Monday, January 23, 2017

A New Day

Good Morning All.  

We have a new president - hooray.  Seriously, the Women's March made me proud of our female friends.  All gathering together and marching in unison to make our voices heard throughout the country and beyond.  After all, where the hell would they be without us - they seem to forget that and we can't let them.  Enough for my soapbox.

Just a heads up, I am featured in Randi Alexander's Wild and Wicked Cowboys today.  I would appreciate it if you could drop by and let her know you were there.

Marcy Simonton came back to town to take over her daddy’s practice. He was ready to retire and move to warmer climes, and Marcy was tired of city life.  Frankly, she had no life.  As a doctor in a big city hospital ER she worked eighty hours a week and when she wasn’t working she was too damn tired to do anything else.

It wasn’t very hard leaving Philadelphia and moving back to Durango.  She’d grown up there, knew the people and her best friend lived there still.  She and Tiffany had bonded back in grade school when Tiffany was the new kid on the block.  She befriended Marcy, the ‘nerdy’ girl who was just too smart for her own good.

The medical practice was situated in an addition to the house in which she was raised.  Once her dad retired, she’d consider moving back into the house, but until then she wanted her own space.  She rented a small house on the outskirts of town.  The house was a little worse for wear, but it was cozy, convenient and cheap.  The furnishings were sparse but she and Tiffany drove into Grand Junction and purchased things that would make it feel like home.  Unfortunately, they hadn’t measured first and when the bedroom set was delivered, it wouldn’t fit through the front door, so they went round back.  The sliding glass door got broken in the process and she had to call her landlord to see about getting it repaired.

Having dealt with a realtor, she hadn’t met the owner.  Two men showed up about an hour later, one older, one younger -one the spitting image of the other.  The older guy looked vaguely familiar and when he introduced himself she knew why.  His name was Troy Madison and he was the local sheriff. He was a good fifteen years older than her but she had fallen in love with him when she was younger.  She never forgot the one-sided crush and seeing him now brought back all those memories.  He had been her knight in shining armor when she’d taken a spill off her bike and scraped her knees.  He’d picked her up and carried her to her dad’s clinic, while everyone else stood around laughing at her predicament.

“Hi, I’m Troy Madison and this is my son, Jeff,” he said as he held out his hand.

“It’s nice to see you again.  I bet you don’t remember me.”

“You’re Doc Simonton’s daughter, how could I not remember you?”  She blushed. “You look a lot different now, though.  You were all freckles with flaming red hair and wore glasses if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yup, that was me.  Thankfully, the freckles faded and my hair is not quite as flaming.  I had Lasik surgery so no more glasses, but the rest is still me.”

Marcy turned her attention to Jeff.  “So Jeff, are you a deputy sheriff also?”

“No, I’m just my dad’s handyman. I imagine this will be the last time you see my dad.  In the future, it will just be me.”

‘That’s too bad,’ she said to herself.  The man was still a hunk. A black tee shirt showed off wide shoulders tapering down to a slim waist.  The arms below the tee shirt sleeves were tanned and toned and his hands were large with well-manicured fingernails.  His jeans were worn and fit in all the right places.  Mrs. Madison was one lucky lady. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and when she saw that he noticed, she blushed.  He smiled and his eyes twinkled.

“Let me show you the damage.  It’s my fault and I’ll be glad to pay.”

“Nonsense, I’m sure we can fix it in no time,” Troy said.

The men got to work and she and Tiffany went inside.  “I saw the looks you were given Troy Madison.  Want me to fix you up?”

“He’s married.”

“Correction.  Was married, he’s been divorced a good ten years or so.  You want me to fix you up.”

“I can get my own dates, Tiffany.  Stay out of it.”

Of course, Tiffany didn’t stay out of it.  Suddenly, everywere Marcy went she ran into Sheriff Madison.  Durango wasn’t that big, but big enough so that unless otherwise engineered it didn’t seem possible they would continually run into each other.  When they ran into each other at the newspaper office he asked her if she were stalking him.


“Are you stalking me?”  She was flabbergasted at the question.

“I most certainly am not, but I do think a certain someone has been having their fun with us.”

“Who would that be?”

“My friend, Tiffany.  She thinks I should be married and she wanted to fix me up with you.”

“And what did you say?”

“I said I could get my own dates.”

“Any have you?”  He asked. She blushed.

“Not so far.”

“Well then, why don’t we see to it that you get your own date?  Would you like to go to a movie with me Saturday night?  We could grab some dinner and …

“Look here, Sheriff.  I’m not going to be anyone’s charity date.”

“Charity date.  What do you mean?”

“You’re asking me out just because I haven’t been on a date since I came back into town? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I have been asked and aren’t interested?”

“Don’t go getting your panties all in a wad, Dr. Singleton.  It never occurred to me that you would consider my offer as one of pity.  I assure you if I didn’t want to go out with you, I wouldn’t.  Now do we have a date for Saturday or not?”


Troy liked the feisty Dr. Singleton.  He dated occasionally but never someone from town, it cut down on the gossip, so this would be a first. It was why he’d stayed away but he thought about her since that day at the house.  He worried a little about the difference in their ages.  Considering how long she’d been gone, he figured her to be about thirty something.  Hell, his son Jeff was coming up on twenty-five.  She was probably closer to Jeff’s age than his, but dang, he hadn’t been this interested in a female since… hell, he’d never been that interested in a female, even his ex-wife.

Marcy was as nervous as a girl going on her first prom date.  She changed clothes five or six times before settling on a long denim skirt, cashmere pullover sweater and cowboy boots she found in her old closet at her dad’s house.  Troy arrived dressed in pressed jeans, a pullover sweater, and cowboy boots.  They both laughed when she opened the door and they spied their almost matching outfits.  It broke the ice and was the beginning of a great evening.

Midway through dinner, reaching for the bread basket, their fingers touched and an electrical charge shocked them both.  Feeling it, they jumped back as their eyes locked.  There was more going on here than dinner. They sat over dinner so long, they missed the movie time and decided to save it for another night. 

Arriving at Maddie’s door, she hesitated before unlocking the door.  “Want to come in for coffee?” 

“If I have another cup of coffee, I don’t think I’ll ever get to sleep.”  She looked disappointed.

“How about trying the movie again on Thursday?” he asked.

“I’d like that.” He reached over and brought her body to his and gave her a kiss she felt right down to her toes. Before they broke the kiss, she was almost panting with need.  She’d been kissed before but never like this.  He took the keys, unlocked the door and pushed her inside.

“Go now.”

“Yes, Sir” she said and gave him a little salute.

“I like the sir but not the sarcasm.” She giggled.

“I guess we’ll have to work on that,” she responded as she closed the door shutting him out.

He heard the lock turn and walked to his truck.  The bulge in his pants reminded him that he’d have to take a cold shower before he could even think about sleep.  He had a feeling that even after the shower, sleep wouldn’t come easily.

The movie on Thursday led to an invitation to dinner at his place on Saturday.  Marcy, knowing that this date would probably not just end in a kiss, went shopping for some sexy underwear.  Until now, she had no need of anything but her comfortable white cotton panties and serviceable bras.  She spent time and money investing in things she hoped would make her feel sexy and ease her mind about feelings of inadequacies.  She hadn’t had very many boyfriends, nevermind sexual encounters – a couple of clumsy attempts in college and then the hurried clinical attempts during residency and afterward was the sum total of her experience. 

She wasn’t sure what she expected of Troy’s place, but what she found was functional and sparse with not much in the way of homey touches.  He welcomed her warmly and invited her to join him in the kitchen.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a man cook for me before.”

“I’m just grilling some steaks, with baked potatoes and salad.  I forgot about dessert, you didn’t by any chance bring some, did you?”  He gave her a wink and she blushed like a school girl.

Dinner was a little tense and when she began helping him clear the dishes, he told her to sit, he’d take care of them later.  He helped her up and led her over to the couch. 

“Wanna watch a movie?”

He sat down next to her and grabbed the remote.  She could feel his body heat and the smell of his aftershave was doing things to her she didn’t recognize. She squirmed a little and moved away from him.

“You know Marcy you don’t have to be uncomfortable.  I’m not going to force you into anything you’re not ready for.  We can simply sit here and watch the movie.”

“I’m just a little anxious.  I don’t have much experience at dating.”

“Why don’t we take it one step at a time and see what happens.”

After that, Marcy was able to relax.  They began watching a movie and she moved in closer. He put his arm around her as she snuggled into him.  He dropped a kiss on her shoulder. She tried to slow her racing heart to no avail. More kisses and before she knew it, he was carrying her to the bedroom.

“Are you okay with this?”

“More than okay, I’m just a little nervous.”

“No need.” He captured her mouth in a deep kiss. She tasted as sweet as sugar and he wanted more.  He slid his palm under her sweater and traced her curves.

“Let’s get some of these clothes off, okay?”

She helped him remove her sweater and jeans.  He spied her sexy red undies and lacy bra.

“You did bring dessert and I can’t wait to taste.”

I didn't plan it, but it looks like this story is going to be continued next week.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Tomorrow is BLACKOUT Day for me - no radio, no TV and maybe I'll even stay off the computer.

I don't want to acknowledge what is happening in Washington DC.  I'll have the weekend to come to terms because our new guy wants the weekend off.  Can you believe that?

Anyway, if anything happens that I should know about, email me on the off chance I've gone into withdrawal and need the internet fix.   Okay.

Thanks and I'll see you later for more Aimless Ramblings

Monday, January 16, 2017

It's Monday,

or rather it's Sunday and here I am putting together a post for Monday.  Where has the week gone?
I'm not sure but it is definitely gone.  I am getting excited about an upcoming trip but I hate wishing away time.  It is so fragile.  PK, Ella and I are getting together.  Did I spill the beans?  Oh well, I'll not tell where, but it's in the west.

This past week, Ray and I had a date day.  It's not often he agrees to go shopping with me, but agree he did.  First, it was lunch, then shopping, then a movie and then dinner.  What a guy!!.  We saw Fences and I have to give him credit, it was not his kind of movie but he didn't grouse once. It was very different in that it was a movie of a play, if that makes any sense.  Some powerful acting, though.

This coming week, on the BIG DAY, we're going to see the Ben Affleck movie.  I don't want to take any chances of catching a glimpse of what's going on in Washington DC.  Living with the after effects will be enough.

Right now, I have absolutely no ideas for a story, so I went back in the archives and picked this.  It first appeared in April of 2013 - almost four years ago.  Can't believe I've been writing Monday stories that long.  

She had been singing as long as she could remember.  She loved it and people loved to hear her sing.  She sang in the church choir, her school’s choral group and often accompanied her brother’s band when they had private party engagements.  Once she graduated high school she began accompanying “The Rowdy Rogues” on a more regular basis.  More and more the people clamored for her to sing some solo numbers and it wasn’t long before the band became “The Rowdy Rogues” featuring Ms. Darla Snow.  During one of their regular gigs a talent agent for one of the big agencies heard them and wanted to offer them a chance to audition for Jed Johnson a well-known record company producer.  Mr. Johnson was looking for an act to open for Mickey Rorek an up and coming country singer.  They jumped at the opportunity.  Arrangements were made to make a demo for Mr. Johnson.  If he liked what he heard he would fly them to Nashville to meet with him and Mickey Rorek. 

The day of the audition demo they were instructed to play a ballad, a rocking tune, and they wanted a country hymn featuring Darla. Billy, Darla’s brother, asked if it would be alright if Darla sang a song he had written in addition to the hymn.  If time allows was the answer. 

Six weeks went by since the demo and they didn’t hear a word.  They were pretty discouraged.  Late one Friday night in between one of their sets Billy was handed a card.  The card read:
                  Meet us at The Carlisle, PH Suite 223 when your set is over.
                                                              Jed Johnson

He thought this was a pretty cruel joke and he didn’t even tell the guys.  When the evening was over and they were packing up their gear a guy, dressed in jeans and a well cut western shirt approached them.  He explained he was a driver and was here to transport them to Mr. Johnson.  The guys all looked at Billy as he handed one of them the card he had been given earlier. They walked outside and into a very large black limousine.  Some of them were still unsure but when they pulled up to the Carlisle they started to believe.  They took the private elevator and when the door opened it was directly into a suite that was larger than most of the guys' apartments.  There were floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city below. A good looking well-dressed man came forward extending his hand to Darla.

“I’m Jed Johnson, Ms.  Snow”.  Darla shook his hand and then introduced her brother Billy, lead guitarist,  Kenny Dunn, guitarist, Benji Moss, base guitar,  and Garrett Lee, the drummer.  He invited them to sit down.  He told them he had heard the demo and liked what he heard but the situation had changed.  He explained that Mickey had listened to the tape and was fine with them being his opening act but he wanted to do a solo number with Darla during his act. Darla didn’t know what to think and looked to her brother Billy.  Billy nodded. When they were shaking hands, one of the doors opened and in walked Mickey Rorek.  Mickey came over and shook hands with all of them and then gave Darla a kiss on the cheek.

“You have the voice of an angel,” he told her. 

The party broke up about 4:00 am with the promise to meet the next day to go over some contracts.  Jed Johnson asked if they had a business manager he could contact.  Billy said he didn’t but that his brother-in-law was an attorney and he would represent their interests. 

When all the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted the band was contracted to be the opening act for Mickey Rorek on his new tour which was to start in two months.  The record company put them up in a house in Nashville so they would be available for rehearsals, and costume fittings for Darla’s number with Mickey.  The close proximity of their quarters brought into focus that Garrett was falling in love with Darla. She had been around all the guys since she was a little girl and all of the guys treated her like their little sister, Garrett included.  Sometime during the last year he realized his feelings toward her had changed.  He was always a glib talker, but not to her anymore.  He always flirted with the groupies.  Not anymore.  The biggest clue was the boner he got every time she accidentally brushed up against him. He went to Billy and told him how he felt.  If Billy objected, he would back off.  Billy told him if it was okay with Darla it was okay with him but he better not break her heart.  Garrett promised.

Garrett had no idea how Darla felt about him. He took her aside one day and asked her if she would have dinner with him. Darla liked Garrett.  He reminded her of her daddy, loving but fair and very strong willed.  They went out the following night and began going out together more often.  She told Garrett he was a fine man and that one day would make a fine husband but she wasn’t ready for that just yet. Her dream was to have a musical career and this was her chance.

As the tour got closer to the start date, Mickey Rorek showed up more and more at the band rehearsals.  He was paying a lot of attention to Darla, always standing close, touching her whenever possible, but the day he gave her backside a pat Garrett lost his cool.  He told Mickey to keep his hands to himself, she was his girl.  Darla told Garrett to back down she could handle it.  She turned to Mickey and told him it was hands off.  Mickey just grinned.

“Well, aren’t you a lucky sonofabitch, guy” he told Garrett.

Mickey was not used to being told no by anyone especially not by any one of the female persuasion.  He was a tall, good looking guy who had a way about him that just oozed sexuality.  It wasn’t like he had a special thing for Darla, he just didn’t like that she didn’t fall all over him the way other girls did.  He knew just how to get his way.
At one of the costume fittings, Darla noticed the dress she was wearing for the duet with Mickey had changed.  The front was open to show off her cleavage,  the back was so low it came to just above the crack of her butt and the slit was right up to the top of her thigh.  In addition, the material was so clingy that she wouldn’t be able to wear any undergarments.  She was uncomfortable about it and expressed it to the costume designer.  She was told to take it up with Mickey and Jed Johnson, she was just following orders.  She went to Jed, although he was sympathetic, he told her to grow up.  This was show biz and the more skin that showed the more PR they would get.  He told her she was not the star of the show and she couldn’t start being a diva just yet.  She just sucked it up and did what she was told. This was her ticket to the big show and she wanted in.

She never said a word to anyone else because she knew that both Billy and Garrett would be livid when they saw her in that dress.  She managed to keep it under wraps until opening night.  After they finished their opening set, she went back to change for her duet with Mickey.  When she finished dressing, she left the room to wait backstage for her cue.  When Garrett saw her he freaked out.

“You can’t wear that on stage.  It’s not decent.  Are you even wearing any undergarments?  The stage is backlit everyone will be able to see right through that material.  There is no way you are going out there wearing that. Billy come over here and see what Darla is wearing.  If you’re daddy saw you in that he would spank your bottom.  Actually, if you go out there like that I will spank your bottom”.

Just then her cue came up and she looked at him, told him she was going out there and started walking out on stage.   He grabbed her back, she pulled out of his hold and walked out.  As she walked out there were lots of catcalls and whistles.  Garrett was right, she thought, I might as well have been wearing nothing. Mickey was enjoying the view and held out his hand as he guided her to the stools set out for them.  Suddenly, Garrett was there in front of them.  He pulled Darla off the stool, sat down and turned her over his knee.  He started spanking her.  The crowd went wild and Mickey just stood there watching this whole scene.  Garrett just kept spanking her behind.  When he was finished, he put her down and told her that now she could show her red ass as well as everything else and stomped off the stage.  Darla was stuck to the floor.  She couldn’t make her feet move.  Finally, she just ran off stage too.  Mickey decided to do the duet number as a single and was just starting the song when Darla came back out on stage.  She sang her part as if nothing had happened. The audience applauded loudly and when the song finished Darla took the mike and apologized to the crowd for what she called “the unfortunate incident”.  They rest of the set went off without a glitch.

When they went backstage Mickey sought out Billy and told him Garrett was through.  He wanted him gone and if he didn’t like it he and the rest of the guys could join him. All he really wanted was Darla anyway. Billy didn’t think twice.  He told Mickey they were a package deal and you either take all or none and that included Darla.  Darla heard this whole exchange.  A million thoughts ran through her mind.   She wanted a career, if she left with her brother and the others was she throwing away the only chance she may ever have. She looked down at the dress she was wearing and thought about how it made her feel.  She thought about what Garrett had said about her daddy and the dress she was wearing.  Just then Mickey came by and gave her a slap on her butt.  That did it.  She whirled around and slapped him in the face.  He raised a hand to slap her back when she kicked him in the shins.

“I told you to keep your hands off me, I meant it”

“That sonofabitch can take you over his knee in front of thousands of people and you don’t react.  I give you a slap on the butt and get a face slap and kicked in the shins.  Well, baby, you can pack up your things and head out with the rest of them.” 

“I’m already gone”, she yelled at him. 

When she got to the dressing room, she removed the dress and hung it on the rack.  She packed her stuff and as she was walking out the door, she went back and took the damn dress.  I earned it, she told herself, besides you never knew when it just might come in handy.

If you don't like this one, there are others from which to choose.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.