Monday, January 28, 2013

Freshening Up

I am so bored.  I think I’ll call Cathy and see what she is doing today.  Maybe we could go shopping.  I really don’t need anything but it’s never too early to get a start on things.  The kids and grandkids birthdays are coming up soon.  I hate they are all bunched together over the course of two months.  Not good planning on my part or theirs, she chuckled to herself. 

She couldn’t get Cathy so she decided she would just go it alone.  She showered and dressed, left a note for Brody in case he got home ahead of her and was out the door.  She walked around the mall for what seemed like hours and had very little to show for it.  She spied a salon and thought I deserve a pedicure.  My feet hurt and this will be a nice treat.  She entered the salon and was greeted by the receptionist asking what they could do for her.  She laughed and said make me over.  The receptionist took her name and asked her to have a seat.  Two minutes later out comes this beautiful lady. She was about her age, tall, slim, not a wrinkle anywhere.  She had silver hair that was cut into a bob that just framed her face and had beautiful icy blue eyes.

“Hello, my name is Lucinda.  I understand you want a makeover”

“Oh, I was just kidding, I just came in for a pedicure.”

“Sometimes when we joke about things it really is our heart’s desire speaking out” Lucinda responded.

“I think you are probably right about that but I don’t have the time or money right now to be made over” Julie said

“We have a package right now that is very affordable”.  She handed the brochure to Julie and told her to let her know what she decided. When Julie looked at the brochure she was very surprised to see how reasonable the package really was.  It was much less than she would have ever imagined.  Brody would still go through the roof though.  She sat there looking at the brochure and the longer she looked the more that little voice in her head urged her on. That was the voice that also always landed her over Brody’s lap.

Julie walked up to the desk and told the receptionist she was ready to be made over.  The receptionist must have buzzed Lucinda because she appeared in a moment’s time.  Lucinda took her to the back of the salon and into a private room.  She was handed a gown that opened in the back and was told to remove her clothing but not to don the gown just yet.  There was a knock at the door and another woman walked in.

“I’m your masseuse.  My name is Terri.  Will you please get up on the table?”

Julie was up there in a minute.  It had been forever since she had a massage and she could really use it.  It was then she remembered last night’s spanking and hoped she didn’t have any lingering marks on her behind.  Terri prodded and kneaded the sore muscles as Julie relaxed into her own little world.  All too soon, Terri was bringing her back to reality.

“You can get up when you’re ready and then go take a hot shower, some of that soreness should be alleviated she said with a grin; then you can don the gown and someone will be in give you a facial.”  Julie knew then she probably had a telltale mark or two on her butt.

During the facial, Julie drifted off again and thought about Brody.  It really was love at first sight for her.  He was her brother’s college roommate and the first time she saw him she was smitten.  He was as tall as her brother, a little over six feet with dark brown hair with reddish glints.  The color women are always trying to mimic but never achieve.  He had beautiful hazel eyes that were always smiling.  He also always had a girlfriend much to her chagrin.  A couple of times he came home with Jody for a weekend and she would act as his date if Jody had a girlfriend at the time.  She lived for these times. One weekend during his senior year he came home with Jody and they were to have one of our “dates”.  Only this time, it really turned out to be a real date and after that there was no going back.  They married a year later and he has been my knight ever since.  A knight that takes care of his lady even if it means taking her across his lap now and again she said to herself.  He was still handsome even though there was a little silver at his temples and a few crinkles around his eyes.  He was the outdoorsy type and always active so even though he worked in a suit and tie he was not soft. All female eyes turned to him when he walked into a room.  He exuded confidence and charm.

On the way to the wash basin she took time to grab her phone and text Brody that they would be going out to dinner that evening. She determined she was going to knock his socks off.  She told the hairdresser to give her a new look and gave her carte blanche. She was given a short messy cut, some reddish glints and streaks.  She looked ten years younger.  She had her toes and fingernails frenched. The makeup artist took another ten years off her face. She purchased many of the products the cosmetologist used on her.  

By the time she left that salon she felt marvelous.  She was passing by Contretemps and saw a dress in the window she thought fit her new look.  She went in, tried it on and purchased it along with the gorgeous suede boots that went perfectly with the dress.  She hoped she got home before Brody because her plan was to put on her new dress and boots along with some sexy underwear for their date tonight.  That way, once he found out how much she had spent today, there could be some hope for her bottom.

She had just finished dressing when Brody walked in the door.  He did a double take

“Who are you, what are you doing in my house and what have you done with my wife” he jokingly asked.

She smiled and walked over to him and nibbled on his ear.  She stood back, pirouetted around and said “Do you like?”

“Honey, I love you and you always look beautiful to me.  But, I see that you think you look wonderful too and that is something we have our disagreements about isn’t it”.  He was so right; she never thought she deserved him and always wondered if he settled in choosing her. She always had self-esteem issues and although she was better, every once in a while it reared its ugly head. She had received many a spanking over that very issue.

“Let me go freshen up a bit so that I look good enough to escort you to dinner this evening, my pet. We’ll go to Rapscallions so you can make a grand entrance and every eye in the restaurant will be on you, my pretty lady.”

“If every eye in the restaurant is on me, it’s because you are on my arm, Sir”.

“Let’s not start that okay or I just might have to give you a couple of spanks to remind you of just how wonderful you really are to me and to our family.”

She told him no that wouldn’t be necessary, she knew she looked good this evening.

They went to dinner and were given a quiet booth and they sat side by side.  His hand kept traveling up and down her leg – from the top of her boot to the top of her thigh, each time moving her dress ever upward and his finger inching ever closer to that secret place. She was embarrassed and kept moving his hand, but it kept coming back.  She whispered in his ear that if he didn’t stop he was going to be sorry.  He whispered back he didn’t think so; that’s when she grabbed his precious jewels and he almost jumped out of his seat.  He chuckled and told her if she did that again, he would turn her over his knee right here in the restaurant and spank her bottom.  She was so turned on by his words and the thought of him doing that she couldn’t wait to finish dinner and get home.

She passed on dessert and coffee.  Brody knew how excited she was and kept tormenting her with his touch.  He ordered both coffee and dessert.  She wanted to kill him – he was doing this on purpose.  He would pay for this.  She excused herself and when she returned from the restroom she handed him something of hers to keep in his pocket. When he opened his palm to look at the object, it was her thong which was not exactly dry. Now he was the one anxious to leave.  When he called the waiter to get the check she told him she changed her mind and decided to have coffee and dessert after all. 

“Is that okay with you, sweetie?” she asked coyly.

“If that is the way you want it darling” he replied.

For the next hour they lunged and parried and drove each other to distraction.  When he finally paid the check and got her out of there and in the elevator he pushed the stop button.  They were all over each other.  He pushed up her dress and unzipped his fly.  She brought her legs up around his waist as held her up and entered her.  They were in the throes of passion when they heard a voice

“Is everything okay in there” over the elevator speaker.  At first they didn’t respond but then a moment later

“Is everything okay in there or should I call 911”.  That’s when he responded they were fine.

“Why don’t you get a room”, the voice said.

He and Julie began giggling and then it turned to full blown laughter.  She lowered her legs, he zipped his pants and pushed the down button.  When they got to the ground floor, they could hear the snide comments as they passed the reception desk.

Once home there was a trail of clothing from the front door to the bedroom.  After they had finished what they had begun in the elevator she turned to him and said:

“So was my $500 makeover worth it”.

“Every penny and then some”, he said and smacked her bottom as he followed her into the bedroom.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.