Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day - 2018


This story is a retread.  I hadn't written a Memorial Day story but one of my older ones came to mind. Problem is I can't remember what I titled it so as I was scrolling through the list I came across this one.  It was titled Memorial Day 2016 so it's not that old but appropriate to the day with a little fun thrown in.  

Judy rolled over in bed in time to see her husband step out of the shower.  After thirty years, he still made her weak in the knees.  His black hair was tinged with grey now, but those steely blue eyes mesmerized her.  His body was still toned and muscular, and she marveled that he was hers and hers alone. 

“Hey handsome, come over here and let me feast my eyes on you.”

He turned around in a manly pose but didn’t come any closer.  “Honey, I’m already late.  I said I meet the guys for breakfast before we had to be at the staging area.”

“Not even time for one little kiss, pretty please,” she begged.

“Okay, I can spare time for a kiss.” When he reached over to kiss her, she pulled him down on the bed with her.

“Honey, I don’t have time,”

“Sure you do.  She touched him, and his manhood sprung to life.”

“No, I don’t. “  She slid her hand up and down his shaft.

“Does that change your mind?”

“No, it doesn’t.  Now stop fooling around, I’m going to be late.”  He tried getting up, but Judy wasn’t letting go. 

“Okay, enough of this.” He told her and he rolled her over and spanked her bare ass. At fifty-two years old, she still had a fine ass.  He loved spanking her, whether it be for funishment or to let her know he was still in charge.  This morning’s smacks were a mixture of both. 

Judy oohed and aahed at the first spanks, but as his hand spanked her harder and harder, she began squirming around and trying to get away.

“I thought you were going to be late.” She complained.

“I have time for this,” he said with a chuckle.

“This isn’t what I had in mind when I invited you over.”

“Too bad, so sad.”  He told her and spanked her a little harder.  “I’m having fun now.”

Even through her complaints, her body gave her away.  Her excitement glistened on her thighs.  He stopped spanking, gave her a quick kiss and rose from the bed.  He watched her wide-eyed when she realized he was not about to succumb to her charms – not this time anyway.

“I guess I’m going to have to rely on my ‘go to friend’ this morning,” she told him as she reached over and took her vibrator out of the nightstand drawer.

“You do, and you’ll get another spanking when I get back.  Suit yourself.”

“What were your words a few minutes ago, ‘too bad, so sad.’ He heard the vibrator start to hum and felt the hitch in the pants he had only donned seconds ago.  He couldn’t watch her because if he did, he would definitely be late.   He took the remainder of his things and left the room.

Jack was in the military.  He was due to retire at the end of this enlistment so this would be his last parade with his unit.  They had been through a lot together and today was especially important to him because they had lost a member of their team on their last assignment.  He knew he needed the support of his comrades today and was pretty sure they needed it to.

He and Judy were hosting a barbecue later that afternoon and they were all invited.  That was to celebrate all that was good in life, the parade was to celebrate fallen comrades and thank them and their families for the sacrifices they made.

His staff was already in the booth when he arrived.  They teased him, and he took it good-heartedly.  They all knew Judy and were jealous of their relationship after being married all those years.  They always asked him their secret and he would smile and say “Just keep it hands on,” and let it go. If any of them caught his innuendo, they never let on. 

Jack had grown up in the military and learned first hand that there could be only one leader.  His dad ruled the roost in their home, and although he didn’t know it for a fact, he suspected that his dad spanked his mom, at least early on in their marriage.  Based on a couple of stories they shared, it sounded like his mom was a handful and needed reining in occasionally.

When he met Judy, she was dating another guy in his unit.  She was giving this guy fits and when he’d complained to Jack, Jack told him he should either take her in hand or give her up.  He gave her up, and a few weeks later the fellow accepted a transfer overseas.  About a year later, he ran into her, and that was that.  She gave him fits too, but he told her early on that he wouldn’t tolerate her shenanigans and proved it by taking her over his knee whenever she got out of hand.

The first time he spanked her he wasn’t sure if he was going to end up being jailed and/or kicked out of the service.  She was a military brat and daddy’s little princess.  A temper trantrum allowed her to get what she wanted when she wanted.  Jack wasn’t about to put up with that.  What would happen if they had children?  She had to learn that how you acted as a child, didn’t work as an adult.  He proved it to her on a night she threw a temper tantrum because he had to cancel a date.  He had received an assignment, and when he told her, she began throwing things at him.  When a book grazed his ear, he took hold of her and upended her over his knee. 

She screamed bloody murder, but it didn’t deter him.  He lectured and spanked until his hand hurt.

“That’s what you can expect from me when you misbehave.  If you want to see me again, you’ll have to call me?” he told her before he left.

“Don’t be holding your breath, you brute,” she yelled at him as he walked out the door.


Well, she did call him and six months later they were married.  True to his word, she got spanked regularly at the beginning of their marriage.  Now it was mostly for fun and fun they had.


The parade ended and after the hugs and goodbyes, Jack left for home.  Judy had plenty of things for him to do before the guests started arriving but Jack told her they had some unfinished business.  She told him to go take a hike, she was busy.  He laughed and pulled her over his shoulder and carried her to his study.  Once there, he pulled up her dress, pushed down her panties and took her over his knee.  He opened his desk drawer and pulled out his ruler.

“No, no Jack.  Not the ruler. It will leave marks, and I will be wearing a bathing suit later.”

“I can’t believe this phrase is coming into use again today.  ‘Too bad, so sad,' you were warned, and you chose to not only ignore it but throw it in my face.  You’re getting this bottom reddened but good. It’s time I stop talking and start spanking.”  She felt the first swat of the ruler and the sound echoed around the room.  It stung like the dickens, and she sucked in her breath.  Before she was even ready, the ruler struck again and again on her bared flesh.

“Jack, stop please.” 

“I’m sorry, are you talking to me?”

“You know I am dammit.”  The minute the words left her mouth, she knew she was in deeper trouble.

The ruler came down in a steady stream of spanks, harder and harder.  Right cheek, left cheek and then five times in one spot.  She was wriggling around like a bead of water in a hot frying pan. 

“Stop, please stop.”

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Please stop sir.”

“I heard you that time.  A couple of more as a reminder.”  There were five swats on the lower half of her bottom and the last five on her thighs.  She howled when those were delivered.

“You’re a mean bastard, you know that.  That’s going to leave marks.”

He laughed.  “Keep it up girl, the ruler is still here in my hand.”  She felt him turn and put the ruler down.  He rubbed her back and rubbed a little of the sting out of her ass before letting her up

“So, do you want the real thing now or just your ‘go to friend?’”

“The hell with substitutes.  I want the real thing, I earned it.”

“That you did.”


Later that afternoon, Judy was out by the pool and he noticed she still had some faint marks on her thighs.  He smiled to himself and wondered if any of his buddies would notice and think about his statement “just hands on.”

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Monday, May 21, 2018

The Project

Happy Monday, again already.  Come on, someone has to be stealing some days.  It was a week filled with the usual stuff but some unusual stuff too.  My tried and true computer needed some help so I've been trying to get used to using a small one I bought for use in traveling.  It does everything but seems to be slower and I can't find everything.  Thank goodness, my baby is done and can be picked up tomorrow.  Seems the fan just plain wore out and was singing very loudly its despair.

Another awful school shooting took place here in the good ole USA.  Our politicians are blaming it on everything except the fact that guns are too readily available.  One moronic official in the state where it actually occurred suggested we could stop the shootings if there were fewer exits and entrances to the building.  Our tax dollar at work.

The bright spot of the week came with Harry and Megan's wedding.  Many here stateside got up to watch.  Some friends who shall remain nameless but live in the westernmost USA time zone got up and watched from 2:00 am on.  Me, I tuned in at 5:30 and managed to see some of it.  It sure was beautiful.  The love between the two just shines, doesn't it?  I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

After the wedding, a bunch of my water aerobic buddies got together to see a movie.  We went to see Book Club - it was a hoot.  Catch it if you can, you won't be sorry.  

Enough.  I still didn't have a story this morning and it being Sunday, I had to get to work.  This is what happens when you procrastinate too long.  You write drivel but it's free so I don't feel too bad.

Megan was trying to concentrate, her project was due tomorrow and it was nowhere near done.  She’d had plenty of time, five whole days but those days seemed to melt into each other until now it was the last day and she wasn’t finished. 

She woke early, finished all her usual chores and settled down to work.  Unfortunately, Harry (notice the names) her husband, was one of those guys who couldn’t keep still.  No matter where Megan went or how hard she tried to concentrate on the project, Harry kept coming in and out of the room breaking her train of thought. 

“When and where are you finally going to settle down?  Yesterday you said you had a few chores but then you were just going to relax.  You keep saying you’re finished but still moving around.”

“Am I bothering you?”

“As a matter of fact you are.  Today I can’t seem to block you out.”

“Where do you want me to go?”   Asking a leading question like that when Meagan was in this frame of mind was not a good idea.  She had to bite her tongue before she replied.

“I don’t care where you light, just please light.”

“Okay, but even if I do light, it doesn’t mean I won’t be back in five minutes.”

“Yes, I know but I need the space and quiet so can you please try.”

He huffed and puffed and the next thing she heard was the television in the next room.  Apparently, there wasn’t anything worth watching because blessed quiet settled in and she figured he took up his book. ‘Good, maybe now I can get some work done,’ she said to herself. 

She didn’t know how long she had.  He usually could only read a couple of chapters before his eyes would get heavy and if he didn’t get up and move around he’d nap.  Good for her, not good form him, because napping during the daytime interfered with his night’s sleep.  He had never been a good sleeper and now that he was older those trips to the bathroom cut into his sleep time even more.

Megan was able to get some work done before her mind started to wander.  She wanted a snack but was afraid if she got up and starting rustling around in the kitchen, soon Harry would be out asking what she was doing or worse yet complaining that he had given her space and quiet she needed but instead of working, she was looking for snacks.  The more she thought about the snack, the more she wanted one. She had cut up some watermelon in the morning and put it in the fridge.  If she was very careful she could get to it without making a sound – mission accomplished.  She settled down again when her cell phone went off.  Did she dare answer it? She did, luckily it was only a friend asking where she had found a particular item in the grocery store. Twenty seconds and the call was done. 

Back to work. 

Megan was almost in the home stretch when Harry came out to her workspace.  ‘In and out’ he said, ‘ don’t let me interrupt’  He grabbed a coke from the fridge and some snack back from the pantry and he was gone. True to his word, he was in and out.  The problem was, her thoughts had been interrupted and she couldn’t get back to work.  She sat there daydreaming, thinking about everything but the task before her.  ‘Maybe if I step away from it for a bit, it would help,’ she said to herself so she switched over her computer to Words with Friends.  There were always a couple of games going and she was sure it would be her turn on one of them.  

Unfortunately, only one person had played, so she was back to work.  Mind still wandering he got up and went to check on the sun tea, then watch to see if the baby bird came out of the nest in the back cactus, then, then, and then.

She was still sitting there staring at the very same computer page when Harry returned. 

“You’re back again,” she said to him.

“Yes, I am and you have been up rattling around so I figured I wouldn’t be bothering you if I came out to get another snack.”

“Well, you are bothering me.  I can’t concentrate with all the distractions.”

“You had all week to work on this project while I wasn’t around.  I’m sorry if you left everything to the last.  You do this every time.”

Megan could tell he was irritated by the tone of his voice yet she continued to harp on his interruptions. 

“I’m gonna fix this right now.”

He slid back her chair from the desk, pulled her up and sat down instead, taking her with him. 

Conveniently for him, she was wearing a dress which he hiked up, wedged her panties between her ass cheeks and lit into her behind.  Smack after smack resounded in the room as Megan’s backside took on a fiery glow. 

When he finished spanking her he stood up, straightened her dress and sat her back down in the chair with the command.  “SIT, and I don’t want to hear a peep out of you until the project is over.  Have I made myself clear?” he asked leaving the room and going back to whatever he was doing.

“Yes,’ she meekly replied. Her bottom was on fire but her fingers flew over the keyboard.  She hoped she hadn’t let him see her smiling.  ‘Now if I could only get him to do that more often, just imagine how much more productive I would be.’  

...if only maybe if this happened I would be writing more than I am.  Until then, see you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Climax

Hello - I've survived the first onslaught of an anticipated hot summer.  We broke a couple of records this week and I fear it has just begun.  Thankfully, now we have a reprieve of a few days of only 90's before we go back to the 100's. 

I did get a chance this week to finish off the story - well at least this part.  Who knows, there may be more of Diane and Charlie.

The beginnings of the story can be found here.

“I remember hearing or reading that someone wiser than me once said to always leave them wanting more.  I think that’s what I am going to do, Diane.  Leave you wanting more.”  He kissed the top of her forehead.  Now, are you ready for me to take you home?”

Diane was incredulous.  “You want to know if I want to go home!  You know damn well the answer was no, or at least it was when we started this conversation.  Now the answer is definitely yes because the evening seems to be over.” 

He laughed and said, “You are a brat, you know that.”

There was total silence in the car on the way to Diane’s house.  Charlie turned off the ignition and started to get out of the car when the light came on. Diane was already halfway out the door. “Don’t bother,” she said.  “I can take care of myself and I plan to do just that.”  

With that she closed the car door and bolted toward the front door.  Before she got very far, Charlie caught up to her.  “See here, little girl, you really do need to be taught a lesson in manners, because yours are horrible.”

He wouldn’t let go of her arm and steered her toward the front door.  He managed to get the keys out of her hand and unlocked the door, never once losing his grip on her.  He pulled her over to the couch, sat down, taking her with him.

Somehow he managed to pull down her jeans and placed her across his knee.  Diane started to fight and kick up her heels but Charlie tamped down her legs by placing one of his muscled thighs at the back of her knees.  Diane felt that nervous sensation in her tummy.   She had a feeling she had gone too far this time and was going to regret her quick temper.

Charlie could still feel Diane fighting him even though he had her pinned down.  “Behave,” he told her.

“Why should I behave?  Obviously, I’m going to get punished anyway so why should I behave?”

“Because it isn’t smart to thwart me when I have you just where I want you.”   His hand came down hard,  smack at the juncture of both of her cheeks.

“You wanted more, well girl that’s what you’re going to get.  Well, at least more of a spanking.”

His hand landed again and she couldn’t believe it actually felt harder than the first smack.  He began a volley of smacks, one right after the other, first on the right cheek, then on the left.  To her,  it felt like a thousand bees had stung her ass and she wanted it to stop.   Not only did it not stop, but he wedged her panties into her ass crack and now the smacks landed on her bare behind.  The spanks kept coming one after the other until Diane no longer felt the pain – her cheeks numb.  What she did feel though was the damp crotch of her panties and wetness creeping down her thighs.  It wasn’t only her nether regions that were reacting;  her nose was running, tears were streaming down her cheeks and the great gulps of air she was taking in fueled hiccups. Thoughts of how much longer she could endure this assault drifted through her mind, when suddenly she realized he was rubbing her back, not spanking her ass.  She sensed more than felt his leg release her from his grasp.  He continued stroking her back as she turned into him.  She nestled her wet cheeks into his chest and was content to just be for a while as the stinging pain in her backside subsided.

“Are you okay?”  he whispered into her ear as if there was someone else in the room.
She hesitated a moment before replying.  “Yes.”  He helped her up from his lap, holding her at arm's length.  “So, do you still want more?”

She looked at him quizzically, “more?”

“Yes, earlier in the evening you said you wanted more and when I asked more of what  you answered everything, so I’m asking you now, do you still want more?”

Her hand went to her bottom trying to rub she away some of the sting.  “More spanking, no, I don’t want more spanking.  I think I’ve had enough for tonight, but for other things, the answer is yes.”

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. 

Just as in old movies, the music becomes dramatic, the drapes flutter in the breeze and the screen fades to black.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Aimless Rambling

HOLA - It is Sunday afternoon here, on a very hot day (supposed to break the record of 106) and I'm sitting here thinking I have to write another chapter in the continuing story of Diane and Charlie.  Guess what - I just don't feel like doing it so I guess my muse is taking this week off.  I hate to break the cycle of Monday stories but it had to happen sooner or later.  There are always all my previous stories accessed my clicking Sunny Girl's Weekly Tales on the right.  It's not at all up to date but to some of you they may be brand new; after all, I've been doing it for years.

So what am I going to do with myself for the next few hours that I would normally spend writing, I'm going to read and maybe go to the pool and just maybe do absolutely nothing except contemplate the lint in my navel. Who says you have to fill up every minute of every day anyway?

Until next time, I live you with this.

Noah's Ark : Some lessons from Noah and his Ark:

ONE: Don't miss the boat.
TWO: Remember that we are all in the same boat!
THREE: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.
FOUR: Stay fit. When you're older, someone may ask you to do something really big.
FIVE: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.
SIX: Build your future on high ground.
SEVEN: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.
EIGHT: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.
NINE: When you're stressed, float awhile.
TEN: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.
ELEVEN: No matter the storm, there's always a rainbow waiting somewhere, and last but not least
TWELVE:  Stay on the top deck, you may get wet, but with all the animals on board, the lower you gom it's bound to get odiferous.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Charlie Gentry

Charlie Gentry was every woman’s dream.  At least it seemed that way when you were on the outside looking in.  He was more than handsome with his six foot frame, strawberry blonde hair and smoldering green eyes.  He was charming and personable as proven by his many awards from the community in which he lived.  So why was he still available?  It was a question I asked my friend, Gwen when she tried to arrange a meeting between us.  Sje had no answer.
Gwen had been trying to fix me up for months.  When I moved south to Taylorsville to be closer to Gwen and her family, it seemed her mission in life to get me married. I liked being single and being my own boss - I had a great job that allowed me to telecommute, my own home and time with Gwen’s children satisfied my maternal instincts  without the parental responsibility – I saw no need to change my lifestyle.   She pestered and harassed until one day when I saw a picture of Charlie Gentry in the paper, I told her if she could fix me up with him I wouldn’t say no. His picture appeared in the paper many times and that day there was his face again and the story about how he sponsored new uniforms for the local Pop Warner football team and I said yes.

Gwen was nothing, if not intrepid, and the following weekend I was faced with my saying yes to a fix-up with Mr. Charles Gentry. We were to meet for lunch at a local restaurant – daytime and plenty of people around  - it seemed fairly safe to me.  It was, except for the fact that my hormones were raging that day, I was practically gaga over Charlie Gentry before lunch was over.  I don’t remember a time when one man had such an effect on me.  I practically turned into a blathering idiot, hanging on his every word.  I don’t think I ate one thing because I kept staring into those bedazzling green eyes and oh so kissable mouth. 
Considering what a fool I had made of myself, I was quite surprised that he asked to see me again the following week. I immediately said yes and counted the hours and minutes until the following Saturday.  He hadn’t given me a clue as to what we were going to do, so I dressed casually in jeans and oatmeal colored cashmere sweater.  When I opened the door, there he was also dressed in jeans and oatmeal colored cashmere sweater – the only difference his was a turtle neck and mine just a crew neck to accommodate the scarf I planned on wearing.  We laughed together and I relaxed a bit.
 The relaxation didn’t last long. Once in the car and on the way to wherever he was taking me, I asked him to tell me about himself.
“I did that last week, remember?”  ‘No, I hadn’t remembered I was too busy drooling. Note to self, must pay better attention.’  Barely recovering, I told him I meant to ask him about his week.  I listened and tried to glean answers to the question I really asked – had no desire to look like more of a fool. I gathered from what he told me, he was some sort of engineer. I asked what I thought were intelligent questions and finally was able to change the subject.
He’d asked me if I liked barbecue and when I said yes he told me he knew this great place.  The place was a shack in BFE – the tables were a mixture of new and old, mostly old and covered in butcher paper.  The chairs were a conglomeration of whatever anyone else had thrown away – at least that’s what it looked like to me.  The one I sat in was so rickety I was afraid to move for fear of it collapsing underneath me.  An old lady, bent and weathered, who greeted Charlie by name, came to take our drink order.  I made a snarky comment and Charlie shot me a unpleasant look.  When I made another comment when our only choice was either beer or sweet tea, he asked if I’d rather we left.  I sat back and closed my mouth after that.  The drinks were delivered but I never saw a menu or had anyone return to take an order.  I mentioned this fact to Charlie and he told me to be patient.    My patience was about up when out came a huge platter of brisket, pulled pork and chicken along with a bowl of collard greens and fried potatoes.
“It’s about time.” I said in a voice loud enough for the server to hear.  Another scowl from Charlie.
The food was beyond delicious.  I didn’t talk much because I was too busy stuffing my face.  When I couldn’t eat another bite, I pushed my plate away.
“What did you think?’ he asked. “Was it worth the drive and the wait?”
“You’re damn right it was worth both.”
“Was it worth getting your butt spanked for being a brat?”
“Was it worth getting your butt spanked for being a brat, he repeated?”
I was speechless and this time it wasn’t because I was gazing on that beautiful face or kissable mouth, I was totally present in the moment and no words came to mind – only disbelief.
“Well,” he asked. “I’ve asked you twice and you’re haven’t answered.  That’s downright rude.”
“Sorry. Actually no I’m not sorry.  It’s not a question I’ve ever been asked so excuse me if I don’t have an answer.  Frankly, speaking of rude, I think the question is downright rude and it answers one of the questions I’ve had about you since the beginning.”
“Oh really, pray tell, and what is that?”
“Why you’re still available - because no woman, or at least none I know of, would put up with that abuse.”
“Hardly what could be called abuse,  it’s a spanking and how many women have you asked that question?  I don’t think it’s one that comes up sitting around while you’re gossiping about lord knows what.”
“You’re certainly right about the latter.”
“I take it the answer is no then.”
“You’re damn right the answer is no and I will pay for my own meal so you don’t have to feel obligated or left out because I didn’t take you up on your most generous offer.”
He laughed then.  “I get a lot of women to pay for their meal that way,” he said with a smirk.
“You’re despicable and if we weren’t out in the middle of podunkville I would see about getting a cab but,  since we are,   take me home.”
“Is that an order because I don’t respond to orders,” he told me.
“Neither do I.”  I grabbed for my phone to search for an Uber or Lyft to get me out of there.

Charlie watched as Diane tried to get a car or taxi to take her back to town.  He watched her kerfuffle and when he saw her deflate he stepped back in.
“ Diane,  do you really think I, as a southern gentleman would let you go home alone?”
“Wouldn’t let me, who are you?” And there she was all indignant again.  He loved watching her moods as they shifted from anger to complacent and back to anger.  He definitely knew what buttons to push and if she allowed him to see her again he knew just how to get to her. Oh yes, she was ripe for a spanking, he said to himself and he would enjoy watching her squirm while over his knee.
“Now calm down Diane, I’m just saying that even if you were able to get someone out here I would follow you home to make sure you got there safely.  It is the gentlemanly thing to do.”
“Oh,” she said;  “then is spanking a gentlemanly thing to do?”
“There is many a Southern gentleman that takes the well being of his lady to heart and many a southern lady that enjoys a trip over her gentleman’s knee.’
“I’m not a southern lady,”
“I know that but it doesn’t mean you might not benefit from or even enjoy the trip.”  He chuckled.  Diane had all she could do to not stomp her feet.  He definitely knew how to keep her dander up.
“So, Miss Diane, are you ready now to accept that you won’t be able to get another way home and allow me to take you to your door.” She hated that she had to give him but she’d not heard back from either Lyft or Uber and taxi’s didn’t come out that far for a one way fare so she was stuck.  She shook her head indicating yes.
“I’m sorry, did you speak.  I didn’t hear you.”   Diane bit her tongue.  “Yes, Charlie, I would love to have you take me home.”
“I thought so.”  At the car he opened her door and waited until she was safely inside before he moved onto his side of the car.  He was having difficulty hiding the smile that threatened to burst into out and out mirth.  She was so indignant – he was convinced that if a strong breeze came up it would snap her in half – that’s how brittle she looked.
Silence ensued on the way back to town and at her door she tried to get out of the car before he even turned off the ignition.  “Let me out,” she huffed. 
“I will, just wait until the car is off and I can unlock the doors.”  Charlie purposely didn’t release the child safety lock keeping her inside until he was around to her side of the door. He clicked the button and opened her door.  He tried helping her out and she jerked herself out of his grasp and practically ran down the walkway.
“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” he called out to her.  He couldn’t hear what she said but just the tone of her voice and the stiffness of her body told him it wasn’t the same sentiment.  He chuckled to himself and wondered how long he should wait before calling her again. There wasn’t any doubt that he would see her again.

At seven o’clock the next morning her phone rang.  It was Gwen on the other end wanting to know all the details of the previous night’s date.  “Let me call you back, I have to have coffee first.”
“That good, huh?”
“I’ll call you back.”  Diane brewed a pot of coffee and hit the shower before calling Gwen.  She was pouring a cup of coffee when Gwen called again.  “I can’t wait, details, I want details.”
“I found out why Charlie Gentry is still available?”
“Do tell.”
“He spanks women.”
“What?  Did he spank you?”
“No, but he threatened.”
“Oh….” she sounded disappointed.  Diane then gave her details of the previous evening.  “Can you believe that?” she asked Gwen when she was finished her story.
“I guess then you won’t be seeing him again.”
“Are you crazy, of course I never plan on seeing him again?”
“You know Diane, things are a bit different down here.  Maybe he’s right.  Remember, in Gone with the Wind Rhett threatened to take a buggy whip to Scarlett.”
“Gwen, that’s a novel and it was more than a hundred years ago.”
“I’m just saying and I’ve read many books where men either spank or threaten to spank women and I’m not just talking about FSOG.  I think it’s sexy and with someone as good looking as Charlie Gentry it seems even sexier.”
“Yeah, well then maybe you should suggest that to your darling husband.”  Gwen laughed.  “You know I never thought of that, it might be fun.”
Diane had almost forgotten about Charlie Gentry when their paths crossed again.  Diane was on a work assignment and had to interface with a member of the county’s engineering department.  When she was taken to the County Engineer’s office she blanched when Charlie Gentry got up from the desk to greet her.
“Hello, Ms. Randolph.”  He extended his hand and waved her to a seat.
Diane hadn’t know what to expect and was surprised he was being so professional.  Since he referred to her as Ms. Randolph instead of Diane, she decided on the professional route also.  “Helllo, Mr. Gentry.  I had no idea I would be meeting with you today.  Do you know I am writing a story on the structural integrity of the bridges here in Baldwin County?”
“Yes, my secretary mentioned that.  What do you want to know?”
“Specifically, how safe are they?  Many of the bridges were built by the WPA and are nearing their end date but there doesn’t seem to be anything being done.”
“I assure you, Ms. Randolph, our bridges will withstand the test of time. They are checked regularly and anything that needs to be done to ensure their integrity is or has been done.”
“Are there reports available for viewing?”
“Do you doubt my answers, Ms. Randolph?”
“I’m  a journalist, Mr. Gentry, we have learned not to just take someone’s word.”
“I’ll see to it you get what you need.  He rose from the desk and pressed a button on his phone.
“Ms. Daniels, will you please see to it that Ms. Randolph gets what she needs.
With that, he walked her to the door.  As I was about to escape the lion’s den he asked if I had given any thoughts to our last conversation.  I’m sure I turned red as a beet and when Mr. Daniels appeared, I virtually scurried out the door without answering. I was no sooner in my car as my phone buzzed.  When I answered, I heard, “You didn’t answer me.  Rude again.  Another reason a spanking might benefit you greatly,” and the phone went dead.
“Damn him,” I said to myself.  I got back out of the car and walked toward his office determined to put himin his place. Charlie Gentry watched out the window and smirked as he watched her storm toward him ready for battle.  “This is going to be fun.” He felt his pants tighten as he thought about her tight little bare butt over his knee and the rosy red glow he planned on applying.
He was quite surprised when she didn’t return to his office.  Diane Randolph was nothing if not professional.  When she walked back into the county building she immediately went to the directory and looked for the Office of County Supervisors.  She stepped into the elevator after she found the office number.  On the way up she thought about the wording she was going to use in her harassment complaint.  Charlie Gentry was way too big for his britches and Diane Randolph was going to put him in his place.
After giving her name to the receptionist and stating her business, she was told that any complaints about a department employee should be directed toward the head of the department.  When Diane said the person about whom she was filing the complaint was the head of the department, the receptionist asked her to have a seat.  A few minutes later  one of the county supervisors stepped out and invited Diane into his office. 
“Are you quite sure you have the name right Ms. Randolph.  Mr. Gentry has been an exemplary county employee and has always been above reproach.  We have never had any complaints about him from anyone including his employees. I don’t know if you know it or not, but Mr. Gentry is also very active in the community and there has never been a hint of scandal about him.” 
“I’m quite sure I know Mr. Gentry.  I wish to file an harassment complaint. “
“Okay, Ms. Randolph.  I will call the county attorney to see if he is available.  If he is, I’ll ask him to join us and we can get the details necessary to go forward with your accusation.”
“Why do you need the attorney?”
“Depending on the accusation, criminal charges may need to be filed.  It is best to have the attorney on hand to advise us.”
“No, no.  I don’t want to file any criminal charges.”
Ms. Randolph, sexual harassment is a serious matter and one that is not to be swept under the table.”
“I only want to file a complaint.”
“I don’t understand, are you or are you not accusing Mr. Gentry of sexual harassment.”
“Well, yes, but it’s not a serious complaint”
“Ms. Randolph, all sexual harassment complaints are serious.”
Diane stuttered while she contemplated where this was going.  She hadn’t intended thing to go this far. The man across from her continued to look at her and finally said, Well, Ms. Randolph are you or are you not filing a sexual harassment complaint.”
“Not the way you’re suggesting, Sir.”
“You either are or  you’re not.”
“Then, I’m not. “
“Ms. Randolph, maligning a person’s name under false pretenses is also a criminal offense.  I suggest you think twice about making these kinds of accusations again.” He stood up then and  Diane  practically ran out of the office.  She had no intention of things going this far.  Her only hope was that neither Charlie nor her boss learned of this episode.
She sat in her car for five minutes wondering what the hell was wrong with her.  She had let a man get so far under her skin that she stopped thinking rationally.  The comment he made wasn’t an actual threat,  it was offensive but would it constitute sexual harassment?  If her boss learned of this incident it could well be the end of her job.  And Charlie Gentry, considering how well liked he was in this town and his reputation as an outstanding supporter of the many charities and winner of the Citizen of the Year award, she would lose all credibility if he chose to ‘out’ her. She had definitely gone too far and didn’t know what to do to make it right.
Maybe she did deserve a spanking’ the little voice in her head said. 
Finally, she turned and  was about to pull out when she saw Charlie Gentry.  He was coming toward her in a very determined fashion and the scowl on his face told her he knew about her meeting with the county supervisor.
She would never have called herself a coward but when she saw Charlie Gentry coming toward her the only thought in her head was to get out of there and fast.  She didn’t want any confrontations right now.  She put the car in reverse and promptly backed into a vehicle that was in the parking lane behind her.  ‘Damn it. Was her first thought. ‘Now you did it, dumbass.  You’re not only going to have to come face to face with Charlie but have to deal with the person who’s car you just backed into.  Thank God, I wasn’t going fast enough to cause too much damage to the car or the driver.’  
She wasn’t quite finished unbuckling her seat belt when Charlie was at the car door.  She was glad it was locked because it gave her a minute to gather herself together before facing him and what she was sure would be the ‘angry’  car driver.
“What the hell did you think you were doing?” she heard the other driver yelling before Charlie said a word.
“I’m sorry.  I didn’t see  you.”
“How the hell could you not see me?  Did you even look in your rearview mirror because I’d be damn hard to miss in that truck?” the driver said as he pointed to his now dented vehicle.  Diane was appalled – the other vehicle was a tow truck and it was true she had never looked in her rearview mirror.  She was face to face with two angry men.  Her mind was racing and when her phone buzzed she quickly glanced down and saw the call was from her boss at the paper.  She could barely breathe.
The next thing she knew she was lying on the ground and those angry faces were above her asking if she was okay.  Too shocked and not knowing what happened she couldn’t answer and stared blankly.  Another face came close to hers and the strong smell of an ammonium inhalants brought her back to reality.  The stress of what had just happened caused her to faint.  It had happened to her often in her early years when she was confronted with situations that were stressful but it hadn’t occurred in years.  She was helped to a sitting position and assaulted with questions of her well-being.  Once she had recovered enough to suit them, they helped her to stand.   Still somewhat in a fog, she docily walked with Charlie Gentry as he began leading her away from the scene.  With each step, her mind became more and more clear.
“No, no. What about my car? What about leaving the scene of the crime?”
“Diane, I’ll handle it.” Charlie said in his most soothing tone.”
“Okay,” and then she remembered this was Charlie Gentry. “How are you going to handle it?”  He laughed then.
“No worries, Diane. Our personal issues will happen at another time and place.  Right now, I only want to make sure you’re okay.  My assistant will bring your car up to the building after sorting through and handling the particulars.” Diane knew she would be grateful but that niggling fear still hung back in her mind.
True to his word Charlie brought her to the reception area and sat with her until his assistant returned and handed Diane the keys to her car.  “All settled, Ms. Randolph.  Your insurance company has been called and notified with the information from the other driver.”  Since the accident occurred on private property, so to speak, there will be no charges.”
Charlie Gentry told his assistant that he was going to take Ms. Randolph home and asked that she follow them in his car.  “If that is okay with you, Diane.”
“Yes, I’m a little woozy right now and I’m not sure I’m fit to drive.”

Charlie drove her home without incident.  He was the perfect gentleman and Diane understood why he was so well thought of in the community.  She was still reeling from the details of the day when her phone buzzed again and she saw the face of her boss. 
‘Shit, I forgot about that,’ she said to herself. Expecting to be berated at the very least and fired at the most because of her harassment  complaint to the county supervisor about Charlie Gentry, she dreaded facing the inevitable but she immediately clicked on the phone anyway.  “Are you okay?” she heard her editor say.
 “I’m fine - sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.”
“Just so you’re okay.  Mr. Gentry’s assistant phone and explained about the accident.  What I was calling about was another story I wanted you to cover, but it can wait until tomorrow.  Take the rest of the day and we’ll  meet in the morning.”
Diane breathed a sigh of relief.  Apparently he didn’t know about her visit to the County Supervisor and she hoped he’d never find out.  Now all she had to deal with was Charlie Gentry.  Knowing what she did, she didn’t blame him for being upset – she had almost ruined his reputation over a trivial matter.   But angry or not, he had just helped her out of a real jam and in the most gentlemanly way.  He was a conundrum or was it her that couldn’t seem to separate the fact that he was a gentleman but that he could also think she deserved a spanking.
‘There was that niggling thought again.’  This time she felt a shiver as the thought of him giving her a spanking formulated in her mind.  ‘After all, how bad could it be?
Later that evening, Charlie called to check on her.  He asked if he could bring dinner by so that she didn’t have to think about fixing something for herself.  She told him not to go to any trouble she could always open a can of soup.
“A can of soup is not dinner.  Do you have a preference, if not, I thought I’d stop at Asian Kitchen and pick up some Chinese.”
“Why are you being so nice?”
“Because I am nice and I happen to like you, even if you have proven to be a handful.”
“Charlie, you have no idea and if you ask for references I’m sure you’ll back off in a hurry.”
He laughed.  “Chinese it is. I’ve always like a challenge.  I’ll be there in about thirty minutes.’
When he arrived with two very large bags filled with food she was ready.  She had spent her thirty minutes primping herself and the apartment.
“What did you do, buy out the menu?” She asked when she took the bags from his hand.
“I wasn’t sure what you liked and what we don’t eat we can always donate to the shelter.  Do you have anything to drink?”  Diane still had trouble realizing this guy was for real.
“There’s some beer and an open bottle of wine in the fridge. Is that okay?”
“What kind of beer?”
“The kind I drink. What you thought perhaps I might have stocked up on your preferred brand after reading up on you as background for our last interview?’
“There’s the feistiness I know and have come to expect from you.”
“Charlie, before you make me sorry about having you come over and I’m pretty sure you will, I want to thank you for today.  I really appreciate your kindness.”  He laughed.
“What are you laughing at?”
“You.  You seemed to except the worst of me.”
“You threatened to spank me.”
“I didn’t, I only asked if you thought your behavior earned a spanking.”
“Isn’t that the same thing?  Besides the second time you mentioned a spanking would be of great benefit to me.”
 He laughed again. “You’re correct and I still feel that way but I didn’t threaten merely mentioned my thoughts on the matter.”  There was that nervousness in her stomach again and something else – a certain wetness that was a telltale sign of her excitement.  She rolled her eyes.

“You know in certain circles, a rolling of the eyes is a punishable offense.”  He grinned as he made that statement and Diane wasn’t sure what to make of it but she damn sure was going to try and control that gesture.
“Start taking the cartons out of the bag while I get the plates and silverware” she directed Charlie.
“Bossy, aren’t you?
“I don’t think I’m bossy. “
“Your tone and words deceive you.  You are bossy.  Bossy is okay to a point – I like someone who stands up for themselves and is confident and secure.”
“I’m not applying for a job Charlie, or am I?”
He laughed that throaty laugh and the twinkle in his eye gave me the answer his words didn’t.
They sampled all of the foods that Charlie had brought and when they were filled to capacity, they boxed up the rest and Charlie got ready to go.
“Leaving already ?”
“I thought I would leave while we are still on good terms.”  It was Diane’s turn to chuckle.
“So, Mr. Gentry, how about we try this again some time?”
“Are you asking me out on a date, Ms. Randolph?”
“I can’t believe it, but I think I just did.”  He laughed.
 “I’d love to go out with you again. What did you have in mind?”
“I’ll pick you up at 7:00 sharp next Friday evening, is that good for you?”
“Indeed it is, Ms. Randolph.”  She walked him to the door and as he leaned in to give her a goodbye friendly kiss on the cheek when she threw her arms around him and locked him in her grasp.  Their lips met and melded into one scalding kiss. Diane broke away first – shocked by her own actions and the passion she felt.  “Remember, next Friday at 7:00.”
“Oh, I’ll hardly forget, that kiss sealed the deal.”  He started out the door and then came back in, took hold of her and gave her another passionate kiss.  He broke away first this time but not before landing a smack on her butt and left her standing at the door and wanting more.

Diane called Gwen first thing the following morning and relayed most of the new of the previous day.  Gwen listened as Diane prattled on about Charlie Gentry.  She was excited for her friend, it was the first time she’d seen Diane so excited about a man ever and after their last date had all but given up hope of their having a relationship. When Diane asked Gwen if she had any ideas what they could do, Gwen suggested they go with her and  her husband to their son,  Billy’s football game and then could go have some adult beverages afterward at Shep’s. 
“Do you think Charlie would go for that?” Gwen asked.
“Might be fun .  I asked him on the date so it’s up to me to come up with a plan, right?  Besides, I’d love for him to meet you and Greg.”
“Good, meet us at the game and we’ll save you some seats.  Oh, by the way, Greg and I did a little experimenting and all I can say is WOW.”
“What are you talking…..?”  Suddenly a light bulb went on in Diane’s brain. Her hand reached back to the spot Charlie had smacked the night before.  Her body trembled.  “TMI” she told Gwen.
“Just sayin.  It was definitely more than I ever expected and Greg is over the moon. He said he’s hasn’t seen me this jazzed in a long while.”
“I say again, TMI.”  She heard Gwen giggle.

The week dragged on, especially after her conversation with Gwen, Diane was anxious to see Charlie again.  He had been a savior through her accident debacle earlier in the week.  Diane’s car was not badly damaged but the repairs wouldn’t be done till the following week.  Charlie had handled everything like a pro so there wasn’t much for Diane to do. The accident occurred on private property, well country property, so she didn’t expect to be issued a ticket.  She was lucky because the accident was definitely her fault.  She also dodged a bullet because her boss hadn’t heard about her meeting with the county supervisor and she only hope that same supervisor would not tell Charlie. So far so good.

Finally, Friday arrived and Diane arrived to pick up Charlie promptly at 7:00.  He answered the door dressed in jeans that fit him like a glove, topped with a black Henley that fit his sculpted chest and arms like a second skin.  He grabbed a jacket of the hook near the door and thanked her for picking him up and being so punctual.  “Good Girl” was his comment. When she told him of the plans for the evening he said that was perfect .
The game was a nail biter right to the end – there wasn’t a lot of time for chit chat between Greg and Charlie.  Billy’s team won by a field goal in the last seconds of the game leaving them all in an upbeat mood.  Billy was off to meet his friends, so after goodbyes outside the locker room,  the adults agreed to meet at Shep’s. 
They were able to find a small table at the rear of the bar.  Diane couldn’t help but notice all the looks that Charlie Gentry received from the other female patrons. He went off to order the drinks and when he stopped to talk to one of the females that had been ogling him, the green monster rose its ugly head. When he finally returned to the table, Diane was in full agitation.
“It’s about time you came back.  Did you forget you had a date?” she barked at him.
“Diane, that was the daughter of one of my engineer’s, and no, I didn’t forget I had a date.”
Diane backed down but she was still annoyed.  When she and Gwen got up to go to the ladies room, Greg remarked to Charlie that Diane could be a handful.  “Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death. She’s not only my wife’s best friend but the godmother to two of my children. It’s just that she’s a little much sometimes.”
Charlie nodded.  “I noticed, but I think I might have a handle on that.  We’ll find out later tonight. If it works the way I want, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.  If not, it was nice meeting you.”
Greg chuckled.  As the girls approached the table both of the men stood.  As Diane slid by Charlie he whispered in her ear that she had better behave.  Those words sent chills down Diane’s spine. 
They spent a wonderful evening and Diane couldn’t help but notice that Greg seemed much more attentive to Gwen than he had in a long time.  When they finally decided to call it an evening, she watched as Greg led Gwen toward the door,  his hand firmly on her bottom and Gwen snuggled in closer to him.  She was so intention on watching her friend and husband that she hadn’t heard Charlie’s suggestion that they too call it a night.
“That was a fun evening, thanks for including me.  Gwen and Gregg  still seem to have that spark of newlyweds – they must have a secret.”  It was a good thing it was dark so that Charlie couldn’t see the blush on Diane’s face.  They walked out of the bar with Charlie’s hand guiding her toward the door – his hand placed low on her back, sending chills down her spine.
When they arrived at Charlies home, he asked if she was ready to call it a night.
“What did you have in mind?” Diane asked.
“I thought you might like to have coffee and some conversation about what’s going on between us.  I know you feel the connection too.  I’m not a play around kind of guy, if you think there’s a future relationship between us I’d rather set the parameters now. “
“What does that mean?”
“You already know.  I’m an old fashioned guy and I like to lead.  I realize that might be a problem for you.”
‘So you want someone you can control.”
“Not at all.  However, I do want someone who respects me and my wishes just as I would respect her and her wishes.”
“and  what?”
Charlie, don’t be dense.  You know what I’m asking.  If I do something that displeases you, what can I expect.”
“ I’m a pretty reasonable guy but there may be times when I think a damn good spanking might clear the air.  For instance, if we were already in a relationship you could expect a good bottom warming for that stunt at the county superviso’rs office the other day.  Actually, you’ve already racked up quite a few in the short time I’ve known you.  So I want to be crystal clear right from the beginning.”
Diane was silent as she processed all Charlie had said.  After a few moments, she looked him straight in the eye and told him she had given some thought to that very thing since their very first date.
“I’m here, so obviously you’re willing to give us a chance, all positions on the table.”
“Should we start this relationship with a clean slate, then?”
“You mean you want to spank me tonight?”
“That’s exactly what I mean.”
“How would that work?”
“Something like this.”  He led her out of the car and to his front door.  At the living room, he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately before leading her to the couch and draping her over his knee. 
“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” she said.
“We can stop right now Diane, it’s your choice.”
“No, let’s get this over with.”
He wasted no time in bringing his hand down on her bottom.  She ‘oomped’ at the first contact of his hand to her ass, but she stayed in place.
“Are you alright?” 
“So far.”
“Okay, here goes.”  He was careful to keep himself in check.  The spanks he delivered were not nearly as hard as he was capable of delivering.  After ten relatively  hard spanks, he could  feel the heat through her denim clad bottom. 
“Are you okay?”
“Yes, I think so.”  He stood her up then. 
“My first spanking is over.”
“For now,” he told her.  He took her in his arms and kissed her.  She melted into him.
“Charlie, I want more.”
“More of what Diane?”

“More of everything.