Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sage Advice

I know that many of you are not 50 or older, but you will be some day and you should know what to expect.

    The truth about being 50 years old

Old Ageain't no placefor Sissies for blogOld age ain’t no place for sissies…Bette Davis said those words and I totally agree.
But if you believe all the commercials on TV, you’d think the over 50 crowd is having sex every day (thanks to a little pill) outside in a bathtub after you’ve come in from playing golf all day and dancing all night at your $900,000 retirement community home.
What we have here, folks, is a little confusion. And I don’t mean confusion because of old age. Nope, I mean the confusion you get from believing everything you see advertised.
So, as a grown up woman that’s over 50, I thought it was my responsibility to give you some cold, hard facts about getting older. Yes, it is great that I’ve lived to the ripe old age of “Golden”…whatever the hell THAT means. But there are a few things my body has done since I’ve turned 50 that I NEVER expected. Now, THAT’s confusing.
This list is for all you younger folks out there thinking the time’s gonna come when you’ll have the luxury of retirement, glowing sunsets, and all the bike rides you can handle.   I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but there are a few things you need to know:
  1. Your body is a traitor. You’ll have visions of bounding down the stairs every morning, greeted by your loving spouse, who hands you a cup of coffee with a smile and a kiss. The truth is it’ll take you 20 minutes to get up and out of bed, working the kinks out of your knees, hips and back so they’ll all move together. Of course, you’ll have already pee’d on yourself because you couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time because your legs wouldn’t move, but hey, what’s another quick shower, since you have so much time anyway?
  1. Your boobs will become friends with your belly button. Take a picture of your perky boobs NOW, while they’re still perky. I don’t care if you have tiny boobs or giant boobs, after you hit 50, they just aren’t gonna EVER be perky again. Well, not by nature, anyway. And if you were blessed with big girls, they’ll become rather oblong and droopy, and if you choose to let ‘em hang free, believe me, they’ll also be hanging low. Don’t wear a crop top.
  1. Your eyebrows will thin out, but don’t waste time wondering where all the hairs go because you’ll be too busy plucking the hairs on your chin and neck. Of course, that’s the hairs you can SEE. Most of them are gray now, and you can’t see them, so you walk around with a 1” hair growing out of your neck that no one bothers to tell you about. Then one day, you look in the mirror while you’re sitting at a stop light and see the beard no one mentioned and scream through 2 green lights while the people behind you blow the horn and flip you off.
  1. Speaking of not being able to see, you can’t now. Remember when your parents would hold a menu at arm’s length so they could read it? Yeah, that’s you. Your arms aren’t long enough and you can’t squint enough to see anything. Just bite the bullet and get the glasses. Of course, the bi-focals will cause you to trip over imaginary lines in the floor and you’ll fall over curbs, but “Give it time” they said. Maybe after 2 or 3 years you’ll get used to moving your head like you’re watching a tennis match every time you try to read a line in a book.
  1. You’re tired. ALL the time. Suddenly, naps seem like a REALLY good idea. And that’s a good thing, because you can fall asleep sitting up MUCH easier now. And if you think you can stay awake long enough to watch anything on TV past 10:00, you’re just fooling yourself. You’ll be snoring and drooling in that big old recliner way before the 10:00 news comes on. And when you wake up at 3:00 am, fight the urge to buy the Nordic track advertised on the infomercial, because you don’t need another clothes rack in the bedroom.
  1. All your shoes are slip-ons, because your feet are so much farther away now. It’s a medical mystery how that happens, but trust me on this….start buying non-tying shoes NOW. You’ll get used to them and won’t notice when you can’t reach your feet. Putting on socks is really tough, so go ahead and move to a warmer climate where your feet won’t get cold.
  1. Which brings me to the last thing: Your internal thermometer is totally whacked out! You’re hot. You’re cold. You’re hot AND cold at the same time. Your feet are cold, but your head is gonna explode from the heat stroke you’re having RIGHT NOW. You walk around in socks, shorts and a tank top, with a fan constantly in your hand. In public, you burst into flames and start fanning yourself with whatever you can reach, taking menus from other people and violently waving them in front of you, hoping for some relief while others stare wide eyed at your sudden flushed face and wonder if they should dial 911.   Ice becomes your friend and you think nothing of dropping a piece down your shirt to cool off, even in winter. Practice saying these words now: “Oh, I spilled my water at lunch, it’ll dry soon.”
So, old age ain’t no place for sissies. It is a place to use your years of experience and accumulated knowledge as you wander through life, offering a hand to the young and unknowing.Basically, that means try not to scare them as you laugh like a maniac at the thoughts running through your head…

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Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello all, those of you digging out from Snowzilla, I offer my sympathy.  Those lucky enough to have escaped, be happy.  I remember digging out from those horrible storms - it's why I live in a snow-free zone.  

The beginning and end of this story is very true.  As usual, I wait until the last moment to write a story to post on Monday.  One of these days, it might not happen.  This little ditty is mean to elicit smiles and chuckles.  Hope it does.


Okay, time to get down to business.  It’s 9:00 Sunday morning, the program Sunday morning is over, breakfast cooked and eaten, kitchen cleaned, a load of sheets in the washer and the first football game starts in four hours – I have to get a story written for tomorrow.

I was never one to like deadlines, rules, and regulations.  From an early age, I hated being told what to do and chaffed against instructions, guidelines, directions, time limits, you name it and I was against it if only to be obstinate.  I was a sterling child, I questioned everything.  My dad used to call me the family lawyer because  I always had to have the last say in an argument, discussion or debate.  Opinionated, you bet.

Okay, another hour has passed as I procrastinated.  The deadline is getting closer and there’s still a story to write. 

Back to the story.  Anyway, I never lacked dates but after a while, the men I dated didn’t like being subject to my barrage of questions, (one fellow even told me he felt as if he was being interrogated by the IRS); my expressed opinions ( whether asked for or not) or just my all around take charge personality.  It stood me well at work, but in my personal life, it was another matter.  One of my colleagues once told me I was intimidating and much too strong a personality for most men.  He went on to say that most men didn’t want to put in the work, they wanted a go along, get along gal and I certainly didn’t fit that description.

 So, I took Barry’s comment to heart and figured that I’d either end up alone or learn to play along.  I didn’t see me changing so I figured I'd end up an opinionated old maid with fifty cats.  That’s when Charlie Humboldt entered the picture.  He was a sportswriter for a national magazine and traveled extensively following sports legends everywhere.  Maybe that’s why we made it.  With him gone so much of the time, when we came together it was all about ‘monkey sex,’ or more like rabbit sex, because we went at it like rabbits.  There wasn’t any time for him to become disenchanted with my opinionated self.  He was in, on me and then gone.  It was perfect.

Perfect until.  Yeah, there’s always an until, isn’t there?  The until was Charlie’s horsing around with one of his ‘beloved’ sports heroes and good friend, Bret Julian.  Football season was over and Bret Julian was home and bored and after an unusually heavy snowfall decided a sledding competition would be great fun.  Naturally, he challenged his friend Charlie and a couple of others. You know where this is going, right?  Yup. The competition was down to just three competitors and Charlie hated to lose. I’m not going to tell you he lost because he isn’t a loser.  Let’s just say the tree won before he could lose.  His sled slammed into a tree and while it continued on down the hill and beat the others, the rules stated it needed a driver to win. The driver was back at the tree clutching his leg and screaming in pain.

“I’m not saying it didn’t hurt, but men can be such babies.  Granted, I am not the best nurse in the world, but c’mon.”

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here.  To make a long story short, Charlie broke his leg. Since he lived in an apartment with stairs and no elevator, we decided it would be best if he stayed with me as he healed.  His friend Bret arranged for the team’s physical therapist to get Charlie back on his feet in private sessions at my house.  It was great except for one thing.  During the therapy sessions, Charlie was stoic, macho, clowning and joking around, an all around fun guy.  The minute that therapist was out the door, Charlie turned into a fecking asshole who roared out orders and opinions about what and how I should do things. 

At first, I chalked it up to his injury and bit my tongue. But after several days, a very sore tongue, and a calm discussion (okay, it may have been a little heated), I told him what he could do with his orders and opinions.  Charlie didn’t take too well to my diatribe and even injured he managed to upend me over his good leg and beat my butt.  All right, it was only a few swats, but still.  I didn’t kill him right then, I figured I would wait until he recovered some.

He seemed very satisfied with himself when he rolled me onto the floor and I think he expected that little spanking would somehow change my behavior.  Boy, was he wrong, all it did was fuel the flames.   

When he barked out his next order, I told him just what he could do with it and if he didn’t like the way I did things, he could leave and not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.  Well, you can just imagine how that went over.  Yeah. Exactly.  I was back over his knee and this time, it was more than just a few swats.  It was an “I’m going to blister your butt,” spanking and he did. 

And then a funny thing happened.  Sometime in the middle of that assault on my behind, I began to get these fluttering feelings in my lower regions. “What the hell is that?,I asked myself.  The harder he spanked, the more excited I became.  I found myself grinding my pelvis into his hardened thigh.  I wanted release, I was begging for release one way or another.  Judging by the bulge I felt under my thigh, I knew he was experiencing the same reaction.

Before I even knew what was happening, I was draped over the side of the sofa, my shorts off and he was situating me to ‘ride em cowboy.'  It was a hot, short ride.

Needless to say, there was no way I was giving up my Charlie after that.  He was what I’d been searching for my whole life and didn’t even know it.  We have an exciting life, both in and out of the bedroom.

By the way, that first spanking, or should I say second spanking, netted us little Charlie and Jackson.  Believe me, the testosterone in our house runs rampant, a girl has to be strong and opinionated to be heard above the racquet.

The story will have to wait.  It's game time.  Maybe I can convince Charlie to give me a little incentive to meet my deadline after the game.

See you later for more Aimless Rambling.  If you've heard joyous sounds coming from the southwest, my team pulled if off.  As usual, it was nail biter at the end.

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See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

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Bound, Spanked and Loved


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not treat yourself. Some of my favorite authors have written fourteen stories and gathered them together in Bound, Spanked and Loved.  That's over 700 pages of romance all in one place. This boxed set will be available February 9th at the unbelievably low price of just .99 cents. Yes,  that's .99 cents.  Pre-order is available. I have already ordered mine, don't miss out.

Stories Include:

Slab Hands by Annabel Joseph ~ Christine's always been curious about spanking, and the bouncer at the bottom of the stairs has a magnificent set of hands. Once he learns about her secret disciplinary fantasies, he's more than happy to put those hands to use...

Master Class: Initiation by Sierra Cartwright ~ When wanna-be sub Jennifer Berklee calls him Master and begs him to flog her, PI Logan Powell knows all his military training won't be enough to keep his jaded heart safe. He intends to claim this sexy, innocent woman for his matter the cost.

Theirs to Punish by Renee Rose ~ When a billionaire's daughter-turned-ninja picked Casino Magnifico for a heist, she didn't take into account one thing--actually--two. Twin owners Joe and Alex Jamison won't hesitate to employ a little corporal punishment to bring the virgin socialite in line...

Lust Angel by Cari Silverwood ~ On good days, what falls from the heavens may be a naked woman. As an ex-SAS soldier, now private contractor, Adam is used to the unexpected, but nothing in life has prepared him for a fallen angel with a craving for spanking, bondage, and punishment.

Stepbrother Jerk by Natasha Knight ~ To buy her stepbrother's silence, Lisa agrees to submit to his discipline, even though she has no idea what she's in for. But Jace knows exactly what his stepsister needs and a bare bottom spanking is only the beginning.

His Runaway Valentine by Sue Lyndon ~ When a handsome stranger rides out of nowhere to rescue Nora from slavers, the runaway bride is shocked to learn he's the very man to whom she was betrothed. There's no escaping the arranged marriage now, and Luke is quick to make Nora understand that he expects not only obedience, but her absolute surrender.

Rose's Are Red by Ashe Barker ~ Rose has had a crush on Iain McCain for years and when she spots her sexy ex-teacher with a whip in his hand at her favourite BDSM club her heart stills. Dare she approach him? A Valentine's Day card might earn her the spanking she craves if she delivers it personally...on her knees.

His to Take by Kallista Dane ~ On the now-sexless, sterile Planet Earth, Dr. Selena Reston saves the life of Haldor, a Viking warrior from another world. His savage lovemaking shocks her and awakens her wild side. Though she craves his domination, can she build a life with him halfway across the galaxy?

Stepping It Up by Cara Bristol ~ Ariel had crushed on her stepbrother Hunter for years. But if he expects to win back her heart in one wicked weekend, he'll have to step it up and take her in hand...the Rod and Cane Society way.

Claiming Chloe by Korey Mae Johnson ~ When she is left alone on Valentine's Day, Chloe takes matters into her own hands. But going out exploring on her own on an alien planet turns out not to be the best idea she ever had, and when her three handsome alien mates end up having to rescue her, Chloe's bare bottom will pay the price for her naughtiness.

Maud and the Secret Society of Saint Valentine by Emily Tilton ~ Maud has decided that the new boyfriend she's crazy about can't be serious when he tells her she needs a firm hand in the bedroom and everywhere else. The Secret Society of Saint Valentine begs to differ, and summons her to a tribunal where she'll learn just how serious David is.

Dancing With a Dom by Katherine Deane ~ What do ballroom dancing, hard spankings, and mind-blowing orgasms have in common? I guess it depends who your dance partner is. The man smiling down at me, with his hand on my waist... he's a Dom. And he wants to be mine this Valentine's Day.

Taking the Human by Trent Evans ~ For Lukanos, a muscle bound, seven foot tall alien, abducting the beautiful human female was the easy part. Winning her heart--and not breaking his own--was something else entirely.

Sweet Birdie Blue by Alta Hensley ~ Rem Langston has no choice but to save the feisty Birdie Bluebell, whether she wants saving or not. Their icy beginning soon turns to a passion hot enough to melt the blizzard outside, but will Birdie accept Rem into her heart?

Author Bios

Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of BDSM and kinky, dark-erotic fiction. Contemporary Mff romance, urban fantasy, steampunk, scifi, historical, and erotic parody have all fallen under her pen.

Annabel Joseph is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling BDSM romance author known for her emotionally intense storylines. She writes mainly contemporary romance, although she has been known to dabble in the medieval and Regency eras.

Natasha Knight is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author in Erotic Sci-fi and a top 10 bestseller in several other categories, including Military Romance, BDSM erotica and Paranormal Erotica. Her books include spanking romance, and, more recently, dark romances.

Trent Evans - Trent Evans is a #1 Amazon best-selling author in Military Romance, along with top 100 spots in several other romance and erotica genres. As both a writer and editor, he specializes in BDSM romance and erotica, his stories often exploring the darker, more intense aspects of power exchange. Though he still thinks of himself as nothing more than a dancing monkey, miraculously, people still pay him for his work.

Alta Hensley is a #1 Amazon best-selling erotic romance author who has had top-selling books in erotic science fiction, humor, BDSM and historical. She writes the naughty...and then the cure for it.

Sue Lyndon is a #1 Amazon bestseller in BDSM Erotica and Sci-Fi Erotica, as well as an Amazon Top 100 Erotic and Science Fiction author. She writes naughty spanking romances in a variety of genres, from contemporary to historical to fantasy.

 Ashe Barker is a #1 Amazon best-selling erotic romance author in LGBT, as well as having numerous spells in the Top 100 erotic and BDSM charts. She writes contemporary and historical romance, with a strong BDSM flavour, the hotter the better

Cara Bristol is a #1 Amazon best seller in science fiction romance and an ARe Bestseller. She writes contemporary, science fiction, and paranormal erotic romance.

Sierra Cartwright is an award-winning, #1 Amazon and international best selling author of contemporary BDSM romance. "If you're not reading her books, you're missing out."--Confessions From Romaholics

 Celeste Jones is an Amazon #1 best selling author in Historical Erotica. She writes historical and contemporary spanking romances and detests speaking of herself in the third person.

Emily Tilton, whose books have hit number one on Amazon in four different erotica categories, wishes she could live out her fantasies of submission the way her characters do.

Kallista Dane is a #1 Amazon best-selling author in Sci-fi erotica, as well as a Top 100 author of deliciously naughty spanking stories in BDSM, Erotic Suspense and Historical Romance.

Katherine Deane is a multi published, top 100 erotic and BDSM author.  She writes sweet and sexy spanking romances that always have an HEA.

Korey Mae Johnson is an author, a cover artist, and the co-owner of Stormy Night Publications. She enjoys writing kink-themed erotic romance with unique characters and settings, and her two top-selling books have each sold over 8,000 copies.

Renee Rose is a #1 Amazon best-seller in Erotic Paranormal and Erotic Sci-fi categories and a top 5 best seller in Erotic Suspense. She was  named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author.

Available For a Limited time at:  Amazon     iTunes     Nook    Kobo  

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What Wanda Wants

Hello, everyone. Hope you had a good week.  I don't know where this last one went.  On Saturday, I realized I hadn't posted all week - not that there was anything exciting to post, but still.  I know this week is going to be busy, but I've scheduled another post for Wednesday.  

Today, this story was written in between trips to the other room to check the football score.  I could turn the TV on in here, but I don't think I'd ever finish the story.  I'm watching the Carolina Panthers leading against the Seahawks, hope it continues (sorry all you Seahawk fans). The game I'm waiting for is our beloved Broncos hopefully beating the pants off the Steelers. I hope, I hope. With the Broncos, it's like the saying, it's not over until the fat lady sings.  Their games are always nail biters, and the outcome is never assured until that last whistle is blown.

The game is calling, I've finally finished the story. Let me know what you think?

What Wanda Wants

Wanda Carmichael was running away from home, well not really.  Although she was an adult woman, the idea of running away appealed to her, and she finally decided to do what she wanted. As a successful realtor, a board member of many civic organizations, chairwoman of at least five charitable events, she was stressed to the max.  The fact that she brought all the stress upon herself mattered not a whit.  Leaving a message on her phone, pinning a note to her door and after canceling the mail and the newspaper and she was off to a new life.

A couple of months back she traded in her sedate four-door practical Volvo for a sleek two-door Mercedes convertible.  Thinking back, as she backed the car out of the garage, this was probably the first sign of her rebellion.  Maybe rebellion was too strong a word, but from that day forward she became more and more disenchanted with the life she had created.

Raised in a small town with what is referred to as ‘midwestern values’, she escaped to a larger city after college and began her climb to success.  Many of those values were abandoned along the way as she became more and more successful.  At first, she was heady with success and the glitz and glamor of her ‘new’ world. 

Somewhere along the way, she acquired several lovers but they never quite measured up to her ideal man.  She left them behind, just like her values, and moved on to the next one.  Until Jason.

Jason McDowell was a volunteer at one of the civic organizations in which she participated.  As the organizer of one of the events to raise money, she had to work closely with him.  He was nothing special, at least, that was her first thought of him. He was like all the men she knew growing up - filled with midwestern values. His looks were quite average, his manner of dress strictly non-descript, he was much too nice and nothing like her idea of her ‘dream man.’

After working with him a while, she realized that the one thing that stood him apart from the rest was his commitment to a project.  She started to admire his zeal, the way he stood up for what he believed, his no-nonsense manner in dealing with others. She took notice of how he managed always to get his way, but in a way that was quite different from the usual way.  He didn’t bulldoze anyone into his way of thinking – well not so much that they’d notice.  He did it with charm and straight-out facts, a smile here, a handshake there and before you knew it, you were on his side.

The first time he asked her to join him for a cup of coffee, she said no. He was persistent because she said no ten more times before she finally gave in.  It took him a year to finally convince her to have dinner with him.  After their first dinner, she realized she enjoyed his company, so the next time he asked, she readily agreed.  Thus began their once a month dinners.  At their sixth dinner, he kissed her goodnight.  A simple peck on the cheek.  She pulled back after that – she didn’t want a romantic relationship with this man.  He didn’t meet her criteria; he was much too nice to give her what she craved in a lover.  ‘Why couldn’t he leave well enough alone?’ she asked herself.

He called several times, but they reverted to seeing each other at civic get-togethers and the occasional coffee or dinner date.  Wanda continued her quest to meet the perfect lover and soulmate.

Weeks turned into months and months into years and still Wanda hadn’t found her perfect partner.  She even stopped dating for a while.  Her vibrator could fill some of her needs and the rest she managed to tamp down and live vicariously through her dreams. Life was becoming more and more humdrum, and she began to question the meaning of it all.  She had everything she wanted, didn’t she?  Why was she unhappy? 

Then, one day, out of the blue, while she was in one of her daydreams, Jason McDowell’s image flitted into the dream.  ‘What the hell is he doing here?” she asked herself and immediately put him out of her mind.  For some reason, he kept creeping into her thoughts, not just daydreams but everyday thoughts.  She’d give him a call. 

Fate was working in her favor, or so she thought because she ran into him on the street.

“Hello, Jason, how are you? For some reason, you’ve been creeping into my thoughts lately, and I was going to give you a call.  How about one of our dinner dates? We can catch up.”

“Sounds good.  I’m free on Wednesday, how about if I meet you at Vincenzo’s?”

‘Okay,  7:30 okay with you?”

“Mind if we do it about six.  I have another engagement later that evening.”

“Sure, I’ll see you there at six.”

They chatted a few minutes longer and went their separate ways.  Wanda’s smile carried her through the rest of the days.  Even her secretary noticed how much happier she seemed the last couple of days.  Wanda could only attribute it to meeting up with Jason and looking forward to their dinner date.

She spent an unusual amount of time primping for their date.  When she arrived at Vincenzo’s, heads turned, but she didn’t notice and headed straight to the man who was standing and waving her over to a table in the corner. 

“You look lovely,” he told her as he kissed her cheek in greeting.  Suddenly, flushed and realizing butterflies were taking up residence in her tummy; she managed to thank him for the compliment.

“You’re welcome,” he told her and guided her into her seat.  ‘Such a gentleman,’ she thought to herself.  “I’ve taken the liberty of ordering your favorite cocktail. A Lemon Drop Martini is still your favorite cocktail, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she answered just as the server was setting it down in front of her.

“How did you remember that?”

“I remember many things about you.”

They ordered dinner, and before she knew what happened, he was asking for the check and saying he had to leave so he wouldn’t be late for his other engagement. 

“One would think you had another date because it’s pretty late for a business meeting.”

“It is a date, Wanda.”  He left it at that.

“You’re seeing someone?”


“And yet you agreed to have dinner with me.”

“Yes, we’re friends.  At least, you made it seem that’s all we were to each other. So why wouldn’t I have dinner with a friend?”

“But you remembered I liked Lemon Drop Martini’s?”

He only smiled, and that’s when she remembered she always had the feeling he wanted more than friendship.  He walked her to her car, and she opened the door and stepped in.

“I hope we run into one another again sometime. It was great seeing you and catching up?” He took her hand to his lips and kissed it.  She turned on the ignition and pulled out into traffic. In her rearview mirror, she noticed he was still standing there watching.

Jason was uppermost in her mind for days afterward.  Although glad he was happy and had found someone he deserved; she realized she wanted it to be her.  ‘Was it that now he belonged to someone else and was no longer a puppet on her string?’ She had to find out. Maybe this relationship of his wasn’t what he wanted, and he was settling.  She remembered him watching her as she pulled away that night.  The wistful look on his face said more than his words.

She conjured up an excuse to call him and asked him to meet her.  He agreed.  Wanda arranged to pick him up and was surprised when he gave her his address.  For some reason, she always thought he lived in midtown in one of those old buildings.  Driving up to a gated community and giving his name to the attendant seemed surreal ‘He must be housesitting.’ She said to herself. 

Following the instructions of the attendant, she found herself entering a curved driveway lined with trees.  The house, although one story, sprawled out across the landscape and she realized it backed up to Lake Pleasanton.

He stepped out as she turned off the ignition and was there to open the door.

“Hello, Wanda.  I see you were able to find me.”

“Yes, good ole’ Mandy never lets me down.”

“Well, good.  Rather than going out I thought maybe we’d stay here for dinner. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, as long as you don’t expect me to cook because it’s not one of my best traits. This is a beautiful house,” she said looking around.  She didn’t want to come right out and ask if it was his.

“I like it,” he said not offering anything.  “Come on out to the kitchen.  I’ll fix you a drink, and you can watch me cook.”

“A man of hidden talents,”  Wanda said.

“Not so much hidden as uncovered.  At least by you.”

“Hmmm,” was her only comment.  He fixed her a drink, and they raised their glasses in a toast.  “To Friendship,” he said.  “To forever friends,” she said.

“So, Wanda, why don’t you tell me why you really called?”

“I told you on the phone,”

“Wanda, do you think I don’t know when you’re not telling it as it is.”  She blushed.

“How do you manage to know me so well when I hardly know you at all?”

“I was paying attention,” he answered in his low, calm voice.  “Let me tell you what I think.  I think that finding out I was seeing someone else bugged you.  You are the kind of person that always wants what is out of your grasp, and now that I’m out of your reach, you find you want what you were so willing to throw away years ago.”

“You make it sound so unsavory.”

“It is in a way, isn’t it.  Anyway, did I hit the nail on the head?”

“In a way, but let me explain.  I liked you, still do.  But you are so nice.  Too nice for me. I didn’t want romance from you.  I like a particular kind of man, and you didn’t fit the bill.”

“What I didn’t have a prestigious enough career or have enough money or any of the other superficial things people think are important.”

“It’s not that at all.”  She could feel the color creeping up her neck and into her face.  “It’s just that I like a man who takes over, who doesn’t always let me have my way.”

“And you think I do that.  How about the time you wanted to change the rules for board elections, or the time you wanted to cancel the summer fair for the Boy’s Club, or the time you wanted to hire an outside consultant for the “Y” fundraising event.  Did you get your way?”

She thought back, and he saw the light go on in her brain.  “No, I didn’t.”

“And who was it that opposed you on all of those things?”

“You,” she whispered.  “Oh, my God.  I never realized.”

“You don’t have to be a thug to assert yourself, Wanda.  Believe me, I am domineering, I only do it in a different way.”

“Does it carry over to your personal life too?”

“Do you mean in romantic relationships and the bedroom?”

“Yes.” Her blush deepened.

“Show me,” she told him.

And he did, right after her told her he’d broken it off with his lady friend.  He told Wanda he realized it wasn't fair to Michelle to continue their relationship.  Their dinner had proven to him he was still in love with her.

They never had dinner.  Wanda learned just how wrong she was about Jason McDowell. She’d never had a lover as dominant as him.  He led her to places she never thought possible, and when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he brought out his bag of toys. 

He flogged her breasts, plugged her anus, clipped her labia, whipped her pussy and belted her ass until she begged for mercy and then he made her kneel to him and suck him dry.

When they were sated to the point of exhaustion, he asked her if she thought that maybe she was wrong about him.

“Oh my God, was I ever?’

After that night, she and Jason were inseparable.  She learned that everything she thought she knew about him was wrong.  He wasn’t housesitting – the house was his, as well as the company she thought he worked as an employee.  He was a self-made man who had struck it rich but determined that he would never lose his ‘midwestern values.’  He knew what was important in life and didn’t need all the outer trappings to make him happy. 

Six months later, Jason asked her to marry him.  It was a question; she wasn’t prepared to answer right away.  In his usual way, he bided his time, and when she didn’t give him an answer when he thought she should, he issued an ultimatum. 

“Get your ass over here right now, or I’ll come get you.  Then I’m dragging you down to the courthouse to get a marriage license, and if you fight me, I’ll raise your skirts and blister your bottom right there in the courthouse and then we’ll get married.  Is that what you want?”

'Apparently so,' she thought as she drove away.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

A Matter of Trust

Hello everyone - Wow, Monday's come around way too fast.  Last week was a busy week for me - a rainy one too.  It's an unseasonably cold wet winter here.  Can't wait until it gets back to normal.  However, I saw something that this might be the new normal.  

It's been a football weekend here at our house.  As I write this, the Washington Redskins have scored a TD.  I think they'll be here in AZ next week if they win.  The stadium is just about two miles away so traffic will increase this week.  Yuck!!.

I actually got a few swats yesterday because I didn't mash down the burgers enough and they fell apart on the grill. Wow, he came back in and said they are all coming apart.  Maybe I can milk this. I'll keep you posted.

A Matter of Trust

The boys and I walked in the door after practice.  My husband, Jake was supposed to be home but, as usual, he wasn’t.  Jake was a Police Detective and to say his hours were erratic would be putting it mildly.  We live in the suburbs, but Jake works in the city – a relatively large metropolitan area and usually does shift work.  When he’s on a case, sixteen hours a shift is not unusual.  He’s exhausted by the time he does get home.  The boys and I will get a hello kiss and a cursory how are things going if we happen to be around, and then he’s off to bed. Most times, he’ll set an alarm that allows him enough time to grab a bite to eat, get showered, dressed and back into the city for his next shift.
He’s an absent dad and husband, but it is something I knew about him when we married, so to complain that he led me astray would be a colossal lie.  And, as you can imagine, being the family of a police detective, lying is not allowed – ever.

I’m Wendy Thomas, and I want you to know right up front that I love my husband.  I don’t love his work or his obsession with work, but it is what it is.  I’ve learned to live with it and I’ve tried to pass that onto the boys.  They’re not always accepting of the fact that their dad doesn’t attend baseball games, or school plays or even parent-teacher conferences.  Don’t get me wrong, they love him, and he loves them it’s only that he’s not around much. 

Because of that, if there is a problem, they tend to come to me for help.  I’m there.  Besides, at six feet tall and one hundred ninety pounds of pure muscle, Jake can be intimidating, But oh, how handsome he is in his ‘blues’ which he doesn’t get to wear often.  Anyway, I digress. Through the years, he has developed this “Don’t Fuck With Me”  manner in his voice, language, and overall demeanor. It comes in handy when dealing with criminals. He’ll usually leave that at the door, but sometimes it runs over into his private life.  He can appear unapproachable, especially to young boys, so the boys have developed the habit of loving their dad from afar.

Not too long ago, Bobby, our oldest who is 13, came home with a black eye.Apparently one of the boys in his class is a bully and intimidates by size and manner.  Bobby is afraid of him and so far has put up with his bullying, however, that day he decided to fight back – thus the black eye.  I wanted to go to the principal, the boys’ parents, etc., etc., etc.  All things adults think solves the problem.  It doesn’t – usually it just sets up the victim to receive more bullying. 

Jack came home as I was helping Bobby with his homework.  Needless to say, Jack immediately noticed Bobby’s black eye and asked if there was a problem.  I remained silent, but Bobby said he got hit with a hockey stick at practice.  No stranger to black eyes or hits with a hockey stick, Jack got this funny look on his face, knowing that wasn’t the truth.  He let it go for the moment, and Bobby picked up his homework and went to his room.

I wasn’t so lucky.  I was fixing Jack something to eat when he started giving me the third degree.  I know why he’s so successful in getting confessions. He continued to grill me and after hemming and hawing but telling no outright lies, I finally broke.  I knew the consequences of lying and was told that after the boys were in bed, we had a date in the basement. 

Once the cat was out of the bag, I told him the whole story including how I planned to handle it. He said he’d handle the problem and not to worry he wouldn’t  be taking Bobby out to the garage to give him a boxing lesson and tell him to punch the bully in the mouth.  I laughed because he knew me so well –  that’s exactly how I thought he would handle it.

After he had dinner, he went up to Bobby’s room.  He never let on that I had spilled the beans but was able to get Bobby to open up to him.  He gave him a possible solution and made Bobby promise that he would never divulge to me the details of the solution.

After he had dealt with Bobby’s problem, he devoted his attention to me.  He lectured on how lying was so disrespectful and that it hurt him that I didn’t trust him enough to tell him the problem.  He asked how the boys were going to learn to trust him if I couldn’t.  I was crying before the first spank fell.  Because it was true, I was keeping him from his sons.  My behavior gave the boys the impression that he was the bully in our house and only I was to be trusted to solve problems.

I don’t know if that spanking was any worse than any of the others he had given me; I only know I felt it more than any other spanking.  I was an inconsolable mess when he let me up and sat me on his knee.  My bottom was throbbing and hurt like hell but not as much as my heart.  I begged his forgiveness for hurting him.  This big burly man who could intimidate criminals with one look was whispering tender words in my ear and telling me there was nothing to forgive. The question was, could I forgive myself – I had been undermining him for years.

“ I deserve a much harder spanking.”

  “Maybe next time,” he answered.

 I promised myself that although I knew it wasn' the last spanking I'd ever receive, it would never be for lying to him or because of undermining him to our boys.

Whatever solution Jack gave to Bobby worked.  I heard them talking about it the next day, and Bobby said it worked like a charm.  Bobby never told me anything other than he had followed his Dad’s solution and there was no longer a problem with the bully.

I noticed a new closeness between Bobby and Jack after that incident and whatever remaining marks I sported on my behind were well worth the price.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016


After my post of yesterday, just had to share this.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#s of TBR's

Our friend Cat commented on one of my posts the other day that she kept getting messages from her Kindle that it was getting full.  I was searching mine the other day for something, and I was amazed how many books are still waiting TBR.  My Kindle, too, is approaching full capacity.

I don't always remove books from the device right away.  Once in a while, there is something in the book I want to remember, and I'll bookmark it and save.  The thing is I never get back to them. Unless it is an absolutely outstanding read, half the time I don't even remember the title.   The other day I decided to go through the list to purge some of the books I've read.  I was astounded at how many books remained 'new'.  Books I've purchased and couldn't wait to read are lying dormant waiting for to click them open.  Then there are the other books I can't believe I've purchased, books that looked so wonderful at the time but now I have absolutely no interest in ever opening them. 

Before my first e-reader, which was a Kobo, I regularly borrowed books from the library, thus the reason for the Kobo, it was the only reader that allowed that privilege.  We were running out of space at home, so it seemed like a good way to go.

Being an avid reader, I can go through books pretty quickly, but now that I actually have a life, as Ray puts it, I have less time for reading and writing.  So instead of going through maybe one or two books a day, now weekdays are filled with other activities, and I only read at night while in bed or sometimes on weekends. I have all I can do keeping up with the new books coming out every day by friends I've made here, much less go back and read the books that have been there for months. 

The thing is I want to buy books to support my friends, just as I want them to buy my books to support me.  It's a vicious cycle and one I don't see ending anytime soon.  Maybe I just need to buy another Kindle and start fresh, or maybe I just need to stay home more.  The first seems like a better idea.  Right now I'm enjoying being busy - because before I not only expanded my mind but my a** too.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Lunch at Jason's

2016 - I can't believe it.  Not only did 2015 speed by but the holidays were a blur and didn't even seem like the holidays.  I realized for the first time in forever; I didn't watch the Rose Parade.  I've done that every year since I can remember, and I forgot all about it until New Year's night.  It's as if I was still waiting for the holiday.  Did you see it?  Were the floats as fantastic as ever?  I will tell you that no matter how magnificent they seem on television, seeing them in real life is, even more, beautiful - the detail is unbelievable.

Anyway, with the holidays behind us and a whole new year stretching out ahead, I hope your hopes and dreams are coming true even as you read this post.  

Here's this week's story.  Lunch at Jason's

Here it is Saturday, and I have to come up with a story for the paper by Monday.  The problem is I have no idea what I am going to write about.  That’s the hard part of being a freelance writer.  When I was just another reporter, I had an assignment, but I knew the topic, I just had to provide the words.  Now, I had to provide the subject and the words.  What to write, what to write??

After scrolling through FaceBook and not finding anything that tweaked my creative juices, I decided maybe food was the answer.  After all, it was almost lunchtime.  I grabbed the car keys and my wallet and headed out the door.

I turned on the radio, hoping to get some inspiration from a song, something, anything, but once again no luck.  I had a hankering for a pastrami sandwich and decided that Jason’s Deli was the place to fill my want.  I placed my order, found a small table and awaited the delivery of my sandwich.

There were two couples sitting at the table next to me. They looked to be in the mid-to-late thirties and based on their attire had probably been to or were going to an athletic event.  Now I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but if you want privacy, you don’t go to Jason’s.  It’s a wide open space with nothing to break up or muffle sound. It’s a place to go in grab a bite to eat and leave – the ambiance is not conducive to leisurely lingering over food.  So as I sat there, awaiting my order, every once in a while a word or phrase would jump out and waft my way. One couple seemed to be having a slight disagreement. 

My ears perked up – this might just be the fodder for my article.  The couple that was arguing were getting louder, and the other man tried to quiet them down. 

“Mind your own business, Jake.  I’ll quiet down when Bill stops being such an ass.”

I heard that loud and clear, and now my ears were really perked up.  I watched as Bill grabbed his partner’s knee and squeeze, she winced but it didn’t quiet her down one iota.  This scenario was getting good, and I found myself mesmerized by the scene that was unfolding before me.

Bill brought up his arm and placed it behind his partner, settling it on her backside with fingers pointing down and began tap, tap, tapping away.  He brought his mouth close to her ear and whispered something. The color rose from her neck to her forhead as she turned the loveliest shade of pink. 

What magical words had he whispered to quiet her down?  The smug smile on the other couples’ faces seemed to know what had suddenly stilled the girl’s words. My imagination was now running wild, and my writer’s intuition took over. I began weaving a tale in my mind.  This was a couple that practiced domestic discipline.  Okay, maybe not true DD, but maybe he spanked her when she misbehaved. Maybe he just whispered that she was in for a spanking if she didn’t calm down.  I was getting hot and bothered as my mind conjured up a scenario.

Just then the server delivered my lunch.  The food began to calm down my imagination, and I started concentrating on the flavors of the pastrami and mustard as it swirled around my tongue – just the right combination of salty and spice. 

My mind reacted to those words, salty and spice and I remembered what was happening at the next table.  I hoped I wasn’t too obvious as I leaned in their direction to glean any word that may tell me my instincts were correct. Although the conversation was now between the two men, there was still that tension hanging in the air.  I could sense it. The other fellow must have said something funny because both men and the other lady laughed, but not Bill’s partner.  The scowl on her face told me that whatever the remark, it hit close to home.  She got up then and walked to the restroom.  I watched Bill glare as she walked away and his hand swatted the air. The other man gave a knowing smile at the gesture.

I knew then I was right.  Not only was Bill a spanker but the other man was too.  Swiftly my mind shifted into gear, and I knew I had my story.  I could take a page from my own life and write this story. 

My first husband and I married way too young.  We were in lust – not love, but puppy love – but at the time ‘living together without the benefit of marriage’ was not as accepted as it is today.  Especially, not in Bedford Falls, Nebraska. We did not have the first idea of what marriage was or how it worked –not the real life version. We only saw what we wanted, not the everyday struggles of money and budgets and whatnot.  We saw that we could have sex whenever we wanted and we didn’t have to listen to anyone except ourselves.  We weren’t married very long before we realized all of our ideas of marriage were just not true.  Sure – the sex part was great, but the rest wasn’t.  We were fighting all the time, and  when I didn’t get my way, rather than work things out, I just left. 

It wasn’t until I met my current husband, ten years later that I knew what real marriage was. Being on my own taught me a lot but what also helped was a man who had enough confidence in himself not to allow me to walk all over him.  We had been dating about two months when one night I threw a world class temper tantrum over what restaurant we were going to for dinner.  When my cell phone went sailing across the room aimed at his head, his reaction was instantaneous.  I was picked up, upended; dress hiked up and over his knee getting the first spanking I experienced as a grown woman.  It was humiliating and hurt like hell, but instead, of resentment and anger, it had the opposite effect.  Once I settled down I realized that here was a man who cared about me – cared enough not to allow me to disrespect myself or him by childish behavior.  Not to mention, how turned on I was by the spanking and by him. Who knew?

From that day on, I knew to expect a spanking if I crossed the imaginary line in the sand. I also knew that spanking turned me on and knew how to engineer a situation to get me exactly what I wanted.  Sometimes it backfired, and I got more than I wanted, but it was all good.

Oh, to get back to the couple at Jason’s, when the woman returned to the table, and they all stood to leave, I saw the woman get a good hard swat on her backside.  I couldn't see her reaction but I could just imagine that her face was once again colored pin.

I wrote that article, and titled it ‘Do You Spank Your Wife?’  The article got so many responses that my editor suggested I write a series of articles on spanking in modern day marriages. So far, it is one of the most popular series of the year.

The next time I have writer's block and am stumped for a story, I’m going to Jason’s, how about you?

Happy New Year and see you later for more Aimless Ramblings.