Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat - It's been a helluva week.  As I pointed out it was my birthday week and for a mature lady, I celebrated like I did when I was younger. My husband and friends kept me busy reminding me of just how many years I had attained.  Unfortunately, the reminder did not entail any butt massages (lol).  I think that ship has permanently sailed - Ray never even mentioned it. 

In addition to my birthday, it was also the birthday of this blog.  I began it the day after my birthday in 2011.  Wow - I've been here six years and have made the bestest friends.  I looked back and Ronnie you commented then and have commented on every post since.  Thank you.  Also received a comment from Dee who is no longer blogging and another I didn't know then or now.  It's been a trip that's for sure and so glad I made that leap.

I was busy every day and so no time to write a story.  My usual last day to write is Sunday but something came up which I had to attend.  Then I remembered this Halloween story and figured 'what the hell' so it's another repeat - life is a series of repeats anyway, right.

I enjoyed re-reading - hope you do too.

Once a year, Ellie came alive.  The rest of the year, she had to shine her light under a bushel.  Halloween was the only time she could come out to play and use her own name, Eldora and live freely without hiding her real self.

People always thought her strange.  After all, she lived in the musty old cottage at the edge of the wood and grew all sorts of things.  There was always something strange hanging from the rafters of her back porch.  Of course, not many people ventured to the back porch.  The cottage backed up to the woods and children, from a very young age, were urged to stay clear because nothing good came out of the woods.  She had very few friends except for her black cat, Beezee and her parrot, Tikka.  A few of the townsfolk would come by to purchase some of her herbs and occasionally she was called upon to make up a poultice for someone’s festering sores, or bring down the fevers of some of the townsfolk, otherwise, she was left alone.  Once in a while, some children would come to taunt her but she would cover them in white light and they would be on their way.

Every year prior to Halloween, Ellie would make it known she would be away visiting and that a friend of hers would be watching out for the cottage and Beezee and Tikka. She didn’t think most people would even notice but just in case, she perpetrated this lie every year. In reality, it was just Ellie turning into Eldora.  She could be herself, a witch, but people would be frightened of a witch living in their midst all the time but somehow, at Halloween, it was okay because she would be gone as soon as the holiday was over and Ellie returned.      

Ellie or Eldora had been living this way forever.  No one seemed to think how odd it was that she never grew older, the truth was they didn’t much care as long as she stayed to herself.  One year, prior to Halloween a special visitor came to call.  Ellie was startled, he came through the back door and just materialized in her kitchen.  She went to check the door. It was still closed and locked.

“How did you get in?” She inquired.

“Unlike you, I use the powers I have been granted all the time.”

“And what are you doing here?”

“I was sent by your forbearers to make you see the error of your ways.”

“Whatever are you talking about?”

“You have been granted special powers, yet you hide them.  These powers were given to you to share with the world, but you only bring them out sparingly and then only once a year. I’ve been sent to help you correct those bad habits.” 

“But the people don’t know I’m a witch.  They’re afraid of witches and ghosts and such.  Anything they cannot see, or feel or touch frightens them. I’ll help if they ask but I don’t want to impose;  I only want to live peacefully her in my little cottage with Beezee and Tikka.”

“Not any more.  I’m here to see you share your gifts as they are meant to be shared.  From now on you will always be Eldora.  Ellie no longer exists.”

“I’m afraid.”

“I’m here to give you the courage and incentives you need.  Now come to me.”

Ellie stepped forth.  She was as meek as the mice that lived in her attic.  The visitor morphed into a handsome man, tall and tanned, with shiny black hair and sparkling black eyes that peered into her very soul. 

“My name is Cade.  I was once where you where until centuries ago, one of your ancestors taught me to be all that I am.  I am returning the favor.”  He took her in his arms and kissed her.  It was the first time, Ellie had ever been kissed.  Is this the kiss of the prince and he’s turning me into a frog, or is he the frog. He released her and as she stepped back from him, she was happy to see neither of them had physically changed. Emotionally, was a different story.  She felt young and pretty and full of lust for this handsome stranger.

“Cade, can you kiss me again?”

“I’m going to do more than that Ellie.  I’m going to impart lessons you will remember.  These lessons will be repeated until you realize your full potential as a witch, not just at Halloween but throughout the year.”

“So will you be staying with me permanently to teach me?”

“I will be with you until the lessons are learned and firmly instilled in your mind and body.”

“When will these lessons begin?”

“Right now, come with me.”  Cade took Ellie to her bedroom.  He sat on the edge of the bed, pushed up her skirt and pulled down her pantalets.  “This is going to hurt, but it must be done,” he told her as the first smack rained down on her creamy white buttocks.  She winced as the force of the slap registered in her brain and on her body.  The next smack came just as forcefully only this time she was not as shocked.  He delivered each succeeding stroke with an enforcing statement.  After thirteen spanks, her bottom was throbbing and pulsing and her mind reverberated with every lesson imprinted by his hand on her backside.

When he finishing the spanking and stood her up, she realized she was more Eldora, than Ellie.  Cade kissed her and that kiss sent her into tailspins.  The kiss and the spanking had awakened desires she never before experienced. 

“Sleep now, and dream about Eldora.  I will return if you need any more lessons.”

Instead of dreaming about Eldora, Ellie thought about Cade and how many more lessons she would need before she was fully schooled. Somehow, she didn’t think she would ever learn enough.

Happy Halloween everyone – do you have an Ellie living in your neighborhood?  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Just Punishment

This is my birthday week.  Wow, I can't wait to get another year older - not. Not complaining though considering the alternative.  I just don't know how I got this old. I go back to the time when it seemed as if I was always the youngest of any group - not so much anymore.  Hell, all my doctors are Doogie Howser's (who is old now too) and police and firemen are babies. Sometimes I feel like a dirty old lady as I admire their tushes while encountering them shopping at the grocery.  I do hate that they only see me as an old lady and call me ma'am.  I want to pinch a certain body part and say, 'Hey look at me as I think I am, not as I am'.  lol  Anyway I digress

Our community is having a Halloween Party on Saturday and I'm going as a gypsy.  My ethnicity is gypsyish and Ray always calls me that because I've made him move around so much, so it's not that much of a stretch.  He bought an orange Halloween t-shirt and is going as himself.    It should be fun to see who dresses up and how.

Enough of my rambling, on to the story. I'm sure I've published this story before but I found myself unable to sit down and come up with a new story for this week.  I found this one,  not in the usual place, but the first line put me in mind of a post from Katie T and it was settled.  I enjoyed the re-read and hope you will too.

Abigal watched in the mirror as Bob walked into the room and sit on the bed.  She halted the brush mid-stroke, and when he patted the mattress, she began to cry.  The tears were falling as he called her to him.

“Girl, you can cry all you want.  It’s not going to work this time.  You are still getting spanked.”


“But nothing.  Did you really think I wouldn’t find out? “

“I was hoping that maybe you wouldn’t hear.  I should have known there was no way your buddies would let this slip by. Can I explain?” She sobbed.

“What explanation could there possibly be?”

“You know how sometimes things just snowball and one thing leads to another.”

“Is that supposed to be an explanation?”

“Bob, you know what it’s like.”

“No, why don’t you tell me?”

As Abigail began to tell her tale of woe, Bob looked at her.  Her tears were falling and she kept sniffling so hard,  he reached over and grabbed a tissue.  She looked at it as if it were a foreign object.

“Blow your nose and stop sniffling.  I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

She wiped her eyes and blew her nose.  He loved this woman and never more than this moment.  Every moment with her was that way – even when she was making his life a living hell.

Bob was a law enforcement officer in a small town in an area of small neighboring towns. Everyone knew everyone and there wasn’t much that went on in one town that didn’t filter down to other towns.  All his fellow officers shared information – it was what they relied on to keep their towns safe from outside influences.  Abigail knew that and how she thought she wouldn’t get caught was beyond him.

Bob’s career demanded he play by the rules.  He was that way, even as a youngster.  He was a model child and bore a great deal of bullying for being a ‘goody two shoes.’  He couldn’t help it – he saw a clear line between right and wrong.  There were no gray lines for him.  Abigail, on the other hand, was the poster child for rebellion.  Her past was checkered with her rebelliousness from playground antics to protesting whatever cause she thought warranted her support. 

When they began dating everyone scratched their heads and predicted it wouldn’t last.  How could the two of them ever find common ground?  Somehow they managed.  Their marriage was a tempestuous one what with both of them desperately trying to make the other see their side of differing issues. It was never dull.

The first time Abigail went a little overboard with one of her tirades, Bob let her play it out.  When she was finished he told her in his calmest voice that was the last tirade he would tolerate.  From that point forward, she would voice her opinion in a calm, respectful manner.

“What are you going to do if I don’t?  Arrest me?” she sarcastically asked.

“No, I’m going to do something far more personal.”


“I’m going to put you over my knee and spank the tar out of you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, but I would.”

“I’ll have you arrested for assault.”

“If you want to have everyone within a fifty-mile radius know you got your bottom spanked, go right ahead, I’m not the one that will be embarrassed.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, if you file charges, you’re going to have to explain just how you were assaulted.”

“Oh.” She said.  That particular argument was over and for the longest while, Abigail presented her opinions in a respectful manner.

Until, that fateful day when he asked that she not get involved in a protest to oust the local mayor.  He was caught cheating on his wife, who happened to be a close friend of Abigail’s and some of the local wives took it upon themselves to call for his resignation stating that he wasn’t a good example.  It was all much ado about nothing but when the newspaper printed a picture of Abigail leading the charge, Bob knew it was time to honor his words.

That first spanking was a doozy.  Abigail hooted and hollered so loud that the neighbor actually debated calling the police before going over to check.  What she saw as she peeked in the window was Abigail, bare-assed over Bob’s knee, getting her backside smacked.  By afternoon, it was all over town – Abigail refused to leave the house for days and Bob became a local hero and congratulated by every one of his fellow officers and other men around town.

Once Abigail realized Bob wasn’t kidding about holding her behavior in check, she toed the line; for the most part anyway.  She knew if she crossed that line, her bottom would pay the price.  Abigail never embraced spanking – it was a hurtful childish thing and she fought against it tooth and nail. She would try anything to get out of a spanking – but Bob never deterred once he determined a spanking was necessary.  This day was no exception.

Abigail stood between Bob’s knees as she pleaded her case.  When she was finished, he bared her bottom and took her over his knee and began his lecture.

“I don’t know what came over you.  Marijuana is illegal and smoking it in a public place shows a  flagrant disregard for me, not to mention the law.  Cigarette smoking is prohibited in public and bad enough, but weed.”

“You know well enough that it is on the ballot and will probably pass.  There is a misconception about marijuana and I was merely proving a point.”

“Well, now I’m proving a point”  The first smack landed on her bottom.  Bob rarely used implements, his hand was hard enough.  He let the sting settle for a moment before applying his hand in the exact same spot. He knew she hated this – she would rather he’d pepper his spanks around but this wasn’t happening today.  Today, she was getting a good sound spanking, one she was likely to remember each time she sat down.  He spanked her up and down her tush, sides included and then a couple of good ones on her thighs before he took up the brush she had held in her hand moments before.

None too gently, he used the bristle side to rub all over the reddened areas exacerbating the pain in her already throbbing backside.  He could see the wet spot on the bedspread caused by her tears but he felt no remorse as he turned the brush around and landed two firm swats on each check with the wooden brush.  Her intake of breath told him all he needed to know.  He’d need only deliver a couple more of those before Abigail reached her threshold and it would be over.

When he was finished, he put down the brush and rubbed her back until her sobbing subsided. He helped her stand, kissed her forehead.  “Go get dressed and meet me in the kitchen,” he told her as he left the room.

When she arrived in the kitchen, he directed her to the hard wooden chair, handed her a tablet and a pen and told her he wanted a five-hundred-word essay on the good and the bad of marijuana.  

“You’ve got to be kidding” she answered.

“No, I’m giving a talk at the high school in a few days and I’ll use this as the basis for the talk. I’m sure by now your actions will have filtered down and what you have to say might give more meaning to the discussion.”

“Should I include my spanking as one of the bad things about marijuana?”

“Sarcastic as ever.  Spanking never tempers that tongue.  You do as you see fit, my sweet wife an I’ll do as I see fit.”  He gave her one of his wicked grins and she couldn’t help but feel a great feeling of love and respect for this man she married.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, October 16, 2017

On Every Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon and once again I’m a sports widow.  Mind you, I’m not complaining, he deserves to enjoy his day off but…  It’s that time of year where it is constant sports, between baseball playoff games and football, I swear I could stand in front of him naked and I’m not sure he’d even notice.  He’d most likely tell me that I’m blocking the screen.  So when my friends called and invited me to join them for some girlie fun, I jumped on the bandwagon.

It started out innocently enough.  We went for pedicures, then a stop at Michael’s Craft Store, the Dollar Store, Target and the last store in the strip was Kohl’s – so we had to stop there too because I had a 30% off coupon.  After spending more than we should have but justifying it by the fact that we got good value for my money (at least that’s what we told ourselves), we were famished.  There was a BJ’s close, so we decided to stop there.  Have any of you ever been to BJ”s – it has something for everybody so it’s always a good choice.   My favorite thing about BJ’s are the prime rib sliders and the BJ’s Root Beer.  Innocent you think, but let me enlighten you that the Root Beer Drink is not just any old root beer.  It’s BJ’s Root Beer which has “Jameson’s Irish Whiskey and assorted other alcoholic beverages and tastes just like real root beer.  They slide down easily – almost like a root beer float.  Innocuous – until you stand.  Then your legs, well at least my legs, have a rubbery feel to them.

After three of these, I rose to leave my friends who were still ordering more root beer. Almost to the door when someone tapped me on the shoulder – “Ma’am, why don’t you give me your keys and I’ll call you a ride.”

“Why would I want a ride – I have a perfectly good car outside.”

“Ma’am, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink to drink to drive safely.”

“Well, I don’t “ and I turned away from him and continued to the parking lot.

I didn’t feel tipsy, a little light-headed maybe, but not drunk by any means.  The fact that I forgot where I parked was not at all unusual – I often don’t pay attention and then wander aimlessly around a lot, until I find my car.  I was doing just that when a car pulled up alongside me and asked if I needed any help.  I responded that I was only looking for my car.  I continued walking the aisles and the car continued to follow me.

“Are you sure you are alright ma’am?”

“I’m fine. Please stop following me.”

“Ma’am,  I’m mall security and I’m just doing my job.”

“I don’t need your help, but thank you.”  I went back to looking for my car.  I still couldn’t find my car and started to panic, thinking it may have been stolen.  The next time the security guard came by I explained that my car was gone.

“Are you sure, ma’am?

“You seem to ask me that a lot.  My car is not here – it had to be stolen.”

“Okay, ma’am.  Calm down, I’ll call the police. Why don’t you walk back to the restaurant and wait for their arrival?  It shouldn’t be long – they’re close.”

Walking back to the building, I called my husband and told him the car had been stolen.


“The car was stolen and I’m waiting for the police.”

“Honey, where are you?”

“What difference does that make?” I responded, a little irritated.

“I only ask because I just went to the window and the car is in the driveway.”

“Oh, shit.”

“Exactly.  Where are you, I’ll come get you?”

I told him and he said he’d be there in a few minutes.  I was waiting for him to arrive when the patrol car pulled up.  I explained to the officer that I was mistaken, my car was not stolen after all. 

“Are you sure ma’am?”

“Goddammit, why does everyone keep asking me that?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. “  My husband pulled up then and was I glad to see him. I hopped into the car and he began the twenty questions.  By then, I had it and he was stepping on my last nerve.

“Goddammit, I’m not drunk.  I simply forgot that I didn’t drive.  Ruth and Betty wanted to stay and I never gave it a thought.  Okay.  Now can we drop it?”

“Calm down, honey.” 

“I am calm. Now can we drop it?”

Mike didn’t say anything.  I could tell by the look on his face that he was not pleased with me. I tried making nice by asking him how the rest of the games went.  He answered ‘fine’ but his fine was kind of like my ‘whatever’. 

“Are you mad at me.”

“Not angry,  just annoyed.  I think an attitude adjustment is on the agenda.”

“Oh, honey.  No.  I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to harp on you.”

“Yeah, I know.”  I watched him and knew my words made no impression.  He had already made up his mind and I had sealed my fate. The ride home was quiet after that. 

When we arrived home, he merely motioned me to follow him upstairs.  I dragged my feet, but I finally reached the landing.  I watched as he sat down on the edge of the bed and patted his knee.  The good news was he hadn’t stopped at the implement drawer which meant I had lucked out.

“C’mon babe, you know you’ll be better once this is over.”

He was right, of course.  A spanking always relieved the tension and brought us back to us. I let out a big sigh and placed myself across his lap.  He slapped my bottom three times before pulling down my panties.  I always liked it better when he pulled down my pants instead of making me do the deed.  It usually meant it was going to be more of a fun time than a discipline spanking.  He spanked me about ten more times and then his hands started wandering to different parts of my body.  

“So tell me, honey, isn’t this the best part of your day?’ He asked me as I am squirming under his touch.  I could hear the chuckle in his voice.

He was right – it was the best part of the day.  Who knew?  

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dropping the "F" bomb

Hola everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Friends.  Hope you enjoy a great day with lots of good food.  Remember, foods eaten on a holiday contain no calories, you can partake to your heart's content with no worries.

Things here are good - still pretty warm but I know it will cool down one of these days. Lately, I've felt the need to change some things around in the house.  I don't dare mention changing the furniture, but I have re-arranged and bought some new stuff for the walls.  Ray always said it's a wonder he's still around because I get tired of the same ole, same ole.  

How are things your world?  Are you getting excited for the upcoming holidays?  I know, I know but they will be here before you know it.  The stores are filled with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff - it's hard to ignore.  

Okay, okay.  Here is this week's story.  It's short and sweet.  Enjoy

Boy, do I have a story to tell.  I got my butt smacked last night for dropping the f-bomb.  I am usually pretty careful about using that word in mixed company unless it’s people I know and who know me.  A bunch of us were playing cards and one of the other players who I know quite well was sitting there fiddling with her cards.  It was her turn and I was getting annoyed.  “For pity sake, quit playing with the “f**kin’ cards and take your turn.”  Now because it was Marilyn, I didn’t think anything of it until the silence ensued at the table.  KAREN, you apologize this minute,” were the words that broke the silence.  My husband who doesn’t usually have much to say spoke up loud and clear.  There was no mistaking the order or tone of his statement. 

I apologized and the others said not to mind except one of the ladies said that she didn’t use that word anymore.  She went on to say she used it one time when she first met her husband and he spanked her bottom with the admonition that he never wanted to hear that word come out of her mouth again.  She said she never used it again.  My quiet husband piped up with “Did you hear that Karen?”  I shook my head yes, lowered my eyes and listened to the giggles of the others around the table.

At home later that night, I told my husband he embarrassed me.  He told me that I embarrassed him by using such foul language.

 “You know that word is not a stranger to either one of us,” I told him.

“I agree, but it is not a word to be used in mixed company by either one of us,” he told me. 

“We’ve had this discussion before.”

“Yes, I know and I apologized.  It was just that it was only Marilyn.”

“Nonetheless, maybe I should try Derek’s trick, you have been a little snippy lately.”

“Get real,” I called to him as I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

I thought the discussion was over.  I was wrong.  When I returned from the bathroom he was sitting on the edge of the bed.  He reached out and took my arm as I passed by.  With a move and a quickness, I didn’t think he had in him, I was over his knee.  My head and feet dangling like a carrot.

“Hey, what’s this?  Let me up, I’m going to get a headache.”

“You’re going to get more than a headache.”

That’s when I felt the first smack of his hand against my bare flesh.  It took a minute for the sound to connect with the pain I felt.  “Hey,” I yelled.  It was as if he didn’t hear me because another smack landed. “Hey,” I yelled again and tried to wiggle out of his reach.  He just pulled me closer to him and his arm held me in a vice like grip. 

My quiet husband smacked my bottom, first one cheek then another and back again until I was squirming around like a drop of water in a hot skillet.  My bottom stung like hell but then I realized something else.  A bulge, a big bulge was pressing into my stomach.  My hand reached between us and I gave him a good squeeze.  He yelled out and his hand smacked my bottom harder than before.  I was having fun now, no matter how hard he spanked, I was enjoying being over his knee.  I could feel the wetness on my thighs and realized that I was hornier than I’d been in quite some time.  I didn’t want him to stop and apparently he didn’t want to stop either.  The bulge grew bigger and harder and while he continued spanking with one hand, his other hand massaged my lady parts.  I was squirming now for a different reason than trying to avoid being spanked, I was squirming with pleasure and the sensations of pain on my bottom combined with his fingers working magic on my clitoris soon led to nirvana.  I shattered into a thousand pieces.

Not sure how, but he had me up and on all fours on the bed.  I heard him removing his pants and he must have been having trouble with the zipper. “Goddammit, if I don’t get these damn things off soon, I’m going to cream my pants and I haven’t don’t that since sixth grade.”  I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to spoil the moment.  Finally, he pulled me up and I felt a very large, hard object swishing around in my juices before he plunged into the pool of wetness that was awaiting him.

After we both came back down to earth, he rolled off me and pulled me to him.  I looked into his eyes and said:“that was the best fucking sex, we’ve ever had.”  We both laughed like hell, as he smacked my bottom and off we went again.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Threat Becomes Reality

Happy October - it has begun, the final three months of 2017. Yikes.

Once again I was trolling through my emails, Facebook and Words with Friends when I heard my phone beep. I was trying to come up with a scathingly brilliant word to beat my WWF nemesis and ignored the message.  I came up with the word I wanted but then another player popped in, and so on and so on.  When I next looked at the time, hours had passed.  That’s when I remembered my phone said I had a message.

“Sorry for the late notice.  Peter Skerrit is in town and I’ve invited him for dinner.  Don’t go to too much trouble.  I’ll make it up to you.  Love”

Panic set in.  Hours had passed since my husband texted the message.  I’d not done any of my usual chores today, the kitchen was a mess, the laundry was in different stages all over the house, the bathrooms needed cleaning and I planned on getting take-out for dinner because my schedule was so full.  I laughed to myself at that last statement.  I hadn’t done a damn thing except play on the computer.  Oh, that was a lie.  I did take some time to finish the book I was reading.  Now I had to get organized and pronto.

Take-out for dinner remained on the menu, I’d just order from our favorite Italian restaurant, so I quit worrying about dinner.  All I had to do was whip up some quick snackies to go with before dinner drinks.  I started dealing with the laundry, sorting what still needed to be laundered and put the ironing away for another day (or week or month, in reality) and the rest back where it belonged.  Next, I tackled the bathrooms – well, the guest bathroom at least.  It was time for a break.  I popped open a soft drink and sat down at the table – unfortunately the computer was still on and some of my friends had their turn on WWF and it was my turn. 

‘Shit – look at the time.’ I said to myself.  This time, I shut down the computer; there was no time to waste.  I called the restaurant only to hear that it was Monday and they were closed.
“Oh hell, now what am I going to do?”  ‘Don’t panic’ that little voice in my head said, you’ll figure it out.’  I had to figure it out – my ass was on the line.  David has been telling me for months that I wasted entirely too much time on the internet.  I balked at the suggestion but, in truth, he was right.  I was never far from some connection to the internet.  He threatened to cut me off and even worse than that to spank my ass if I didn’t listen.  ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah,’ I said and he told me I was skating on thin ice.  I had a feeling skating on thin ice would no longer be an option.

I stopped playing around and got down to business. With just over an hour left before David and Peter arrived, dinner was still a mystery.  That’s when I remembered there was a frozen pan of lasagna in the freezer.  Great, a salad, some garlic bread and lasagna,  I was golden.
After making the salad and setting up the garlic bread, the shower beckoned.  It felt wonderful, there’s nothing like a hot shower to relax a stressed mind and body.  I pinned my hair back, applied some lip gloss and slipped into a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweater (too bad there wasn’t a superwoman costume in the closet) and I was ready to make my entrance.

David and Peter were coming in the door as I walked downstairs.  We sat around catching up until David said he was starving and when was dinner.  Then, it hit me.  I never put the lasagna in the oven.  My face must have fallen because David knew right away something was wrong.

“I’m sorry.  I forgot something very important, I forgot to put the lasagna in the oven.” 

I watched as David’s face color change.  “I know, I’ll call and order pizza and in the meantime, we can munch on the salad and garlic bread.  Does that sound okay to you Peter?”

“I have a better idea”, he responded.  “Why don’t we just go out?”

“Sounds good to me,” I responded.  David shrugged because he really didn’t have much choice.

David drove us to BJ’s – a place that has something for everyone.  Thankfully, we didn’t have long to wait.  Surprisingly, David didn’t let the earlier events prevent him from enjoying Peter’s company and the evening was too soon over.  We dropped Peter off at his hotel with me promising that a home cooked meal would be forthcoming on his next visit to town. 

The car pulled away from the hotel and David began.  “So sweetheart what did you do all day? Don’t bother to answer, I know what you did.  You got carried away on the damn internet again and one thing led to another and voila – you forgot to cook the damn lasagna. I’m calling the internet company and putting a lock on the line – maybe we’ll even be able to save a few bucks because your usage always exceeds our plan.”

“I’m sorry honey.  I promise to do better.”

The car was too dark to see his face so I’m sure he didn’t see the smile on mine.  It seemed he had forgotten about spanking my ass and I was relieved.  I wasn’t too concerned about being limited on the internet, after all, there were plenty of places where wi-fi is available for free.

Arriving home, he parked and I immediately went upstairs to the bedroom.  I had undressed and was about to put on my nighty when David walked in and told me not to bother.  “It will only be off in a minute or so.”

I smiled, thinking that we were about to have some fun.  “Smiling isn’t what you’re going to be doing in a minute.  Your ass is mine but not for the reason you think.  I haven’t forgotten my threats and you are about to pay the price for not heeding my warnings.  Today was the last straw.”

David didn’t punish me often, it was against his nature and it took a helluva long time to even get him to think spanking wasn’t hitting.  He eventually embraced the theory but most of the time, it was only a few swats.  However, when he felt it necessary, he really stepped up.  This was one of those times. It was sheer hell standing there watching him take his time making that barrier on the bed.  When he built up the pillows like that it only meant one thing.  He was going to use his belt.  To me, the belt was both a love and hate implement.  It stung like hell and my backside would be a criss cross of welts before he was finished.  I would be sitting gingerly for the next few days, that was for sure. It also made me horny as hell, watching him remove the belt from his pants, the testing of the length of the implement against his hand, the swish of the displaced air right before it landed on my exposed flesh all excited me for reasons I'll never understand.  Then, seconds later, the first strike would find its mark and the burn would start.  It would just start to dissipate when he’d land another strike and so it went until I was a sobbing mess of tears and had expectations of hearing the smoke alarm any minute because my ass felt like a mass of flaming flesh. 

He never scolded while doling out punishment.  He was of the mind that if I was in this situation, I damn well knew why and he punctuated his feelings with every strike to my bottom.  When he felt I had enough, he would pat my back and sit me up on his lap, trying not to have my searing bottom touch another surface – it would hang suspended over his thigh. He never said a word – it was up to me to apologize and then he would mess with my hair and call me his good girl.

My sobbing abated, I apologized and I was his good girl once again – until the next time.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.