Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can't Think of a Title

That old saying that truth is stranger than fiction keeps popping into my head.  I write stories and often they are not posted for months because, as Minelle keeps telling me, I am a prolific writer.  I don't know about that but when an idea hits I am lucky enough to have the time to write before it gets lost in the wonderland I call my brain.

Many times, readers indicate a they would like a follow up to a particular story or they want to read more about characters and I will try to accomodate that request which pushes other stories further back in the line. Let me tell you that is very flattering and I am not complaining.

Anyway, I will read stories written by SNP , another guest writer over at PK's, or somewhere else and the stories will have the same premise or parts of stories I've already written but haven't posted.   I know there is nothing new under the sun and I've probably read thousands of books in my lifetime so I'm sure some of my ideas are flashes of stories that I've long since forgotten.  Every once in a while someone will say a line or tell a true tale and I will incorporate some part of it into a story, maybe even something that occurred in my life - but when the light bulb goes on it's straight from my brain.  Trust me my memory isn't that good anymore.

I am writing this because today there is a story on the internet about an 89 year old man, Bill Spence, who writes romance novels under a pseudonym.  I wrote a story back in early December which I haven't posted yet that is about this very thing. The main character is male who writes " spanking novels" under a female pen name. So whenever I post this story don't think it is about Bill Spence writing as Jessica Blair okay.  

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. I think I am right Ms Prolific! Sometimes I have all these ideas too, but you act on them. That is a big difference in quality!
    Thanks for the story over at PKs, it helps transport me!

    1. Prolific has to do with quantity not necessary quality, but thank you from the bottom of my hear. Hope it transported you somewhere great.

  2. LOL Sunny...there are many men writing romances (vanilla and spanking) under female pseudonyms since a woman's name on a romance novel sells much better than a man's.

    You are too good as a writer for me to ever think your stories were anything but your own.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you Cat, you're so kind. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I've noticed your comment on a couple of sites. Are you new to blogging?

  4. Hi sunny, I echo what Cat said. Also, authors may have similar story ideas, but each author incorporates their own ideas and flavour into the story which makes it uniquely their story.


  5. I always like your stories, sunnygirl!



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