Friday, July 27, 2012


I suffer from motion sickness and what helps me is to read while moving.  I know strange because most people get motion sickness from reading in a moving vehicle.  What can I say?  I just finished three books in 1 1/2 days and my eyes were tired and very dry so I chose not to read today.  As we traveled along part of the route took us on US 40 and parts of it criss -crossed what used to be Rte. 66.  I started paying attention to the miles and miles of emptiness.  I thought about the first time I had made this trip- just the opposite direction. It was 1969 and my girlfriend and I were in my car, with a u-haul on the back ( I couldn't then and still can't back up - so it was pull thru or bust) heading for California.  I didn't think much about it then but in reality it was an adventure.  We were a couple of young chicks traveling alone.  No cell phones, no GPS, just a dream to live in California. 

The dream became a reality and my friend and I are still friends. As a matter of fact she introduced me to my husband. Neither one of us live in California any more. 

It was just the first of my many trips across this beautiful country of ours and every time I see things that man cannot possibly have imagined and think about the people who first saw and settled this great country.

Enough Aimless Ramblings for today.  See you later.  Make it a great day.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spectacular Scenery

Mentioned on yesterday's post that we were leaving Arizona and headed to Texas.  We took a different route than we did on the way into Arizona.  Today we traveled through the El Malpais National Monument area near Grants, NM.  It was absolutely spectacular and these pictures do not show how really awesome it is.  The scenery is breathtaking - seeing the sandstone cliffs on one side of the road and the lava fields on the other.  I am used to seeing the lava fields in Hawaii but to see it here in NM was a total surprise to me.  You can actually see the cracks in the earth



See you later for more Aimless Ramblings

Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Story, A Spanking and Dancing

Home is Not Always Where You Live

Lisa Davis was driving down the bumpy dirt road wondering why she had agreed to this.   She had grown up on a hard scrabble ranch much like the Lonesome Oak.  When she left she vowed she would never look back.

Until she was five years old she didn’t realize they were poor.  Her momma and daddy loved her, her sister and each other.  There was always a lot of singing and hugging and kissing going on in their little house. She never felt the lack of anything.  But that changed in the fall of the year she turned five, the year she started school. That was when she found out she was poor, not just poor but dirt poor.  The other kids taunted her out of style clothes, her worn down shoes and even her lunch bucket and the contents therein. She hated school and by the time she reached the fourth grade she didn’t want to go anymore.  She started getting into scrapes and then she and Amanda Bennett had a hair pulling contest at recess and ended up in the principal’s office.  Her momma and daddy had to come to the school and have a conference with Ms. Snelling.  After that conference Ms. Snelling took an interest in Lisa.  She actually became her champion and instilled in her her love of reading.  Ms. Snelling was the reason she had excelled in school.  Lisa went on to win scholarships to the university and then law school.  She passed the bar on her first try and now she was a junior partner in a very prestigious law firm.  She commanded a six figure salary, owned several pieces of real estate, drove a Lexus and was lonely as hell. Oh, she had many acquaintenances and plenty of invitations to social events but since her best friend Jan had married and moved across the country there was no one she could call at a moment’s notice to grab a cup of coffee or catch a movie.  She missed the closeness. There was no man in her life right now – there hadn’t been one since law school.  She had dates but no one she would miss if they never called again.

As she continued driving down the road suddenly the car lurched and swerved to the side of the road.  She edged the car further to the side of the road and got out.  Immediately she saw the problem.  Her right rear tire was destroyed. The drainage ditch running alongside the road was filled with water from the recent thunderstorm.  There was no way she was going to be able to replace the tire.  She tried her cell phone but there wasn’t any service this far out.  Her only hope was that someone would be coming along that could lend a hand.  If someone didn’t come by within the next half hour, she would begin walking.  The ranch house could not be that much further she had already come more than two miles.

As she waited she cursed herself and blamed her sister Linda for being in this predicament.  Linda had called early last week and asked if she could come out to River Bend to help out a friend. 

Linda, a veterinarian, had moved to Wyoming when she married.   Her husband Jake, a large animal vet she had met in vet school, had been born and raised in this area.  His family had been here for generations and had a large cattle ranch that abutted Lonesome Oak on the southwestern side. 

She was here to meet Clint Sampson. He had inherited the Lonesome Oak Ranch from a distant relative.  Her sister had convinced her that Clint Sampson needed her help.  Lisa had agreed to come here to meet him, discuss the situation and see what she could do.  Once she assessed the problem if it couldn’t be solved quickly she would refer the case to a local attorney.  While she was here she could visit with her sister and enjoy some much needed down time.

She saw a beat up truck coming toward her.  As the truck got closer she realized it wasn’t as old as it appeared- just mud splattered.  It slowed down and came to a stop.  Out stepped this gorgeous male specimen.  He was dressed in blue jeans that fit his long lean legs like a glove, a chambray shirt that was well worn and outlined his muscular chest and arms, boots that had long since been new and a Stetson pulled down low over his eyes. She was certain he would have a great butt too and couldn’t wait until he bent down so she could drool over that too. 

“Looks like you got yourself in a pickle here, Ma’am”, he said grinning.

“Ya think” said Lisa.  “I tried using my cell phone but there’s no service out this far I guess”

“It’s spotty at best, Ma’am.”  “Let’s see if I can wench the car a little further onto the road so we can get that tire changed”.

“I would appreciate that”. 

“If you don’t mind my asking, what are you doing out this way anyway.  There’s not much else out this way except the Lonesome Oak Ranch”.  “Are you coming to visit one of the ranch hands?”

“Not that it is any of your business, but I am here to meet with the owner, Clint Sampson”.

“Ma’am, no need to get snippy, you big city girls always have an attitude.”

“I am not a big city girl.  I grew up on a ranch much like this.  And, furthermore, I am not being snippy.” I’m sorry if you thought different.  It’s just that I have had a long drive; I am thirsty and tired and wanted to meet with Mr. Sampson before I went over to my sister’s place.  I tried calling but as I said I didn’t have any bars”. 

“I’m Lisa Davis and you are?”

“I’m Clint Sampson. It appears you get to meet me after all.  I had forgotten that Linda said you would be calling.  I didn’t expect you to come in person.  I am not even sure why I agreed to meet with you.  Your sister Linda is a very persuasive person.”

The next chapter can be found by following this link
Continue following the story by clicking  now
For more reading follow here
Finally, conclusion


Friday, July 20, 2012

A Spanko's Delight

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday and I will get his birthday spanking.  It will be the third one this week.  I am in spanko heaven.  The first was a lovely hand spanking - he just led me to the bedroom -no warning at all.  Love those surprises.  The second was a result of  Grace's blog list, she said she hated being spanked with the bamboo back scratcher.  So naturally, I told hubby we had to try it.  It was quite stingy especially on the bare. Must do it again.

Can't wait for tomorrow's surprise.  One thing I know, it will be a long one because hubby is pretty old. I'm pretty old too so I hope I can hold up (I don't think it will be a problem, I have a hard ass, or so I've been told.  Oh wait, maybe he meant I am a hard ass) The one thing I am sure of I will enjoy it and the "afterward".

Want to mention we have a new blogger in our "midst".  It's Minelle La Braun.  She has been commenting as herself for a while and was a lurker long before that.  She has written a story or two for New Beginning's Fantasy Friday  also.  If you get a chance, go over to her site and say "hey".

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pooky's Pop Quiz

Pooky  has this little pop quiz on her blog today and asked for responses. Here's mine.  

1.  Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?  All three volumes.
    Yes and Yes

2.  Have you read any other spanking fiction?

3. Did you start reading them before or after the 50 Shades?
    Years before

4. Where do you find your best books?
    Amazon, Blio, Kobo

5. Have you ever written any spanking fiction?
    Yes, short stories.  I post some stories  here but also send stories to PK for FF.

6. Do you follow  PK's Fantasy Friday?.  Have you ever written for her?
    Yes for years.  I actually wrote my first story ever for her last November.

7.  Have you read Clint's Bootcamp book?  Did you participate in it after purchase?
     No and No

8. Are you a reader IRL.  How serious?
    I have been an avid reader all of my life.   

9. Do you generally purchase your material, lend from a library or borrow from a friend.
    All of the above.

10. Are you likely to leave a review if you loved the book? Hated it?
      If asked I will always give an honest opinion.  

I hate it when people say


I saw this and it made me think of how often I've said that about others.  It also made me think about how often people told me how nice I was once they got to know me - including my husband.  LOL

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Times To Remember

Times to Remember

She met him when she was 18 years old and visiting her cousin.  Her cousin had set up the blind date with the friend of her boyfriend. She was in love or was it lust at first sight. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes with the longest eyelashes known to man.  His dark brown hair had chestnut highlights with a slight wave that dipped over his eyes.  He stood about 6”4’ and had legs that matched his eyelashes.  She had almost turned down this invitation from her cousin because she hated blind dates. 

He was going off to the Air Force Academy in two weeks. She was going back home in two weeks.  It seemed perfect except for the fact that they fell in love.  She transferred to a school in Colorado Springs so when he had time she would be close.  After graduation, they were married in the Chapel at the Air Force Academy and settled into life in Tampa, FL.  His first assignment was as a Strategic Analyst at Mac Dill Air Force Base. 
Being a military wife had its perks but it also had its downfalls.  As a junior officer his shifts were often nights and weekends.  She worked days and was off on the weekends, so for the first two years of their marriage they were like ships that passed in the night. Sherry took care of everything and Josh enjoyed letting her do it.  It was a role they had both settled into.

In the beginning of their third year of marriage things changed. Josh was promoted to the rank of Captain and was transferred to Pentagon.  Sherry was happy for Josh but hated leaving Tampa.  She loved the climate, her job and her gazillion friends but she knew what being a military wife entailed and so she put a smile on her face and began packing boxes.  The good part about his promotion was that they had relocation people to assist them with the move.

They settled into a cute house in Virginia. Sherry wanted to work but Josh didn’t want her to. At first Sherry was glad to stay home, however once things settled down she was bored to death.  She started looking for work and was offered a position at a large firm in Washington, DC.  She accepted the position without discussing it with Josh.  When he found out he hit the roof.  They went round and round.  He said he didn’t want her working and that was the end of that argument.  Sherry was apoplectic with his high-handed attitude and told him she would be starting work the following Monday.   He was so used to handing out orders and being obeyed that this situation was anathema to him. He expected to be obeyed once he issued an order. She told him he could issue all the orders he wanted at work but this was home and it didn’t work that way.  He said yes it did and proceeded to place her over his hip and spank her.  She was kicking and screaming obscenities at him.  When he was finished he simply stood her up and walked out of the room.

 To say she was surprised was an understatement. While he had occasionally given her a hard pop on her rear, their spankings had always been for fun and pleasure.   This was a first and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it.  On one hand it was humiliating to be punished like a child but, on the other hand she was as sexually excited as when it was part of their lovemaking. She loved his dominant personality; it was part of who he was in or out of uniform.  Loved it even more in the bedroom but wasn’t sure she wanted it to be part of their everyday life.  The question was “where did this go from here”?  Should I just ignore this as if it didn’t happen or should I make a stand?  She pondered this for several minutes while she stood alone in the kitchen.  A few minutes later he walked back into the kitchen and went to the refrigerator without a look or a word.   She realized that to him it was over.  He had issued an order and when it was not carried out he dealt with it. Problem solved.  The problem was this was home, not work, and as far as she was concerned the issue was not resolved.

She decided the better part of valor was to ignore it until she had come to a resolution in her own mind.  She left the kitchen, grabbed her purse and keys and went out the door. This particular problem wasn’t something you talked about to your girlfriend.  So the next best thing was retail therapy. It had always been a way for her to sort things out and besides she needed some new work clothes.  Her current wardrobe was suited to a warmer climate. The light bulb went on and she realized she had come to a decision.  She was going to go to work on Monday.  The only thing left to resolve was how she was going to deal with Josh.

She walked in the door with lots of shopping bags.  He was watching a baseball game on TV.
“Are there any more packages?”

“No, this is it.  I needed some new things for work.  I will need more but I will add items as the need arises.”

“I guess that tells me that my opinions don’t mean a thing to you”.  He said.

“Au contraire” she responded.  “They mean a lot to me and I would love to sit down and hash this out in a reasonable manner and not in the heavy handed way it was dealt with earlier”

He turned off the ballgame and said “I’m listening”

 She remained calm and resolute as she gave her reasons. She explained to him that he was gone all day and she was bored.  It wasn’t as if they had children.  She told him that if and when they had children she would quit her job and be a stay at home mom.  She also told him that she realized that at some point he would have an assignment that would take him out of the country.  If that happened now what would she do with herself with nothing to occupy her waking hours?  Did he want that?

He was quiet for a few minutes.  She could see his mind working.  When he finally spoke he told her she was right.  He was being selfish.  He liked the fact that she was there if he came home for lunch.  He liked that she was available to run errands and be ready at a moment’s notice if there was an event they needed to attend.  He said that what he would miss the most was their occasional “afternoon delight”. 

She melted and went over and sat on his lap and kissed him. She had decided that if he thought she needed a spanking occasionally that would be okay.  She figured by not making an issue of it would be a silent way of giving her consent to past and future spankings.

True to her word when she became pregnant a year later she quit her job to be a stay at home mother. 
Now here she was, years later, holding a graduation program stating that Lt. Col Joshua M. Hendricks, USAF would assist in presenting the new graduates with their diplomas. She knew what she was getting into when she married him and she had no regrets.  He looked so handsome and proud standing there in his full dress military uniform while he handed the diploma to 2nd Lt. Amanda S. Hendricks

Among her many wishes for Amanda was that she marry a man just like her dad.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Confessions of a Spanko

I have a confession to make. It takes a long while for me to “share” me. As you have probably figured out by now I am a little reticent in providing details about my spankings. First off, there are not nearly as many as I would like. Secondly, it is much easier to write about spanking when it does not involve me.  Maybe it’s because it seems a little silly that at my age I love being spanked. I love the stuff that comes after spanking even more and I can’t imagine ever being too old for that though. Back when I lurked I loved reading every detail the writer provided, still do.  But it wasn’t until I started writing a blog that I realized how difficult it can be to lay it all out there.

I admire all of you who are able to share the most private parts of your life in great detail.  Your openness has helped me to be more forthcoming but I don’t know that I will ever be able to be as open as some of you.  

So until then, I will continue to share jokes, informative facts, fictional stories, travelogues, aimless ramblings and the occasional spanking but not a lot of the “juicy” stuff.  I am amazed you keep coming by but I thank you for doing so.

And now here are some of those aimless ramblings:

Life is sexually transmitted.

Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Men have two emotions : Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospitals, dying of nothing.

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

Life is like a jar of Jalapeno peppers--what you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow.

Some real truisms there.    See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

PS:  I got a spanking today -  the wooden spoon got broken on my hard ass. The dancing was pretty great too. (see no juicy details)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Health Warning


I hate it when people forward bogus warnings,

And I have even done it myself

A couple times unintentionally

But this one is real, and it's

Please send this warning to everyone

If someone comes to your front door

Saying they are checking for ticks
to the warm weather
And asks you to take your clothes off

And dance around with your arms up,


They only want to see you naked.

I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid.

I bet this made you smile.  Have a great day and come back for more Aimless Rambling.  See you later.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What Do You Call It?

  • Another Truism:

    Women are Angels, but

    When somebody breaks their wings

    They simply continue to fly on a 


    Have a great weekend everyone.  See you later with more Aimless Ramblings.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Red Hot Fourth of July

The two couples had been friends forever.  Sandy and Liz were both  teachers and had met each other before Kevin and Ben were even in the picture.  When each had met their respective mates they waited a while before they got them together.  When it finally happened the guys were like two peas in a pod.  They bonded immediately and became a fearsome foursome.

They got together often, both together and separately.  The girls often shopped together and since they taught in the same school often saw each other every day. They shared recipes, books, gossip, some secrets and the same sense of adventure. The guys would often play golf on the weekends and then meet the girls afterwards and the girls almost always shared their adventures with the guys. Sandy was definitely the bold one and Liz often went way beyond her comfort level.  There were times when Kevin and Ben were aghast at some of the stories.
When their kids were older the two couples  decided to purchase a cabin in the mountains near their hometown.  Linden Lake had always been a getaway for them. They figured it would be a good place to get together with the older kids and eventually their families.  The cabin was very rough and both families spent their weekends and summers renovating it until it became a real home away from home. This was the first 4th of July they would be able to really relax and enjoy the holiday. The festivities included a short play,  parade, a craft fair and later in the evening fireworks over the lake.

The 4th of July parade was a tradition in Linden Lake.  The local service clubs put on a dramatization of the signing of the Declaration of Independence prior to the parade and then the actors would join the parade.  Most of the townfolk would also dress up in costumes reminiscent of the timeframe. 

Sandy, being a history teacher, was in her element with the Linden Lake Parade.  She decided she and Liz should dress up a little differently. One of the English Revolutionary War generals, “Gentlemen Johnny” Burgoyne, was always known to bring along “ladies of the evening” on his campaigns. She thought dressing like these "ladies"  would be so much more fun than the usual costumes people wore.  When she approached Liz with the idea, she was a little hesitant but was bulldozed by Sandy into getting aboard.  Neither of the girls shared the plan with their husbands. When Sandy showed pictures to Liz she blanched.  She knew that Ben would not approve of his wife being attired in such an outfit in public.   Sandy eventually convinced her it that the bathing suit she wore to the last pool party was much more suggestive.  Unfortunately, Sandy did not know the price Liz paid for wearing that bathing suit.  One of the secrets she didn’t share with Sandy was that she had received a good bottom warming.
On the morning of the fourth, the guys left early to start working on the parade set up.  The girls planned on arriving just before the parade began. The guys would save them a place in the viewing stands. They got quite a few hoots and hollers on the way to the stands. When Kevin and Ben saw their wives both their mouths were agape.  Kevin pulled Sandy down on the bleacher seat so hard she yelped.  He asked her what the hell she was thinking?  She explained to him what the outfit was about but he wasn’t listening.  He just kept lecturing that it wasn’t appropriate to wear at an outing for families. Once he calmed down a little, he had to admit to himself she looked pretty fetching but he wasn’t about to tell her that.  He told her they would finish discussing this later and was just getting up to leave when the parade started and they had to stay put. That is when they realized Dale and Liz weren’t there.

 As soon as Ben saw his wife he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the stands.  He never said a word to her as he led her to the car.   He still had not said a word to her on the way to the cabin.  She knew she was in trouble.  Silence did not bode well for her bottom.  When they reached the cabin, he opened her door and helped her out.  In the great room he led her to the couch and immediately pulled her over his knee.  Then the lecture began.  He must have lectured her for what seemed like hours while in reality it was probably only about ten minutes.  When you are upside down over your husband’s lap, time seems to stand still.  Finally, he began to spank her and he really let her have it.  She was squirming in no time.  The smacks continued to rain down on her behind as she kept asking him to please stop. When he was finished he kept her over his knee.  When she calmed, he helped her up, kissed her and told her he loved her but she knew better and he was very surprised she hadn’t learned her lesson after the bathing suit episode.  She told him she didn’t think it was so bad.  He smacked her bottom and asked her if she wanted more.  She told him no.  He said if she wanted to wear the outfit she could do it in the privacy of their bedroom.  She was told to wash her face, change and they would return to the festivities.

When they got back to town the parade was over and Liz was grateful.  Her bottom was in no condition to be sitting on the hot, hard bleachers.  They caught up with Kevin and Sandy in the parking lot.  Sandy asked Liz where they had gone.  Dale answered for her.  He said he didn’t like his wife in the get up and took her home to change.  Kevin remarked that was where they were headed.  They agreed to meet up later for lunch at the local outdoor grill.
After lunch, the two couples wandered through the craft booths.  At one of the woodcrafting booths there were all manner of paddles with cute sayings, like “Board of Education”,  “For Unruly Wives”, “For Bear Bottoms” “Attitude Adjuster”  and so on.   Liz tried directing them away from the booth.  Kevin smirked and said he was going to buy the one “For Unruly Wives” because it might come in handy. Ben leaned over and whispered  in Liz’s ear that her face was as red as her bottom had been earlier.  Sandy noticed the interchange but remained silent for the moment.

At dinner they decided to watch the fireworks from their deck instead of dealing with the crowds of people downtown.  It wasn’t quite dark when they returned and as they waited Sandy suggested they play a game of Truth or Dare. Sandy was always instigating and liked to find out everybody’s secrets.  She didn’t think there was any secret she didn’t know about Liz but after that interchange at the woodcrafting booth she wasn’t so sure.  This would be a good way to get the answers.

They all moaned at the suggestion but started to play nevertheless.  Kevin, Ben and Liz all had their turn and were laughing at the silliness of it all. When it was  Sandy's turn she posed her question to Liz. “What did Dale say that embarrassed you today at the woodcrafting booth?” Liz gave Sandy a look that would melt ice.  Sandy ignored the look and asked Liz again.  Liz still didn’t answer.  Kevin stepped in and told Sandy to pose another question.  Sandy said that wasn’t how the game was played and posed the question again.   Ben could see Liz was upset and said he didn’t want to play anymore.  He went out to the deck and Liz followed.

Sandy yelled out spoil sport.  Kevin told her that was enough.  She started to go out on the deck when Kevin stopped her and said to cool off and leave them alone for a bit.  She whirled around and told him she didn't like taking orders and she would do what she wanted.  Sandy went out on the deck and continued to tease Liz about being a spoil sport.  Finally, Liz had enough. She turned on Sandy and told her it was none of her business. Sandy wouldn’t let it go.  Kevin told Sandy that she was being an unruly wife and ruining everybody’s good time.  He told her to remember what he had purchased that day. She told him she remembered but he wouldn’t dare. He just grinned.   

Just then the fireworks started over the lake.  They all oohed and aahed  at the spectacular display.  They could hear the patriotic music playing in the background and it was a reminder of what this holiday represented. Sandy leaned over and whispered to Liz she was sorry she had upset her.  Liz squeezed her hand and all was well.

Next Sandy told Kevin she was sorry she had behaved badly.  When he reached in to whisper something, Sandy figured it was to tell her all was forgiven.  If it hadn’t been so dark, everyone would have seen her face redden.  What he told her was the fireworks were not over and that yes he would dare.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Win Her Love

Maybe we are not as complicated as we thought.

They have some great cards.  Have a great day and tune in tomorrow for more Aimless Ramblings.