Thursday, May 31, 2012

F**K the FUNK

My niece had a post on Facebook the other day.  It was a cute cartoon and I have tried to duplicate it here to no avail, but it's how I have been feeling the past couple of days.  The cartoon showed a lady all dressed up and the caption was Don't Mess with me.  I am not only wearing my grumpy pants.  Today I have on the whole outfit with shoes and purse to match.  I have no reason to feel like this.  I know how lucky I am and how many blessings I have been given but I seem to be in a funk and I hate it.  I am hoping by writing this post I will realize how ridiculous I am being and snap out of it.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Cow, an Ant and You

A Cow, an Ant and you are debating on who is the greatest of the three.

The Cow: I give
gallons of milk every day and that's why I am the greatest!!

The Ant: I work day and night, summer and winter, I can carry 52 times my own weight and that's why I am the greatest!!

Why are you scrolling down? It's your turn to say something

See you later with more Aimless Ramblings.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Talk about change.  As I posted before we were down in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix area) for the past month where the temperatures rarely came in below 100.  So Friday was our move day to our summer location. It's at 6400 feet so we can expect much cooler temps.  

My hubby said the scenery was spectacular. Beautiful vistas, canyons, switchbacks, going from cactus to scrub to pines as the elevation increased.  Unfortunately, I was ill and spent the ride hiding my eyes and praying we would soon get there.  Did I mention the wind was gusting at 45 to 60 mph?  In a high profile vehicle that feels like a roller coaster ride that  never ends.  

Today, the wind has finally stopped, I am no longer ill, and we woke up to temperatures of 29 degrees outside. Of course, it's only 5:30 am and will warm up.  It is beautiful blue skies, tall pines and aspens -it reminds me of when we lived in Colorado. 

Looking forward to a great stay and more new adventures. 

Happy Memorial Day to all and let's all spend a moment giving thanks to those who give us so much so we can be free.  

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Friday, May 25, 2012



Karen was sitting in the kitchen going through her recipe box looking for a particular recipe her husband requested she make for his birthday party.  She came across a handwritten recipe that was attached to a card.  It was George’s grandmother’s recipe for fresh peach cobbler. As she fingered the card she thought of the first time she met George’s grandparents and the lessons she learned on that first trip and the many consequent trips after that.

His grandparents lived on a farm in Osgood, IA which had been in the family for three generations. George’s father, Jim, had no interest in the family farm and joined the military right out of high school.  This caused a rift in their relationship that had never been repaired.  Consequently, George didn’t know his grandparents very well and they had never met Karen even though they had been married for over ten years.

When Karen found out that she and George would be traveling within one hundred miles of Osgood on their cross-country trip she suggested he call his grandparents and ask if they were up for a visit sometime over the Memorial Day Weekend. Grandma Jenkins was thrilled with the prospect of having them visit.  She invited them to stay at the farm. She said that other than the annual parade she and her husband participated in since he came home from WWII in 1946, they had no other commitments. 

Karen and George arrived at the farm on Friday afternoon.  George only remembered being there once when he was very small and Karen was a born and bred city girl.  Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins no longer ran the farm.  Years back they leased the fields and a small cottage to a young couple.  As the tenant family expanded, Grandma and Grandpa switched places so that they were living in the cottage when Karen and George arrived.  The couple and their children were more like family than tenants and it was plain to see the love that was shared by all.

Grandma and Grandpa spent as much time in the old house as the Barnett’s.  Billie Jo worked as a library assistant, so Grandma kept an eye on the kids after school and often had dinner waiting when Billie Jo came home.  Grandpa helped Justin in the fields when he felt able but often just did the dozens of handyman jobs that were required on a working farm. 

That first Friday evening they had a quiet dinner with Grandma and Grandpa in the cottage.  Karen fell in love with them right away.  As she watched she hoped that she and George could have that kind of relationship.  Grandpa was always patting or touching Grandma when she came near.  Grandma had a twinkle in her eye that really sparkled when Grandpa was near.  Their love was like a beacon that Karen had never before experienced; certainly not in her marriage, or the marriages of her parents or siblings. 

The next day was the parade and everyone was up early.  There was a lot of activity at the farm house.  Grandma and Billie Jo were getting the food ready for the picnic following the parade. Karen volunteered to help.  While they were talking, Justin came into the kitchen.  He grabbed a quick kiss and patted Billie Jo’s backside before he was out the door.  Karen smiled.  There seemed to be a pattern here.  Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins must have rubbed off on Billie Jo and Justin.  Karen was actually a little jealous.

She remembered attending her first Memorial Day Parade; all the veterans wearing the hats denoting their branch of service.  John Phillip Sousa’s music kept everyone in cadence as they stepped along.  Grandpa Jenkins looked so proud riding in the lead car.  He was dressed in his full old uniform and was especially proud that it still fit after all those years.  He and Grandma were all smiles as they waved hello to all the people along the route. Karen had closed her eyes and just pictured them riding in that first parade so long ago.  How romantic it must have been - this handsome young soldier and his beautiful bride.  How had they kept that romance alive?

At the picnic, Karen and Grandma were alone together while everyone else was either playing baseball or fishing.  Karen told Grandma she was having a wonderful time and was glad to be getting to know them.  She told Grandma that she felt a little jealous because she and Grandpa were still like sweethearts.  She said that she and George loved one another but the passion has ebbed a little bit each year they were married.  She asked Grandma her secret. 

Grandma said there was no secret.  They just loved and respected one another.  He was her prince in shining armor.  She learned from her mother that if she just treated him that way every single day he would always remain so.  She said that she took care of the house and the children and he took care of her and everything else.  She always shared her views and opinions and most often he took her advice, but if they disagreed, it was his decision and it was final.  She didn’t say anything more.

The next day, Karen and Billie Jo were sitting on the porch shelling peas and Karen asked Billie Jo the secret to her happy marriage.  Billie Jo said there was no secret.  She basically said the same thing that Grandma had said the day before.  Karen said there had to be more than that and Billie Jo just flushed and said they both knew what to expect from their marriage and when they both lived up to their roles there was harmony.

Karen and George left the following day.  They vowed to keep in touch and to come visit again. Karen vowed she was going to try to take Grandma’s advice.  She told George about her conversations with Grandma and Billie Jo and said she wanted that kind of relationship with him. He told her he loved her and didn’t think their marriage was bad.  She said it wasn’t bad but she wanted it to be better.  Grandma and Grandpa had been married over fifty years and they still acted like teenagers.  She and George had only been married ten and already the passion had ebbed. 

Back to the Present Day

Her daughter came into the kitchen then and brought Karen out of her reverie.  Sally asked why she was grinning and Karen told her about meeting Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins for the first time.  Sally loved visiting with her grandparents but they never talked about their parents.  Karen explained about the family rift and how she had come to meet them.  She told Sally that meeting them and taking their advice had changed her life.  Sally wanted to know the details and Karen told her about the first conversation she had with Grandma Jenkins.  She told her there were many more conversations over the years but they were private and someday Sally may find the answers on her own. 

When Sally left, Karen went back to her reverie.  She missed Grandma and Grandpa.  They had passed several years ago.  They left the farm to Billie Jo and Justin much to George’s dad’s chagrin.  There was a letter attached to their will addressed to Jim stating that since he had not been interested in farming they felt it only right to leave it to Billie Joe and Justin who had put in their blood, sweat and tears over the years.  Billie Jo and Justin still lived at the farm, but just as years before they moved back into the cottage and their eldest son and his wife lived in the main house. 

Karen felt the legacy she received from Grandma Jenkins was worth more than any real estate. Several years after they visited, Karen received a package from Grandma.  It was a short letter addressed to her in which Grandma told her what she thought was the secret to her happy marriage.  Along with the letter was a pattern and an apron.  Karen didn’t put two and two together until she noticed another letter in the apron pocket.  The letter told her to keep the apron handy.  It had many purposes.  The most obvious was to protect good clothing while cooking all of her husband’s favorite foods.  The not so obvious was to protect her marriage.  Wearing the apron, sans any other clothing, had gotten she and Grandpa through many a rough spot.  And sometimes, Grandpa would place some well aimed swats at the apron’s opening which also kept their romance fresh and her compliant.

Karen couldn’t believe that sweet old lady would be so daring and forthcoming.  She put the letters away in her keepsake box and tried out the apron that very night. Over the years, whenever their romance was waning, Karen would pull out the apron.  It always worked it’s magic.

This Memorial Day Karen was once again working her booth at the fair.  It was one of the most popular booths.  The booth was called Grandma’s Secret. Her merchandise always sold out         
Karen felt the real reason for the booth’s success was a recipe card with the picture that was always included in the apron pocket. The deluxe model included some multi-purpose kitchen tools.

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Seinfeld Post

Today is the third day they expect record high temperatures. I am talking 108 to 112.   I have never tolerated heat very well.  When I was younger I didn't perspire ( or glisten as my mother used to say) so I had to be very careful to avoid heat stroke. Not the case anymore sans menopause but I still don't tolerate it well.

I must really be wimpo because there are people are out there riding bicycles, playing golf, etc.  In addition to the heat there is the smoke from the fires.  To me they are all reasons to stay indoors  and find something to occupy yourself and maybe make a little heat of your own.

We're trying.  Follow ups might be forthcoming.

Get the title - it's about nothing.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings (maybe).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Merriment

Hope this starts off your week with a laugh.   

A road crew supervisor hired Ole to assist with painting the yellow line down the middle of the road. He was skeptical about hiring him, but he appeared enthusiastic and told him that he really needed the job. At least his wife Lena told him so.

He explained to Ole that his work day would be to complete 2 miles of line on the road, and he was set up with brushes and paint and got him started. After the first day, the supervisor was pleased to find that he did an excellent job and was able to paint 4 miles of road in his 8 hour shift. He told him that he did an excellent job and how pleased he was with his progress. 


On the second day, Ole completed painting 2 miles of road. His supervisor was surprised that on day one, he had completed twice as much work, but did not say anything, as 2 miles of road was the amount that the job required anyway. He decided to just accept it, and to look forward to the next day when he was sure that he would pick up his speed again.
On day 3, the supervisor was shocked to learn that in his 8 hour shift, Ole only completed painting 1 mile of road. He was called the supervisor's office and asked what was the problem .. "On your first day, you completed 4 miles of road, on your second day, 2 miles of road, and now on day 3, you were only able to complete 1 mile of road. Can I ask you, what is the problem?"

"Vell," Ole replied, "I’ll tell you vhat, but I tought you vould know. Every day I vas getting farder and farder avay from da paint can.”

I don't know about you, but there are times my light bulb doesn't shine too brightly either.  I think we all have those days.   FD had a post yesterday about sapiosexual, I don't think Ole has to be concerned he's going to have a following.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Too HOT to ????????????

Life has been so vanilla, I can't stand it anymore.  The only thing HOT is the temperature and it is draining the life out of us.  

We had a great time in CA visiting with our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids.  We really got to spend some quality time with each of them which is a rare occurrence.  Their lives are so busy I get tired watching them.  SIL's school had a great tribute for him on Friday - brought tears to my eyes and to the eyes of my 7 year old grandson.  He is quite a boy.  Our daughter says he is both a lover and a fighter.  He is one tough little guy when it comes to sports. Our older grandson  is more stoic and dramatic at the same time.  He is really not a boy anymore.  Scary how fast time goes.  We took the boys to see The Avengers in 3D. The boys (including my husband) loved it. Saturday was the usual round of soccer games.  I went with my daughter to see the older boy play and hubbie went with our SIL to see the younger boy play.   Saturday night we had some adult time at a great waterfront restaurant and on Sunday, my daughter treated me to a mani-pedi-waxing Mother's Day gift and our husbands cooked dinner.  Great day.  We left on Monday but not before joining our daughter for breakfast at another great waterfront spot. The visit was quick but we will see them again at the end of August and spend a couple of weeks helping them get settled in their new digs.

Next Friday we are off to the mountains for the summer.  It is much too hot (temperature wise) down here in the valley for me.  One good thing is that I think some fat has been seared off my thighs though from sitting on hot leather car seats.  WOW.  If I ever get another spanking before we leave here, I will have to remember not to wear shorts if I plan to get in a car -that would be too much  like wearing pepper cream. As a matter of fact,  it feels like pepper cream even without the spanking.  LOL

Well enough aimless ramblings for today.  See you later.

Sunday, May 13, 2012



Spending the day with daughter, son-in-law and grandsons.  What more can you ask?  Hope you all are as lucky.

See you later.

Friday, May 11, 2012


We moved to California forty-three years ago, separately.   It beckoned each of us with its promise of great weather, sunny skies, casual living and Disneyland.  It lived up to its promise.  Unfortunately, too many people also had the same dream and for us it became too much of everything.  When our daughter went to college we moved to Colorado for the wide open spaces no longer available in California.  Our native California daughter and her native California husband have stayed put and on our visits over the years we have watched California lose its luster.  Driving in yesterday, it reminded me of how different it was from the first time I drove over the San Bernadino pass into the fertile valley below. I was young and fresh the first time and each time I visit I too have lost some of my luster. Life moves on and neither one of us are golden anymore. Just Silver that needs a little polishing now and then.

Have a great weekend everyone.  See you later with more Aimless Ramblings.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


 Cinco de Mayo

Kentucky Derby Day

and my baby brother's birthday.


Lots of things to celebrate today.  Let the fun begin.  Hope you all celebrate the day for whatever reason.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wake Ups Can Be Fun

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a couple of implements I purchased for our toy chest.  I posted about the lexan paddle and said I would do the great reveal at another time.

Well the time is now.  It is a suede flogger.We tried it out briefly at the time but it sat dormant until now.  It doesn't have any knots or beads at the end so it is not much of a sting, especially on my backside.  But, this morning I was awakened by the sheet being pulled down and a gentle tapping on my mons   He kept switching from my pussy to my breasts to my thighs and with each trip the intensity increased and before long I was fully awake and greeting the morning with a gushing orgasm.  Oh what a fun way to wake up. 

Wanted to linger longer but we had someone coming to see about "babysitting" our kitties when we go to California next week.  After that we went out for breakfast and he loudly asked if I enjoyed my morning booty call with a big cheshire cat grin.  He can be sooo cute and exasperating at the same time.

See you later for more aimless ramblings.