Monday, May 25, 2015


No new story today.  Instead this is a repost of a story I wrote back in 2012 for Memorial Day. Since it's a day to remember, I thought it appropriate.  Have a good day everyone.


Karen was sitting in the kitchen going through her recipe box looking for a particular recipe her husband requested she make for his birthday party.  She came across a handwritten recipe that was attached to a card.  It was George’s grandmother’s recipe for fresh peach cobbler. As she fingered the card she thought of the first time she met George’s grandparents and the lessons she learned on that first trip and the many consequent trips after that.

His grandparents lived on a farm in Osgood, IA which had been in the family for three generations. George’s father, Jim, had no interest in the family farm and joined the military right out of high school.  This caused a rift in their relationship that had never been repaired.  Consequently, George didn’t know his grandparents very well and they had never met Karen even though they had been married for over ten years.

When Karen found out that she and George would be traveling within one hundred miles of Osgood on their cross-country trip she suggested he call his grandparents and ask if they were up for a visit sometime over the Memorial Day Weekend. Grandma Jenkins was thrilled with the prospect of having them visit.  She invited them to stay at the farm. She said that other than the annual parade she and her husband participated in since he came home from WWII in 1946, they had no other commitments. 

Karen and George arrived at the farm on Friday afternoon.  George only remembered being there once when he was very small and Karen was a born and bred city girl.  Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins no longer ran the farm.  Years back they leased the fields and a small cottage to a young couple.  As the tenant family expanded, Grandma and Grandpa switched places so that they were living in the cottage when Karen and George arrived.  The couple and their children were more like family than tenants and it was plain to see the love that was shared by all.

Grandma and Grandpa spent as much time in the old house as the Barnett’s.  Billie Jo worked as a library assistant, so Grandma kept an eye on the kids after school and often had dinner waiting when Billie Jo came home.  Grandpa helped Justin in the fields when he felt able but often just did the dozens of handyman jobs that were required on a working farm. 

That first Friday evening they had a quiet dinner with Grandma and Grandpa in the cottage.  Karen fell in love with them right away.  As she watched she hoped that she and George could have that kind of relationship.  Grandpa was always patting or touching Grandma when she came near.  Grandma had a twinkle in her eye that really sparkled when Grandpa was near.  Their love was like a beacon that Karen had never before experienced; certainly not in her marriage, or the marriages of her parents or siblings. 

The next day was the parade and everyone was up early.  There was a lot of activity at the farm house.  Grandma and Billie Jo were getting the food ready for the picnic following the parade. Karen volunteered to help.  While they were talking, Justin came into the kitchen.  He grabbed a quick kiss and patted Billie Jo’s backside before he was out the door.  Karen smiled.  There seemed to be a pattern here.  Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins must have rubbed off on Billie Jo and Justin.  Karen was actually a little jealous.
She remembered attending her first Memorial Day Parade; all the veterans wearing the hats denoting their branch of service.  John Phillip Sousa’s music kept everyone in cadence as they stepped along.  Grandpa Jenkins looked so proud riding in the lead car.  He was dressed in his full old uniform and was especially proud that it still fit after all those years.  He and Grandma were all smiles as they waved hello to all the people along the route. Karen had closed her eyes and just pictured them riding in that first parade so long ago.  How romantic it must have been - this handsome young soldier and his beautiful bride.  How had they kept that romance alive?

At the picnic, Karen and Grandma were alone together while everyone else was either playing baseball or fishing.  Karen told Grandma she was having a wonderful time and was glad to be getting to know them.  She told Grandma that she felt a little jealous because she and Grandpa were still like sweethearts.  She said that she and George loved one another but the passion has ebbed a little bit each year they were married.  She asked Grandma her secret. 

Grandma said there was no secret.  They just loved and respected one another.  He was her prince in shining armor.  She learned from her mother that if she just treated him that way every single day he would always remain so.  She said that she took care of the house and the children and he took care of her and everything else.  She always shared her views and opinions and most often he took her advice, but if they disagreed, it was his decision and it was final.  She didn’t say anything more.

The next day, Karen and Billie Jo were sitting on the porch shelling peas and Karen asked Billie Jo the secret to her happy marriage.  Billie Jo said there was no secret.  She basically said the same thing that Grandma had said the day before.  Karen said there had to be more than that and Billie Jo just flushed and said they both knew what to expect from their marriage and when they both lived up to their roles there was harmony.

Karen and George left the following day.  They vowed to keep in touch and to come visit again. Karen vowed she was going to try to take Grandma’s advice.  She told George about her conversations with Grandma and Billie Jo and said she wanted that kind of relationship with him. He told her he loved her and didn’t think their marriage was bad.  She said it wasn’t bad but she wanted it to be better.  Grandma and Grandpa had been married over fifty years and they still acted like teenagers.  She and George had only been married ten and already the passion had ebbed. 

Back to the Present Day

Her daughter came into the kitchen then and brought Karen out of her reverie.  Sally asked why she was grinning and Karen told her about meeting Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins for the first time.  Sally loved visiting with her grandparents but they never talked about their parents.  Karen explained about the family rift and how she had come to meet them.  She told Sally that meeting them and taking their advice had changed her life.  Sally wanted to know the details and Karen told her about the first conversation she had with Grandma Jenkins.  She told her there were many more conversations over the years but they were private and someday Sally may find the answers on her own. 

When Sally left, Karen went back to her reverie.  She missed Grandma and Grandpa.  They had passed several years ago.  They left the farm to Billie Jo and Justin much to George’s dad’s chagrin.  There was a letter attached to their will addressed to Jim stating that since he had not been interested in farming they felt it only right to leave it to Billie Joe and Justin who had put in their blood, sweat and tears over the years.  Billie Jo and Justin still lived at the farm, but just as years before they moved back into the cottage and their eldest son and his wife lived in the main house. 

Karen felt the legacy she received from Grandma Jenkins was worth more than any real estate. Several years after they visited, Karen received a package from Grandma.  It was a short letter addressed to her in which Grandma told her what she thought was the secret to her happy marriage.  Along with the letter was an apron.  Karen didn’t put two and two together until she noticed another letter in the apron pocket.  The letter told her to keep the apron handy.  It had many purposes.  The most obvious was to protect good clothing while cooking all of her husband’s favorite foods.  The not so obvious was to protect her marriage.  Wearing the apron, sans any other clothing, had gotten she and Grandpa through many a rough spot.  And sometimes, Grandpa would place some well aimed swats at the apron’s opening which also kept their romance fresh.

Karen couldn’t believe that sweet old lady would be so daring and forthcoming.  She put the letters away in her keepsake box and tried out the apron that very night. Over the years, whenever their romance was waning, Karen would pull out the apron.  It always worked it’s magic.

This Memorial Day Karen was once again working her booth at the fair.  It was one of the most popular booths.  The booth was called Grandma’s Secret. Her merchandise always sold out         
Karen felt the real reason for the booth’s success was a recipe card with the  picture shown below that was always included in the apron pocket. The deluxe model included some multi-purpose kitchen tools.

What do you think?

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Let Us Not Forget

Although this shows our US Troops let us not forget those who have fought alongside us, both in and out of uniform to fight for the freedoms we enjoy today.  Take a minute to bow your head and be grateful for thier sacrifice.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Raindrops Keep Falling

Rain Rain Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day - It's 8:49 AM and it's been raining since 4:30 AM - I don't even want to count how many days in a row it has rained some part of the day.

Here's a couple of funnies that made me smile.

Have a sunshiny day and see you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Abigail Winslow and the Last Chance Camp

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you had a great weekend.  It was rainy here again, the May flowers have drowned.  The lakes are all 6 to 8 feet about their level and it's still coming down.  Now there's a very large sinkhole in a great little town called Granbury. I thought once I Ieft Florida I wouldn't be hearing about any more sinkholes - guess not.  I'm not really complaining though, we have not had to deal with tornadoes as other communities have so although I may be bitching I am also thankful.

Click here for the beginnings of this story.

The rest of the summer break passed uneventfully.  All the dorms and cabins had been repainted and were awaiting the beginning of the fall session.  The fall session lasted until the end of October.  After that, camp closed until the first of the year.  By then there was enough snow and cold weather to guarantee ice skating and snow-shoeing activities. When all of the kids were cooped up inside, it made for very long intensive days for everyone.

The day the kids arrived for the fall session, Abigail appeared for the first time since the spanking incident.  She avoided him like the plague which was fine with him.  She gathered some papers from the building, said a quick hello to the other staff and ran out the door.  Sloan remarked it was the quickest and quietest Abigail appearance in history. Sully smirked.

This set of kids took a while to settle in.  This session included classes as well as other activities and most of them hated school so it wasn’t nearly as much fun as the summer session.  In addition to their teachers, each of the administrative staff made themselves available for tutoring. One of the newest kids, needed remedial reading and Zach volunteered Abigail for the chore.  Abigail had a teaching degree and as a college student participated in an internship in a remedial reading program.  Zach felt Abigail would benefit from having a real purpose.  She fussed and fumed but when he threatened to cut her off, she changed her tune.

The first couple of sessions were hard on everyone.  Abigail resented being there, the student resented being singled out for special help and the staff resented Abigail’s attitude toward them. The kids gave her a hard time because of that ‘better than them’ attitude and although deserved, it still made it difficult to watch.   Sully suffered the most – he became her scapegoat.  The day she yelled at him in front of a whole group of kids, he knew something had to be done. When it happened, Sully merely took her by the elbow and guided her toward a room with a closed door. She continued ranting and raving as he closed the door behind him and walked back to the group of kids.  He explained that everyone had a bad day and today happened to be Ms. Abigail’s.

“Hell, she has a bad day every day.” One of the kids said.

“Language, language,” he reminded them.  “Maybe you could think of what you could do to make Ms. Abigail’s days here better.  Maybe if you’re attitude toward her changed a little, her attitude toward you might do so too.”

“Nah, she’s too much of a bitch.”

“What did I just say about language?”

“Okay, so she’s too much of a witch.”  The rest of the kids snickered.

“Yeah, witchy. Is that better?”  Sully kept his smile on the inside while maintaining a stern demeanor.

He knew now wasn’t the time to continue this conversation, so he hustled the kids into the gym to let them take out their frustrations on the court.  He assigned teams for a basketball challenge with the losing team given the assignment to come up with a “Be Nice to Teacher Day.” He thought that perhaps everyone would benefit including Ms. Abigail.  Grunts and groans followed his speech but he ignored them.  He left one of the other staff members in charge as he went to confront Abigail.

She wasn’t in the room anymore.  He went in search of her and heard her lamenting her tale of woe to her Zach Winslow, her father.  Sully didn’t plan on interfering in this father –daughter discussion but Zach saw him and called him in.

“Let’s hear your side of the story, Sully.  Lord knows, I’ve been listening to Abigail long enough.”  He sounded exasperated and Sully understood his problem;  Abigail had that effect on people.

“Not much to tell.  She started going off on me in front of a group of the kids.  I merely escorted her to an empty room and shut the door.  What she did or didn’t do after that, I have no idea.  I do know we are going to have a conversation about her behavior though. The kids aren’t allowed to get away with it, and an adult is no better.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” Zach told them both.  Abigail’s pout almost made him laugh. It reminded him a little girl who hadn’t gotten her way and any moment he expected her to stomp her feet.  His smirk gave him away and Abigail pounced on him.

“What are you smiling about, you pompous ass?”

“Abigail,” her father intoned.  “That’s enough. Apologize to Dr. Sullivan.”

“I will not, he is a pompous ass.” And she flounced out of the room.

“I’m sorry, Sully.  I don’t know what to do about her.” He said and shook his head.

“I do and when the opportunity presents itself, rest assured I’ll take care of the matter, and this time I’ll be better prepared.”

“All I can say is good luck.”


Sully bided his time.  Abigail continued to avoid him as much as possible but a couple of days later, she was waylaid by a late fund raising meeting that took place in Sully’s office. Everyone else had cleared out of the building and she tried to walk out with one of the other committee members but Sully asked if she could stick around for a minute, he had something he wanted to discuss with her.  The committee member went on his way and Abigail was left alone with Sully.  Sully closed and locked the door.

“I want to talk to you about what happened the other day.  You were totally out of line.  If you have a beef with me, I expect you to act like an adult.  Going off as you did in front of the kids sets a bad example.  You don’t accept that behavior from them, so why should you be allowed to carry on like that.”

“I don’t have to stand here and take this.”

“Oh, yes you do.  You’re going to take this and a lot more.  This time I’m ready for you Ms. Abigail Winslow.”  He took her arm and dragged her over to the couch.  He reached over to the table and picked up a ruler he had set aside for just this occasion.  Even though she was fighting him tooth and nail, he managed to get her across his knee and his one leg over hers to hold her in place.  He lifted her skirt and pulled her panties into the crack of her butt, creating a perfect wedgie and gave him unobscured access to those lily white cheeks.  If he wasn’t so intent on punishing those very same cheeks, he might have admired their perfectly round shape and firmness.  That was for another day, if he managed to live through today.

“You don’t need a lecture.  You know exactly why you are getting this spanking.” With that he landed the very first slap of a spanking he intended to make her remember long after she left his lap.  The cadence of the slaps continued, one after another without mercy.  He gave her no time in between spanks to even catch her breath.  Her pink cheeks turned from white to a slight blush pink to a deep rose before he took a break.  But, he wasn’t finished yet.  He picked up the ruler and began to color her entire backside and the top of her thighs a most lovely shade of red.    Abigail had long abandoned her resolution of remaining stoic through this humiliation.  She had been wailing loud and strong since before he switched to the ruler.  Once he switched to the ruler, however her epithets ceased and pleas for mercy began, but it had no effect on him.  Once he realized her begging had stopped and switched to sobs, he ended the spanking after a couple of hard final assaults to her throbbing bottom.  He put down the ruler, and heard her wince as he rearranged her panties over those punished cheeks and pulled down her skirt.

“Maybe you’ll think about this the next time you act up.”

“I’ll definitely be thinking about this, and when I do I’m going to be thinking of ways to get even.  You will regret this.”

“I doubt that, Ms. Winslow.”  He pulled her to him and kissed her.  Shocked didn’t begin to describe her reaction.  He deepened the kiss and until she realized what she was doing, her tongue found his and they indulged in mouth to mouth exploration.  He cupped her bottom and she remembered who she was kissing and pushed back so hard she almost lost her balance.  He grabbed for her and she swatted his hands away.

“Don’t you touch me.  You’ve done enough damage for one day.  Get out of my sight.”

“I hate to tell you this Ms. Winslow but you’re here in my house, you’re the one that has to leave if you don’t want to look at me anymore.”

She walked to the door and tried to fling it open, only to realize it was locked.  Once again she lost her balance, except this time he wasn’t there to stop her fall, and her bottom met the floor.  “Owwww” she exclaimed.

“Do you want me to help?”

“No.” she exclaimed as she rose from the floor. 

Being the gentleman he was, he unlocked and held open the door for her to make her exit.
She waltzed past him and gave him an over the shoulder finger.

He laughed.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No Battery Operated Substitute

Hey folks - I'm visiting today.  Renee Rose is hosting me today to promote Annie & Jace, my latest release.  Be sure to stop by to visit.

I'm visting over at Addie's tomorrow, so I'd appreciate it if you would stop by and let these two lovely people know you were there.  

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Last Chance Camp - Part 2

Hope US mothers of every sort, had a great Mother's Day.  My daughter called and texted first thing in the morning because she was going to be spending her day ferrying the grands to various sports events, to either participate or witness. Hubby is out of the country for the week so she has the duty - so much for getting pampered. 

Had some wonderful news last evening.  My publisher sent me an email telling me Annie & Jace is #1 on Amazon in the UK.  Before I started jumping up and down, he said that while it was nice it wasn't that big a deal because of the small market.  Nevertheless, I was excited.  I went over to check Amazon, US and I'm #11 and #12 - not nearly as good but it's a larger market and I'm still excited.  

Another rainy weekend here.  I remember hearing a weather forecaster last weekend saying it was the first nice weekend in a month.  I hope we don't have to wait another three weekends for another.  There is rain forecast every day till next Friday - I may be floating by one of these days.  If you see me, will you reach out and throw me a line.  

Here's the continuation of last weeks story.  To read from the beginning, click here.

“It’s not a question of if I am man enough to take you on, it’s a question of if I even want to bother.”

“Why you sanctimonious sonofabitch!  Have you forgotten who employs you?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten but I don’t believe dealing with you is part of my contract.  If, and it’s a very big if, I start anything with you I will first run it by your father.  I want his blessing and understanding.”

“Don’t bother, don’t think you’re so special, there are many others that would jump at the chance to be with me.”

“Good night Abigail.  Drive home carefully.” There were so many other things he wanted to say but he kept his wits about him.

Abigail Winslow continued to show up at WW Last Chance Camp regularly. The only reason he could gather was that she wanted to make him jealous because he never saw her interacting with the kids or doing anything other than flaunting her ‘flavor of the week’ by Sully.  If that was her intent, she was mistaken.  Her actions only cemented his assessment that she was a silly spoiled princess that needed her bottom warmed but good.

Last Chance Camp was a beehive of activity in the final week of the summer season. The kids and counselors planned a big barbecue and bonfire at the lake for the last night before the campers left for home the next day.  Sloan Cassiday managed to get Sully aside that morning and congratulate him on a successful session.  Sully appreciated Sloan’s input, he too felt he had made progress and for the first time since receiving his doctorate, felt he actually made a difference.  Time would tell, but the teens certainly left in better shape, physically and emotionally, than when they arrived.  

Later in the day, Zach Winslow cornered him too and seconded Sloan’s appraisal and offered him a raise. Abigail and her latest boy toy joined them.

“Thank you sir.  I loved working here at the camp and honestly feel I made a difference. I hope we’re as lucky with the next group of kids.”

“I’m sure we will be.  Kids need loving discipline – rules and regulations to teach them boundaries are often what they need most.  Knowing someone cares enough to set those boundaries and stick to them is why we’re successful for the most part.  We’re not going to reach all of them but we do our best.” 

Listening to her father's statement, Sully looked at Abigail and inadvertently rolled his eyes.  Zach caught the look and repeated his last words, “we do our best, sometimes our best is not good enough and sometimes someone else has to step in and take over.”

“Yes sir, I agree with you.”

“I figured you would, I think we made a good decision in bringing you to Last Chance Camp. You’re the right man for the job.”  Zach smiled at him and Sully caught the double meaning.  If he wanted to take on Ms. Abigail, he had her father’s blessing.

“Thanks again Zach. We keep trying and once in a while reverting to the old tried and true methods – even if they are old-fashioned work best.

Abigail, tired of being ignored, spoke up.  “What time does the barbecue start, I’m getting hungry.”

Sully suggested they could probably use some help in the cafeteria, while her boy toy could help the boys gather wood for the bonfire.  She huffed but a look from her father, squelched her attitude. “She is a handful,” Zach mused.

Sitting around the bonfire that evening, each camper shared a memory of their stay at WW Last Chance Camp. One of the boys said his favorite memory was the day Ms. Winslow hurt her ankle and Sully hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her to the admin building.  “She was hooting and hollering something fierce and it looked like a scene out of a movie. I know we shouldn’t have laughed but it was funny.” Everyone broke into peals of laughter as they remembered the sight.

Instead of accepting the jibe graciously, Abigail got all huffy and jumped up and spouted “the hell with you.  You think that was funny, I’d like to see you fall down and hurt your ankle and see how you feel to have everybody laughing at you.”

The kid, Josh Baker, apologized and said they weren’t laughing at her for being hurt but how funny it looked when Dr. Sully picked her up and put her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Her father took her arm and tried to make her sit back down.  “Calm down” he told her.  She wrenched free and trod off into the darkness. Boy Toy followed.


All the employees enjoyed the leisure time between camp sessions.  Although there was still regular work and chores that needed doing, it gave them all well-deserved time off they usually didn’t have while the kids were around.  Sully loved this time of year – although the days were still very warm, the evenings cooled off beautifully.  Often, he saddled one of the horses and would ride up the mountain. He loved hearing the wind rustle in the trees and watching all the little critters scamper about as they alerted their friends an intruder entered their domain.  It always made him feel all was right with the world and he relished the solitude. 

One particular night, Abigail showed up late in the day and hung around.  When she saw him saddling a horse, she asked if he wanted company. “Just you, or will a friend be joining us.”

“No, only me. Are you going to saddle me a mount?”

“No, the camp rule is if you ride, you do the work.  That means saddling up and unsaddling and tending to their needs later.  Still interested?”

“You’re not going to cut me any slack are you?”

“Why should I?”  He grinned at her.

“You don’t like me much, do you?”

“I like you fine, it’s your attitude I don’t like.”

“What attitude?”

“The one you’re always wearing.  In my opinion, you are a selfish spoiled brat who hasn’t progressed past your childish behavior.”

“Is that your professional or personal opinion?” she asked snarkily.

“My personal opinion, you are not my client.”

“Well, Dr. James Robert Sullivan, see what you think about this?”  With that she took off, up the mountain at breakneck speed.  He shook his head and urged his mount forward having no intention to catch her.  The horse knew the way and barring any gopher holes or displaced rocks or twigs, she would be fine. He fully expected to find her waiting for him at the top of the plateau but she wasn’t there.  ‘Damn her,’ he said to himself, ‘where the hell is she?’  He dismounted and searched the ground for any signs she had been there.  Not finding anything, he called out to her several times.  After several minutes and no response, he was beginning to be concerned.  ‘Did she take another trail, one he wasn’t familiar with?’  He didn’t think there was anyone else around, but by chance, he called the office to see if she might have already returned to the camp. He called out to her again and mounted his horse. The sun was beginning to set and it got dark quickly once the sun slid down behind the mountain.  He rode slowly while he looked for tracks going down the trail.  About two hundred yards down the trail, he heard a whistle.  He looked to his left and there sat Abigail reclining on a large rock, her horse by her side tethered to a tree. He dismounted and tethered his horse before walking toward her.

“Are you alright?”

“Everything is fine.”

“Didn’t you hear me calling out to you?”

“I did.”

“Then why didn’t you answer?”  He felt his blood pressure rising, and began flexing and unflexing his hands to calm down.

Laughing, she asked “Were you worried about me Dr. Sullivan?”

“You think this is funny.  It’s not and I’m going to show you what happens to spoiled little girls who are reckless and disrespectful of others.”  He sat down on the rock and pulled her across his knee.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going to paddle your backside until my damn hand hurts.  Unfortunately, with these jeans you’re not even going to feel it as much as I would like and it is going to hurt me as much as it hurts you."

Abigail fought him, but he managed to get her settled on his lap after scissoring her legs and pinning her down.  His hand came down on her seat time and again, one hard spank after another.  Her loud howls echoed throughout the surrounding area and he was sure could be heard down at the camp.  His arm began to tire and he could feel the heat in his hand and wished he had a paddle or a wooden spoon handy. Abigail showed no signs of remorse and he determined not to stop spanking her until she did. He hoped he could outlast her stubbornness.

His hand concentrated where she would feel it the most – her sit spot.  He gave her ten consecutive spanks on the right side and followed with five to her left side before he felt her stop fighting so hard.  Not willing to give in just yet, he finished the last five and then ended with ten of the hardest spanks yet peppered around her thighs, sit spots and ass cheeks.  His hand was on fire and he only hoped she felt some of that fire in her butt. Lord knows she deserved it and if it was the only chance he got to change her attitude, he wanted it to count.

He stopped spanking and removed his leg from across her knee.  She jumped up and began dancing around and kept trying to rub the sting out of her bottom.  She was quite sure she  would never sit comfortably again much less astride the horse to get down the mountain.

“I’m sorry I had to do that, but you had it coming.”  She looked at him and gave him a look that said everything she wasn’t verbalizing –thank God or her words might start a forest fire.  He untethered the horses and handed her the reins.

He watched her face and thought he saw her suck in her breath.  She put her foot in the stirrup and swung her other leg over and when her bottom hit the saddle, he watched her grimace.  He smiled inwardly, although he didn’t enjoy inflicting the pain, he hoped her bottom stung long enough for her to think about why she was spanked.

They rode down the mountain in silence.  At the barn, they each went about unsaddling and rubbing down their mounts and settling them in for the night.  Walking in the direction of the parking lot, he put his hand on her back as he squired her toward her car.

“Don’t you dare touch me you sonofabitch!”

“Sorry. Drive safe and have a good night.”  She flipped him off and drove away as he stood there shaking his head. He didn't think he be seeing very much of Abigail Winslow for a while.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Remember Me?

It's been a busy week as we try to settle in here in Texas.  We finally had some sunny days but it hasn't lasted - actually it's storming right now and expecting yucky weather for the next seven days.
My Arizona tan is fading away and rust is taking its place. 

Had a great surprise the other day.  My brother-in-law and a nephew drove down from Arkansas. They hung around for a few days and it was great to see them.  Wish my sister had accompanied them but she doesn't feel comfortable traveling any more.  

I feel like a fraud blogging here because there hasn't been any dancing in I don't know how long and I've had nothing to share. Unfortunately, it has disappeared and I'm not sure when or if it will return. Ray doesn't seem to be interested.  We've been through these valleys before, but as we get older they seem to take longer to climb back up to the peak.  

I heard from LSF earlier today.  My latest book is almost ready to release and here is the cover. I'll tell you a secret - the background is the view I see out my front door. I love working with these folks, they bend over backward to work with you and the best thing is they put up with me.  I am not easy.

Signing off now because the storm is raging outside and I want off the computer. We're expecting even heavier storms later on tonight so keep your fingers crossed the weather eases a bit - the kitty I'm babysitting doesn't like them at all. (P.S.- I'm not too crazy about them either.)

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Chance Camp

First week of May - flowers should be blooming soon because we've had plenty of April showers.  

I started this story on Friday and Friday night one of my computer programs decided to take a vacation so....but it's late Sunday night and I just go back use of my computer, so I'm posting what's here.  Pretend it's the first installment and I'll finish it, I promise.

Have a good week everyone.

James Robert Sullivan’s entry back into life at Windsor Wells came on a Saturday in May. His grandparents ran a summer camp there years ago and Sully (as he is known) and his parents would come up and help out.  When his grandparents aged, they sold the camp and it was now owned and run by a non-profit organization that catered to wayward teens. That’s what brought Sully back to Windsor Wells; he was the new Camp Psychologist/Counselor for WW Last Chance Camp.

When he received his degree, his goal was to help people solve their problems and send them on their way to a more productive life.  After four years in private practice, he didn’t feel as if he helped one single person and began questioning his career choice.  On a fluke, his mother sent him an article she had come across on the camp’s success.  In the article, several campers told stories of how attending the camp had changed their lives.  The article went on to say the camp was expanding the program from just summers to year-round and were looking to hire additional staff, including an in-house psychologist/counselor.  Sully applied, interviewed and accepted the job. He relished the opportunity to really being able to help someone.

He arrived at the camp and memories of long ago summers began creeping into his mind. The big house where his grandparents lived had been renovated and turned into the main administration building.  He searched for other reminders of the past as he followed the map provided him and arrived at a small cottage that would serve as his office and living quarters. It looked fairly new, or at least newly painted. He unloaded his car, unpacked and walked over to the administration building.  Watching some kids playing horseshoes he wasn’t paying attention and bumped into someone, almost knocking her to the ground.

“I’m sorry,” he told her as he reached out to steady her.  “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“No kidding,” she said to him in a snarky manner.

“Again, I apologize.  The kids playing horseshoes distracted me, it reminded me of my youth.  By the way, I’m Dr. James Sullivan, the newly hired camp psychologist.”

“I hope you pay better attention to your clients.”

“Yes, well I’m sorry again.”  He offered his hand and she looked at him as if he had a disease, turned and walked away.

He couldn’t help but notice that perfectly rounded tush atop long slender legs as he watched her turn into the parking lot.  “Wouldn’t mind getting some of that,” he said to himself.  He climbed the steps to the building and Michelle greeted him.  Michelle, the camp nurse, introduced herself.  “I see you met Ms. Priss.”

“Ms. Priss?”

“Yes, that lady you almost knocked down is Abigail Winslow.  Her family bought this camp and started the non-profit organization that runs the camp.  She shows up a couple of times of month to hobnob with the help.  It’s a wonder she doesn’t drown in the rain. Her father attended this camp as a youngster and bought it when he made his first million; he’s much nicer and down to earth than his daughter.  He actually cares about the kids.”

“Hope to meet him someday. What’s his name?”

“Zachary Taylor Winslow.  He’s waiting to meet you in the director’s office.”

He walked down the hall to the director’s office, knocked and entered.  Sloan Cassiday, the director, stood up and welcomed him in with a handshake. 

“Dr. Sullivan, I’d like to introduce you to Zachary Winslow, our benefactor.”  Sully reached out and offered his hand. He explained Michelle told him his story and that his grandparents used to own the camp and he attended as a young boy.

“Well, glad to have you on board.  I loved this camp and glad I’m able to share it with kids that could use a little help. They deserve a chance to turn their lives around.  Given a chance many of them have and can make something of themselves.

 I’m having a get together at my house later on, I know it’s short notice but you’re invited.  I can introduce you around.”

“I’d love it.  Thanks Mr. Winslow for the invite and the opportunity to make a difference.”

“Call me Zach, everybody else does and I’ll see you around 7:00.  Sloan can give you the particulars.”


Sully drove to the Winslow party with Sloan Cassiday.  Having only met her at his interview, it gave him an opportunity to get to know her better. The Winslow house stood atop a hill with a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside.  One of those manor type houses that screamed money, it was beyond ostentatious, especially for the area.  It certainly didn’t fit with his impression of Zach Winslow so it had to be his wife who thought the bigger the better.  Zach immediately came to greet them and brought him over to introduce Carolyn, his wife.  Carolyn barely shifted her gaze away to acknowledge Sully.  Sully saw Zach’s embarrassment and noted his raised eyebrow and rigid posture.  Carolyn must have sensed his displeasure too because she welcomed them and engaged in some small talk before going off to join another group. 

Sully saw Abigail across the deck and acknowledged her.  She looked at him and turned away.  ‘She’s more her mother’s daughter than her father’s, that for sure,’ he thought to himself.  He found Zach standing next to him asking if he had met Abigail.  Sully explained their encounter and Zach said that was no introduction and took him over to Abigail.

“Abigail, I’d like to introduce our newest staff member, Dr. James R. Sullivan.  He is the new Camp Psychologist/Counselor.”

“Yes, we met when he almost knocked me down earlier today.”

“How thoughtful of you to remind me of our meeting, I might have forgotten otherwise,” he said with a smile.   Abigail winced, squared her shoulders and gave him an icy stare before moving away. Zach noted the putdown and grinned inwardly. Maybe Abby has finally met someone she can’t wrap around her finger – he hoped so.

The following Monday, Sully began his job in earnest.  He loved working with the kids, most of them were so happy to be there, others not so much.  Those teens were his biggest challenge and he relished the opportunity to turn them around.  He spent as much time interacting with them outside of his office as he did inside.  Little by little he gained their trust and even the most hardened of them began to soften. 

One day, after about four weeks on the job, Abigail Winslow appeared at the camp.  He and the kids were repairing a fence around the horse corral.  The sun was high in the sky and he and the other teens had removed their shirts. He walked over to the horse trough to get a drink from the hose when he noticed her standing there staring at him.  He acknowledged her presence with a head nod and grabbed his shirt out of his back pocket and pulled it over his head as he walked toward her.  “Good day Abigail, beautiful day isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.  Do you think it’s a good idea to get so familiar with these kids?  After all, they should see you as an authority figure, not one of them.”

“I’m the one with the psychology degree, Abigail.  I know what I’m doing.”

“Well, it seems to me you lose their respect when you get so familiar with them.”

“Not something that will ever happen with you, is it?”

She huffed and turned away, catching her stiletto heel in the gravel and went down on all fours.  He smiled to himself and could hear the laughter of the teens in the background.  Ms. Abigail Winslow was splayed out on the ground.  He extended his hand to help her up – she ignored and tried to get up on her own.  Her ankle gave way and down she went again.  This time he reached down, picked her up and put her over his shoulder.  She was beating on his back and yelling for him to put her down.

“How dare you? Put me down now.”

“You tried that remember, it didn’t work too well.”  The boys continued hooting and hollering saying “you go Doc,” as he carried her toward the administration building. He lowered her to a chair and noticed her ankle already swelling.  “Stay there, I’ll get some ice for that ankle.”

 “You just want to get your hands on me.”

“Listen Ms. Winslow, contrary to what you may believe not every man you flash those  blue eyes at wants to jump into bed with you.  With your prickly personality, I’d rather put you over my knee and spank some of that starch out of you.”

“How dare you speak to me like that, wait til I tell my father what you said?”

“Yeah, you go run to daddy, that’s what little girls do.” He left her sitting there sputtering and spewing.  ‘What a bitch, psychology degree be damned, she really does need a spanking, something her daddy should have done a long time ago,’ He told Meredith the situation, “Zach’s here, I’ll page him.” 

Zach came to the porch just as Sully came out the door with ice and a towel.  He handed it to her father and suggested it might be better if he doctored her ankle.  “I don’t think Abigail likes me.”

“Do you know what he said to me – he said I had a prickly personality, and  he’d sooner put me over his knee and spank me.  Can you believe that?”

Zach grinned inwardly, “I can’t say I disagree with Sully.” Abigail went pale. Zach figured the better part of valor would be to walk away and he did.


Zach noticed that Abigail spent more time at the camp lately.  She seemed friendlier and when she asked him to accompany her to a camp fundraiser dinner, he covered his surprise and agreed. After all, it was for the kids.  She ran late picking him up and tried to make up time by speeding to their location.  He suggested she slow down, but she continued to press the pedal to the floor riding down the highway at speeds of over 80 mph.  Not surprised when he heard a siren and turned to see lights flashing – Sully expected her to pull over.  He was wrong.  It wasn’t until there was a helicopter overhead and three squad cars across the road that she stopped. 

How she managed to talk her way out of going to jail was nothing short of a miracle. Three citations in hand, and they were back on the road. The fundraiser went well and they had a commitment from a major sponsor to fund next year’s       program. On the drive home, she suggested she wouldn’t be adverse to going out with him again.

“You’re too reckless for me.”
“What do you mean?” He was incredulous.

“You’re joking, right.  You’re lucky you’re not in jail, and we’re lucky we are alive. That little stunt tonight convinced me what I knew all along. You are nothing but a rich spoiled brat masquerading as an adult and need a damn good spanking.  Actually, in your case, you probably need several and often.”

“Are you man enough to take me on?” she asked in her sultry voice.

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