Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall/Spring - Take your pick

It's the first day of fall here in the good ole USA.  It doesn't mean much to us living in my neck of the woods, but I can remember when I lived where it did.  It was usually that first little hint of cool crispness in the air, the prevalent smell of apples, meaning cider and donuts and the trees started putting on their magnificent extravaganza. I do miss that.

Of course, once the leaves exhibited their glory, they'd fall to the ground and need to be raked but not before kids would run amok among them. I miss that too.

After that though, this stuff came down from the sky.  At first, it was a beautiful sight to behold, but then...   I don't miss that.

Happy Fall

 Happy Spring to those 'down under'

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Monday, September 19, 2016

An Opinionated Woman

Wow, can you believe it is the 19th of September?  Change of seasons officially begins this week.  I don't want to think about how quickly the last three months of this year will fly by. Speaking of time flying, time went backward for me last week.

Ray and I were talking to another couple and age raised its head.  When asked how old I was I blurted out a number.  Ray said you will not, you'll only be __. I thought about it and he was right, I had been convincing myself I was going to be a year older than I actually would be.  I'm younger than I thought. WOOHOO

Have a good week everyone and I'm hoping I'll get back here a little more often. Life is busy but I'm not complaining.

The magic fairy showed up and here is a new story for this week.  Do you know how many of these Monday stories I've written?  I think I might go back and take a look.

Nicky Kohler grew up the very spoiled daughter of Nancy and Bob Kohler.  The funny thing was it never dawned on Nicky to act like a spoiled brat.  Everyone liked her and for good reason, she was not only charming, sweet, generous and loyal to a fault but beautiful besides.  She was her father’s daughter.  Bob Kohler was the same way – not Nancy.

Oh, Nancy could be charming and personable when the occasion called for it, but she could be a grade A bitch too.  Nancy loved Bob and for the most part, he was never the object to her bitchiness.  When he was, he simply walked away and let her work through her rants. He threatened a spanking now and then, but she'd just laugh at his threats and continue. Nicky just chalked her mother’s moods up to her being ‘high-strung,' at least that’s what her grandma used to say about Nancy.

The three of them lived together in harmony until Nicky announced her engagement to Phillipe on Valentine’s Day. They planned to marry in August so Phillipe could begin his new position as a teacher.  They wanted a couple of weeks for a honeymoon before settling into their new life in Spain.

None of this set well with Nancy, starting with Phillipe.  Phillipe was of Moroccan descent which ruffled Nancy’s feathers.  He was all the things that could be said of his future wife.  Together, they were beautiful – a couple in stunning contrast. Nicky of bright blue eyes, creamy white skin and blonde hair next to Phillipe’s caramel colored skin, coffee colored piercing eyes and dark brown, almost black hair.

Phillipe had come to Bates University for his junior year of college on a work-study program offered by his university in Spain.  He met Nicky, and they fell in love.  When Phillipe’s year was up, Nicky traveled with him back to his home in Costa del Sol, Spain for the summer. His family welcomed her with open arms and a love affair with Phillipe’s family, and Costa del Sol developed leaving Nicky to know that she wanted to emigrate there when she was finished with school.  Nancy was not pleased with the thought of losing her daughter to another country and did everything she could to break up the relationship between her daughter and Phillipe.

Phillipe graduated and instead of accepting a position at home, accepted an internship at Bates College so he and Nicky could be together her final year in school.  Nancy’s plan to alienate Phillipe at every turn was thwarted by not only Nicky but her husband as well.  Bob saw how happy Nicky was and how well Phillipe treated her, and he was willing to turn over the care of his little girl to this sweet, charming man.  Several times he told Nancy not to interfere, to let things run their course.  For a time, Nancy would cease her vocal barbs to and about Philippe but never for long.

Finally, Philippe talked with Nicky and said that he would no longer accompany her on her trips to visit her parents.  She understood his position and cajoled him into it one more time, the occasion of their engagement announcement.  Nancy was beside herself and began haranguing Phillipe until he walked out the door, Nicky followed after telling her mother she was acting like a shrew.

“How dare you talk to me like that?”

“Have you ever listened to yourself, Mother?  Until you apologize to Phillippe, I won’t be back to visit.”

This last incident was finally the straw that urged Bob into action.  When Nicky walked out the door, he and Nancy had an argument. 

“I’ve listened and put up with your unruly behavior our whole married life.  That stops today.  From now on, I expect you to behave.  You will apologize to Phillipe and I will not hear another bad word about him, either in his presence or not.  Do you know how much you hurt our daughter by your ridiculousness?”

“I do not?”

“Yes, you do.  Ask Nicky the next time, if your daughter ever decides to speak to you again.  She loves that man and his family and every time you utter a slur against them; it breaks her heart. No wonder she’ll be happy to move to Spain.  At least, she won’t have to listen to you denigrate her man or her choices.”

“Well, I think she can do so much better, and I have a right to my opinion.”

“You do have a right to your opinion, and we’ve heard that opinion for far too long . You are to curb your tongue, and you will be telling that to Phillipe when you apologize.”

“I’m not apologizing.”
“Oh yes, you are.”
“Am not.”
“This isn’t a request, Nancy.  You will either apologize to I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to do for some time.”
“I will not be told what to do.”

“Fine, you leave me no choice.”  He took hold of her and led her to the kitchen.  He grabbed a spatula from the crock on the counter, sat down on a chair and upended Nancy across his lap. He landed a couple of hard-handed swats on her backside.  She raised up a storm, hollering and kicking and promising bodily harm and lawsuits. The more she carried on, the harder Bob’s resolve became.  He pushed up her skirt and lowered her panties.  There was already a faint pink glow on her backside that he intended to color to a dark red. 

The spatula landed on bare flesh with a loud splat and Nancy almost came up off his lap. He tucked her in closer and administered ten more swats to her bottom and for good measure another ten to her thighs before letting her up.

“Now you go do what you want, but apologizing to Phillipe will be one I want.  If you don’t apologize by Wednesday, you’re going to find yourself right back here.  One more thing, I want to hear the apology and it had better meet my satisfaction.  Do you understand?”

“I’m calling an attorney.”

“You do that.  Tell Bob Kinsey that you got spanked for your rudeness, he’ll laugh all the way to the courthouse.”

“Asshole,” she said in a voice filled with venom.

“You have no idea what havoc you have finally wrought, my dear wife.  I love you, but I will no longer put up with your constant harangues. So if divorce is in the cards, you go for it.”
Nancy ran to her bedroom and lay down on the bed, on her tummy.  Her ass was too stingy even to think of it making contact with something other than air.  She thought about her daughter and what Bob had said and realized that he was right.  She hadn’t done anything but strengthen the bond between Nicky and Philippe while distancing herself from her daughter.  She’d have to change her tactics, starting with the apology to Phillippe.

After a bit, Bob came to check on her.  Nancy was asleep, he threw a blanket over her and sat in the chair watching her.  Her eyelids kept fluttering, so she knew she was dreaming.  He wondered what kind of thoughts were rolling around in that beautiful head, and he chuckled to himself.  Good or bad he was in it for the long run, and he knew that Nancy was too.  

He couldn’t wait to turn the page on this brand new chapter in their lives.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Are you kidding me?

Monday again, it comes around way too quickly. Reached another anniversary yesterday, one which is not celebrated, but mourned.  Mourned for the loss of life and mourned for a way of life that has changed forever. Everyone was affected by that fateful day in one way or another.   My heart goes out to those who perished and those who live with the loss of that horrific event.  Let us never forget.  

On a lighter note, here's this weeks story.  

Are you kidding me? That has to be wrong,” Adam told the cashier.

“I’m sorry, sir, but the card was declined. Do you want to call them.”

“Oh, I’ll be calling them, but not now.” He reached for another card from his wallet. “Use this one?”

“I’m sorry, that card is also declined too.”

“That can’t be,” Adam said.  “You must be doing something wrong.” 

The cashier called over her supervisor and explained the situation.

“I’m sorry you’re having difficulty, Sir.  Let’s try this again.

The card was still declined.  “Let me a call and see what I can find out for you.”

The woman called the company and spoke to several people before coming back to him.

“I’m sorry sir, but your credit card has been cancelled.  Apparently, this is a joint card and Eleanor Worth has cancelled this card, as is her right.” 

Adam was livid.  He tried three more cards before switching to his debit card.  He only hoped that Eleanor hadn’t put a hold on that account too.  She hadn’t.  He completed the purchase and left the store, so upset he almost left the package behind.

Eleanor was not home when he arrived.  It was a good thing because his anger was at an all time high.  How dare she embarrass him that way? She better have a damn good reason for cancelling those cards and an even better one for not telling him.
Eleanor breezed in about an hour later and was immediately set upon by her husband.

“How dare you close our credit card accounts, especially without telling me?”

“Adam,  you told me to curtail my spending.  So since I couldn’t use credit cards anymore, I saw no reason to keep them open.  I called the company and found out that I was the original owner, you were only an additional signer. I didn’t realize you would be inconvenienced. I assumed you had your own cards to use. Sorry."

 She didn’t look the least bit sorry, and there was a slight smirk on her face when she said sorry.

When they were first married, Eleanor made much more money than he did and her credit had been firmly established.  Adam had just finished school, was deep in debt with student loans and as a matter of ease, she merely added his name to her accounts. This continued until last month.  Mark was on his high horse about the credit card bill and told her to stop using credit cards. He said she was overspending, and she wasn’t to buy anything superfluous.  They had an argument about what he considered unnecessary that ended with her over his knee getting a good hard spanking.  She didn’t see how she deserved this spanking.  After all, she was a responsible woman, had managed their household accounts all these years and saw no reason for his demands.  She told him the bill was unusually high because she had to buy a gift for his secretary and an anniversary gift for their youngest son.  He dismissed her explanation out of hand.  Upset, because she felt her spanking wasn’t justified she thought about how she could get even. 

That was when it dawned on her to get a list of all their accounts and see which ones had been originally hers.  It wasn’t that difficult, and she realized that although she continued to gather credit cards in her name alone, her husband hadn’t done the same.  He still relied on her accounts, so she called the companies and closed the accounts. 

That was two weeks ago. She saw no need to tell him, let him find out for himself.  Today must have been the day.

She went about putting away the groceries as her husband stood there glaring at her.

“You knew I didn’t have any other cards.”

“How would I know that?  I’ve acquired other cards without your name being on the account. I didn't realize you hadn’t done the same."

“You pay the bills.”

“Yes, I do.  But as long as I have receipts and they match the bills, that is all I’m concerned about, not whether it’s your card or mine.”

“Well, Ms. Smarty Pants, I don’t want you using your debit card without my prior permission.  I know we opened those accounts jointly.”

“Fine by me.” She told him and went right over to her purse and handed over the debit cards.

That really took the wind out of his sails and left him looking like the ass he was.  Eleanor didn’t care, she could always write a check for groceries, and if she wanted to buy something, she had her own cards and her own money in a small trust fund left to her by her grandmother.

He wanted to spank that smug attitude right out of her, but thought better of it.  Instead, he smacked her behind a couple of good cracks and left the kitchen and went to order new credit cards of his own.


Adam hadn’t received any of his new credit cards yet so he was still using his debit card for everything, including gas.  Unfortunately for him, his card had been hacked the last time he needed gas, and once he reported it was stolen, it was useless. 

There he was, at the ATM trying to get cash only to find out he had been locked out of his account.  He was forced to call his wife to ask for her intervention.

“But honey, I don’t have a debit card.  You asked for it, and I gave it to you, remember.

“It’s on my dresser.”

“But I’m not home.  You’ll have to find another way.”  She had pulled in the driveway, but she wasn’t about to tell him that. With that, she disconnected the call and refused to answer his callback.  She chuckled to herself as she pictured him standing in front of the ATM, steam coming out of his ears. She knew she was acting like a  bitch, but his attitude since he’d made partner was completely unacceptable.  He was overbearing and thinking everyone should bend to his will.   That may be all well and good at the firm, but it was not going to stand at home. Even their children had noticed the change. She had been his partner for thirty years and expected better treatment.

Eleanor knew she’d end up with another spanking, but this one she’d gladly accept but not until she let him have it with both barrels.  He would hear what she had to say whether he liked it or not. 

She was in the bedroom when she heard a car pull in the driveway.  She peeked out the window and wasn’t surprised to see Adam storming into the house.  He must have taken the stairs two at a time because he was in front of her and pulling her over his knee in record time.  He reached under his side of the bed to access his arsenal and came up with the acrylic wand.  It had been in that bag a long time, purchased back when they had to be silent because of little ears.  She should have destroyed it years ago, but now it was being used to bring her to justice.  It was definitely an implement of ‘ass destruction,’ and she knew, she wouldn’t be sitting comfortably anytime soon.

He smacked her butt with reckless abandon, not giving her time to catch her breath much less speak her piece, which was probably a good thing for her bottom. Each time she tried to get away, he would bring her in closer and continue the assault.  Her butt was numb by the time he stopped, his anger and her guilt assuaged.

He let her up and took her in his arms.  “Can we stop this shit now?” he asked.

“You started it, Mr. Big Shot Partner.”

“You do know that thing is still right here next to me, don’t you?”

“Yes, and if you want to keep all your parts, you won’t be using it again, anytime soon.”

He laughed, she smiled.


See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.