Thursday, February 27, 2014

Red Rubber Ball

Good Morning, Good Morning.  You know that song.  It's playing in my head.  I'm up earlier this morning than usual.  It's probably because it's not a gloomy, rainy morning.  This beautiful red/orange globe coming up in the east brightened the bedroom.  OMG it's the sun and it looks beautiful.  Can't see it clearly, because all the windows are fogged.  It's been cold, only 40 but it's going to warm up and be nicer for at least two days.  Hope so, the cold windy weather has definitely curtailed my beach walks.  It's tough making yourself do it when the only skin showing is your face and it is being pelted by blowing sand.  

Yesterday, I put out some food for the birds and only three showed up to eat.   I'm not complaining, just stating facts, there are others who are really suffering from Mother's Natures wrath this year.

Hope your day includes lots of sunshine too.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, February 24, 2014

On Any Sunday

Mardi Gras in Galveston is a hoot.  Will write more when I have some time.  Family and friends are still here.  Next weekend a very good friend of mine from Florida will be coming to visit.  It's been busy.  Hope everything is good in your world.

This is the second part of the trilogy.

Paxton had played his last game of professional football.  He just hadn’t told anyone yet.  He wanted all his ducks in a row before he made the announcement and he didn’t want all the commotion.  The team wanted him to sign on for another year until they felt his replacement was ready to play fulltime.  It’s not that he didn’t want to help the team; they had been good to him.  His team had one of the better owners in the league but a little voice kept telling him to think of the future.  So that’s what he had done; thought of the future and he didn’t want to go through another grueling NFL season.  It wasn’t just the games, it was the conditioning all year long.  The older he got, the harder it became.  He had been lucky; he never received a serious injury and wanted to keep it that way.  He knew many of the guys that had played just that one more season and received a serious injury that would interfere with their daily life for the rest of their lives.  No, he was done.

Once he made his decision, he started to work on his future career.  He wanted to coach high school football;  he knew he had a lot to teach kids.  His own high school football coach had taught him many lessons, not only about football but also about life and wanted to pass on that knowledge.  He knew he would also have to teach as well as coach so he had taken the necessary accelerated courses over the last two years to earn his teaching certificate.  When he finished this last course, he would have the credential and then just had to take the necessary tests.  He contacted his former coach and a couple of his former teammates to put out feelers.  They had come through in spades; receiving several good leads and after sorting through them, he  came up with a list of five possibilities.  He followed through on three of them and one of those possibilities was in an area close to his twin brother’s home in central California.

This offer intrigued him for several reasons.  One, he would love to live close to his brother.  Despite their differences, they were very close.  Second, this particular school was new and it would mean building a program from the ground up; not stepping into someone else’s program and taking over.  The pay wasn’t as great as some of the other jobs but he had been smart with money and could afford to make this opportunity work for him.  He met with several of the involved people through Skype interviews but the next interview was face to face.  He had a feeling he would be offered the job.  If that was the case, he was ready to accept.

Another thing he realized during the last year or so was that he was lonely and sick and tired of a new “babe” each month.  He wanted a meaningful relationship with someone; someone who wanted what he wanted out of life.  A life lived out of the public eye, a couple of kids and someone with whom he could have an intelligent conversation about the important things in life.  He had been on the lookout and when he attended Gray’s wedding he met someone he thought would fit the bill.  She was a beauty but didn’t think of herself that way.  She was witty and intelligent, but shy.  And best of all, she hated the spotlight and liked him.

They had been dating since the wedding but hadn’t told anyone.  Not even their families.  Both of them were tired of being pressured about when they were going to settle down; so until they were sure they were going to make it as a couple they thought it best keep it quiet.  Tomorrow was the first time they were going public.

He was surprised his brother hadn’t caught on when he slipped up and said “we” would be there around 3:30 or 4:00 instead of I.  He wanted this to be a surprise to Gray and Taylor. 

He met with the representatives of the Challenger School Board in the morning.  He met with them about three hours and when he left, he had a firm offer.  They asked him to lunch but he told them he had other plans and would take a rain check. There were a couple of items in the contract to work out but nothing major.  In truth, it was fine the way it was, he just didn’t want to be too easy.  Sometimes, too easy, gave people the wrong impression.

Picking up his phone, he called Maddy.

“Can you be ready in about an hour?” he asked

“Sure, but first tell me how it went?”

“I want to meet with a realtor.  Does that give you a clue?”

“Honey, I am so happy for you.”           

“Not us.”

“Definitely us.”

Maddy was Madison Jane Mitchell.  She was the sister of Taylor Mitchell Barrett.  She was as different from Taylor as he was from Grayson.  It was ironic they should meet sisters who were their exact opposites and find happiness.  After today, their relationship would be out in the open.  He intended to ask Maddy to be his wife.  He actually purchased a ring six weeks ago and was just waiting for the right opportunity.  Tonight might be it he thought.  They would be with family and he knew Maddy would want to share the news with her sister.  Of course, both Gray and Taylor might be annoyed that neither he nor Maddy had shared they had been dating since the wedding.  Oh hell, they would get over it.

After his call to Maddy, he checked for local realtors, chose one and phoned to make an appointment.  He was interested in purchasing land and building a house; but in the meantime, they would need a rental.  Whether it was a house or an apartment depended largely on whether there was a piece of land they both liked. He hoped Maddy could stay over another couple of days so they would have time together to see what was available for now and later.  He had to report to his new job by June 1st so their time was limited.

He picked up Maddy and went to lunch.  They spent the next couple of hours plotting out their life together.  He was surprised when he looked at his watch and saw the time.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked

“Yes, a little nervous.  Taylor is going to be annoyed with me.  How do you think Grayson will feel?”

“I think they will both be happy for us and thrilled we will eventually be closer.”


They rang the bell and Gray answered the door.  Since he dwarfed her, Maddy was behind Pax and out of sight.  Gray reached out to bear hug Pax when he saw Maddy. 

Taylor, get out here,” he yelled.  “What the hell is going on?” as he pulled both of them into the house, giving Maddy a kiss on the way.

Taylor came out from the family room yelling, “What do you wa… when she spied Maddy.  “Oh my God” and ran over and kissed her.  Then she went to Pax and punched him in the arm.  “Why didn’t you tell me you were bringing Maddy?  What is the meaning of this?”

“If you’ll let us out of the foyer, and ply us with a drink, maybe we will tell you.”

“You have a deal.” 

Taylor led Pax and Maddy out onto the deck and told Gray to get the drinks.

“Bossy little thing isn’t she.” Pax said to Gray.

“She seems to have your number bro, and I see that satisfied smile on your face, so something is going right.”

Gray smirked as he told Pax, “Unfortunately, yes she does.  However, I think I may have a new weapon in my arsenal.”

When Gray came out with a tray of drinks and some noshes, Taylor told Pax and Maddy to spill the beans.  Maddy looked at Pax and said you go ahead.

“Obviously, we met at your wedding and hit it off so we decided to date and see where it went.  We didn’t want to tell anyone until we were sure.  You people are the first to know.  We have some other news too but it will wait until dinner.”

“Now you have us sitting on the edge of our seats and sitting isn’t easy.” Taylor said and giggled and squirmed around on her chair.

Taylor, keep quiet.  Not everybody needs to know everything.”  Gray told her and his neck was starting to color.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake.  It’s your brother and my sister, not like the whole wide world.”

“Taylor!!!!,” he yelled.

“Are you embarrassed, my hunky man?” she asked Gray blowing him a kiss.

“We can leave if you two want to duke it out.”  Pax said to Gray.  Maddy just sat there being quiet as a mouse and taking it all in.

Gray laughed.  “It’s not an argument.  Why don’t we go to dinner?  I have a feeling Taylor is going to tell family secrets and I need food before we go into explanations.”

They all piled into Gray’s car and as he assisted Taylor getting into the front seat, he whacked her bottom.  She squealed as Pax and Maddy exchanged knowing glances. Maddy whispered in Pax’s ear.  Gray took them to the restaurant he and Taylor had been to the night before.  The food was good and the ambience perfect for a relaxed evening, great for catching up on each other’s lives.

Taylor, of course, being the effervescent one started by asking Pax what intentions he had toward her sister.  Gray kicked her under the table.  She looked at him and gave him one of her charming smiles but didn’t retract the question.

“Wow, Taylor, you really get right to it don’t you?”  Maddy spoke up and told Taylor she was her sister not her father.

“You’re my baby sister and I know Pax’s reputation. I just don’t want to see you hurt.”

“I may be your baby sister, but I am not a baby.  I know exactly what I am doing.” Maddy replied sweetly but with a slight edge indicating she could hold her own against her older sister.

Pax laid his hand on Maddy’s thigh letting her know it was okay and he would handle it.  Maddy backed off. Pax took over the conversation. 

“To answer your question Taylor, I have only good intentions toward Maddy.  My life is about to drastically change.  First, I have played my last game of professional football.  I haven’t made the announcement yet because I wanted to be settled and not talked out of the decision I know is right for me.  For a change, I am listening to that little voice in my head, the right head.” He added as everyone laughed.

‘The next change is that I have been offered and am about to accept a position as Football Coach and History Teacher at the new Challenger High School in Pine Creek.  I have an appointment with a realtor tomorrow to start looking for a place to live because I start June 1st and have lots to do between now and then.’

‘The next and most important change is that” and with that he reached into his pocket and produced a small box which he placed in front of Maddy “I am asking your beautiful sister to marry me.”

“So, will you marry me Madison Mitchell?” 
Maddy was tongue-tied but tears started forming at the corner of her eyes.  She managed to shake her head yes.  Her effervescent sister was up and out of her chair hugging both Maddy and Pax.  Gray was stunned into silence.  It never occurred to him that his fly by the seat of his pants brother would ever settle down.  Pax took Maddy’s hand in his and placed the ring on her finger.

Maddy finally found her voice.  “It’s beautiful Pax and it fits perfectly.  You amaze me.  I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect setting.  I love it and you.”

“I’m so happy you like it.  I confess to taking one of the rings from your jewelry box to the jewelers to have it sized.  Obviously, I succeeded without you ever realizing it was gone.  Judging by the other jewelry in your box and the help of a friend, I chose this setting.  It suits you, I think.” She shook her head yes and continued to stare at the ring on her finger.

“I think this calls for champagne, don’t you?” said Gray as he called the waiter over to place the order.

“So,” said Pax to Taylor, “does that answer your question?”

“Yes, and I couldn’t be happier.  Wait until our folks hear about this.  Wait until your folks hear about this.  When did you plan on telling them?”

Taylor, please put a zip on that lip.” Gray told her.  “He just asked her so I’m quite sure he hasn’t had time to think about telling everyone.”

“I’m sorry Pax and Maddy.  You know my wife.  She is as curious as a cat.  It’s one of the many things I love about her, but sometimes she can be exasperating.”

“Hey, I grew up with her; you are not telling me anything I don’t already know.” Maddy responded and they all chuckled.

The champagne arrived and Gray proposed a toast to his brother and current and soon to be sister-in-law. 

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things Most Men Never Say

Have you ever heard any of these from any men you know?

1.  We never talk anymore.
2.  Sex isn't that important.  Sometimes I just like to be held.
3.  Hey, let me hold your purse while you try that on.
4.  Does this hunter's outfit make me look fat?
5.  Do you think he is prettier than me?
6.  Aww, forget football, let's watch Pretty Little Liars.
7.  Why don't you go to the mall with me and hlep me pick out a pair of shoes?
8.  My wife never listens to me.
9.  I'll have the salad with light dressing and a diet soda.
10. My friends and I should go to the men's room and freshen up.
11. A movie with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosseling, I've gotta go see it.
12. While I'm up can I get you anything?
13. You know I would like to see her again, but her breasts are just too big.
14. Looks like it's time to buy new underwear.
15. Here honey, you handle the remote.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, February 17, 2014

When Words Fail

Hey everyone.  Hope you all had a terrific weekend.  It was very nice here.  This weekend is the first weekend of Mardi Gras here in Galveston.  We are looking forward to it and have a bunch of our family and friends coming to join us.

This story is in three parts, although each can stand on its own.  The next parts will be featured on the next consecutive Mondays.  Enjoy

Grayson and Paxton Barrett were identical twins.  Identical in looks only.  Their personalities were on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Their parents never had a problem figuring how who was who.  Paxton was free-spirited and liberal while Grayson was uptight and conservative.  Until they were teenagers, they shared a room and many a fight ensued because Paxton’s side was a mess while Grayson’s was a mother’s dream. This carried on into their adult life.  They were both over six feet tall, had dark brown, almost black hair, bright green eyes that seemed to look right through you, long eyelashes that most girls would kill for and built like the football players they were.  They went to separate colleges on athletic scholarships and both were drafted into the NFL, on separate teams. 

At thirty-four years old and at the end of their pro football careers they were both still single.  There always seemed to be a different girl on their arms at the start of each season.  Each time their mother hoped that maybe this would be the one that captured their heart. 

Gray retired first and took a job as a sports agent with the firm that had represented him for years.  He settled in a central California coastal town with easy access to an airport.  He still traveled a lot, but now he did so on a year round basis instead of just during the season.  On one of his trips, he met an airline attendant and fell in love.  It was a short courtship and an even shorter engagement.  Most of their courtship took place in hotel rooms around the country to accommodate each of their travel schedules. The wedding was a hasty affair fueling rumors that Taylor was pregnant.  They were untrue.

Once they married, Taylor and Gray arranged their schedules so they would have at least one weekend a month at home together.  The rest of the time, it was a couple of days here and there.  It was almost two months before Taylor moved all of her things into Gray’s home.  They decided to make his home theirs; she liked the area and its close proximity to the airport and since she was able to switch her home base it was more convenient as well. 

The first time Gray came home after Taylor had moved in her things he went ballistic.  There were boxes everywhere, clothes strewn all over the bedroom, dishes piled in the sink, the dishwasher filled with dirty dishes, and a load of laundry that had been sitting in the washing machine so long the clothes had grown moldy. His first thought was he married his brother. He would be having a few words with her this evening. He started in the kitchen, first by running the dishwasher, then hand washing and drying the leftover dishes.  He didn’t recognize some of these items so he left them on the counter thinking she would find a place for them when she came home.  He went to the bedroom and tried to make some semblance of order.  He had purchased the nine-drawer dresser to match his furniture so she had enough drawer space.  All of the drawers were empty, so he began sorting through the piles and placing them in the drawers.  He hung up the clothes that needed hanging and was just about finished when his cell phone rang. 

“Hi, honey,” this cheery voice said.

“Hi back, where are you?” he answered brusquely

“I’m on a layover in Philadelphia.  If things go well I should be home tonight instead of in the morning.  Will you still be around?

“Yes, I’m in town for the next couple of days.”

“Oh good, we can have some together time, maybe do a couple of fun things.”

“As soon as we get this mess straightened out,” he replied

“What mess?” she innocently asked.

He couldn’t believe she could ask that question.  He was trying to remain calm during this whole conversation and now she asks ‘what mess’, did she not think about how the house looked before she moved in compared to how it looked now.

“The mess that’s all over the house, unpacked boxes, clothes everywhere.  That mess.”

“Oh honey.  I’ll get around to all that stuff eventually.”

“No, we’ll be getting around to it tomorrow before anything else.”

“Don’t be such an ole stick in the mud.  I have to go.  I’ll see you tonight.  Love you, bye.” And she was gone.

He kept holding the phone and looking at it wondering just what happened.  He finally put down the phone and went into the bathroom. This too was a disaster.  Once wet towels lying in a heap on the floor, toothpaste all over the counter, water streaks on the vanity mirror and every inch of the vanity strewn with cosmetic products of one sort or another. He was so upset; he went into the garage, found an empty box and literally swept all of the contents into the box.  He had half a mind to just dispose of it, he was that angry. 

He worked the rest of the afternoon trying to make some semblance of order out of the remaining mess.  He was just about to sit down when he heard the garage door opening.  She blew into the kitchen and into his arms.  She smelled so good and he was so glad to see her he almost forgot how angry he had been at her earlier.

“Sweetie, it’s so good to be home.  I love coming home to you.” She purred in his ear as her arms hugged his neck.

“Have you eaten?  God, I’m starved.  Is there anything here to eat?”  She was like a whirlwind.

“I haven’t had time.  I’ve been busy cleaning up the mess.”

“Yeah, hon. you said something about a mess on the phone.  What was wrong?”

He looked at her incredulously.

“Why don’t we go get a bite to eat and we can talk about it while we’re having dinner.”

“Great, let me just get out of this uniform and into some comfy clothes and we’ll be off.”

With that, she went to the bedroom, depositing her removed clothing wherever it landed.   She went to grab the jeans she left on the chair and they weren’t there.  That’s when she noticed none of her things were where she had left them.  She opened the dresser drawers and found them filled with her tee shirts, bras, panties. etc.  Her trip to the closet saw her clothing organized by item and color with the hangars all facing the same way.  Wow, I guess that’s why he thought things were a mess, I’m living with Felix Unger.

She grabbed a pair of jeans, a tee shirt from the drawer and a blazer.  She looked for her loafers and couldn’t find them.

“Honey, have you seen my loafers?” 

“Yes, as a matter of fact.  I tripped over them earlier coming in the door, they’re here in the family room.”

“Thanks” she said coming out of the bedroom and searching for the loafers.

“We can go, I’m ready.”

He looked at her and was amazed as to how she could look so put together when everything about her life seemed so scattered. They had already decided to do separate checking accounts before they even got married.  One of their dates consisted of her trying to enlist him into explaining to her how to reconcile a checking account she had since she left college.  Looking back that should have been my first clue, he thought.

They drove into town and settled on a little restaurant featuring local products.  They had been there before and ordered two glasses of their favorite wine.  When it was delivered, Gray raised his glass to Taylor “Welcome Home”.  She tipped his glass and took a sip.  She began the conversation.

“So to what mess were you referring, honey?”

“You really want to get right to it?”  She nodded yes.

“Okay, the list is long.  Boxes everywhere, the bathroom and kitchen untidy, dirty laundry and on and on.  I have to tell you I didn’t realize you were so messy. Have you always been this way?”

“I suppose I have yes.  It’s never been a problem before.”

“Well it is now.  I am a bit of a neat freak and I am sure there will be flexibility on both sides but I never want to come home to such a mess again. Once you unpack your boxes and put everything away, there really should be no excuse for it.  I’ve already sorted through the bedroom and arranged things.  It should be easy to maintain.  Tomorrow we will work on the rest.”

“Are you dictating to me?”

“I suppose I am, yes” he replied.

“So if I don’t agree and or don’t hold up my end of things, what are you going to do, spank me?” she jokingly said.

He couldn’t believe he just heard what he thought he heard.

“What did you say?”

“I asked if you would spank me if I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain.”

He had heard correctly.  How was he supposed to answer that?  It’s not that he hadn’t thought of it.  The thought of her, lying over his knee, with her panties down around her ankles, while he reddened her bottom had often crept into his head and created a great bulge in his trousers. No more so than when he first walked in the door today and then again when she asked ‘what mess”.

“Well, would you?” she urged him on.

“I think that would be a definite possibility.”

“Then I think you might have to give me a few lessons.” She grinned at him while she watched him squirm in his chair.

She raised her glass to him “Here’s to our first lesson.”


When he walked into the bedroom after getting home from the restaurant, he tripped over her heels that she left in the doorway. The next thing he saw was her uniform skirt, and her blouse half draped over the bed. 

Taylor, will you please come here.” 

“I’ll be right there, I’m on the phone”

He left everything where it was and walked back out to the family room.  He took her arm and propelled her toward the bedroom. She continued to talk on the phone.  When they got to the bedroom, he gave her a nudge and she almost tripped over her own shoes.  One hand steadied her before she fell, while his other hand swatted her behind.

“Ouch.  Pax, I’ll hand the phone to your brother now.  He is getting all Neanderthal.  Oooh, it’s so exciting” and she handed the phone to Gray.

“What is she talking about?” Pax asked. 

“Oh, we were just having a little discussion about neatness.”

“Put her back on; let me tell her what a neat freak she is dealing with.”

“She’s finding that out all on her own.  The good news is I can influence her, you are a lost cause.”

“Ha, ha.  You never know, I might be trainable.  Listen if you are going to be home tomorrow I thought I might drop in and take you for dinner.”

“Great, we are both going to be home.”

“Terrific, we’ll be there about 3:30 or 4:00.  See you then.”

When he hung up the phone, it dawned on him that Pax had said we, not I.  He started to tell Taylor and noticed she was in the shower and the clothing she had removed was lying on the floor in the bathroom.  “I’m going to wait and see what happens.  If she doesn’t pick up after herself, she is getting a spanking. He went into the family room, sat down and turned on the TV. 

When she joined him about thirty minutes later, he never said a word.  She sat down on his lap.  He told her that Pax was coming to visit the next day and he had a feeling he was not coming alone.  She said she hoped it was a girl and not one of his teammates.  Gray laughed, said he hadn’t thought of that.  They talked a little longer and she started yawning. 

“Want to go to bed and maybe fool around a little first, my handsome husband.”

“Sure,” he said.  Thinking I hope she picked up her things or she might not be so amenable to “fun” activities afterward.

He walked into the bedroom and there wasn’t anything lying around.  

“I’m glad you put all your things away Taylor.  I had made up my mind that if your clothing was still strewn around I was going to spank you.”

“Surprised you, huh.  Why don’t we pretend I didn’t?” 

He felt his penis rise to the occasion.  She removed her nighty, rubbed up against his erection and pushed him over to the bed. He fell backward and she draped herself across his lap. His hand rubbed her back and moved to her bare bottom and landed a sharp smack.  He rubbed away the sting, followed by another sharp slap.  The pattern continued until the sting increased to a slight burn.  He spanked harder and one hand found her pleasure nub.  He continued in this fashion until she was just at the brink and then spanked harder pushing her over the edge.

“Oh, I like pretending.”

“So do I and with that pushed her back on the bed and had his way with his messy wife.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Dilemma

Marcus was determined he was going to find the perfect Valentine’s present for Kate.  She told him he always gave her such lame presents.   I guess that’s what happens after you are together for a long time. Although he didn’t know what was lame about a diamond bracelet for her birthday and an emerald pendant for Christmas.  How much money do I have to spend before she thinks it isn’t lame?  He wanted to take her over his knee and spank her for being such a spoiled brat.

He was walking the mall when he spied a young couple so much in love, it just radiated out from them.  He started thinking about when he and Kate was just becoming a couple. He remembered their first Valentine’s Day together.  They had met the previous year, just after Thanksgiving and, although they hadn’t dated very long, he knew she was the girl for him.  Kate was dating someone else at the time and for a time she juggled them both, so he didn’t want to show his hand too soon. When he invited her to dinner for that evening, he wasn’t even sure if he would be her date, so when she accepted he thought that maybe, just maybe she felt the same way.  He wasn’t sure what to buy her and ended up getting her a stuffed fluffy bear that said Be My Valentine.  She said she loved it. It wasn’t until years later he found out the other guy had bought her a string of real pearls. 

He called one of her girlfriends, his sister and his mother to ask for some suggestions.  He googled valentine presents for wives, for girls who have everything, for girls who want everything, for wives who want nothing and still came up empty.  He even tried coaxing some hints from Kate.  He had nothing and it was getting close so he was spending another afternoon at the mall.  He passed by a shop called Naughty Ladies, the name intrigued him, so in he went.  He felt a little intimidated when one of the sales ladies noticed his perplexed look and offered to assist.  Marcus thanked her and his lucky stars that she was an older woman and not one of those young things that would leave him tongue-tied.

“What can I do to help?” she asked.

“I’m looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife.”

“Anything in particular?”

“Something not lame,” he replied.

She laughed and said she didn’t think they carried anything like that. A couple of hours later he walked out loaded down with packages and with a suggestion to visit another store also located in the mall.  By the time he left the mall that day, he knew what he was going to give Kate for Valentine’s Day.

When Valentine’s Day finally rolled around, he told Kate to take a personal day. 
“I can’t do that on such short notice.”

“Sure, you can, I have plans for us,” and he took her in his arms.

“Do it, you won’t be sorry.”

When she got off the phone, he took her out for breakfast.  After breakfast, he drove her to Refreshed Day Spa where he arranged for Kate to have a body wrap, a facial, massage and manicure and pedicure.  She received head to toe pampering.  He picked her up at 4:00 and when she arrived home, he told her to go upstairs to take a nap.

While Kate was napping, he arranged some of the gifts he had purchased.  When she awoke lying beside her on their king-size bed was a black lacy bra and a thong, a garter belt, some silky thigh highs, a pair of knock ‘em dead high heels, and a black silk wrap dress.  Marcus was sitting in a chair across the room.

“Get dressed,” he told her.  “We have dinner reservations at 7:30 at Anthony’s.”

“Pretty bossy, aren’t you?” she told him.

“Okay, honey.  Please get dressed.”

“I liked the first request better.  I like it when you get all full of yourself.  It’s sexy,” she told him.

If she likes this, just wait until we get home, he thought to himself.

Kate began to get dressed while Marcus showered.  He popped out of the shower just before she put on the dress.  He stood there admiring how hot she looked and his penis reacted accordingly.  She spied him then and pirouetted around to let him see the full effect.

“Like what you see big boy?”

“You bet,” he said and came over and swatted her ass.  He wasn’t sure how she would react to that; it was something he had not attempted since their early days of marriage. 

I guess she liked it.  “Get movin, “he told her.

“Yes, sir,” she told him. 

 I have to remember to use that tone again, he thought.

They were both ready about the same time.  Wow, he looks good enough to be a wedding cake topper, she thought to herself.  He had on a crème silk tee shirt, with black pants and a black leather blazer.  He is more handsome now than when he was younger.  The grey strands in his hair give him a look of distinction and brings out the steel blue of his eyes. He also carries himself better; it’s an air of self-confidence that came with maturity.  I am a lucky woman.

They walked into the restaurant and Marcus watched the reactions his wife received from many of the men they passed on the way to their table.  She may not be young anymore but she is more beautiful now than ever.  She knows her worth.  She knows she’s turning heads but it’s not going to her head.  I am one lucky man that she has chosen me to walk with her through life.

Dinner was as wonderful as they expected.  It was a favorite restaurant of theirs and they always celebrated special occasions there. 

“So have you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day present?” he asked her during dessert.

“It’s been very nice.  Does this mean I shouldn’t be expecting a piece of jewelry?”

“No, you shouldn’t.  Are you disappointed?”

“Not in the least, I’ve enjoyed my spa day and my lingerie and this wonderful date with my husband.”

“So, where’s my present?” he asked.

“You get to unwrap me when we get home,” she replied.  “Besides, I might have a little surprise of my own.”

“In that case, are you ready to leave?”

“Check, please,” he motioned to the waiter.

It was a quick drive home.  Both of them were anxious to get there, each having their own surprise.  After parking the car in the garage, Marcus told Kate to head to the bedroom, he would be right there.  When he came in the house, Kate was sitting in the family room.

“Waiting for me?” he asked.  “I thought you were going to meet me in the bedroom.”

“I was and am, but first I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed today.”

“It’s not over yet,” extending his hand to her and leading her to the bedroom.

He took her into his arms and kissed her, all the while undoing the tie wrap of the dress.  He kissed her ear and then nibbled her neck as he was moving the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

He pushed her away from him, “Let me see my valentine” he said.  As she turned around, he slapped her ass.


“You like that.”

“Oh, yes.” 

“Come here then and let’s see what else you might like.  He walked to the closet, and pulled out gift bag and handed it to her.  She rustled around in the tissue paper and came up with a set of cuffs.

“What’s this?

“What does it look like?  Keep going.”

The next item she picked out was a blindfold, followed by two silk scarves.

“I think I know where this is going,” she told him.

“Are you willing?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” she responded

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course, I trust you.”

“Okay then, come over here,” and patted the bed.  She came over slowly.  He removed her bra and toyed with her breasts teasing her nipples into hard little nubs.  Unhooking the hose, he slowly rolled down each stocking, kissing as he went. She kicked off her shoes and he massaged her feet.  He took the blindfold, put it in place, and told her to lay face down on the bed.  He placed one cuff on her right wrist and then connected it to the bedpost, then took her left wrist and did the same.  She was so beautiful lying there, he need to get himself under control.  Leaving her lying there, undressed, turned on soft music and came back to the bed.  He took one of the silk scarves, attaching it to her right ankle and then tied it to the footboard.  He followed up with her left ankle.

“Are you doing okay, honey?” he asked softly.

“Mmmmm” was what he heard.  He then pulled out a peacock feather he had stashed and began soothing it down her back, over her buttocks and down her thighs and calves.  He could feel her relaxing into his ministrations. The next item he pulled out of his stash was a soft suede flogger.  He plied the flogger and trailed it down the same path as the feather.  Each time he applied the flogger, he would gently trail it down her back to her buttocks and back up again.  It wasn’t long before she was squirming as much as the restraints would allow.  He could see the cream between her legs and began striking harder with the flogger, concentrating the strikes on her ass. Two of his fingers found their way into her channel and she moaned. Pumping his fingers in and out and feeling her want continuing to build, he flogged the inside of her thighs and then lightly stroked her labia, then teased the flogger back down her legs and then back to her ass.  His fingers and the flogger teased her to orgasm.  He undid the restraints, kissing her as he rolled her over onto her back. Seconds later, he was inside and they were coming in unison. She removed her blindfold and started at him.


“I just wanted to make sure it was you.  Where did that come from?”

“I just wanted you to have a great day and a great present.  After all, you told me my presents are always lame.”

“Oh, honey.  I never said your presents were lame, I said they were tame,” and she laughed.

She sat up, reached into her nightstand drawer removed a package and handed it to him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart.”

He opened the package and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Inside was an obviously hand made leather paddle with an embossed heart with their initials intertwined within the heart.  Reaching further into the box, he found a tube of lubricant and an anal plug and benwah balls.

“Like I said honey, I said tame not lame and decided to do something about it.  Now can I have another date tomorrow so we can try out your presents?”

“Why, you naughty girl you.”  He picked up the paddle and swatted her butt.  “Why wait until tomorrow?”

HOPE THIS DAY BRINGS YOU EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE.  Happy Birthday Minelle. Hope your Scotsman has great plans for you.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Tickle

There comes a time when a woman just has to trust her husband...

For example....

The wife comes home late at night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom. From under the sheets she sees four legs instead of two. She reaches for a baseball bat and starts hitting the sheet as hard as she can. Leaving the covered bodies groaning, she goes to the kitchen to have a drink. As she enters, she sees her husband there, reading a magazine.
"Hi, sweetheart," he says. "Your parents have come to visit us, so l let them stay in our bedroom. Did you say hello?"

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday's Tale

Hi everyone.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  It finally stopped raining here on Saturday but more is expected today.  Must say, so far, I wish we had stayed in Arizona another two weeks.  It's been unusually cold and wet here.

I'm doing something different today.  I usually post a new story on Monday and this is a new story but it is an excerpt from my latest release Taming Maria.  It gives me a chance to promote my book while still providing a story. 

Parties and festivities filled the Christmas season and Maria Elena accepted every invitation she received. She had never attended so many parties before and her presence really set the tongues wagging among the other members of her set. She was the belle of the ball, with her stunning outfits and charming manners. She drew all of the eligible young men to her like bees to honey, they couldn't believe the change in her demeanor. All the young ladies silently wished she had stayed home. She flirted and danced with every man that asked. Everyone except Juan Antonio Cabrillo, that is. She refused his every request. He stood by and watched, calm and placid on the outside. On the inside, his blood was on the boil and his palm was very itchy. Oh, how I want to take her over my knee and spank her silly. She is trying my patience.

Diego Bartolá always celebrated Christmas Eve with an open house. He opened his home to everyone and it was always a highlight of the season. His home was a typical Spanish style hacienda. A two-story whitewashed adobe building sporting a red tile roof with verandas running the length of the house surrounding the large courtyard. On the ground floor, the rooms ran off the courtyard on three sides with a large terraced area at the open end. This area was covered with a trellis like fence covered by bougainvillea vines. Bedrooms were on the second floor with a balcony along the length of the structure and a staircase at both ends. Evergreens, adorned with red and white poinsettias and red bows, festooned the balcony railing and the entrance archway. The pathway into the courtyard was alight with luminaries leading to the center fountain flowing with sangria made with the fruits of his vineyards. A mariachi band played in the corner, the braziers lit to warm the cool of the evening, and candles and lanterns provided a soft glowing light to the rest of the area.

Everything met with Maria Elena's approval. She wanted this night to be perfect. She wanted to prove to Juan that she was a grown woman who demanded respect and knew how to fulfill her obligations as a hostess and wife.

For the evening, she chose a beautiful red velvet gown showing as much of her beautiful breasts as possible without incurring her father's wrath. With her long shiny black hair brushed over her left shoulder and a red rose pinned behind her left ear, she felt pretty and was determined to make Juan so jealous he would come begging her to forgive him. These parties were getting tiring and being on her best behavior was boring. It was time to let Juan back into her exceptionally warm for this time of year with a slight breeze coming off the ocean. The sangria and other spirits along with the dancing and the number of people warded off any chill and the party was in full swing when Maria Elena finally entered the courtyard. Her father had sent someone to fetch her. Her absence was noted and it was considered extremely rude of the hostess not to be on hand to greet them.

"I am here Papa," she said as she glided next to him.

"It's about time," he chided her.

"Am I not beautiful and was it not worth the wait?" she teased.

"Behave yourself," he admonished.

The next guests in the receiving line were the Cabrillo family. Señor and Señora Cabrillo and their five sons along with their assorted daughters-in-law greeted them warmly. Juan was not among them.

"Good evening, we are so happy you came. We trust all is well with everyone?" her father inquired.

"Yes, all is well. It is a beautiful evening for your gathering," Señora Castillo replied.

As Maria Elena greeted all the Cabrillo's she remarked to Joaquin Cabrillo that she didn't see Juan.

"No, nor will you. He sends his regrets and hopes his absence doesn't prove to be a hardship," he replied.

Maria's smile disappeared and Joaquin could clearly see this bit of news did not sit well with her. He couldn't wait to tell Juan that the señorita was very upset by his absence. This was a game she was playing, just as Juan suspected. Joaquin was thinking that Juan was going to have his hands full managing this spitfire. She needed a good hiding and he wouldn't mind being the one to administer it or to bear witness to her getting what she so richly deserved for this and all the other times she had it coming.

Maria stayed in the receiving line until all guests were personally welcomed. She barely concealed her anger at Juan. How dare he not show up to our party. I'll show him that his presence was not missed. Maria proceeded to flirt with every eligible man at the gathering. Others began to notice her outrageous behavior and her father overheard the comments spreading among the partygoers.

He walked over to where she was flirting with one of the ranch hands; he tapped her on the shoulder. She looked and was surprised to see it was her father. Diego turned to the man who looked embarrassed by all the attention turned on him.

"Do you mind if I borrow my daughter for a dance?"

"Not at all, Senor," he managed to get out.

"Maria Elena, may I have this dance?" her father asked.

"Of course, Papa."

The music began and he whispered into her ear. "Stop behaving so badly. You should be ashamed, you are making a spectacle of yourself, and you are embarrassing us. Now behave yourself."

She could hear his displeasure. "Go to the kitchen and check on things. See to your duties. Don't forget you are the hostess."

They finished the dance and she did as her father requested. When her assistance wasn't needed in the kitchen or anywhere else, she left the party.

Feeling chastened, she decided to go for a walk to calm herself down. She had not walked very far beyond the gates of the compound when she heard a noise behind her. She turned to look and saw no one. She continued a little further
toward the stables. Talking to Domingo always calmed her down. Entering the stable, all the horses peered out of their stalls to see if the visitor had any treats for them. When she reached Domingo's stall, someone grabbed at her and twirled her around. It was one of the vaqueros she had flirted with earlier. He started pulling her toward him.

"Let go of me," she told him.

"No, Señorita. I watched you go and followed you so that I could collect what you promised earlier."

"I didn't promise you anything you fool. Let me go."

She tried pulling away from him but his hand was on her neck and pulling her face toward him.

 "Let me go!" she yelled and then spit in his face.

"Whore," he called and slapped her face hard.

She didn't even hesitate. Her knee jerked up and hit him squarely in the groin.

His hands dropped to clutch himself and she ran from the stable. She stumbled and felt a hand catch her. Thinking it was that vaquero, she screamed.

"Hush Maria Elena, it is me, Joaquin Cabrillo. Are you all right? What happened and why are you out here alone?"

"I came out here to cool off and when I entered the stable, Antonio Muñoz, tried to make me kiss him."

"Did he hurt you?" Joaquin asked.

"No, I kicked him in the groin and ran out here."

"Let's get you back to the house. I will have your father deal with Muñoz. I'm sure he won't bother you again."

"Thank you for rescuing me."

"You wouldn't need rescuing if you behaved better. You were flirting with him and everyone else earlier. You brought this on yourself."

"How dare you speak to me that way?"

"Speak to you that way - I'm just stating the truth. You need to be taught a lesson. If you belonged to me I would take a switch to your backside."

"Then it's a good thing Joaquin Cabrillo that I don't belong to you," she said, and walked toward the house with as much dignity as she could muster. On the way, she met her father and others coming to see what the commotion was about.

"Ask him," she said as she sailed past them on the way to the house.

The party continued outside but having had enough of the party, Maria retired to her room. She removed her gown and readied herself for the night. After a while, she dozed off and was awakened by a knock at her door.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's Papa. Who else would it be at this time of night?"

"Come in, Papa."

"I've come to say good night and to tell you I was very disappointed with your behavior this evening. For that reason, I have made some decisions tonight that will affect you. There are arrangements being made and I will explain more in the morning. For now I just wanted to say good night and sleep well." With that, he kissed her cheek and let himself out of the room.

Maria was stunned and felt horrible. She loved her Papa and hearing of his disappointment in her behavior hurt more than if he had physically chastised her. With her feelings all in turmoil, sleep was now impossible. She tiptoed downstairs and walked out into the garden. It was a chilly night and with the braziers now extinguished, she felt the cold and wrapped her ruana tightly round her body to keep warm. The stars numbered in the thousands on this moonless night. It was silent except for the distant mewing of the livestock and the gentle breeze through the trees. If she listened closely, she could hear the sounds of Monterey Bay in the distance. It was a sound that always stilled her soul. Why can't I be more like my mother? Why do I always have to be so headstrong?

These were the thoughts rolling around in her head as she walked. Finally succumbing to the cold, she headed home but as she neared the stables, she became aware of the distress of the horses. They seemed to be frightened of something. As she reached the entrance, she hesitated a moment reliving
the evenings earlier events as the ground began to shake. It took her a moment to realize it was an earthquake and when it registered, she stood in the doorway until the shaking stopped. It had lasted a good sixty seconds but there didn't seem to be any visible damage. She entered the barn to quiet the horses when the shaking began again. This time it was more of a jolt than a shake. It was the last thing she remembered.

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This week's new story will be on Friday - it's a Valentine's story. See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.