Monday, January 21, 2013

The Earth Moved

Today is a big day in the USA.  Inauguration Day.  There was a time I was a pretty political person.  Now I am just a cynic. Does that come with age?  Everyone complains and I always say we are the one's to blame.  We continue to re-elect the same ones over and over, why should we expect different results.  Nobody ever owns up to voting for an incumbent but somebody's doing it. Don't get me wrong.  I love us and the US.  I may be prejudiced but I think we still have the best system around, otherwise why would people keep trying like hell to get in.

And you thought you came by for a story.  Well,  here it is.  Hope it doesn't disappoint.
I penned this story back in November after experiencing  a little tremor when we were in California.  

Josh heard a low rumbling sound and yelled out when the cat jumped off his chest with claws open. The bed was shaking and when he looked over Jennifer wasn’t next to him.  He wondered what the hell was going on. It took a few seconds to realize they were in the middle of an earthquake.  It had been a while since he had experienced one.  Jennifer appeared in the doorway with eyes wide as saucers. She hurdled toward him and flew into his open arms.  He told her to relax it was just an earthquake and it would be over in a minute.  She was trembling.

“I told you I didn’t want to move here, Josh.  Why did you make us? she said.

“Honey, let’s not go all through this again.  We’ve discussed it to death and I just don’t want to hear it anymore”.

She buried her head in his chest.  The earth had stopped shaking but she was still trembling. He laid there stroking her head. He turned on the tv so he could hear where the epicenter was and if they expected any aftershocks. The phone hadn’t rung so it couldn’t have been too bad.  He worked for a county agency and if it had been bad he was sure to be called to come into work. The newscaster said initial reports had the earthquake centered in the Simi Valley and it had registered 5.6 on the Richter scale.  A moderate earthquake and so far there had been no reported injuries and just minor damage.

“Honey, it’s over.  There may be an aftershock or two but it won’t even be as bad as this one.. I’ve lived through lots of these growing up here in California.  Don’t be afraid, okay. Let’s get up, get a shower and stroll down to the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax for some breakfast and pick up something to take the Thompson’s later.”

“Are you sure, because I don’t want to get scalded if I get in the shower and something happens” she said.

“Honey, relax.  I’ll hop in there with you.”

She hopped in the shower and he followed her in.  He started lathering her with soap. His hands caressed her bare skin and couldn’t resist brushing her nipples. When they were fully aroused   he turned her around and had her face the wall with the pretext of washing her back.  He continued to tease her nipples as she turned to face the wall.  He lathered his hands and began washing her back and buttocks.  He fingered her honey spot and she jumped.  He slapped her backside and put her back against the wall.  His hands moved down the inside of her thighs to her calves.  When he bent down to get her feet, he turned her around and his tongue began flicking her labia.   She was moaning and squirming with pleasure.  He stood up and turned her back to the wall.  She yelled ouch as he gave her behind three sharp spanks. 

“Okay, he said, my turn to get washed”

She did as she was told and began lathering his body.  When she reached his backside she pinched him hard and then just continued down his legs and calves.  When she turned him back to face her, she slowly inched her way up to his sac and grabbed them hard as her tongue licked his now engorged member.  She watched him lose some of his rigidity and then nipped the tip of his penis.

“That’s it,” he said as he whirled her around and over his hip.  “You want to play, you’ll pay the price” he said laughingly.

His palm landed on her backside with hard stinging slaps.  When he felt she was chastised enough, he turned her back around and began giving her ears and neck whisker soft kisses.  Her breath was coming in short gasps as he finished washing and rinsing her hair.  When he was finished, he picked her up and carried her to the bed where they finished what they had started in the shower.  When they were both sated, the sheets were soaked and they both needed another shower.

“This time stay out” she told him.  “Take your own shower” she laughed.  As the water caught her mouth she squirted him with the spray. He told her she was really pushing her luck and she had better behave if they were ever going to the get to the Farmer’s Market.

She enjoyed the Farmer’s Market and loved nothing more than strolling down there, hand in hand with her lover of thirty-five years. There were so many booths and choices it was sometimes overwhelming to pick just a few things.  Josh squeezed her hand and directed her over to a kiosk that had the sensual creams and lotions they had found and enjoyed. She started tingling and felt a gush of wetness in her panties.  She couldn’t believe what was happening to them.  They had been the usual middle aged couple that had sex probably once or twice a month for the last fifteen years or so.  They loved each other but had slipped into the typical patterns of living separate lives together.  It often happened in long marriages and when the children left home there were lots of empty spaces. They had become more like roommates rather than a loving couple.  But not anymore, now they were more like newlyweds. 

It had happened by accident.  They were having an argument about moving here to California and it had been ongoing when Josh told her that sometimes he just wanted to take her over his knee and spank the devil out of her.  She retorted with something like you wouldn’t dare and guess what, he dared.  He led her over to the couch, pulled her over his knee and began paddling her butt.  She was kicking and screaming obscenities at him which he ignored.  When he was finished and let her up she was dancing around and rubbing her butt.  She was furious with him but realized that she was also feeling a little frisky.  He later told her he was surprised she hadn’t taken a swing at him. She told him she wanted to but that wetness between her legs required something different.  She had grabbed his hand and propelled him to the bedroom.  When she began reaching for his cock the surprise on his face was priceless.  She wished she had a camera to preserve that look for all time.  That was the beginning of their newly recharged sex life.

Now here they were in California and although she had not wanted to move it was better than she thought it would be.  Josh had been offered a job here at a salary that was far above the one he had back home. Of course, living expenses were higher but they were still ahead of the game. It wouldn’t have been as enticing except that he had been told that his old job was being eliminated and that he would have to either take a large pay cut or be laid off.  He opted for the move because at fifty-six years old there weren’t a lot of opportunities.  It was tough leaving their old life behind - the kids and grandkids all lived within a two hour drive of their old home and she missed having Sunday dinners and drop in visits.  Now she was relegated to skype, telephone calls and texts. 

She was surprised at how well she had adjusted.  It was more of a casual outdoor lifestyle here.  The weather was perfect all year long. They had made some friends and had great neighbors. She would never admit it to Josh but moving here was one of the best things they could have done for themselves.  They rediscovered each other and got back what they had lost.  Once in a while, in moments of weakness and missing the kids, she would revert back to the argument of why they had to move.  That was what had happened this morning but Josh joining her in the shower was just what she needed to smooth her out and make her forget about the earthquake and everything else. She discovered she loved having the earth move under her feet just like the Carole King song.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.