Monday, February 27, 2012

Life's Lessons

I really thought this was worth sharing.

Maya Angelou said this:
'I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.'

'I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.'

'I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life.'

'I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as making a life.'

'I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance.'

'I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back...'

'I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision..'

'I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one..'

'I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back...'

'I've learned that I still have a lot to learn..'

'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

Thought provoking no?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a Little Lovin

early in the morning.
Beats a cup of coffee
for starting off the day

I have always loved this song.  Don't know the writer and don't feel like looking it up.  My favorite version is on Barbra Streisand's Stoney End album, CD or whatever.  It too gets me going.

We have had a couple of lovely days.  The weather hasn't been that great but it hasn't deterred us too much. Did some sightseeing, checked out the many casinos.  Drove along the beach rather than walk because it was too windy and cold for us.  Had lunch and dinner at restaurants with a beautiful view of the water.

Got my bottom warmed in the morning for sass.   I was so surprised when out he came with the doggin bat in hand..Yeah.   Hubby was feeling very randy yesterday and all day long he kept swatting my butt as we walked. I caught grins on a couple of people so I'm thinking he didn't do it as secretively as he thought. Got even though, goosed him in the middle of Beau Rivage. Of course, I received another swat.

Today is a kickback day.  Doing some laundry, a little housekeeping.  Didn't do my regular exercises this morning - just a little lovin started off my day.

Off the The Big Easy tomorrow. Hoping for warmer days.  I am sure there will be more aimless ramblin's in the near future.

Have a Happy      

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three days on the road and my husband and I are still laughing. Our daughter wanted to know if we had killed one another yet.  Total togetherness in 32 feet can be hazardous.  There have been a couple of tense moments.  My tongue has teeth marks but it is fun.  Tonite we are in Biloxi MS and will be staying here a couple of days. Everything is so green here but the humidity is a killer.

I am a history buff and tomorrow we are going to tour Jefferson Davis’ last home.   

We are going to check out Beau Rivage because beside the name I always loved the commercials.  Who knows, we may strike it richer.  And after that we will just play it by ear. When we leave here we are heading to New Orleans for a couple of days. Mardi Gras 
is over but the good times will still roll in the Big Easy. 

It is a most relaxing trek across the country.  Family and friends keep texting to keep up with our adventure.

Tonight I told hubby I wanted a spanking in every state. He said he would be more than happy to oblige.  Love that answer.  Tonight I had my Mississippi.(One Mississippi, two Mississippi, etc. etc. with the leather paddle.  He said he still owed me for FL and AL and perhaps tomorrow am he would wake me up by spanking my butt.  Oh what a beautiful way to wake up. Much better than calisthenics.

An interesting tidbit.  Do you know the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked or in any other form but fresh?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


For all intents and purposes Monday is moving day.  Today we had an "everything must go" sale.  We put the sign up at 7:00 and at 7:05 our house was filled with people.  We were overwhelmed to say the least.  I guess the prices were right. Tonight we'll be moving into our mobile home.  We are "sold out".

I  haven't slept well the last couple of nights. Probably just anxiety.  I am stressed and tired and this morning I told my hubby I needed a spanking today.  Guess what, both of us are too exhausted  to even play.  Now that is sad and we still have a social engagement this evening.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Check The Link Below.

I was shocked to find my location on Earth so very EASILY!!
It's really unbelievable. I was surprised to know such technology


Don't need a tom-tom or garmin or whatever --- It uses your IPS 

address and finds the exact location of any Internet user in seconds.
They have used a Sophisticated time based algorithm to do so. Try 
it and find your own Location on the earth.

Your location will pop up in a new window in about 10 seconds or so.

I was amazed, weren't you?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Working

I just love blogger.  I'm fairly new to blogging and being a techno person I am never quite sure if it is me or just blogger.  I'm getting braver.  I changed the look of my blog, I know how to insert pictures, I'm working on links (I can do it in the post most of the time,  in comments not at all).  So far so good.

But then, every once in a while, one of the blogs I follow will post a new entry that does not appear on my list, or in the followers block sometimes all followers pix will be listed and the next time not.  Other times, when I post there will be backlinks  I haven't placed there. I check the "Don't allow" button but it doesn't hold.  Why is that?

Are they trying to make me crazy?  Or, as my husband would say, crazier?  If so, it's working. I really don't expect answers  - it is just aimless thoughts and ramblings.

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.  Roses, chocolate and leather here.  Made for a great day.

See you later.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

She woke with the thought that today was going to be the most perfect day ever. This was going to be their first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. Technically they had been married for ten years but Rob always seemed to be on another continent on Valentine’s Day. Last year he was in Afghanistan and the only contact was a Skype call.  Today he was here in Walnut Creek and she had been planning this day for a while.
A limo would drive them to the beach for sunset cocktails then onto Jackson’s By the Sea for a romantic dinner.  They would retreat to the lounge for apr├Ęs dinner drinks and coffee.  She would remove her panties on her last trip to the ladies’ room and hand them to him to hold for her. At first, he wouldn’t even realize what was in his hand. He would be ready to leave right then and there. But she had other plans.  They would linger a while heightening the sexual tension, return to the limo for some naughty foreplay and then home to a night filled with super hot sex.

At least, that’s how she imagined it would happen.  The reality wasn’t even close.

She woke with a scratchy throat and the sound of pouring down rain.  Damn, she thought, why did it have to be today?  She went downstairs and there was a card propped up on the table.  She poured a cup of coffee and sat down and opened her card. It was a funny card not the romantic card she had hoped to get.  She loved sweet sappy romantic cards.  Funny cards were fine for and from others, but from Rob she expected more.  She was disappointed.  When she went to put the creamer back in the fridge, there was a note from Rob asking her to please pick up his shirts from the laundry, get new windshield wipers from the auto parts store, stop by the post office to buy stamps, and if she had time drop off his uniform at the tailor’s.  She felt like going right back to bed and pulling the covers up over her head.  Instead she headed for the bathroom, took two aspirin and turned on the shower.

She was going to handle this like an adult and not a sulking brat.  If she hurried, she could do all of the chores on the list and still get back home in plenty of time to relax and get ready for their wonderful evening date.

She had just left the post office and was on the way to the tailor’s when she heard a funny noise.  She kept driving and a few seconds later, she heard it again. This time it was even louder.  Then the engine light came on.  Oh, just what I need.  She looked to see if there was a gas station she could pull into but no, of course not, that would be too easy.  She pulled into the parking lot of a nearby medical office and called Triple A.  They said they were backed up and wouldn’t be there for at least another hour.  So much for getting home early she thought.  She called Rob and told him what was happening and asked if she should try to make it home or just wait for the tow truck.  He suggested she wait for the truck.

Ninety minutes later, she was still waiting.  By now, the aspirin had worn off and her throat was aching, she was hungry because she had missed lunch and she had to pee.  She phoned Triple A again.  They apologized for the wait and said they would get to her as soon as possible.  She told them to forget it; she wasn’t going to wait any longer.  She started the car and drove a few miles before she heard the noise.  She was almost home when the car just stopped.  Luckily, it stopped on a residential street and there wasn’t any traffic.  She tried starting the car to no avail.  Now what, she thought.  If I call Triple A, it’s still going to be at least an hour until they arrive.  She decided to call a taxi.  A Good Samaritan came by and assisted her in getting her car off the road.  Finally, the cab arrived and drove her home.  She was soaking wet and in a foul mood.  This wouldn’t have happened if Rob had not given her that list of chores to do on Valentines’ Day.  She grabbed a glass of wine, took two aspirin and hopped in a hot steamy shower.

She stayed in the shower until the hot water ran out.  She heard Rob walk into the bedroom. The first thing he said was:
“Where did you have the car towed?  I called Total Repair.  The car’s not there”
“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too honey” said a totally pissed Diane.
“Oh, sorry.  Happy Valentine’s Day” as he reached over and gave her a kiss.
“So where’s the car? He asked again.
Diane’s voice rose exponentially   “The fucking car is parked at the curb on Dexter Avenue”. Thank you for your concern.” She said through gritted teeth.

She went on about the car, the chores, her sore throat, his inconsideration, dadadadadada. He took her in his arms and told her he was truly sorry she had such a bad day. He promised he would make it up to her.  He suggested they cancel their plans and just stay home and have a do over on Saturday.  Diane said no way; she had been planning this day for months.

The limo driver rang the bell promptly at 6:00.  Diane was not quite ready and when she came downstairs, Rob whistled and told her how beautiful she looked.   She acknowledged his comment but was still not in a very forgiving mood.  Since there was no sunset on this gloomy day they went right to the restaurant for cocktails.  Between the aspirin and drinks, Diane was beginning to feel woozy.  Rob suggested she slow down and switch to a non-alcoholic beverage. She told him she didn’t need him to be her keeper.  

“Maybe so”, he told her, “but if you keep acting like this, we are going to call a halt to this evening. You are not feeling well and so far you are not enjoying yourself and neither am I.”

She pushed back her chair and stormed over to the ladies room.  While she was gone, Rob closed out the check and went and waited by restroom door.  When Diane came out, he took hold of her elbow and escorted her out the door.  She was fighting him all the way.  The limo driver was waiting.  Once seated, Rob asked the driver to close the privacy window. 

“Relax, he told her”

“Like hell I will”, she said.

He told her she had better calm down or she would have a very red bottom to mark her Valentine’s Day. She didn’t heed the warning. When they got home she was still carrying on.  She stormed into the bedroom.  When he followed, she picked up his clothes brush and threw it at him.  It narrowly missed his head.

That’s it”, he said, “You had your last chance”. 

He picked up the brush, pulled her over his knee, yanked up her dress and proceeded to put the clothes brush to good use.  He was angry and knew he shouldn’t be doing this but she had really pissed him off.  He stopped spanking and looked at that lovely backside all reddened by the brush and lust just took over.  He picked her up and seated her on his lap and began kissing her while rubbing her punished tush.

“I’m sorry things didn’t turn out the way you planned.  I am sorry I spanked you but you were so out of control I lost my temper too.

 Will you forgive me?”

She just nodded her head.  He continued to hold and comfort her. 
“Damn, I love your ass”, as his hands kept massaging those fleshy mounds.

The kisses and hands became more demanding, their caresses more passionate, touching, feeling, teasing, exploring each other’s pleasure points – and deep in
 the throes of the most mind blowing sex they had ever had.

Maybe this wasn’t the Valentine’s Day she had planned but it turned out to be even better.                          

Saturday, February 11, 2012



I know if I start the day off with a laugh, it's going to be a great day. This provided my early morning laugh.  Hope it does the same for you.

For several years, a man was having an affair with an Italian woman.One night, she confided in him that she was pregnant. Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he paid her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to secretly have the child. If she stayed in Italy to raise the child, he would also provide child support until the child turned 18.

She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born.

To keep it discreet, he told her to simply mail him a post card, and write 'Spaghetti' on the back. He would then arrange for the child support payments to begin.

One day, about 9 months later, he came home to his confused wife.
' Honey,' she said, 'You received a very strange post card today.'

'Oh, let me see it,' he said. 

The wife complied and watched as her husband read the card, turned white, and fainted.

On the card was written:

'Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti.

SEND EXTRA SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Received this email the other day. I really could see me or a friend of mine being in this situation.   So, for those of us who may suffer from CRS* or CRAFT**, this could be in our future.

Several days ago as I left a meeting, I desperately gave myself a personal TSA pat down. I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets or purse. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing. Suddenly I realized, I must have left them in the car. Frantically, I headed for the parking lot. My husband has told me many times not to leave the keys in the ignition. My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. His theory is that the car will be stolen. As I burst through the doors of the building, I came to a terrifying conclusion. His theory was right. The parking lot was empty. I immediately called the police. I gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen. Then I made the most difficult call of all, Honey, I stammered. I always call him honey in times like these. I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen. There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but then I heard a voice. Angel he barked, i dropped you off! Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said, Well, come and get me. He retorted, I will, as soon as I convince this policeman I have not stolen your car!

BTW saw the George Clooney movie, The Descendants, yesterday.  Excellent movie and GC is always easy on the eyes, but he runs funny.

*CRS can't remember stuff
**CRAFT can't remember a freakin' thing

More Aimless Ramblings.  See You Later

Monday, February 6, 2012


Our colds are finally better.  It has taken the better part of two weeks and hopefully it's over this time and we won't be passing the germs back and forth anymore.

The colds have really put a crimp in our playtime.  We're down to two weeks until the movers come, so between our packing, relocation chores, and a zapped energy level, there has been no playtime.

As of today, We're Back.  Yeah.  I was really needing the attention and I could tell he was getting a little testy too.  I got a good spanking with the doggin bat and the leather slapper.  Some more of our toys were released from their bag and put to good use.  We had a lovely afternoon interlude. Can't wait to do it again.

See you later.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Barb woke up today remembering that it was Super Bowl Sunday.  Skip’s favored New England Patriots were playing and she knew he would be glued to the television from the minute the pre game hoopla started until the trophy was presented.  All in all about seven hours of blah, blah, blah.

The first couple of years they were married she tried to get involved and pretend to be interested. Sometimes she would watch the game with him.  She especially liked to see the players in their tight little football pants.  For her, it was the best part of the game. They had been invited over to friends but Skip wanted to stay home to watch the game.  After all, this was his beloved Patriots and he didn’t want to miss a thing.
Barb lay there thinking about how she was going to spend her day.  She would fix him a late breakfast and get out all the munchies and then go take the day for herself.  

Early afternoon, she kissed Skip goodbye and left on her “fun” day. He told her to be careful but to enjoy herself and thanked her for understanding about not attending the party. 
She stopped at her favorite salon and booked a facial, waxing and a mani\pedi.  She felt great as she left the salon and drove over to the mall.  Today was one of those days that she loved everything she touched.  Unfortunately, she not only touched she purchased and spent way more than she planned.  So much so she had to dip into their joint account because hers was depleted.  There was going to be hell to pay for that but it would be worth it when Skip saw her purchases.

She checked the movies and there really wasn’t anything she wanted to see.  She was hungry so she decided to stop for a bite to eat.  Most of their usual haunts were too crowded with super bowl revelers.  If I wanted that she thought I could just go home.  She remembered that little bistro that had just opened not too far from home.  She decided  go there because it was not the kind of place Skip would every pick.

She walked in and it was perfect.  No television blaring, no loud raucous sports fans, just a quiet little place.  She sat down at a small table and ordered a glass of wine.  The waiter explained if she planned to have more than one glass it would be more economical to get a carafe.  Why not she thought.  She perused the menu and ordered an appetizer sampler and a Cobb Salad.   Before the food even arrived, she had finished the first glass of wine.  The waiter poured the remaining wine into her glass. 

By the time her food arrived she had finished her wine and ordered more.   What the heck, she thought. If I don’t finish it – I don’t finish it.  She got up to go to the ladies’ room and the room was spinning.  OMG, she thought this can’t be happening.  I’m going to have to call Skip.  He will be livid.  She decided she would stay a little longer and ordered coffee.
Unfortunately, the coffee wasn’t working.  If anything, she felt worse because now she was feeling nauseous as well as dizzy.  I’ve got to call.  She dialed and was getting ready to hang up when Skip finally picked up the phone.

“Where the hell are you? He asked.  Nordstrum’s called hours ago and I’ve been trying to reach you.  Are you alright”

“No, I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and I can’t drive home.  I need you to come and get me”

She told him where she was and he said he would be there as soon as he could.  He didn’t sound that angry.  She hoped she was right.

She asked for the check and went to get her wallet out of her purse.  She couldn’t find it.  She was getting frantic.  She removed everything and no wallet.  Maybe it fell out of her purse in the car.  She got up to go to the car and almost fell down.  The waiter immediately came over to assist when Skip walked in the door.  She was so embarrassed.  She told Skip she couldn’t find her wallet.  He said he knew that’s because she left it at Nordstrum’s. 

He paid the bill and helped her out to the car.  He was silent all the way home.  When they got there he helped her to the bedroom.  He helped her undress and get into bed.  He was being so sweet.  Just as he reached over to turn out the light, he told her to get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow she had an appointment over his knee.

The next morning when she woke Skip was already in the shower.  She got up and joined him.  She told him how sorry she was.  She tried to explain that she hadn’t meant to drink so much and she had done the right thing by calling him instead of trying to drive. He listened and told her he was glad she had called instead of trying to drive. He told her he would think about it but right now they had to get going because they had to pick up her car before he left for work.

That evening when Skip got home Barb was waiting for him in the bedroom.  She decided to give him his Valentine’s present early.  She was attired in her sexy new lingerie.  The lights were turned down, soft music playing and she handed him a glass of wine.

Then she gave him his Valentines present.  It was an embossed leather paddle with an attached card that read “Feel Free to Use as Needed”

He laughed so hard he almost spilled his wine.
“Now that’s what I call diffusing the situation.  Come here, Sexy Lady, let’s try this out”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

This is a fun exercise.  It's amazing how quickly the brain adjusts.

7H15 M3554G3
53RV35 7O PR0V3
D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5!
1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5!
1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG
17 WA5 H4RD BU7
N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3
R34D1NG 17
W17H 0U7 3V3N
7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17,
C3R741N P30PL3 C4N
R3AD 7H15.
4R3 YOU ON3 OF 7H3M?

H4V3 YOU GO773N 4 5P4NK1NG 7OD4Y?
W3R3 YOU 5P4NK3D UN71L 734R5?
ONLY 4 C3R741N NUMB3R OF P3OPL3 C4N PO5171V3LY 4N5W3R 7H353 QU3571ON3.

See you later.