despite the trials and tribulations, he and others prevailed and settled the town of Carsonville.

Now, here she was, setting down roots in this Montana town of 2000. When she called the number in the paper, she spoke with a man named Trace Connors.  He explained the township owned the practice and the equipment of both the office and the clinic and she would receive a salary, malpractice insurance as well as housing. It wasn’t a fortune or even close to her last salary, but it was enough for her.  She punched the new address into her GPS and started out of town.  Several of the townsfolk waved as she went by.  Of course, the Caduceus symbol on the out of state plate probably gave her away, but it was nice to know the people were friendly.

Her GPS pinged and told her to make a right.  A right to where she asked herself because the only thing she saw was a graveled road.  She stopped and verified that she entered the correct address and made the right.  She hoped she was going the right way because she hadn’t encountered another vehicle since leaving Main Street. The sun was starting to set behind the mountain and the thought of being lost out here in the middle of nowhere frightened her.  The road continued to climb. She tried keeping her eyes on the road, but it was difficult.  She kept admiring the beauty of nature.  Surrounding her were dense pine forest and quaking aspens with their mantle of gold lining the road, and ahead the ever-present majestic Rocky Mountains already cloaked in a dusting of snow on their highest peaks.  About a mile later, she came to a ranch house, behind that a dormitory-like building, and a large barn all clustered in a clearing.  Her GPS didn’t say she reached her destination so she continued up the road.  At least if she was lost, she wasn’t alone out here in the boonies. Looming in front of her stood two massive lodgepole pines bearing a sign announcing she had arrived at Double Pines Ranch. At the same time the GPS said she had arrived at her destination.  She followed the drive to the main house and parked the car. 

The main house was an enormous two-story log house that looked more like a lodge than someone’s house.  One side of the massive double oak doors opened as she approached the porch and a man, looking as if he stepped out of the old Marlboro man commercials, filled the doorway.

“Hello, Dr. Bancroft, I assume.”  He laughed.  “I’m Trace Connors.  Welcome to Carsonville and the Double Pines Ranch.  Won’t you come in?” He extended his hand and taking it she felt the roughness and calluses of a working man.

“Thanks, I’d love to.  It feels good to get out of the car.  You have a beautiful home,” she told him as her eyes wandered around the room and zoned in on the logs burning in a huge stone fireplace.

“Thank you, I can’t take any of the credit.  I grew up here and haven’t really changed anything.  Can I offer you some coffee or tea?  My housekeeper isn’t here today, so I’m on my own in the hospitality department.”

“Is coffee too much trouble?” she asked. 

“Dr. Bancroft, coffee is the lifeblood of a rancher.  I just brewed a fresh post.  Want to follow me into the kitchen or would you rather I bring it in here.”

“Oh no, the kitchen is terrific. And please, call me Lauren.”

They walked down a long hallway past another large living area on the right and a dining room with a table that could easily seat twelve on the left, and into the kitchen.  She thought she was in a restaurant kitchen with a huge six burner Wolf stove complete with grill, double wall ovens, a side by side Sub-Zero refrigerator, and a butcher block island with hanging copper pots.  Oak cabinets surrounded the kitchen and she could see a walk-in pantry.  He walked over to a simple Mr. Coffee coffee maker that looked so out of place in this otherwise high-end kitchen.  He waved her hand toward a round table with six chairs sitting in front of the floor to ceiling windows filled with a view of the magnificent Rockies.  He grabbed two mugs from a cabinet next to double farm sinks and brought them to the table along with the coffee carafe.

“Cream and sugar?”

“No, strong and black for me.  It’s what got me through med school and residency.”

“A girl after my own heart.” She melted at his smile, noticing that it went all the way to his very blue eyes that twinkled. 

They settled in the chairs and sat drinking coffee as they chatted about life.  She told him about her life in Los Angeles.  “I’m afraid you’re going to be bored here in Carsonville. I don’t know how someone as attractive as you and coming from an area like LA is going to be happy here in our little town. The most exciting thing that happens is a dance once in a while down at the Grange Hall.”

“Thank you for the attractive part but my LA life wasn’t at all exciting.  Sure there are many options but by the time my day was done, so was I.  Leaving wasn’t difficult at all. I grew up in a small town and am looking forward to a less hectic pace.”

“Look, it’s getting dark and I haven’t even showed you your quarters.  What say I fix us a little dinner and then you can stay here in the main house tonight and I’ll take you over to your place in the morning.  I assure you, you’re safe here – I’m not a serial killer or a letch.  Choose any of our six guest rooms and all the rooms have locks.”  She smiled at him.

“I don’t want to put you out.”

“Trust me, you’re not.  Your place will be cold, there are only bare-bones supplies and I’m not sure where everything is.  My housekeeper, usually in charge of these things, had to help her daughter who is having a baby. It’ll be much easier on both of us if you stay here tonight.”

“Okay, thank you.  Although I’m anxious to see my new space, I’m worn out from driving.  Let me go get my things from the car.”

“You stay put, I’ll get it.”

“It’s the one in the back seat,” she told him as he walked toward the door.  She couldn’t help but notice how well his jeans fit his long legs and tight butt.  ‘Stop drooling’ she said to herself.

He came back in and dropped her bag in the hallway.  “Would you like to freshen up while I get dinner? Don’t get me wrong, you’re fine as you are.” She laughed at his awkwardness. 

“No worries.  I’d love to freshen up.”  He carried her bag upstairs and stopped at the first door at the top of the stairs.  “Will this be okay?”

“Okay? You’re kidding, right? It’s larger and better appointed than most hotel rooms.”   He smiled at her as he showed her the bathroom and pulled some towels out of the linen closet.  “Come downstairs when you’re ready and holler if you need anything.”

She washed her face, combed her hair, and gave herself a swish of perfume before heading back downstairs. A bottle of wine and a couple of glasses rested on the counter.  He motioned to them and asked if she wanted to join him in a drink.  She nodded and he asked her to do the honors.  She uncorked the wine and poured two glasses.  He took his wine over to the counter and she sat at the table. 

“Can I help?” 

“Thanks but there’s really nothing to do.  I threw a couple of potatoes in the oven. I’ll grill a couple of steaks, toss a salad and sautĂ© some mushrooms.  Sound good to you?”

“Sounds wonderful.” He knew his way around this kitchen and looked right at home. After Lauren’s second glass of wine, she realized how comfortable she felt with the man she’d only met hours earlier.  Over dinner and the rest of the wine, Trace talked about Double Pines Ranch and himself.  He and his sister were adopted by the Connor's at three and two years old.  Maureen and Duncan Connor had built up this ranch and were now retired.  They spent the summers here but wintered in Florida.  His sister married Flynn McCullough, the ranch foreman and along with their two kids lived in the ranch house she passed on the way up.

“I’m surprised she lives there and you live here.”

“That’s Flynn’s doing.  He refused to live in this house, said it wasn’t his.  We had trouble even convincing him he didn’t have to pay rent on the house they’re in now.  He is tough, but Cory loves him – he’s a good husband, father and the best ranch foreman around.  We’re lucky to have him.”

“So how about you?  Are you married, have any children?”

“No and no.  Came close once. I met Marylou in college and wanted to marry her but she didn’t wish to be a rancher’s wife and I guess I didn’t love her enough to give up my life here.  Since then, I date now and again but it’s not like there are a lot of choices.  Most of the gals are either already married or headed off to the big city and bright lights as soon as they got out of high school.  I’m pretty picky and want something special – something like Cory and Flynn.  They have a traditional marriage and I want that for myself if I ever find the right person.”

“What is your definition of a traditional marriage?”

“Okay, here’s where it gets me in trouble every time.  Maybe the fact that we’re not in a relationship will make this easier to explain.  Anyway, I think one person should lead in any relationship – much like a dancing partner.  Two leaders don’t work and I think it’s the same way in a marriage.”

“So you think men should be the “boss” so to speak.”

“I think it could be either man or woman, but there has to be one leader, one person who gets the final say.  In my relationship,  I know that it would have to be me. It’s the way I’m wired.”

“Sounds reasonable, I guess.  I’ve never given it much thought.”

“Let me tell you when I’ve answered that question before, I haven’t exactly been the most popular person in the room.”  He laughed.  The clock chimed ten o’clock and neither could believe so much time had passed while they sat at the table talking.

“Thank you for tonight, room, board and great conversation in the Rocky Mountains-- how lucky am I?  Sweet dreams,” she told him as she headed to her bedroom.

Even though she should be exhausted after the day, she couldn’t sleep.  She kept thinking about that long, lean rancher (she refused to allow herself to think of him as a cowboy) down the hall.  Not in the market for a husband or even a boyfriend, but if she was, she didn’t have far to look.  She finally drifted off to sleep with visions of Trace Connor in her head and in her dreams

Now comes the part you haven't read unless you exercised your finger and clicked.

Chapter Two

Lauren woke the next morning with a smile.  Once sleep finally came, she slept soundly and had the best night’s sleep she’d had in a long time.  She stretched, enjoying the warmth of the comforter and the silkiness of the sheets.  ‘I could get used to this,’ she thought to herself.  She finally talked herself into getting out of bed, hit the shower and packed up her belongings before she headed downstairs.

Making a beeline toward the coffee maker, she picked up a note with her name on it.

Lauren, I had to head out, had some chores that needed doing. Hope you slept well.  Marta is still not back so we’re on our own.  Coffee is set up, flick the switch.  Feel free to rummage around and fix yourself something for breakfast. When I get back, I’ll take you over to your quarters.  

Lauren flicked the switch and remembered what cabinet Trace had found the mugs the day before.  For the first time, she actually looked out the window and realized there was a light dusting of snow on the ground.  ‘Seriously, it’s only September.’  Then she remembered where she was; she’d been in Los Angeles so long she had forgotten. This snow wouldn’t last long, the sun was already peeking through the clouds making the ground look as if it was covered with thousands of sparkling little diamonds. She stepped out the mud room door and breathed in the cold fresh mountain air.  Yesterday’s landscape of green pines and quaking golden aspens were now cloaked in a dusting of snow – she knew Carsonville was definitely the right choice.

Starting to shiver, she turned to go back in the house when she spied someone coming toward her on horseback.  She was squinting into the sun and all she saw was black – a large horse beneath an equally large man.  Bringing her hand up to shade her eyes, she realized it was Trace. Wearing a sheepskin coat and brown cowboy hat, he waved a gloved hand in her direction.  She waved back before stepping back into the mud room. She took another mug from the cabinet and poured two cups of coffee.

Trace let his horse graze knowing Jet wouldn’t wander off as long as there was grass to munch and walked into the mud room.  He removed his coat and hat and stomped the snow off his boots before entering the kitchen. Lauren saw their reflection in the window and although she stood 5’9” in her stocking feet, he dwarfed her.  He had to be at least six and a half feet tall with hair as black as the horse he rode – except there were several silver strands running through his mane. With his cobalt blue eyes and skin ruddy from either the wind or the cold, Lauren felt he was the best-looking man she had ever seen.  She may not have been looking for a male companion when she drove up to Double Pines Ranch, but her senses were delivering a different message.

“Good Morning, Lauren.  I’m sorry I wasn’t here, but ranch chores don’t wait.  Marta usually fixes breakfast but…”

“Have you eaten?” 

“I grabbed an egg sandwich at the bunkhouse.”

“If you’re still hungry, I’d like to make you breakfast.  I’m sure there are eggs and such.  If you want, I’ll even make pancakes.”

“A hungry cowboy never turns down food.”

“Okay then.  Sit down, drink your coffee and I’ll get started.”

“I’m sure you can find everything you need in the pantry. The bowls are in that cabinet and the pots and pans are there on the rack or in the cabinet below the island.”

He watched as she gathered what she needed.  She was a beautiful woman, tall and willowy and natural, comfortable in her own skin.  Lip gloss the only discernible makeup to his untrained eye.  Her long brown hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, sweeping back and forth like a clock pendulum as she moved around the kitchen. Each time she moved, she left a floral scent in her wake. He noticed she bit her lip as she concentrated on mixing the batter and he realized he wanted to go over and kiss her. ‘Where is this coming from?’ he said to himself. ‘She’s my tenant and the town doctor, not my girlfriend. Still, we got along great last evening; she’s bright, witty and looks like she knows her way around a kitchen. Wow, Trace, that’s sexist.’  He’d been so busy ruminating about Dr. Lauren Bancroft and he didn’t realize she asked him if he wanted more coffee.

“No, I’m okay,” he finally answered and swore he heard her mumble, ‘yes you are.' He smirked and thought that maybe he wasn’t alone in the possible romance department.

They were halfway through breakfast when the mud room door opened and two tykes came bounding in running to Unca Trace, oblivious to the fact there was someone else there also.  A woman looking exactly like Trace followed behind.

“Hi, I’m Cory McCullough, Trace’s sister and you must be the new doctor.”  She extended her hand to Lauren and kissed her brother’s head. “Welcome to Carsonville.  Boys quit climbing all over your uncle.” All those sentences came out of one breath and Lauren laughed to herself.

“I definitely see the family resemblance, with the boys too.  You all have that beautiful black hair.”

“Yeah, it’s probably our Native American genes.  My husband is part Native American too, so I guess they didn’t stand a chance. The boys both have his brown eyes whereas mine are green.  Marta’s not back yet, I see.”  Again this conversation came out as one long breath.

“No, not yet.  I asked Dr. Bancroft to stay here last evening because it was late and I didn’t think her place was ready.  After breakfast, we’re heading over there so she can settle in.”   Lauren saw a look across Cory’s face, but she didn’t say a word.

The boys continued to hang on their uncle until Cory told them to scoot and get out in the SUV.  Trace patted their behinds as they ran off.

“Flynn wanted me to come by and ask if you needed anything from town.  He’s given me a list so I better get a move on if I know what’s good for me.  Want to come for dinner tonight? Dr. Bancroft, you’re invited too if you want.”

Lauren decided she was going to have to get used to Cory’s way of talking – signs of a busy woman – sixteen thoughts at once. 

“Sure, we’ll both be there,” Trace answered.  Lauren tried to cover her surprise, by asking if she could bring anything.

“Nope, only yourself,” Cory answered. “I’m off, call me if you remember anything. Nice meeting you,” and the door slammed behind her.

Lauren started to clean up from breakfast when Trace told her to sit.  “No, I want to help.”

“Sit. You cooked, I’ll clean.”  She ignored him and continued loading the dishwasher. He twisted the towel and swatted her behind.  “Do I have to treat you the way I treat the boys to get their attention?”  She giggled, not knowing how else to react.  Her body knew how to respond, though, she felt a sudden dampness between her legs.  Not sure if she should sit or continue cleaning, she chose to sit.

“Good girl.  I don’t know you well enough to take this further.” Another tingle in her nether regions.

“Further, whatever do you mean, sir?” she asked in a flirty way.

“I mean, I’d hate to have to take you over my knee. I don’t want to sabotage a future relationship by a spanking because you wouldn’t listen.”  She felt the heat on her face and in other areas too.  If this kept up, she’d have to change her panties before long.

“I don’t think you know me well enough for that yet, either.” She hoped she sounded braver than she felt.  He smiled and his thoughts went to the fact she didn’t get all huffy about his words the way most women did.

“Thanks for breakfast, by the way.  I love pancakes and rarely take the time to enjoy them. I’ll be done in a minute and we can get going.”

“If you had let me help, we would already be done.”

“Dr. Bancroft, are you giving me sass?”

“Not me.  Only stating a fact.”  He laughed.  “I like you, Dr. Lauren Bancroft, we’re going to get along fine.”

“I think so too,” she said.  She started to take her bag to the car when he spun around and stopped her.  “I’ll carry the bag, it’s heavy.”

“May I point out that my medical bag is heavier than that bag.  Are you going to be trailing behind me to haul that too?”

“You really are spunky.  And no, I’m not going to be trailing behind you.  However, a gentleman should always carry a lady’s bag. My momma taught me that.”

“Far be it from me to challenge a momma’s teaching.”

“The longer we spend together, the feistier you become.”

“This is the real me. I feel like I know you well enough to let my hair down a little.  After all, we slept under the same roof and I made you breakfast.  In some cultures, we’d have to get married.”  She laughed at her own remark.

“You’re hilarious.  Are you ready to check out your new home?”  He pointed to a house set off to the left not that far from the main house.  “That’s it. You drive and I’ll ride over on Jet. Last one’s there a rotten egg.” 

The white clapboard house, though small, looked charming.  Two rocking chairs graced the porch and she opened the front door to a large room with a stone fireplace, floor to ceiling bookshelves on one side, stacked wood and an ash bucket on the other.  A functional small kitchen with a table and chairs stood to the right. The hall bath had an old-fashioned claw foot tub and a commode with a tank mounted on the wall.  At the end of the hallway was a cozy bedroom with a log–style bed that took up most of the bedroom, and an enormous closet with a built in dresser.

“It’s charming.”

“Yeah, my folks lived here while they made changes to the main house.  We’ve ordered a comfortable chair and couch for the living room and it should be here today actually.  Purchase whatever you think you need to make this home and submit the receipts to me. Same goes for the clinic.  Speaking of that, I have a key for you too.”

“So are you in charge of everything in Carsonville?  You have your hand in many pots.”

“I’m an elected member of the town council and the other board members appointed me chairman, so I do have a lot on my plate.  Speaking of that, I have ranch business that needs my attention.  Will you be okay if I leave now?  Oh, I’ll pick you up for dinner at the McCullough’s about 6:30.

“Sure, go.  Thanks for everything.  I’ll see you tonight.”

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The Meeting - Part Three

 Happy Monday. 

 I took your suggestions and continued the story of Betty Jo and Blake. If you want to read from the beginning click here.  I'm heading to Florida on Thursday so there will not be a new story next Monday.  Instead, I'm going to post a couple of chapters of my latest book, The Doctor and the Rancher. A bit of promo and tease at the same time.  If you haven't already read any, this might spur you on to buy the book.

The Meeting - Part Three

And she did.  Blake had her jeans and panties taken off in a flash.  She was over his knee before she could catch her breath.  The sound of her backside being slapped reverberated around the almost empty room and was punctuated only by her squeals of delight. He roughly threw her down on the bed, positioning her on her back and placing her legs on his shoulders.  A few more spanks to her by now reddened bottom had her begging.


“Please, what?.” Blake asked.  He knew what she wanted, but he wanted to hear her ask.

“Pleaassse!!!!” She said again.

“Tell me what you want Betty Jo.  I’m not a mind reader.”

“Damn you.” He heard her say.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” He gave her a hard spank.

“I said damn you, Blake Parker.”  She tried removing her legs from his shoulders, but he pinned her legs with his arms and brought down his head between her legs and let his tongue delve into her wetness.  His tongue greedily licked her juices and she stopped fighting him.  As he continued to tease her hardened nub,  her breathing became labored and her legs became rigid.  Sensing her orgasm was near, he stopped.

“Not yet,  my pretty. I haven’t quite finished.” He thought to himself.  Removing his arms from her legs,  his hands cupped and raised her bottom as his tongue found and followed the crack of her ass, settling on her puckered hole.  Betty Jo was whimpering and squirming as he rimmed and teased that most private of spots.  Kneading her butt cheeks,  his tongue never wavered from its relentless assault on her anus.

She began raising her hips and bucking like a bronco. Sounding like a wounded animal as she sought release, he shifted once again.  His teeth nipped at her labia, his fingers plunging in and out of her back passage. 

Betty Jo’s placed her hands on either side of Blake’s head. She  squeezed tight not allowing him to do naught but focus on her love button until she began to shake and tremble as her climax overtook her body.

“Holy hell,” she yelled out and Blake was sure her expletive was heard up and down the beach. She dropped her hands and he licked and feasted on her honey until her body quieted.  He helped her lower his legs from his shoulders, kissing her inner thighs and rubbing out the kinks.

He stood and removed his clothes. When he removed his skivvies, his shaft stood out proud and rigid.  Betty Jo reached for him pulling him to her as a child with a pull toy.  When she was finally able to pull him down onto the bed, she scooted down on the bed until her mouth was level with his manhood.  Taking him into her mouth, she grazed her teeth along its length.  Her hands roamed his body, settling on his nipples and pinching them.  His penis jerked in her mouth.

“Somebody likes that,” she said and did it again.  Another jerk of his penis.

She loved the velvet smoothness of his shaft as her tongue teased and tasted him.  She sucked the bead of precum as if she were licking a lollipop and heard a growl low in his throat. She hollowed her cheeks and felt him touch the back of her throat.  He hissed and his hands grabbed her head and tried to pull her away.  Determined now to allow that to happen, she sucked harder and closed her teeth around his shaft.

“Back off,” he told her.

“Not happening,” she replied.

Her tongue stroked the underside of his rod while her hands fondled his ball sac.  Groaning, he threw back his head and succumbed to the pleasure she offered. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips. Feeling his fingers flex and dig in harder, she sensed he was close to climax and increased the intensity of her licks and took him deeper still. He roared as he emptied his hot seed into her mouth.

They lay together, his fingers tracing the contours of her face.  It was still slightly flushed and as he looked into her eyes, he saw contentment.

“So girl.  Where do we go from here?”

“Dinner would be good.”

He laughed. Betty Jo was certainly not like any woman he had previously known. Expecting some romantic response or at the very least some fanciful notion, he was taken aback.  He rolled her onto her side and delivered a firm slap to her ass.

“What was that for?  Are you thinking we should go another round?”

“Your answer surprised me and no I don’t think we should go another round.  At least, not yet.  I don’t think my libido could take another round right now. Besides, I agree with you, I need sustenance.  You’ve sucked me dry today girl, and I don’t mean just now either.”

She laughed.  “I’m going to hit the shower.  Shall we save on water?”

“I’m game if you keep your hands where they belong.”

“Where’s the fun in that.”  He watched as she sashayed her delectable little ass into the shower. Not trusting either one of them to get through a shower without some touchy-feely that would lead to other things, he grabbed a towel and went to the outdoor shower.


As he showered, he thought about Betty Jo Wyndham.  She was nothing like any of the girls he previously dated.  Being somewhat of a trust fund child, most of his dates were of the same social circle or daughters of friends of his parents.  Attending an Ivy League college only put him in contact with more of the same type of girls.  He assumed some responsibility for being so compartmentalized, but his life was easy.   He didn’t have to work at dates, or contacts or even job hunting.  Everything had been available to him through no efforts of his own. 

Sea Breeze had been settled early in the nineteenth century by wealthy men looking for a summer place for their families.  It was a pretty exclusive area even now.  Most of the service people who worked in the area couldn’t afford to live there, so he had very little  contact with girls like Betty Jo.

Her upbringing was totally different. She came from a working class family and was taught she would have to earn whatever she wanted.   She worked her way through college and had a successful, if not lucrative career as a teacher and tutor before inheriting her grandmother’s estate.  Although she was now a wealthy woman, she would never be in the same category as many of the Sea Breeze occupants.  It didn’t matter to her and it was one of the many things he liked about her.  She was her own person.  Much to his surprise he found himself thinking about a future with Betty Jo.

It wasn’t until Betty Jo pushed back the shower curtain that he realized how long he had been standing in the shower. 

“You going to stay in there all night or are you going to take me to dinner?”

He laughed and said he lost track of time thinking about her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah..”

“Okay, just give me a minute.”  She walked out and he quickly finished showering and toweling off.  He had brought over some clean clothing just in case and donned a clean tee shirt and shorts.

They went to a little place out at the tip of the island that served the freshest seafood around.  They each had the catch of the day and shared a couple of bottles of wine.  It wasn’t until their server asked if they could close out their check that they realized how much time had passed.  It was well passed eleven and they were the last ones in the place.

Betty Jo was a little tipsy and took Blake’s hand as they walked to the car.  He settled her in the car and drove back to the house.  He walked her to the door and kissed her.

“Aren’t you going to come in?”

“I’d love to but I have to be in court early tomorrow and I fear we wouldn’t get much sleep if I stayed.”

She giggled and he kissed her again.  She gently nipped his lip and reached for his scrotum, trying to entice him.

He pulled back, turned her around and guided her into the house, swatting her bottom as she went.

“Be good, and I’ll call you tomorrow.” He told her.

“See that you do,” she told him.  He laughed and walked down the walk thinking that this girl was going to keep him on his toes.

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A Sunday Post - really.  Is everything okay in Sunny territory?  I just wanted to let everyone know that LSF Publications has just released another of my short stories.  It's titled The Hired Hand and is available for the bargain basement price of just .99 cents.

For those not interested in football, this story is the perfect length to read while football is going on around you.  It'll take your mind off the game and on to activities that can take place after the game.

While you're there, and if you haven't already done so, why not get a copy of The Doctor and Her Rancher.  It's one stop shopping at LSF, one click and you get whatever version you need, MOBI, PDF and on and on.

Thanks for checking things out and I'll see you later (tomorrow actually) for more Aimless Ramblings where there is a continuation of The Meeting, an ongoing story.

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The Meeting - Part Two

Happy Monday for those of you not laboring on this US Labor Day.  It's the official end of summer here - bummer.  When I was younger, I loved this time at the shore.  Many of the people no longer flocked to the beaches and it was perfect - no traffic, lots of space to spread out on the sand, and usually the most beautiful days of the summer.  We always kept our bungalow until the end of September for this reason.

Hope you're enjoying your day.

 Here is the link if you need to refresh.  This the continuation of last week's story.

 Blake arrived carrying two pizza boxes, a six-pack of beer and a bottle of wine.

“Not sure what you wanted with your pizza and I know for a fact, there’s water and pop in the fridge, so I figured between that and beer and wine, I couldn’t go too far wrong.”

“Are you in a hurry to eat?” She asked.


“Good, let’s sit on the deck, have a glass of wine, and we can tackle the pizza in a while. It was a day full of surprises.” ‘Not the least of which is you.’ she thought to herself.

He uncorked the wine and brought the bottle and a couple of juice glasses out to the deck. “Sorry about the stemware but it is a beach house, right.”

She laughed.  “Just like home, oh wait, this is home.” She laughed back.

“So you really didn’t know anything about your grandmother.”

“No, and I’m sure you know the circumstances better than I being an attorney.”

“Yes, I perused the file.  I’m only a junior partner in the firm.  Leland B Hayes is the person who handled your grandmother’s affairs.  I’m just the go between.”

“Well, I’m glad because I can’t imagine inviting a stuffy old man to share a pizza with me.”

He laughed and said that Leland was neither stuffy nor old and was probably off doing something a little naughty right now.”

“Sounds intriguing.  Do you ever do anything naughty?” She asked.

“On occasion,” he replied.  “How about you?”

“That’s a little forward, don’t you think, Mr. Parker?  After all, we’ve just met.”

“Oh, so we’re back to Mr. Parker.  I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds.”  She watched as he emotionally pulled back and sat up a little straighter in the chair.

Betty Jo cursed at herself before she said, “I must be losing my touch.  Here I am flirting, and you are taking me seriously.”

He started to disagree and then saw her smile.  “I promise I’ll know better the next time.” He told her.

By the time, she was ready to eat, the bottle of wine was empty, and she was feeling a little tipsy.  They had no trouble finding things to talk about, and she was enjoying herself. Blake Parker was handsome and seemed like an all-around good guy, and she found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss him. 

Before she made a fool of herself, she went in and figured out how to turn on the oven to warm the pizza.  She needed food to sop up some of the wine.  He followed her in, and when he accidently brushed his hand across her shoulder, she felt a shock.  By the way he quickly pulled back, she knew he felt it too.

After they had finished eating the pizza, Blake said he should go.

“Do you have to?” She asked.

“I think I do, yes.” He replied.  “Will you agree to have dinner with me once the estate settles?” He asked.

“Of course, but why do we have to wait?”

“Because it’s unprofessional not to.”

“Okay, I understand that.  I’ll be in touch then when I have questions.”

He said goodnight and she stood at the door long after his car lights had disappeared down the street.  She didn’t know if it was this house, or the feelings it brought up, or if she really liked Blake Parker, and she’d like nothing better than to get to know him better.

After wandering around for a while, she settled down and went through the remainder of the paperwork.  In addition to inheriting the house, there was also trust fund in an amount she couldn’t even begin to comprehend. She sat down in the old recliner in the living room, pushed it back and thought about how her life was going to change.  The next thing she knew it was the following morning.


It took two months to settle the estate.  During that time, she sold her condo, quit her job in the city and arranged to buy a small antique shop in Sea Breeze. Betty Jo found the shop was for sale when she called to have someone come over to the beach house to appraise some of the items. Now that she was wealthy and didn’t have to rely on a salary anymore, it was the perfect solution.  She could continue to live in Sea Breeze and still keep herself as occupied as she chose to be.  
Blake Parker took her to dinner the day the final paperwork was settled.  It was the first of many dates, and soon they were spending a great deal of time together.
Betty Jo loved living at the beach. Waking up to the sound of gulls calling out as they fished for their breakfast always made her smile. The smell of the sea air did wonders for her sinuses and every morning she hugged herself to see if she was just dreaming. Living at the beach wasn't something she ever thought she would be able to afford, it was way out of her price range.

The house was old-fashioned, but Betty Jo loved the feel of it.  She loved the aged, weathered clapboard house with the wraparound porch, situated on a strip of land between the bay and the ocean.  Sitting on the front porch in the morning gave her a perfect view of the sun beginning its rise out of the sea.  In the evening, she looked for the green flash as the glowing red ball splashed into the ocean.  Each time she thought of her mother and dad doing the same.  Many times, Blake joined her and he always took her hand in his and brought it to his lips to offer a gentle kiss, as if he read her thoughts.

She and Blake became an item and you could often find them together.  On weekends, they were either working at the store or doing some refurbishing at the house.  She enjoyed his company.  She often invited her Uncle Larry to join them most weekends.  He and Blake got along well and he added another pair of hands to share the workload.  It was more fun working together than hiring a crew and although it was hard work, they all enjoyed seeing both places take shape even though Betty Jo was a tough taskmaster.

One day she was a little disrespectful to her uncle and Blake called her on it.  Larry said he was used to it but often thought a good spanking might solve the problem. Blake agreed with him. She laughed at them both, but when she did it again, he slapped her bottom.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I think you’re getting a little too bossy and disrespectful and need a good spanking,” Blake told her.  “What do  you think Larry?”

“I say go for it.”  So Blake took hold of her and placed her on his hip and slapped her butt a couple of times. They all laughed and when Blake released her, he warned her she better be a good girl or she’d really get a spanking.   Those words sent a tingling feeling down to her nether regions she couldn’t ignore.  She grabbed Blake and engaged him in a passionate kiss and then bit his lip hard.  He hissed and she did it again, even harder this time.

“You’re going to live to regret that, Missy,” Blake said.

“I hope so.”

Larry felt the sudden sexual tension and knew it was time to go.  He wasn’t even to his car before Blake hoisted Betty Jo over his shoulder and carried her upstairs, smacking her backside as he went.

“I can’t wait to get your jeans off.  I think I’m going to enjoy this,” He told her.

‘I know I am,” she answered.

It was the start of another phase in the life of Betty Jo and Blake.

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