Monday, June 29, 2015

A Man and His Horse - Part two

Difficult to believe our girl's trip is over.  We had such a good time, but it was way too short. Good times always are, aren't they?  Trying to get back into the pattern of life here. I finally finished unpacking and did the laundry.  I can't believe how two people can generate so much dirty laundry in just over a week. Glad I don't have to iron anything - I'm a careful shopper (lol).

Here's a continuation of last week's story.  I managed to write it in between laundry loads yesterday.  Must see if I can get ahead again and have a couple of stories in the queue - it's been a while.

You can find the first part here.

Well, Saturday has finally arrived. I’ve been on pins and needles all week wondering what Gabe has planned for us tonight. I hope he hasn’t forgotten about us.   He’s been steadily working and the property is beginning to show signs of its former glory. It’s such a beautiful piece of property, and I’m so glad it didn’t go to developers.

When I drove passed the ranch the other day, Chessie had three companions.  I’m going to have to bring more treats now. Of course, now that Chessie has other friends, he may not have time for me anymore, although he came up to me yesterday. I love seeing him out there along with other horses; he seems much happier.

Gabe surprised me last week, I didn’t expect to find such a charming man practically in my backyard.  Most of the men I’ve met around here left me thinking I was better off alone. Gabe made me rethink my position. In addition to being easy to the eyes, I loved that he was so open and not the least bit intimidated when he found my vibrator in the bathroom.  Of course, I almost died of embarrassment but he put me at ease, and it led us to other topics I couldn’t ever imagine discussing with anyone on a first date. 

He called me last night and said he’d pick me up about 6:30, he wanted to show me something.  I didn’t want to wear jeans since he made such a thing about a dress the other night.  I chose a denim skirt, a dressier style tee-shirt, and boots.  I felt kind of silly because I hadn’t done that since I was eighteen, but it felt right. 

I was feeding my kitty when he rang the doorbell.  Today, he was dressed like a dressed-up cowboy.  He wore a western style shirt with pearlized buttons, dark pressed jeans, and polished boots with silver tips.  The only thing missing was the hat, and I half expected he had one in his truck. He whistled when he saw me and asked me to turn around so he could see the whole thing.  I guessed right and smiled to myself, and I modeled the outfit as requested.

“So Mr. Mitchum, what do you have in store for us tonight?”

“Well, Chelsea, I never did get around to buying anything this week, but I have something else in mind and hope you’re not disappointed with my alternate.  You might want to bring along a sweater.”

I’m a little disappointed that but I try not to let on.  At least, he remembered he was supposed to do something and when he didn’t, he came up with an alternate.  I can’t imagine what it will be, but we’ll see. 

He threw something in the back of his truck and then opened the door for me to step in. We drove for about an hour further out into the countryside.  He turned off the main highway and took a turn in what was nothing more than a rutted dirt path.  I was a little frightened.  After all, what did I know about this man.  He could be a serial killer and charmed me into a sense of false security by his gentlemanly ways.  I closed my eyes and prayed I would survive this adventure.  A deeper rut jolted the truck. When I opened my eyes, I saw a large pond surrounded by green and wildflowers.  A doe and her fawn were taking a drink and didn’t even skitter off with the sound of the truck.  He turned off the engine, as we sat there taking in Mother Nature in all her beauty.  My nerves eased a bit, and I figured that any man who could appreciate the panorama before us could not be a serial killer.  After a few moments of stillness, he reached over and took my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.  My heart melted.

We sat in silence a few more minutes waiting for the doe and fawn to finish their drink and go off into the thicket.  He helped me out of the truck and pulled a blanket from the back seat, along with a canvas bag. 

“I thought maybe we could enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles as the stars come out. There are so many more visible here than where we live.  It’s almost as if diamonds blanket the entire sky.  We’ll have dinner afterward, is that okay with you?”

I told him I was fine with that and glad that he shared this with me.  “It’s beautiful.”

After a glass or two of wine and some crackers, he reached over and brought me to him to cuddle.  I was a little chilly and must have shivered.

“Are you cold, do you want me to get your sweater?”

“No, I’ll be fine, cuddling helps.”

“I know something that will probably help more.”  He told me and pulled me across his lap.  I was quite surprised when he pulled down my panties and began caressing my backside.  His rough hands moving across the surface starting to warm me up in all sorts of places.

“Are you okay with this?” he asked.

A big sigh was his answer, and he continued to massage my buttocks and thighs.  Occasionally, his hand would wander to my inner thighs and toward my mons area. Totally relaxed and loving his tenderness, I was suddenly shocked by the sound of a sharp slap on my fanny.  I had heard the sound before I felt the sting.  It was delicious, I was so ready for more.  I wriggled around pushing my bottom into his hand begging.

“I think the lady likes,” he said and those rough hands delivered more stinging swats to my waiting backside. He didn’t need any implements; his hands were hard as steel and the harder he spanked the more excited I became. I didn’t even realize he stopped spanking and was caressing the now heated areas.  I swooned as I felt his fingers dipping into my wetness and finding the spot that soon had me on the road to paradise. 

After the spasms subsided, I rolled over on his lap and onto the blanket searching for him. I managed to unzip his jeans with a little help and freed his bulging member.  He didn’t object this time as I bent and began to lick his shaft and the surrounding territory.  I didn’t think it possible but his shaft grew even more as I took him into my mouth.  He was to the back of my throat and I still didn’t have all of him.  I was doing the best I could and he didn’t seem to mind.  He expressed his pleasure with a series of moans and groans and I knew he was close to orgasm.  He tried to pull out but I clamped my hands firmly around his shaft keeping him in place as my tongue brought him to nirvana.

“Wow” was all he managed to say and I understood just what he meant.  I felt the same.  It had been too long since I’d felt this good. He brought my hand to his lips and kissed my fingers and kept on kissing up my arm, to my neck and finally our lips meet. 

When we finally break apart he asks me if I liked his alternate plan.  My grin answered his question.  “Good, are you ready to go get some dinner now?  I promise I’ll go shopping this week.”

“No need, unless you absolutely want to.”  We settled ourselves, picked up the blanket and other items and walked to the truck.  As I started to get into the truck, he smacked my bottom hard.  “I want to,” he said.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our Excellent Adventure

I'm having a difficult time today - I can't seem to get back in the groove after spending time with two fun-loving ladies.  I want to be back on the beach, laughing and creating havoc.  We were lucky to get back alive and I don't like facing the music but it had to happen.

As you saw on PK's post, we spent some time on the beach but not all our time. When you have this view from your balcony, why not take advantage? The hotel didn't even charge extra.

When our eyes tired of the same ole, same ole, we went in search of sustenance (of the liquid variety). Thinking of Rob, Ray and Nick's admonitions, we kept it healthy, sticking to blueberry, watermelon and pineapple drinks. Gotta love that Vodka comes in all these flavors now.

Food, of course, is always a must and we were by the sea so what do you suppose we chose.  You're right, all you smart people.

We even managed to get PK to expand her horizons, we teased that she knew Cassie would do it and she tried


Then it happened, on our last night there we were watching the lightning show, when we heard a loud roar followed by a thunderous crack.  That's when the fire started, the wind whipped the curtains onto the flame of (I'm not saying what it was) but the next thing we knew, we were surrounded by smoke and flames. Nothing to do but call for help. These men risked life and limb to get us to safety. 

How can we ever thank them?  After we were rescued, the hotel blamed us for the fire.  Can you imagine that, said we were smoking in the room.  Not us. Anyway, we ended up in jail.  We called Minelle to help us with bail money and then... I received this.

If I can, I'll be sure to let all of you know where I am. If it's nice enough, maybe you'd like to join me (us) on our next adventure.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Man and his Horse

Hello everyone, today is the day I'm meeting up with PK and Katie. It seems as if it has taken forever to get here. I only wish time would standstill for the next couple of days.

 Hope you enjoy the story.

Each day as I drove passed the property, I would watch the beautiful chestnut horse munching grass in the pasture.  He always looked so lonely.  Once upon a time, he had companions but he had been alone for some time now. I started to greet him on my daily trips by and I swear he would stop, turn his head and look at me.  One day, I pulled over to the side of the road, and he ambled up to me and allowed me to pet him.  After that, I bought carrots by the bushel and if I ran out of carrots, I’d have an apple or a cube of sugar so that he always had a treat on my daily visits.

At one time, the property had been a working ranch with boarding stables. Now Halloween was the only time there was any activity.  The now empty ranch served as the local pumpkin patch and for two months of the year, it bustled with activity.  The day I saw the For Sale sign, my heart dropped.  What would happen to my beautiful chestnut friend? I wished I had the wherewithal to make him mine.  I hoped the property didn’t get sold to a developer as had happened lately to the many large tracts of land.  Houses, shopping centers, and traffic were filling up the beautiful pastoral countryside, and the vast open spaces were being squished out.

One day, so engrossed in my conversation with Chessie, as I started calling him, I never heard anyone come up beside me.

“What are you doing to my horse?” a loud voice asked.  So startled I almost fell backward into the ditch.  A strong, muscular arm grabbed hold of mine to keep me from falling.

“Chessie and I are friends.” I stammered to a man with chiseled features who towered over me.

“Friends, huh.

“Yes, I live down the road and I pass this way daily and have been stopping to visit with Chessie for almost two years.”

“Who’s Chessie?”

“It’s the name I’ve given to this fellow.  He used to have companions but has been the only horse for a long time. I felt sad because he seemed so lonely, so I started to stop and visit each time I came by.”  I was stammering on like a schoolgirl.
“I’m Chelsea Fletcher, by the way,” and extended my outstretched hand to him.

“I’m Gabe Mitchum.  I recently bought this place.”

“You’re going to keep it as it is, aren’t you?” I boldly asked.

“If you mean am I a developer, the answer is no.  I’m going to make improvements and your friend Chessie won’t be alone anymore.”

“I’m so glad to hear that.  I hate what’s happening to this county.”

“I know what you mean.  I was born and raised within ten miles of here and hadn't been around for a long time, the changes are unbelievable.  I came back on business, and when I saw what was happening, I knew I wanted to get in and get me a piece of property before it was all gobbled up by developers.”

“Will you continue to do the Pumpkin Patch?”  He looked at me quizzically. 

“Oh, the former owners did a Pumpkin Patch here each Halloween.  There were rides and activities for the littles.  We'll miss it if it isn’t continued.”

“I don’t know about that.  I intend to offer boarding stables and train horses.   Nice meeting you Chelsea, I can call you that can’t I?”

“Please do.  Do you mind if I continue to visit Chessie until he gets some companions?”

“Nope.”  He walked away, and I noted he had a slight limp, but it didn’t stop me from admiring the way he fit into those jeans.


I continued visiting Chessie on a daily basis and could see the improvements Gabe was making on the property.  Stopping for groceries on the way home one day, I bumped into him in the local Tom Thumb. 

“Where’s the carrots?” he asked

Laughingly, I told him that Chessie said he was sick of carrots and could I please switch to apples.” 

He laughed.  “Not too many, though.  I don’t want him to get a bellyache.”

“No worries.”  After that, we stood there and chatted for a good ten minutes until another customer needed to pass.  I started to move away.

“You know, Chelsea, I don't even know if you're single or married?"

“I’m a widow,” I answered.  “And you?”

“Single.  Would you like to have dinner sometime?  I’m becoming bored with my company.”

I smiled. “I don’t know if I should be flattered or not, but I could use the company too.” 

“There’s a Texas Roadhouse down the road, how about tonight?”

“Perfect.  Shall I meet you there or is this a real date and you plan to pick me up?”

“Why not call it a real date.  7:00 okay?”

“Sure, head up the road, right on Saddle Ridge, third house on the right.  You’ll see my car in the driveway.”

He arrived a few minutes early, and I was able to get a good look at him coming up the walkway.  Instead of jeans, he had on a pair of khaki’s, a blue button down collar shirt with the sleeves rolled up and instead of boots, a pair of loafers, no socks. 

“I wouldn’t have taken you for a cowboy,” I told him.

“A cowboy is a state of mind, not a state of dress.  By the way, you look beautiful.  It’s not often you see a woman in a dress.”

“Thank you,”  I told him and glad I had decided on a sundress and sandals instead of the usual capris or jeans.  “Shall we go?”

Texas Roadhouse was crowded when we arrived, and we sat at the bar until the buzzer went off.  Instead of the beer I was sure he would order, he surprised me again by ordering a martini, straight up.

“You are a man of many surprises,” I told him. “Do you eat chicken, fish and pasta too?”

He laughed. "You really have me stereotyped, don't you?" I laughed. 

“I grew up around ranchers, and my husband did too, so I know them pretty well. We moved here to get away from ranching but not too far removed from the way of life. We had only been in the house two months when he got called up.  His helicopter went down six months later.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too but life goes on.  How about you, what have you done with your life?”

“As I mentioned before, I was born and raised around here but we moved when my dad got transferred back east.  An entirely different way of life.  After college, I roamed around for a bit and finally took a job at Boeing.  I traveled a lot, and one of the trips was here to the plant in Plano.  So here I am, trying to make a go of boarding and training horses.”

“Do you know enough about horses to be successful?”

“I know some and figure I can hire someone who knows more.”

“Cocky, I like that,” I told him.

“You have no idea.”

“I like adventures.” I gave him what I thought was one of my best ‘come and get it’ smiles and hoped he’d take me up on my suggestion.   I couldn’t believe I was so bold, but I was ready for an adventure.

He accepted my invitation for coffee.  I went to make the coffee, and he asked to use the restroom.  I was taking mugs out of the cupboard when he came to the doorway, my vibrator in his hand. While living alone, there were some things I didn’t bother to hide.   I felt the color creeping up, my face, and he laughed.

“I’m glad you think this is funny.”  He came over and hugged me, and we both felt the electricity that flowed between us.  “It is funny, but don’t be embarrassed.  After all, I planned on offering stud services, now I know I have competition.”

She laughed.  “Not to worry, I have a whole array of unused weapons in my arsenal.  Are you interested?” I couldn’t believe my brazenness.

“Weapons huh.  Interesting choice of words.  Should I fear for my life?”

“No, but maybe I should.  I’ve heard them referred to as weapons of ass destruction.”

“Oh, that kind of weapons.  Are you into kinkery, Ms. Fletcher?”

“I don’t know. With my husband deployed, I had a lot of time on my hands and did a lot of reading. I bought some enhancements and planned on giving them a try when he returned.  Unfortunately, we never had the chance.”

“Enhancements sounds better than weapons, which is it?”

“Both, all wrapped up in a box in my closet.  Do you want to explore?”

“I would love to explore with you.  However, I don’t think I would feel comfortable knowing you bought these items with someone else in mind.  How about we make a date for Saturday? In the meantime, with you in mind, I’ll do some shopping of my own. Then we can explore together.”

I understood how he felt and although disappointed I had to wait until Saturday, I’d been waiting a long time and a few more days hardly mattered. I must have looked disappointed because he took me in his arms and told me Saturday was just a few days away.  He kissed me, one kiss led to another, and his hands cupped my behind and pulled me toward him.  I could feel his erection pushing against my pelvis, and I moved further into him.  The next thing I knew I was over his shoulder and he was carrying me toward the bedroom.  He swatted my bottom a couple of times along the way and put me down on the bed.  Sitting down next to me, he lifted my dress, removed my panties and delved his fingers into my wet folds.  I wriggled around until he found just the right spot and moaned as I enjoyed the sensations he aroused.  I wanted to pleasure him too, but he pushed my hand away. I could feel the climax begin and sighed when the spasms overtook my body.

It was such a pleasure lying in bed wrapped in a man’s arms, even if we were both fully dressed.  He put his arm around me and cuddled me to him. He tried keeping things light, and I appreciated his effort.

“Did I do better than the vibrator?”

“Mmmm, much better.  Why wouldn’t you let me touch you?”

“I wanted this to be about you. On Saturday, I’ll let you have your way once I used some of the toys I plan on buying.  So tell me, wood or leather?”

I must have look puzzled because he asked again, wood or leather. Finally, it dawned on me and said I had no idea.  “My husband only spanked me with his hand.”

“Well, we’ll try that too.  Right now, I’ve got to go.  I have an early start in the morning.  I’m buying Chessie some companions.”

I started to rise, and he told me to stay put, he would see himself out.  “Thanks for a great evening,” he said as he reached over to kiss me. 
“Maybe we should thank Chessie.” I said.  He grinned and said he’d be sure to give Chessie an extra portion of oats in the morning.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Making Her Case

Hello, everyone.  If you read PK's post yesterday, you know we are a week away from our girlie beach vacation.  I'm so ready.  I was talking with Ray this AM, and he jokingly said that maybe he didn't want me to go.  I laughed because he wants some time away from me as much as I do from him. 

In addition to the news I shared the other day about the new short book release, The Cowboy Finds a Home,  "Love on the Ranch" is also available. "Love on the Ranch" is a boxed set that includes my last four books, so if you missed out on any of my latest western romances, they are now available in one place.  Not only that, but Ray surprised me yesterday with a quick 'just because' hand spanking.  That hasn't happened in I don't know how long. 

Here is this week's story. Now I have to get writing  one for next Monday.   

Michael Connelly and Beth Madison were both lawyers who worked for the same law firm. Michael, a senior partner, had been watching Beth Madison for quite some time; not only professionally but also personally.  Although not one to fraternize with co-workers, Michael found himself more and more enamored of the beautiful Ms. Madison.  Tall and willowy with red hair, usually worn in a severe bun, the lightest blue eyes he'd ever seen, long legs and ass he'd love to grab.  If he spotted her, he wouldn't take his eyes off her until she turned, for the pure pleasure of watching that derriere sway under the confines of the pencil skirts she always seemed to wear.  His mind wandered, and his manhood rose. He pictured that red hair cascading down her back and shoulders, nipples erect under the well-tailored white silk blouse, the long slim skirt with a slit up to her thigh showing a hint of garter belt and hose wearing sky-high stiletto heels.  

One day, he and a colleague were meeting in Michael's office when Beth happened to pass by his open door.

"You going to do something about that?"  Michael's colleague asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Give me a break, You've been lusting after her for the last six months.  I'm surprised you don't have to visit the bathroom more often."

"Don't be so crude," Michael told him.

"Whose being crude, I'm only realistic."

"Shit, you're right, she stirs my blood."

"You're both single, why not ask her out?"

"I have this rule that I don't date colleagues."

"Why not?  Where else are you going to meet anybody, you spend all your time here?"

"I'm a Senior Partner and I don't want her to feel pressured or that I might be her stepping stone to that level."

"Get over yourself, there's how many other senior partners that have a say besides you.  Besides, she's a damn good lawyer and can get there on her ability, she doesn't need a stepping stone."

"You know how to deflate a guy's ego." Michael laughed but appreciated Jim's honesty.

Two weeks later, Michael approached Beth for a date.  He asked her to lunch thinking that it was safer than dinner.  If they didn't click, there would be no awkward moments at the end of evening as they stood at her door wondering what came next.

After several tries, they finally found a date they were both free.  He suggested 1:00 to avoid the lunch crowd and told her to pick a restaurant.  She chose Hashi's Sushi Bar.
It's not that he didn't like sushi, he did, but Hashi's only had counter service, great sushi but no little tables in the back where you could converse in private.  Hell, maybe she thinks this is a business lunch, I should have asked her to dinner.

She stood him up.  When he went to her office at 12:45 to collect her, her secretary said she wasn't there and hadn't heard from her.  Did he want her to check in with him when she returned?  He told her yes, to have her stop by his office.

A little pissed, but it could be court delayed her, or a client meeting and unable to make a call. It happened to the best of them.  He'd wait to hear her excuse.

About 4:15 there was a rap on his door.

"Come in?"

"Hi," she said.  "My secretary said you wanted to see me?"

Now he was pissed.  No, I'm sorry no explanation, just ‘you wanted to see me.

"Yes, I was expecting to see you at 1:00.  We had a lunch date."

"That's wasn't today, was it?"

"Yes, it was today.  It took us five tries to even come up with a mutually agreeable date. Today was it."  He tried keeping the snarl out of his voice, but he didn't appreciate being stood up.

"I'm sorry.  How can I make it up to you?"

"Look, Beth, I know this can be awkward because we work together.  If you don't want to go out with me, just say so, and I'll back off."

"No, it's not that. I wasn't sure whether this date was meant to be business or personal, and I truly did forget about it."

"Okay, so should we set another date?  Would you rather do dinner instead?"

"It's the least I can do.  Do you have plans for Friday night?"

He told her he was open, and they set the date and time.  "Don't stand me up again." He warned.

"If I do, you can punish me," she told him.  That set his mind off on an entirely different track.  Punishing her – what did she have in mind?  He knew where his thoughts went.  Across his lap,  panties around her knees, he pictured that cute little ass waiting for his attention with her most private parts winking at him.  He felt his heart rate increase and the blood starting to flow to his lower body.  "Down boy." He told himself.

"Shall I pick you up at home, or do you want to leave from here?

"Home, please" and she gave him her card with her home address on the back.

Taking into consideration, she chose sushi for lunch, he made a reservation at a Japanese restaurant, one a little more upscale than Hashi's.  It happened to be a favorite of his, and he reserved one of the small private dining rooms. He knew the owner and always took his best clients there, they seemed to enjoy the experience.  Servers, dressed in traditional Japanese dress, catered to your every need.

The doorman greeted him and told him he was expected and would announce his arrival. Minutes later, the concierge explained that Ms. Madison was running a bit late and would be down shortly.  Michael had cooled his heels for the next fifteen minutes before he asked the concierge to call her again. This time there was no answer, so Michael figured she was on her way down.  He waited another fifteen minutes and was writing a note to her when she entered the lobby.

"I'm sorry."

"I was just leaving you a note telling you I didn't like waiting and making me wait thirty minutes is rude and inconsiderate."

"I'm sorry."

"You seem to be sorry for many things. I know you must handle your professional life better."

"I do.  Maybe I need help in handling my personal life in a more organized manner."

He felt a twitch in his palm that traveled right down to his manhood.

"Maybe you do," he said.  "We have a reservation at Myashi's and because I am such a good customer they are holding it for us.  However, you will apologize to Yoshi when we arrive."

Beth felt a tingle all the way to her toes when he scolded her for her tardiness and then again when he told her she had to apologize.  Michael could be a man she couldn't walk over, she hadn't found many of those.  Once they knew her background, they'd fall all over themselves trying to please her. She usually tested her dates right at the outset; it saved a lot of time and hassle if they didn't measure up right away.  She didn't think she would be able to push Michael Madison a third time. Beth heard through the grapevine that he didn't date within the firm, so the fact he asked her out at all was a surprise.

"I will apologize to Yoshi and once again I'm sorry."

They had a lovely evening.  Their shoji screened dining room, sitting among pillows around the low dining table, allowed them to relax and get to know one another.  Before the evening was over, they arranged another date for the following week.  She seemed nervous on the elevator ride up to her apartment.  At her door, she invited him in for a nightcap.

"Perhaps next time.  I'm out of town this week, but I'll be back in time for our date next Saturday.  If you can't make it you better call me and if you keep me waiting as you did tonight, you really will be sorry." He kissed her forehead, turned and walked out.

Two days later, there were flowers waiting for her at home, along with a card.


  Enjoyed our time together, looking forward to this Saturday.  Remember my warning.


She kicked off her shoes, put the flowers in water and laid down on the couch thinking about this delicious man and just what it was he had that affected her psyche.  Of average height, dark hair and eyes, good physique, always impeccably attired, well-modulated voice, she didn't list one thing that would make him stand out in a crowd.  However, there was something, and she finally attributed it to his self-confidence.  He had an air about him that just oozed confidence, dominance, and sexuality.  From the way, he showed possession by placing his hand on her lower back, to the way he made his wishes known. No doubt a gentleman but one that wouldn't tolerate misbehavior.  She remembered seeing a poster on FB showing a good-looking suited man with the saying "I may be a gentleman, but it doesn't mean I don't spank".  She hoped it was true – she longed for that kind of man.

Now she had to think about how she played this Saturday night. Should she be late, should she be bratty or not play games at all and see how things played?  She decided on the later.

On Saturday evening, she waited for him in the lobby.  He smiled at her as he approached and kissed her cheek.  "Good girl," he whispered into her ear.

"Thank you for the flowers, they were lovely and appreciated."

"I'm glad you enjoyed them.  I made reservations for us a L'escargot.  Do you mind?"

"No, I like a man that takes charge."

He put that hand on her back that gave her the shivers as he guided her out of the building and into his waiting car.  Once again, they had a terrific evening, good food, great conversation, lots of laughter.  This time when he took her to the door and invited him in, he accepted.  She told him to make himself comfortable and excused herself telling him she would be right back.  He removed his jacket and loosened his tie as he walked around the room looking at photos, before sitting down on the couch.

"If you want a nightcap, help yourself," she called out.  He noted the bar and poured a snifter of brandy for himself.  "Shall I pour something for you?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine."  He whirled around and saw her attire. She stood before him with her hair loosened around her shoulders clad in a lacy bra with practically nothing panties, a garter belt and hose and those killer high heels she always wore.  "You most certainly are fine."

He went to take her in his arms and she alluded him.  He reached for her again, and once again she twirled away.  "You're naughty, and I have a remedy for naughty girls."  She grinned at him and pretended to run away knowing she was within arm's length.  He took her close to him, led her to the couch and pulled her down across his lap.  "Is this what you want?"

"Give the man a kewpie doll."  Michael softly laughed as he raised his hand and began living his fantasy.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.