Monday, December 28, 2015

Another Look

Good Day, Everyone:  Well the big guy has put his reindeer out to pasture, sent the elves on vacation, and he and Mrs. Claus are settling back into their Barcaloungers for a long winter's nap.  How about you?  Was your Christmas everything you hoped it would be? Ours was terrific, lots of good food, family conversations, laughter til I almost (I say almost) wet my pants and with the new classier dinnerware, cleanup was a breeze.

Today, instead of a new story, I'm going to hawk my latest book. So far, sales have been sluggish. It could be the season or that it's competing with all the Christmas stories, but since Monday is the day by blog reaches its widest audience of the week, I thought I'd give everyone a snippet to try and drum up some word of mouth interest.

Loving his China Doll  If you click on the link, you can read most of the first chapter to get the gist of the story.  The following is part of the second chapter. For those of my regular readers who always want to know more - there is more. And you don't even have to wait - it's already there.  All you have to do is click the link above, and if you have any questions, the answers are all there.

Hope you enjoy.

Jeff Kincaid stopped by that same afternoon.  She was working in the garden, and she heard Benji make that throaty growl that always alerted her someone new was around.  She’d get used to the sound of his truck soon enough, and Benji would get used to him too.

She heard him start for the house.  “I’m over here,” she yelled. He followed the voice and found her bending over and pulling weeds.

“That’s a mighty fine garden you have there, Chyna.”

“That’s high praise coming from a farmer.  What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to come by and thank you for leasing me your land.  You won’t be sorry.”

“I know I won’t be; I only hope you won’t be.”

They chatted while he told her that he planned to plant the first crop as soon he could get everything lined up. 

“You should go take a look in the barn.  There’s probably some stuff in there that could be useful.  It hasn’t been used in a while so I don’t know how good it might be, but it’s worth a shot.”

“Thanks, Chyna.  Do you mind if I take a look now?”

“Go right ahead.  Come in the house when you’re through and have a glass of lemonade before you head out. By the way, where are you living?”

“Well, for the moment, I have a room over at the Motel 6 in Bryson, but I’m going to look for something closer now.”

“I don’t know if you are interested, but there’s a small apartment attached to the back of the barn.  It’s not much, but it has a bath and kitchenette.  Years ago, my granddaddy fixed it up for my uncle Bobby when we came back from Viet Nam. I have no idea what kind of shape it’s in, haven’t been back there in years.”

He took off for the barn as Chyna gathered the vegetables she picked and headed to the house.  She was washing and preparing the vegetables for supper when Jeff appeared at the door.  He gently knocked, and Chyna noticed that Benji didn’t growl this time, merely came to her side.  ‘Good,” she thought to herself.  ‘He’s getting used to him being around already.’

“Come in and grab a seat.”  She went to the refrigerator and removed the pitcher of lemonade.  She walked to the counter, and he watched her place the fingers of one hand over the top of the glass as she poured the lemonade.  She brought both drinks to the table and then reached for a plate of cookies she had left on the counter.  As he watched her, he noticed a couple of other odd things she did.  He sensed she had difficulty seeing and rather than come out and ask, tried an experiment.  When she sat down across from him, he waved at her – no response. He knew he had been right.

“So Chyna, I notice there is no vehicle around, is it in the shop?”

“No, I don’t drive.”

“Isn’t that unusual, being out here all alone and not being able to drive.” 

Chyna knew he had guessed her plight, and she let him play out this little game.

“It may be, but my friends are always willing to take me wherever I need to go.  That’s one of the advantages of living in a place your whole life.”

“Yes, it is.  I know it’s that way back home.  People even keep your secrets, at least from outsiders.  Is it that way here too?”

She smiled at him and nodded her agreement. 

“So are you ever going to tell me, or are you waiting for me to say something?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

“I never understood that phrase.”

“To me, it meant if I got caught in a lie, mom or dad would light a fire on the seat of my pants, usually with a switch or a wooden spoon.”  He watched her face redden as she squirmed in the chair.

“I can see by your expression you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? Better watch out or you might be reliving the experience.”

“More lemonade?” she asked.

“You keep dancing around. I’ll get to the bottom of this yet.”

“Bottom, huh.” 

He laughed.  “Is this going to be a battle of semantics?

“It already is, isn’t it?”

“I’m going to enjoy exploring this relationship. If I’m picking up your clues correctly, I think it has a lot of different directions it could take.”

“You believe that this is a relationship.  To what clues are you referring?”

“Okay, semantics again How about friendship and we can go from there? I’ll let you figure out the clues.”

“You have a deal, Mr. Kincaid.”

“But you still haven’t answered my question.”

“What question was that?”

“Oh, no.  We’re not going 'round and 'round again.  I’m changing the topic. Actually, there’s quite a bit of good equipment in the barn.  It needs some TLC, but I’ll start cleaning it up and make the necessary repairs before I start purchasing more.  As for the apartment, it will surely be handy, but it too needs a lot of TLC.  I think some mice have used it as a home for quite some time.  I’ll take care of that and freshen it up a bit.  How much more is that going to cost me?”

“You take care of the utilities, and we’ll call it even.  Is that okay with you?”

“More than okay.  Thank you, Chyna.  I hope this is the beginning of a lucrative deal for us both.”

“You’re welcome Jeff.  I hope it all works out the way you planned.”

“God willing and the creek doesn't rise.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed too, JIC.  Thanks for the lemonade and cookies, too.  See ya later. I’ll be back in the morning.  You’re going to get tired of seeing me, or should I say me being here.” He grinned knowing she couldn’t see.

“I doubt I’ll get tired of seeing you,” she replied.  Benji gave a small woof.

 “See you later too Benji, take care of Chyna.”

Jeff chuckled as he left the kitchen and walked back to the barn. He found himself humming and thinking about Chyna. She was such a beautiful girl with her blue eyes and corn-silk blonde hair, and curves in all the right places.  And her mouth, he loved the shape of her mouth and the words that came out.  He found himself staring at her mouth thinking about how it would feel if he could only slip in his tongue and explore the softness that awaited.  Had someone else explored that territory, or would he be the first?  The thought gave his manhood a twitch.  Then there was her sweet little backside – when he saw her bending over in her garden, he sucked in his breath.  He could imagine his hands cupping and kneading that delicious bottom.  Actually, he could imagine more than that, but he was getting ahead of himself.  He doubted she knew how alluring she was to him – maybe he was fooling himself.   Could it be something might come of them? It would sure be fun!  He wouldn’t push, there would be plenty of opportunities for him being so close. 

While Jeff was busy thinking about Chyna, she was thinking about him too.  Her unique gift allowed her to know Jeff Kincaid would change her life; she didn’t know how. Sometimes her unusual gift didn’t allow her to see the outcome – this happened to be one of those times, but she felt no trepidation. She couldn’t wait for this adventure to unfold – it would open new doors for them both. 

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Hey Everybody - since today is a big sale day I wanted to tell you about one that is happening over at LSF Publications.  The best part about this sale is you don't even have to leave the house, no traffic, no searching for a parking space, no bumping into others (maybe even pickpockets).  Nope - you can take advantage of this sale from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, I'm going to mention my titles that are on sale, Taming MariaFlying High - 50% off original price and the boxed set Spanking Romances (4 stories rolled into one collection) is on sale at 33% off.  Such a deal.  Naturally there are other authors whose works are also on sale and I urge you to go over and snap up the bargains. Operators are standing by.

Don't forget to stop by on Monday for the weekly free story.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone - Tonight Santa makes his trek across the continents in a sleigh led by Rudolphina (at least according to what I read on FB only female reindeer have antlers at Christmas time).  Boys and girls everywhere are eagerly awaiting their arrival.  What's on your Christmas wish list?  Besides, peace, love and lots of presents, you know what's on mine.

This is a repost of a Christmas story I penned a couple of years ago, and just in case you don't have enough to do today, you might want to sit back with a cuppa tea, coffee and/or hot chocolate and some of those Christmas cookies and  reminisce.

Santa Claus Special

‘TWAS the night before Christmas and John and Shelley were busy finishing up the last minute things before Christmas morning. Shelly was wrapping presents, baking cookies and fixing a plate for Santa while John was installing batteries and beginning to assemble the toys.  Shelley hated having to wait until Christmas Eve but there was no place to hide the finished items so it had to be.  They always ended up in an argument and she ended up over John’s knee for being so disrespectful.  They even joked about it and called it the Santa Claus Special.  Shelley had a plan for this year and hoped it would work.

It was all John’s fault.  God forbid he read the directions first.  He would go about getting the whole thing assembled and then find it wasn’t right or worse yet, find leftover parts. Usually by the third toy he was out of patience and exhausted. This year was no exception. 

She could hear John’s frustration in the other room.  The mumbling came first and each time something went wrong, the mumbling became louder.  I am not going in there, she told herself.

“Shelley, can you come in here.  I could use some help.”

When she heard those dreaded words, she cringed.  I can’t escape now.  Lord, please give me the patience to hold my tongue and my sarcasm in check she said to herself.

“What can I do Babe?”

“You can hold the flashlight while I find out where this damn screw goes.”

She picked up the flashlight and positioned it just where she was told.

“You’re not holding it in the right place.” He told her.

OMG, it’s starting already, Lord are you listening. I need patience and I need it now.

“How’s this Babe? Is this better?” I swear I didn’t move it one iota.

“Yes, thank you.”

When that piece was finally together, he put it aside and pulled the next item to him.  Shelley, very quietly, tried leaving the room.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“There are some things I still have to finish up in the kitchen, Babe.  Call me if you need me.”

Shelley knew it was time to put her plan into action.  She went upstairs to the bedroom and brought out the package from Victoria’s Secret she had purchased last week.  She was just about to don the outfit when she heard his footfalls on the stairs.  She ditched the box under the bed.

“There you are.  I need you again.  Why can’t you just stay close?  You had all day to do this stuff.  I didn’t.”

His voice was getting louder and her temper was rising.

Sh, you’ll wake the children and then we will be in a mess. They are too young to realize that it’s daddy not Santa Claus who delivers the presents.”

She was biting her tongue to stop this before she let him have it with both barrels. Like I have so much time.  I should let him deal with the kids all day, while trying to grocery shop and get things ready for his folks tomorrow.Calm down, don’t let this go any further her little voice said.

“At least Santa Claus has Mrs. Claus and all the elves; I just have one disappearing wife.” He said grumpily.

“Okay, let me do this one thing and I will be right down to help, okay.”

“Okay, but make it snappy.  It’s already 12:30 and you know the kids will be up by 6:00 AM.”

“Yes, sir” she replied and gave him a salute, and not the kind you would expect.

He gave her one of those looks that said she was pushing her luck. 

“Remember what usually happens on Christmas Eve.  Well you are just about there.” He said to her.

“Oh, so that you have time for.”

That last remark was what pushed him over the edge.  He pulled her to the bed and over his knee so fast; she didn’t even have time to balk.  Her skirt was up and her panties down in a flash.  His rock hard hands were raining down spanks on her bottom so quickly she could barely catch her breath.  He stopped for a moment, she caught her breath and hoped it was over.  Then she heard the drawer open and knew it would only be moments before she would be paying the price for that last remark.  She heard the air whoosh moments before she felt that first burst of searing pain from the leather strap. She tried keeping still knowing squirming around would only increase the time and tempo of this spanking.  By the time the fifth strike hit her sit spot, she was done. She literally rolled off his lap and onto the floor.

“Get back here, I’m not done,” he told her.

“Well, I am. I am quite sure Mrs. Claus doesn’t have to put up with this.”

“I’m telling you to get back here.”

“Not happening.  Merry Christmas to you too.”

All of a sudden, he started laughing.  She looked at him with this perplexed look.

“Why are you laughing?”

“We did it again, you just received the Santa Claus Special,” he said grinning from ear to ear.

“I’m glad you think it’s so funny.  It’s not your bum that is as red as Santa’s suit and throbbing to boot.”

“No, but I’ll tell you what else is throbbing.”

Looking at his tented jeans, she too grinned.  “Too bad, so sad. You still have toys that need assembling.  You better get to it.”

She walked into the bathroom and when she came out, he was still sitting on the bed.  He was holding the Victoria’s Secret box.

“What’s this?”

“It was supposed to be my diversionary plan to avoid the Santa Claus Special.  I was just about to don it when you came upstairs.  Too bad it didn’t work.”

He took it out of the box and held it up.

“I don’t know, I think even Santa might spank you for something this naughty.  Tempting your husband like this deserves more than coal in your stocking.”

“Well, you missed your opportunity.  Now go put the rest of those toys together.  As you pointed out, it’s late and we have to be up early.”

“You know for a girl whose bottom is still red from a spanking, you are being pretty saucy.”

“Hush” she told him as she heard the pitter patter of feet. “I hear footsteps and it’s not Santa on the roof.”  The words were no sooner out of her mouth than their bedroom door opened and there stood Mikey.  He was all sleepy and rubbing his eyes.

“Has Santa Claus been here yet?  I heard noises.”

“Not yet, sweetie.  Let Daddy take you back to bed.  We don’t want Santa to pass us by, do we?”  He shook his head no. She hugged him to her and gave him a kiss.

John picked him up and trotted off to Mikey’s room.  Shelley listened to John talking to Mikey as he snuggled him into bed.  He is such a good dad and a good husband.  I think that maybe he deserves a reward even if he is an old meanie on Christmas Eve.

Before John went back downstairs, he stuck his head in the bedroom.

“Don’t think this is over, Missy.  I’ll be back; we still have some issues that need addressing.”

She knew that wasn’t the threat he meant it to be.  Chuckling to herself, she felt those first slivers of excitement that his dominant tone and demeanor always brought forth. 

She donned the corset, thigh high fishnet stockings and lacy thong.  She then covered this up with a long flannel nightgown, fuzzy robe and slippers and trotted back downstairs.

“Okay, what can I help you do so we can get some sleep? Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.”

He handed her another box and she set about putting it together. Following directions made it easy and she chuckled as she watched him struggling with his item.

“Need some help.” She said saucily.

“You are cruising girl.  Keep it up.” 

She went over to where he was working, picked up the item and saw just where he was having the difficulty.  Within minutes, she had it together, looked at him, and smirked.

He shook his head and slapped her ass.  “Not a word, not one word,” he told her.

She smiled sweetly.  He began putting the tools away while she placed everything under the tree and turned off the lights.  They climbed the stairs together. 

“I’m going to check on the kids, Babe.  Be right with you.”

She came into the room just as he climbed into bed.  She had removed her nightgown and robe in the hall, and donned the high heels she had stashed in the kids room.  He almost fell out of bed.

“So, do you still think Santa would spank Mrs. Claus for wearing this naughty outfit, or would he have other things on his mind?”

“I don’t know about Santa, but I know what I’m going to do and I am going to enjoy every minute of both.  Come here, you sexy thing.”

Suddenly he wasn’t so tired. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

One word Meme

My version of PK's one-word meme


1. Yourself: Happy

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse):

3. Your hair: short

4. Your mother:  passed

5. Your father: passed

6. Your favorite item: kindle

7. Your dream last night: none

8. Your favorite drink: water

9. Your dream car: sports

10. The room you are in: livingroom

11. Your ex: none

12. Your fear: dying

13. What you want to be in 10 years? alive

14. Who you hung out with last night? husband

15. What you're not? skinny

16. Muffins: English

17. One of your wish list items: longevity

18. Time: now

19. The last thing you did: ate

20. What you are wearing:  sweats

21. Your favorite weather: warm

22. Your favorite book:

23. The last thing you ate: taco

24. Your life: happy

25. Your mood: good

26. Your best friend: hubby

27. What are you thinking about right now? Christmas

28. Your car: Sable

29. What are you doing at the moment? meme

30. Your summer: hot

31. Your relationship status: married

32. What is on your TV? movie

33. What is the weather like? cool

34. When is the last time you laughed? today

35. Your favorite color? green

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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Challenge

Christmas Week is here along with the first day of winter.  I actually like the first day of winter because it means the days start getting longer instead of shorter.  Okay, laugh but a minute a day adds up.  Wishing you a wonderful week.

The Challenge - continued (Click here to read from the beginning)

She gave him her biggest smile and replied that she wasn’t sure what was on the menu.

He smiled.  “I’ll bring the wine.”

Wendy had no idea what to fix for dinner and she didn’t even have a plan.  She’d stop at the market on the way home and go from there.  Pretty sure a trip over his knee was in the cards, she wanted to keep her as the center of attention, not the darn meal. 

Difficult to contain her expectations for the evening, her excitement level kept her from concentrating on the tasks at hand.  She decided to leave early and poked her head in Brian’s door on the way out.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Leaving early I see.  I’ll make a note of that to add to my list.”

“What list is that?”

“Why, the naughty list, of course.”

“You have to be kidding!!! You keep a naughty list.  Does everyone have a naughty list?”

“I am not kidding, I do have a naughty list and so far you are the only one who’s on it.  But then, you’re the only one whose beautiful ass I want to redden.”

“I believe those words constitute harrassment.” She tried to keep the smirk off her face and the smile out of her tone.

He tried doing the same when he said, “Another item to add to the list.”

Once again, she left his office slamming the door behind her. This time there was no righteous anger, only high drama.   There was a definite snicker sound coming from behind as the door slammed shut.

Wendy decided on roast chicken, vegetables and salad for dinner.  It was quick and easy - she bought an already roasted chicken, salad in a bag and some cut up veggies to steam. When she got home, she tidied the apartment,  hopped into the shower, freshened her makeup and changed into more comfortable clothing, making sure to choose her sexiest underwear.

When Brian arrived, Wendy was so nervous she almost dropped the bottle of wine he handed her.  “You seem to be as twitchy as my palm, Ms. Thurston.”  She blushed the prettiest shade of pink and Brian couldn’t wait to bring a blush to her other cheeks as well

“So do you want to get the spanking out of the way first?”

“No, why don’t we have a glass of wine and dinner first.”

“Good choice, that way you’ll be able to sit comfortably through dinner.”  He smiled that smug little smile that made her want to smack him just to wipe the grin off his face. It would not do and at this rate, she would have to change her sexy underwear before dinner.  He managed  to ramp up her ire and hormones by the sound of his perfectly modulated voice and his always well chosen words.

They managed to get through dinner without any of those sharp little barbs that always seemed to pepper their conversations.  Brian pushed back from the table and sauntered into the living room and plopped down on the couch.

“Aren’t you going to offer to help me clear the table and do the dishes?”

“Sorry, I just assumed that as women’s work, you wouldn’t want any help.”

That did it, she grabbed the dish towel and began whipping him about the shoulders and torso and any other part she could reach below his belt.  He began to laugh and the louder he laughed the harder she swung that towel. When he had enough, he merely grabbed hold of the towel, bringing her with it and placed her across his knee.

“Now it’s my turn, Ms. Thurston,”  he told her as he raised her skirt and noticed the dewy drops of moisture already glistening between her thighs.  The aroma of her nectar and the sight of those beautiful globes just waiting to be ‘pinked’ gave him an erection that was rock solid in seconds.  He told himself to calm down unless he wanted to embarrass himself by creaming his pants before things even got started. He hadn’t had a reaction like that since high school.  He inhaled a large breath as he brought his hand down to carress the ass he would soon punish.  He wasn’t sure what he wanted more – to spank that bottom until it glowed red, or push his distended cock into those beckoning folds.
He chose the former and the first smack landed firmly on the fleshiest part of Ms. Thurston’s great ass.  He admired his handiwork for a second as the first flush of pink rose and then rained down another smack in the same place.  He enjoyed watching her fleshy globes flatten out as his hand landed and then spring back up once the smack found its mark.  He continued in this fashion until she began to wiggle around.

“Are you beginning to regret your behavior right about now, Ms. Thurston?”

“I can take whatever you dish out Mr. Sanderson.”

“We’ll see about that?”

This time there was no hesitation on his part.  She could push his buttons faster than any female he had even encountered.  He began to spank her in earnest.  Right cheek, left cheek, high, low, middle and started all over again.

Wendy was beginning to regret her challenge to Brian but she wouldn’t allow herself to let him know.  Her ass was on fire and she didn’t know how much more she could take. She began to chew on the inside of her mouth until she tasted blood.  It was then she realized the torrent of spanks were no longer coming down as quickly. 

“Now Ms. Thurston, I want you to get up and go stand in that corner while I admire my handiwork and you think about why you’re in this position.”

“I most certainly will not.”

“Do you want more spanking then?  Because if you do, I will be glad to accommodate you and then you’ll go stand in the corner.  Your choice?”

Wendy didn’t move.  “Right,” he said and once again he began to blister her already swollen bottom.  His hand was tired and hurt probably as much, if not more, than her bottom, when he finally felt her go limp over his knee.  Three more spanks and he stopped.

“Now, go stand in the corner.”  This time, she moved to get up and started to rub her smarting backside as she headed to the corner.  He removed her hands.  “There will be none of that.  Put those hands at your side and your nose to the corner.  I want to enjoy this.  It will be what I think about the next time you pull one of those tantrums at work.”

Not wanting  to risk raising his ire anymore, her ass already hurt too damn much, she followed his command. ‘Lord that spanking hurt, I wouldn’t be surprised to see steaming coming off my flaming cheeks’, she thought to herself.  Little did she know,  Brian felt the same about his stinging hand as he watched her ass cheeks wobble as she walked to the corner.

He let her stand there and ponder her punishment for ten minutes.  In the meantime, he sat on the couch and pretended to read the magazine that was on the coffee table  He flipped the pages but not one thing registered, he was much too busy watching the antics going on in the corner.  He didn’t dare show his amusement for fear of his life.

When he went over to her,  tapped her shoulder and turned her around, he was surprised to see her eyes brimming with tears.  He hugged her to him,  her arms went around his neck and collapsed against his shoulder, wetting his shirt.

They stood in that embrace for a few minutes before she said.  “Can I have dessert now?”

“Yes, of course.  What is dessert?”

“You.”  She told him and felt his body shake with laughter.

“Oh, I thought it might be Wendy flambĂ©.”

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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Challenge (continued)

It's here.  My latest Loving His China Doll is available.  You're never quite sure if it will be available when you expect.  Amazon, the great Poobah, has control and their whims are unpredictable, but it's here and I'm not complaining. Someone reminded me that the books are also available on Amazon.  I always advertise the LSF link because the Amazon link is also available from there.  We, being LSF and me and other LSF authors, get a bigger piece of the pie that way. Amazon doesn't need the money - lol.  DJ Black always advises his readers of the same fact and being in the same category with DJ Black for any reason is pretty awesome.

At any rate, I've been told it's my best one to date, but you be the judge.  If you read it, let me know what you think and as always I'm asking that you post a review on the Amazon and/or LSF site - it really does help sales.

Okay, enough marketing for today.  Here is the continuation of The Challenge story, as promised.  If you want to read from the beginning, go for it.


Wendy accepted Brian’s apology for his last sarcastic remark.  She took a big breath and began laying out her proposal.

“This is difficult for me to say.  However, it needs saying.  I’m attracted to you, more than I care to admit even to myself.  What I want to know is, do you feel the same about me?  I am not asking for any kind of commitment just a simple yes or no answer will do for now?”  She stopped talking and waited for Brian to respond.

“Is this a trick question?

“No, just give me an honest answer and frankly if it is taking you this long to respond, the answer must be no and you are gaging how to make it more palatable.”

“So now you ask the question and answer too.  Let me answer for myself, is that even possible for you?  You always seem to bring out the worst in me, or shall I say, think the worst of me?”

“I apologize.  I’ll be quiet while I wait for your answer.”

“Before I respond to your question, are you asking for a personal or professional answer?”

“Geez Louise, Brian. Respond to the damn question in any way you want.  I’m telling you that my body responds to you in ways that scare the hell out of me, and you’re asking if it’s personal or professional.  Professionally, I can’t ever remember getting wet panties before.”  She watched his face as he tried to conceal his mirth.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me, Brian Sanderson.”

“I’m not laughing at you.  I’m merely surprised.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation like this before.  The answer is yes; I am attracted to you both personally and professionally.”

“Okay, then my proposal is that we keep things professional here in the workplace.  By that I mean you treat me as you would another colleague, male or female.  Outside of Sanderson  Manufacturing, we can pursue all the kinkiness you’d like.”

“Does that mean you would come back to work?”

“Under the conditions I outlined, yes.  I like my job, I’m good at it and frankly Brian, you need the help.”  He couldn’t help but smile at her accurate assessment of his current abilities. 

“Okay, we have a deal.  I won’t spank you at work anymore. Everything else remains as I stated at our first meeting.  I still have the final say. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” He rose to shake her hand.  When their hands grasped, they both received a shock and laughed.

“Now that we have that settled, care to give me an assessment of how the meeting went?”

She proceeded to tell him her thoughts and complimented him on the way he handled the meeting.
“I especially liked that didn’t pretend to know everything but were willing to learn.  I think that goes a long way toward making the employees trust you.”

“Good.  That is what I wanted to convey.  Now to more important matters.”  Wendy’s head shot up. “What now?”

“Will you have dinner with me this evening?”

“I’d love to.  I’m pretty hungry.  For some reason, I missed lunch,” and her face got that telltale blush he was beginning to expect when she was embarrassed.

Dinner went well.  Once Wendy lowered her hackles, she realized that Brian was charming and not as haughty as she had originally thought.  She appreciated his courtly manners and loved listening to an accent that now sounded delightful. Learning his colloquialisms and recognizing his dry wit and sense of humor would take time but it was time she willing to spend.

When the evening was over, he drove her back to Sanderson Manufacturing to pick up her car.  If he was waiting for an invite back to her place, he was disappointed. Wendy wanted to test their working relationship a bit before she hopped into bed with him. She thanked him for dinner and a lovely evening before giving him a chaste good-night kiss that she quickly broke off before it expanded into something more. She turned the key and drove off watching him in the rearview mirror.

She tossed and turned most of the night thinking about the events of the day.  It was certainly a day she wouldn’t forget anytime soon.  Her life had changed today and time would tell if it was for better or worse. One thing she knew for sure, she couldn’t wait to explore whatever ‘kinkiness’ Brian had in mind.  She broke out her vibrator and thought about being naked and draped over Brian’s knee – the orgasm that followed came fast and furious.

Brian too spent a sleepless night.  He wondered where his agreement with Wendy would lead? Was it wise to get personally involved with her?  After all, his uncle intended her to become his business partner, could he juggle his personal feelings and put them aside at work? Right now, all he could think about was getting her into his bed.  The thought of undressing her and running his hand down her curves excited him.   Her lips were feather soft, and he wondered if the rest of her skin felt the same.  He imagined her bare-assed naked over his knee as he pinked her bottom.  Damn, he was going to have to take another cold shower to relieve some of the sexual frustration that had built up merely thinking about her.  Working with Wendy was not going to be easy.

The next day Wendy was in early and going over what she had missed the previous day. She was sitting at her desk when Brian arrived.  He stuck his head in the door to say good morning and asked if she had time to go over some things with him. 

“Sure, want to come in here or should we meet in your office?”

“Why not neutral territory.  Let me get settled and we’ll meet in the conference room in about fifteen minutes.”

“Sounds good to me,” Wendy replied.  ‘Wow, this is a whole new man.’she thought to herself.

The meeting started off agreeably, but it wasn’t long before the two of them began butting heads.  The congenial atmosphere of the night before had disappeared, and their raised voices caused Connie to come over and close the door.  They went back and forth with Wendy telling Brian he should learn a little more about the business before he started changing things.

“As I’ve said before Wendy, I will listen to what you have to say, but the final decision is mine, and I’ll take responsibility if it fails.”

“You bet you will, and I’ll make sure everyone knows it was your decision.”  As far as she was concerned the meeting was over, and she walked out of the conference room and slammed the door behind her.  Brian shook his head.  This was going to be harder than I imagined; he said to himself. Going over the plans again convinced him it was the right thing to do. Now all he had to do was get Wendy on board or forge ahead without her. He didn’t want to do that. ‘Damn, she was a headstrong woman and needed to get a rein on her temper. A firm hand was needed; too bad he had agreed to her workplace terms. He’d love nothing better than to take her over his knee right know to make her see the error of her ways.’  That thought raised more than his hackles.

When Wendy left the conference room, she walked out on the manufacturing floor.  The humming of the machines always soothed her.  She thought about Brian’s plan as she walked along inspecting the different venues.  ‘He might be right.  It’s been a long time since we added a new product and complacency in their business never worked for long.The competition was always knocking at the door.’

She walked back to the office area and stuck her head in Brian’s room. His head was down and looked engrossed, but his fingers were drumming out a beat on his desk.  ‘I wonder if he’s thinking about drumming a beat on my ass. Damn, she said to herself, now I have damp panties again.  I’m going to have to remember to bring in a spare pair because I have a feeling I’ll be needing them on a regular basis.’

“You have a minute?”

“That depends.  I’m not sure I could keep my hands to myself if we have another go round like before.”

“Maybe we should wait until tonight then.  Dinner, at my place?” she asked.

“Is humble pie on the menu?” The smirk on his face told her just what she wanted to know. Another gush of wetness and she’d soak right through to her jeans.