Sunday, June 30, 2013


Can you believe that half of this year ends today.  Make the best of what is to come.  Enjoy the day.

As I mentioned in my last post, it is "hotter than a pepper sprout" here and even more so where we are headed. In view of that, we decided to delay our trip for a few days.  Granted it will be hot but 103 is better than 123 for us and for the vehicles.  We tend to get a little crotchety and you all know where that leads.  Not necessarily a bad thing BUT...

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Hotter than Hades

It's hotter than Hades here.  Over 100 degrees.  I think it's getting me ready for Arizona.  I'm anxious to see our friends but  not anxious for the terribly hot weather they have there.  Granted, there is no humidity like there is here, but anything over a hundred is hot, no matter what.

Last night we had some great food.  My brother likes to cook too and together we made a great meal for family and friends. We started with grilled jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. The   Louisiana Red Fish he caught last year was also grilled cajun style, accompanied by parmesan crusted green tomatoes, yellow rice and, of course, ice cold beer.   OMG it was so good, we all sat around rubbing our tummies.

Tonight we are off to Babe's, a really great friend chicken place.  I love it and since we won't be back here for a  while, I need to get my fix.  The other day another nephew came into town so we all trooped down to Christina's our favorite Mexican food place.  Getting them all in before we take off.

I spent yesterday packing away all of the things that need to be stowed. It's hard to believe we have been here just over three months.  Time sure flies when you're having fun.  

Speaking of fun, we haven't done much dancing lately.  Things are getting dusty again, and at our age, you have to keep things oiled otherwise they get rusty so we are going to have to fix that very soon.  

We are on the road in the AM, going to miss this beautiful place with all the green, heading to BROWN country.  The good news is California is just around the bend and it's a little greener, at least where we are headed.

So glad to hear that Emily is on the mend. Continued good wishes to Jim, Christina and her family and prayers for a speedy recovery.  It was wonderful to see us all banding together for a common cause after the fracas of THE ARTICLE THAT SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Identity???

I bet you were all surprised when you dropped in on Ana's site yesterday, looking for  my  FIKA interview. No, I haven't changed names and although I do have another identity,  it is not Penelope Jones.  Penelope Jones, a  gifted writer and one of the writers that participated in the Spankee Doodle Dandy blog hop was the featured guest on this week's FIKA.

When Ana invited me she said she just happened to have a slot come up due to a cancellation. I was given the okay to go ahead and announce I would be her guest on Monday, June 24th. The posts were scheduled to appear on Sunday and Monday and then I went out of town and off line.  I didn't get Ana's message that Penelope Jones would appear on Monday after all until I returned late last evening and after the fact. 

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but Ana assures me my interview will be next Monday.

On another much more serious note,  I just learned of  the illness of Jim and Christina's daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with them now and in the days to come.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings

Monday, June 24, 2013


They walked along the beach hand in hand.  This vacation was the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.  They had been together for years but he worked in a profession that had him away from home every other month. Their kids saw their dad as a part time visitor in their home because their mom took care of everything.  They looked to her for all their needs and over the course of time she became the controlling partner in their marriage.  It worked and when David came home he didn’t have to do a thing.  He became like one of the kids, except for the sex part.  Six months of the year they were like bunnies but for the other six months she had her “friend”.  Eventually, their sex life dwindled too. 

That all changed last year when he suffered a heart attack and decided that life was too short to continue living that way. While he was recuperating, he and Monica really talked for the first time in years.  They had never talked about anything in depth – there was never enough time. For the first time, he realized that although his job provided a good living for his family what they had really needed was his presence in their lives.  He hoped it wasn’t too late for his marriage because it was too late for the kids.  The kids were not kids anymore, at 20 and 24 they were grown.  Marla had graduated from college and moved to Seattle with her new husband.  Jason, the brain of the family, was doing an accelerated college program and was in school but for a couple of weeks each year.  Once he graduated he would be off on an undersea exploration vessel that specialized in Marine Biology. 

If anything good could be said about having a heart attack, his timing was perfect.  For the first time, Monica would have been all alone in the house during his month long absences.  She had really suffered from Empty Nest Syndrome once Marla was gone. His attack occurred on the rig.  He was flown to a hospital and once stabilized, transferred back to the states and sent home to recuperate.  Monica once again assumed the caretaker role she knew so well. She was in her element.

This worked well for the first two months because David needed her care and he was used to letting Monica take charge.  That's when he decided to take an early retirement from his position.  At first Monica was thrilled.

Then, little by little, David started making decisions.  Monica, who had always been the decision maker, did not take to this new “David” very well.  They disagreed and argued like they never had before.  Their time together had always been so limited that by the time they would start to get on each other’s nerves it was time for him to depart for another stint.  This cycle was forever broken and they had to come to a new arrangement. 
David decided they needed to get out of their usual routine and take an extended vacation.  He suggested they go spend some time at the beach cottage.  He had inherited this cottage from his family and they always spend summers there, whether he was with them or not.  They were all beach rats and she thought it was a great idea.

It was on one of their walks that Monica brought up how she felt about David taking over things that had always been left to her. She told him she felt hurt and asked if he thought she hadn’t done a good job.  He explained that she had been more than competent and had raised two wonderful children and now it was time for her to “retire” too. He told her he had been thinking about this for some time and that he should take on some of the responsibility he had ceded to her years back.  He thought this would help their marriage.

“What’s wrong with our marriage” she asked.

“We live more like siblings than husband and wife.  At least when I used to come home before we had a sex life; the last couple of years it seems like we had sex the first day home and then right before I left again. Now, it is non-existent”

“You’ve just suffered a heart attack”

“Don’t use that as an excuse.  You know very well the doctor said I was fine and could go back to leading a normal life.  That was months ago. It just seems to me if I took on more of the responsibilities you would have more time for us.  Maybe you’ll see me as  “Man of the House’ instead of just another member of this household that needs to be cared for.  I am not one of the kids or one of our dogs, I am your husband and your lover, I want to act like one and be treated like one.  Does that make sense to you?”

“It makes perfect sense and together we will find a way.  This is a good start.  I promise I will try to be a better wife to you”

“Honey, you’ve been the perfect wife to me.  I am home for good now and I want the rest of our life to be different.  I want to take on more of a leadership role – have you to lean on me for a change. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. I realize it isn’t easy for you to let go.  I am sure there will be more bumps in the road ahead, but we will make it because the one thing we have going for us is that deep down we love each other. In my eyes you are still the same sexy girl that stole my heart and you still have it”.

 “Thank you and I will try, I promise.  You might have to keep reminding me and give me a nudge once in a while, though”

“I have a solution in mind” he said, giving her a wink and a sharp slap on her rump.

The rest of their time at the cottage was spent finding a way back to what they once had.  Monica shopped in the local village and bought some sexy lingerie.  David visited online adult stores and ordered a couple of toys. Their sex life had definitely improved. They were laughing with and at each other and enjoying their new togetherness.

When they returned to real life, Monica tried.  When he didn’t do it quite the way she expected, she let him know and would often try to take over.  David stayed strong.  He would firmly tell her he would handle things. There were several times when he had almost lost his patience with her and vowed dire consequences but all in all things seemed to be going fine.

One morning David awoke to lots of clanging and banging.  When he went downstairs he could see ladders up against the kitchen windows. He went outside to find out what was going on.  There was Monica standing there talking to one of the workers.

“What’s going on Monica?"  He asked. 
“These are the guys who are going to paint the house.  Remember we talked about this.” she replied.

He spoke to the lead painter and asked him to not start anything yet.  He then asked Monica to join him in the house.

“You hired the painters,” he said in a voice calmer than he felt.

“Well, time was marching on and you hadn’t done it, so I just got a couple of bids and now you don’t have to worry about it” she answered defensively.

“We agreed I was going to have the final word on big decisions, did we not?”

“Yes, but you didn’t make the decision so I did.”

“Well, I just made a decision.  You can go out there and tell them they will not be painting our house until I have a chance to check their credentials.” he told her sternly.

“I most certainly will not.” She stomped her foot for effect as she replied.

“Either you do it, or I will and if I do it you will not like what I have to say.” he told her.

Monica did not budge.  He grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door with him. He spoke to the boss and told him that his wife had no authority to hire them and he was sorry but until he checked out their credentials they would not be painting his house.  He thanked them  and apologized for the mix up and to send a bill.  When Monica heard what he said she turned all shades of red.  He fully expected to see smoke coming out of her ears at any moment. She pulled free and stormed into the house slamming the door behind her. He decided to give her some time so he went for a walk.  Her attitude would determine his next step.  If she just let it be, he would just lecture.  However, if she was looking for a fight, he had something else in mind.

When David had made his online purchases, one of the items was a small leather, hand stitched paddle.  They had tried using it a couple of times during their sexual play but Monica was not a big fan.  He had put it away thinking that it might come in handy some day, especially because she did not like it.  Today might be the day. 

Monica wasn’t in the kitchen when he got back to the house.  He found her in the bedroom furiously cutting the legs off of a pair of his jeans.  He looked at the floor and saw several more pairs that had already been destroyed.

“I am cutting off these pants at the knee just like you cut me off at the knees out there.  I was so humiliated.  How dare you tell him I needed your authorization. You do realize he is going to charge us for the paint he’s already purchased and his time, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do realize that and I am going to take it out of your hide.”

He walked over to his nightstand, pulled out the paddle and asked her if she remembered it.  She told him she had and that she hated it.

“Exactly,” he said.  “That’s why I am going to put you across my knee and paddle your behind until you get the message that I am in charge.  Now we can do this nicely or you can make it difficult, but either way it is going to happen.”

She looked incredulous.  He reached over, pulled her over his lap and began lecturing her.  He swatted her a couple of times, then stopped, lectured, then spanked again.  She tried to get up but he told her they were not finished.  He pulled down her jeans and gave her a couple more swats with his hand.  She was really struggling now, he could see her sweet little ass turning a bright shade of pink.  But he wanted to make this memorable because he wasn’t sure he would have the resolve to do it again.  He picked up the leather paddle and really started reddening her backside.  When she stopped fighting him, he stopped spanking.  He kept her in place until she quieted.  He lifted her up and hugged her; he was surprised when she hugged him back.  He was even more surprised when she kissed him and said she was sorry. 

When she spied the paddle on the bed she asked him to get it out of her sight.  She told him she hoped she never saw it again.  He told her he hoped so too but that would be up to her.

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Friday, June 21, 2013



Cactus come-ons.


Have you had a chance to check out Spankee Doodle Dandy?  There are some great stories there and a chance to win some terrific prizes.  If you don't know about it, click the gadget on the right and it will take you right where you need to be to get started.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013





Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Talk about Rambling

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Texas, at least in our little part of it.  There was another thunder storm the night before so the air was fresh and clean and was that bright blue with white puffy clouds.  Warm with no humidity and a very gentle breeze.  Absolutely perfect.  The only thing missing is a beach. Love those beaches.  We will be doing that in just a little under a month.  

Speaking of beaches, I just finished reading a book  The Beachcomber's Love, by Abigail Armani.  its a story about finding romance and  love.  Greg is a freelance writer whose hobby is beachcombing and one day he finds more than shells.  Very sexy and a good summer read. It 's available on the LSF site ( link at top right of page) or through Amazon.

This weekend we are going to friends so Ray can do some bass fishing.  He tried this a couple of weeks ago but had no luck one day and the next day there were whitecaps on the lake.  It will be his last chance til' next year because the following Friday/Saturday we take off for Arizona.  That means grandsons are only about 20 days away.  Can't believe #1 is already 13.  I keep teasing him about girlfriends and he doesn't answer.  He does do a lot of primping though.  lol

Things have been pretty hectic this week but one day we actually had a couple of hours of alone time and made the best of it.  Some of those moth-free implements got aired. Lovely. BTW, a couple of people asked about a doggin bat.  Here is a pic, it's easier to show it than to describe.
Doggin bat - Bat

The first one is from Eden Fantasy, the others are just pics off Google Search.  I think we purchased ours from Spartacus and it looks just like the one from Eden Fantasy.  It really is one of my favorite implements.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Move

Jack was on his way to pick up his sister from the airport.  She was coming to scope out the city and to seek employment opportunities.  She was newly divorced after a long separation and wanted to start anew.  They had been raised in a small town in Iowa and Karen wanted to try life somewhere else.

Jack had moved to Baltimore years ago and had made a great life for himself.  He purchased an old house in a great neighborhood thinking he would settle down, find a lady and raise his family.  So far he had not found just the right lady and so here he was, in suburbia, with a huge house and no one except him to roam the many vacant rooms. When Karen told him she wanted to make a fresh start he suggested she come visit and see what she thought.  It might be the perfect fit for everyone.

Karen loved what she saw.  When she saw the house she was charmed beyond belief.  It was such a pretty house on such a beautiful street and the surrounding area looked just like a movie setting.  He told her he was glad she liked it and she would be more than welcome to move in with him.  She told him that would depend on a lot of factors but she thanked him for his generosity.

Two days later Karen was interviewing for a paralegal job with a large law firm downtown.  This job would be a godsend for her and go a long way to establishing a new beginning for her and the kids. As she was leaving the building she bumped into a man just coming through the door.  The papers he had in his hands were now all over the floor.  She was so apologetic and helped him to retrieve his belongings.  He told her not to worry he was preoccupied and not paying attention.  She told him the same thing.  They laughed.  He invited her to join him for a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.

“I would like that and it’s my treat. It’s the least I can do after spewing your papers all over the lobby” Karen said.

“Not necessary” he said.

“Maybe not, she replied, but I am still going to treat”

“Oh, one of the independent type city girls” he replied.

“Thanks for the compliment” Karen said

“What do you mean, said Rey

“Well, I am just visiting the city.  I’m from a small town in Iowa.  My brother lives here and invited me to come take a look because I wanted to make a fresh start.”

He told her that was great info but he still didn’t know her name.  His name was Reynolds Johnson and that his friends call him Rey.
OMG, she said.  Reynolds Johnson of the law firm Reynolds Johnson & Associates”

“Yes, my fame precedes me.  I don’t know if that is good or bad” he said.

She told him she had just been interviewed for a paralegal position at his law firm and that was why she was in the building and wool gathering when she bumped into him. 
“Are you any good at your profession?” he asked.

“I would say I am very good.  I have been doing it for a long time” she answered

“I like that. Well then, once I get upstairs I will check on your application.  But first, you really will have to tell me your name.”

“I am Karen, Karen Blake Sorenson” she said laughingly.
That evening they had dinner at a waterfront restaurant and Karen told him all about her interview and then meeting Reynolds Johnson in the lobby.  Jack laughed and said she had bumped into the most eligible bachelor in the city.  He had been widowed two years ago and he  was raising his two children.  Karen told him all she was looking for was a job. On the way out of the restaurant Karen and Jack were waiting for the valet when another car pulled up.  Reynolds Johnson and his two children stepped out. 

“Twice in one day Ms. Sorenson” he said.

“Must be my lucky day, she replied.

She introduced Jack to Rey and Rey in turn introduced both of them to his two children. When Jack’s car was brought up Karen said it was nice seeing him again and meeting Dani and Dennis and stepping into the car added:  “I hope I’ll be hearing from you soon”.

Rey smiled and put an arm on each of his children and walked into the restaurant.
Two days later Karen interviewed for another position and was offered the job on the spot. She readily accepted the position.  She called Jack and told him the good news.  She would be flying back to Iowa the next day because there were tons of things that needed doing within the next two weeks.  
When Karen landed there was a message waiting from Jack. He told her Reynolds Johnson had called for her. She called Jack and said she had talked to them this morning and told them she had accepted another position.

“No, Jack said.  “Reynolds Johnson personally called, not his office.  I told him you had flown back to Iowa today.  I just wanted to tell you not to be surprised if he calls you”

Sure enough there was another message.  She called and was surprised when Rey answered the line.

“Hi Rey, this is Karen Sorenson returning your call. 

“Hello Karen, where am I catching you?

“Actually, at the airport.  I just landed back in Iowa”.

He told her he wanted to call her personally to tell her the position had been filled.  He told her she had excellent qualifications but they had re- hired someone who had previously worked for them.  She thanked him for getting personally involved and told him she had already accepted a position at another firm and that was why she was back in Iowa.  She needed to move her children and household to Baltimore within the next ten days.

He told her when she got back to town to give him a call because he wanted to buy her dinner.  He felt he owed her that much.  She told him it wasn’t necessary.

“Maybe not, but I want to do it anyway” he told her.

The move went very well considering how quickly it had to be done.  Jack was gracious enough to move upstairs so that she and the kids could have the downstairs. Jack had his own entrance providing privacy for any overnight guests. They would only share the kitchen and Jack said he never used it that much anyway.  She was able to get the kids enrolled in the local “Y” program for the remainder of the summer and for after school once the summer was over.  She could drop them off and pick them up on the way to and from the office. Things were really falling into place and she was thrilled.

Karen started her new job that following Monday.  It was a large firm and a lot of opportunity for her.  She was so busy the first week just flew by.  There was a company picnic that Saturday and she thought the kids would love it.  While she was play softball she lost a bracelet that was a family heirloom.  The sentimental value far outweighed the monetary value but it was something she treasured.  She had everyone looking for this bracelet to no avail.  She left word with the park staff and even offered a modest reward for the return on the bracelet.  Two weeks went by and she decided to post ads on several local bulletin boards.  She received many responses as a result of these ads.  One of them was from Rey Johnson.  He told her he had seen the ad and recognized the phone number.  He chided her for not telling him she was back in Baltimore and then gave her a lecture about placing an ad with her phone number in such public places.  He told her that might have been fine in the small town in Iowa but not in a large city such as Baltimore.  He went on and on and when he was done she felt thoroughly chastised.  She hadn’t received such a dressing down since she was a little girl. She told him she hadn’t given it a thought because she hadn’t included her name and thanked him for his advice.  He said he was probably overreacting but you couldn’t be too careful these days.  She liked how protective he seemed, not only now, but since she had first met him.  When he asked her to dinner she told him yes but she would have to find someone to sit with her kids.  He suggested she come to his house for dinner and bring the children with her.  It was a way for the children to become acquainted.  She said yes and they made plans to meet the following Saturday.

He lived in a gated community and when she was buzzed in she was led to his house that overlooked Chesapeake Bay.  There was a circular driveway leading to a three story brick house. Rey and his children were standing on the porch as she pulled up.  She felt a little intimidated by the neighborhood and this house but Rey put her and her children at ease immediately.  He introduced himself to her children and then his children to her.  As they walked in the door, he put his arm around her waist and led them through the house to the back deck. She experienced a tummy tingle at his touch – something she hadn’t experienced for quite a while.   He had hor’s d’oevres and cocktails for them, and kid friendly snack food and lemonade for the youngsters. All the kids immediately took off to the dock leaving Rey and Karen to themselves.  She thanked him for being so thoughtful to include her children. 

“I figured if  we were going to date we might as well get the kids used to each other.  If something comes of our date, terrific and there’s no pressure later on of getting to know the new guy or gal; and, if not, at least the kids have made some new friends”.

“So, should I consider this our first date”.   She asked him.

“That’s exactly what you should do”, he responded.

He barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, had made a green salad with strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It was perfect; they ate outdoors and watched the lights of the city and then all went inside for a rousing game of Chinese checkers.  When it came time to leave, he told the kids how much he enjoyed meeting them and gave Karen a brief kiss on the cheek.  She could feel the heat on his lips and knew she wanted more, much more from this man.

On the way home the kids chatted constantly about how much fun they had.  “Did you have fun too Mom and can we go back again?”

“I think that is a distinct possibility” she told them with a great big smile on her face.

They continued to spend time together, sometimes with the kids sometimes without.  He treated her and the children wonderfully.  He was definitely a good dad but could be a bit of a hard taskmaster.  He expected things a certain way and she noticed that he brooked no sass or misbehaviors in the children.  There were ground rules to be obeyed and when they weren’t, the children would find themselves without privileges until he deemed they had learned their lesson.  He never interfered with her children in that manner but would raise an eyebrow when he felt they were out of line.  He even took her to task once in a while but she didn’t think anything of it until one day she threw a temper tantrum about something he said to one of her kids.  He directed her out of the child’s hearing range and told her he didn’t accept that kind of behavior from his children and he certainly would not accept it from her because it set a bad example. He was a Class A lecturer and she just wanted him to be quiet.

“Don’t chastise me like I’m a child, I’m a parent”

“Then act like a parent”.

She stomped her foot and as she turned around to go back to the kitchen he delivered a swat to her fanny. 

“What was that?” she asked

“It was a small sample of what I would really like to do right now”

“And what is that?”

“I would like to take you over my knee and spank the daylights out of you for acting like such a brat”.

That stopped her in her tracks and left her speechless.  She wasn’t sure how to react to that statement.  She was saved when his daughter walked in and asked her dad a question.  Karen took this opportunity to gather up the kids and said they were leaving.

Once she was home and the kids were settled she started thinking about what he had said and the behavior that had led to his statement.  She knew she didn’t like the idea of anybody correcting her children implying that she was a bad mother. He had not done that but this was a sensitive topic because it was something her ex-husband always threw up to her in their arguments.  She realized she had over reacted and felt bad about how she had handled things.  Maybe he had the right idea.  Maybe she did deserve a spanking.  The idea wasn’t abhorrent to her.  If she was honest, the thought of being across his knee was a little exciting. She needed to apologize.  He was probably even more upset with her because of the way she left but she didn’t think she could take any more lectures tonight.  So instead of calling she sent him a text message that she was sorry and that maybe he was right.

She expected him to text back and when he had not done so before she went to bed, she wondered if she had ruined her chances for a future with Rey.  She tossed and turned all night. She still hadn’t heard from him that morning and when noon rolled around and no message; she felt heartsick.  When she left work that evening, he was standing by her car.  Her heart leapt.

“We have to talk”.

“I know, but right now I have to pick up the kids”

“I called your brother and asked if he would be available to do so because I had planned a surprise for you”

“How dare you be so presumptuous?”

“And this is just one of the things we are going to talk about”

They drove to a small quiet restaurant and settled into a booth in the back.  It was a little awkward at first but once Karen had a few sips of wine she found her voice.  She told him she had thought about the events of the previous evening and realized she had overreacted.  He told her she definitely had and he apologized for the smack on the fanny but that she had him so riled it was just a natural reaction.

“I’ve thought about that too Rey and you may just be right.  I have a quick temper, it doesn’t last but it flares brightly for a while” her face reddened as she said these words.

“Are you saying you think you deserve a spanking sometimes?

“Yes…….that’s what I’m saying and sometimes I really would prefer it rather than listening to one of your lectures.”

He laughed and said “Well, I am a lawyer and I would have to take that under advisement, but I think you have just named your own sentence”.
Three days later, the sentence was carried out.  Karen had her first spanking from Rey.  It was memorable. What was even better was there was no lecture and there was great aftercare.

She never did fine her bracelet but somehow it didn't seem to matter, she had found so much more.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day


Make it a great day for all the dads out there.  

Tune in tomorrow for another new story.  Until then, see you later for more
Aimless Ramblings.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thank You Friends

Thank you all for your good wishes and all your encouraging words along the way that made my recent announcement possible.  So glad you crossed my path.

Happy Flag Day Everyone.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Cork has Popped

and the champagne is bubbling over.

Well, I have gone and done it.  I took your suggestions,  went ahead, and submitted a couple of my stories to a publisher.  Guess what, you were right!!!!  They accepted them and I am now an official author.  I am so excited.  Ray is getting goose pimples.  I think he may be more excited than I am.

Thank you all for your support.  I especially want to thank PK who got me started on this path. I found Cassie who led me to New Beginnings.  Fantasy Friday inspired me to give writing a chance.  It just proves you're never too old to learn new things.

Go by and visit LSF Publications or Amazon if you just can't live without a copy.  

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hubby Has a New Name

  • Those of you that visit regularly know I always refer to my SO as hubby.  A time or two over the last eighteen months I have said I should give him a name. Much like Blondie, I received many suggestions but I still had not picked one I thought "fit".  

    Well, that has changed.  The other day, Roz came up with the one I think will stick.  It's Ray, like ray of sunshine to go with Sunny Girl.  He is my ray of sunshine so that's his new name on this blog (if I can remember, if not please remind me.)

    Thank you, Roz.  Ray likes his new name.  He's happy to finally have an identity.  He even jokes he's not anonymous anymore. 

    Hooray!!!!!!  Ray stepped up to the plate the other day. He dusted off the leather paddle, the belt, the paint stirrer and the doggin bat. I think I saw moths along with the stars.

    See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Trouble With Surprises

The Trouble with Surprises

After the last episode at the site the other day, as much as he hated doing it he called a halt to the house construction project for ten days. He gave the workers half pay and hoped they would return when he was ready for them.  This deserved a break too.

He knew he had to get Erica out of there. Her feeling sorry for accidentally closing the door on his hand wasn’t going to last very long.  He had suggested she take a week at her favorite spa – she told him she would rather spend the time with him and then asked if he was trying to get rid of her.  Actually he was.  He knew she was bored to tears and she was making life miserable for both of them.  It was beginning to affect the project because she was constantly making demands and interrupting the workers with question after question.  She had been over his knee more in the last three weeks than in the last three years. 

When he told her his decision he asked what she would like to do for the next ten days.  She hugged him and told him he was the best husband in the world and whatever he decided would be okay with her.  He knew she missed the hustle and bustle of their old life so he arranged a trip to Arizona.  If they stayed in Scottsdale, she would have all the excitement she craved and he would have a chance to check out Taliesin West and get some ideas. He loved the coloring and contouring of the southwest and wanted to see if it would fit into his design plans for their new home.

He told her to pack casually and for a warmer climate but he kept their destination a surprise. April in Arizona was beautiful with warm sunny days and cool evenings. The desert was in full bloom at this time of year and the panoramas always managed to take his breath away. 

“But aren’t we taking the motor home?” she asked

“No, we are not.  We will be using other means of transportation”

“But I thought we would be taking our home with us, now I have to pack” she whined.

“Well, we are not.  You have been complaining about being stuck here with nothing to do, I thought you would be happy to be getting away from it”

“I was not complaining about being here, just not having your company.”

“If that wasn’t complaining, then I better check the dictionary because I don’t know the meaning of that word” he told her.

“I just want to spend some time with you.  You are always at that site and pay less and less attention to me”.

“It seems to me you have been getting quite a bit of my attention lately”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.  You have just turned in a curmudgeonly old man, spanking me every chance you get”

“Are you telling me you don’t think you deserved any of those spankings?”

She smiled at him with that little grin that just melted his heart and answered “well, maybe one or two of them”.

He smiled back at her and told her to get her fanny in gear now or she would be getting some more attention shortly.

“You are such a grouch” she replied and swatted him as she walked past.
When they arrived at the airport counter, he still wouldn’t let her hear where they were going.  It wasn’t until they arrived at the gate she saw the destination.  She smiled and reached up and gave him a kiss.  

He rented a car and drove to the Biltmore.  Erica loved the Biltmore and it was central to everything she craved, shopping, and museums and on and on.   She could spend many days not even leaving the hotel if she chose.  There were so many amenities available to them.  When she got to the room the first thing she did was book an appointment for a couples massage for that very afternoon.  Scott said it would be nice if she had asked him before she just jumped in.

“Why, you planned this trip so we could have time together, didn’t you?  Or did you plan to abandon me again and head off to the golf course?”

“No, Erica, I didn’t even bring my golf clubs as you well know.  Are you snarky already, because if so I can fix that?”

“Scott, I just want you to relax too and spend some time with you.  Don’t you want to spend time with me anymore?”

“Honey, you know I do.  We don’t spend any less time together than we used to.  When we lived at the house I was gone most of the day at the office or somewhere on business.  The difference is you had something to fill up your days so you didn’t have to rely on me for company.  I know it’s hard on you but once we are settled in our new home we will have lots of time together.  So much so you will probably want to get rid of me”.

“I will never want to get rid of you, well maybe a couple of hours here and there, but that’s it.  So you’re okay with the couples massage this afternoon”

“I’m fine with it, my point was you didn’t ask, you just assumed and you know I don’t like it when you do that”

“I’ll make it up to you” she said as she literally ran into his arms.  She began nibbling his neck and whispering into his ear what she planned on doing to him.  He carried her over to the bed and lay down next to her.  She sat up on her knees, undid his belt, removed his jeans and when she removed his whitey tighties and he sprang loose.  She scrunched down on the bed and her mouth covered his manhood.  Her hands began massaging the “twins” as her tongue worked her magic.  Pre-cum beaded at the head and she licked him off and began sucking hard. He was groaning as she continued her ministrations.  He tried to get up and she pushed him back down.

“No you don’t big boy.  I have you just where I want you”. 

Once again, she began, touching, licking and sucking.  When she noticed him tensing and his moaning grew louder, she took him all the way back in her throat and brought him to completion.  He laid back and put his arms behind his head and told her that was the best blow job she had delivered in some time. 

“That’s your reward for me being so bitchy lately.  I’m sorry I know I’m doing it but I just can’t seem to stop myself once I get started”.

He responded that luckily he knew how to stop that cycle.  She laughed and said he sure did. “My bum has been sore a lot lately. But buddy boy, now it’s my turn”.

He sat up, removing her clothing piece by piece and replacing each uncovered area with kisses.  He worked his way down to her honeypot and she was so ready for him.  He began returning the favor and soon brought her to fruition.  By then he was ready to go again and he entered her already quivering passage and soon they were both writhing in pleasure. 

They both fell asleep and were awakened to the ringing of the house phone.  It was the Massage Center calling to remind them they were due there in ten minutes. 
The next day Erica asked if Scott wanted to join her at Pedregal.  It was her favorite shopping center and she couldn’t wait to visit some of the shops and see what she couldn’t live without.  Scott told her to go ahead but to remember her purchases had to fit within the confines of their motor home.  She told him she would do her best.  He laughed and said she better.  He asked her if she wanted to meet for lunch and she said how about back here for cocktails later in the day.

“You’re tired of spending time alone with me already” he grinned.

“Not the case at all.  I know how much you hate shopping and you take all the joy out of it for me.”

“I also tend to keep a lid on the amount of money you spend”.

“That too” she responded giggling.

It was a beautiful day and she enjoyed herself.  She loved going in and out of the shops at her leisure.  She stopped for lunch at one of the many outdoor venues there and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine with lunch.  When she was finished she called a taxi to take her back to the hotel. Scott wasn’t there when she arrived which fit right into her plans.  Her plan included taking a long hot soak in the Jacuzzi tub and dressing in her new purchases awaiting his return.

She dressed in the corset, thigh high black hosiery, and black stiletto ankle strapped heels.  She arranged her hair and put on the long dangly silver earring she had purchased along with the other items. She applied light makeup, his favorite fragrance and sat back on the lounge anxiously waiting for Scott. 

When she heard the card in the lock she put on what she thought was her most sultry look.  She couldn’t wait to see the surprised look on Scott’s face.  The surprised look was also on her face because just ahead of Scott was their son, and their two grandkids. 

“Oh my God”, she yelled out just as Jamie was yelling “Grammy, Grammy, are you dressed for Halloween?”  She was so embarrassed – she couldn’t move.  Their son realized what was happening and ushered the children out onto the balcony.  Scott went into the bedroom and brought her a dressing gown. 

She tried recovering her composure and went out to the balcony to greet everyone.  The kids came up and hugged her and she managed to squeak out

“What are you doing here?” she tried asking casually.

Dad called and invited us out for a couple of days.  He seemed to think you needed some diversions.  As he said that he had a grin on his face and Erica could feel the color creeping up her neck and face.

“Where’s your darling other half?” Erica asked.    
“She couldn’t make it but told us to go ahead.  We’re only here ‘til tomorrow night because I have to get back.”

“Jack, why don’t you take the kids down to the pool and Dad and I will join you shortly”

“Good idea, Mom.   See you then”.

When the kids left, Scott hugged Erica and said he was sorry.  He thought it would be a great surprise.  She told him it was.  Scott said he tried to get June to come too but she was out of the country.

“Thank God Scott; I don’t think I could take anymore surprises today”.

“You look pretty sexy for a grandma” he told her. “Save that thought and outfit for later” he told her with a wink.

“While I was waiting at the airport, I picked up a little something too” and in his hand he held a beautifully tooled leather belt.  She got one of those shivers and it was 85 degrees outside.