Monday, November 12, 2012



Sandy woke up and looked at the clock.  It was only 4:30 and the household seemed alive.  She could hear pots and pans clanging, water running and the smell of bacon frying assaulted her nose.  Her hands went to reach out for Chris and all she found was emptiness.  She looked around the room and noticed his jeans and boots were gone.  She pulled the covers up and tried going back to sleep but the smell of coffee and bacon were just too inviting.  Hopping out of bed she put on her robe and headed to the bathroom only to find it already occupied.  What is it with these people, she thought.  It’s o’dark thirty and everyone seems to be up and about.  She stumbled back to the bedroom and a few minutes later Chris came in with two steaming mugs of coffee.

“Why is everybody up so early?” she asked.

“It’s not early for them,” he told her.  “This is a working farm and there are chores to be done from sunup to sundown”.

Chris told her that was the reason he chose to become something other than a farmer.  It was a hard life, rewarding but hard.  This farm had been in his family for generations and had been passed down from father to son.  Luckily, the chain didn’t need to be broken by his decision.  His younger brother Seth was more than willing to carry on the family tradition.  Chris remembered the day he told his dad that farming wasn’t for him.  He thought he could see his dad age right before his eyes. He told his Dad that Seth was always more farmer than him and that he would always come back and lend a hand when necessary.

That was why they were here now.  His Dad had an accident and had broken his arm.  This was harvest time and they needed an extra hand.  When his Dad called he didn’t hesitate.  His job allowed him the flexibility to work from wherever he was as long as there was internet availability.  He told Sandy he was leaving the next day and although her job wasn’t as flexible she told him she wanted to do her share too and she would make arrangements to accompany him.

Chris told Sandy to drink up and get ready for the day.  She could give his Mom and sister-in-law, Mindy a hand in the kitchen.  The farmhands and pickers would be needing a hearty meal at noontime and then supper to be cooked later in the day.

Sandy wasn’t sure she heard him right. 

“You mean I have to get up this early every day and work in the kitchen with Mindy”

“Yes, that is what I mean”.  She and Mindy did not get along.  She wasn’t sure why but she was sure that Mindy didn’t like her and made it perfectly clear she didn’t think she was worthy of Chris.

“Aw Chris, isn’t there something else I could do”

“No, now get going” and when he dragged her off the bed he gave her a sharp slap to her bottom and directed her to the bathroom.  She gave him an over the shoulder smoldering glance that made him rearrange his jeans.

Sandy was a city girl, born and bred.  They met in college and had been together ever since. With the exception of Mindy, she loved his family and felt they loved her too.  She and Chris had come to the farm a couple of times for a weekend but mostly his Mom and Dad would come visit them when time allowed.  They would go on a vacation cruise every year and would usually work in a weekend with them then. This was the first time she and Chris would be at the farm  for an extended period.  Chris’ dad, Matthew, would be unable to work for months and this year  money was tight and extra farmhands were not in the budget.

While Sandy dressed, Chris made the bed and Mindy happened to catch him doing it.  She made a remark about city girls not being able to pull their weight. 

“Excuse me, I don’t think I heard you Mindy.  Would you like to repeat that?”  Chris said

 Mindy reddened and continued walking down the hall. Sandy had overheard the remark and Chris’ response but didn’t let on. She told Chris she was ready and thanked him for making the bed.

“Good Morning, Mom, what can I do to help?” were Sandy’s first words as she entered the kitchen. 

Mindy said that maybe it would help if she got up earlier so she could be down here helping to get breakfast started.  Lydia told Mindy to hush and told Sandy she could set the table and get the water glasses filled and not to pay any attention to Mindy that she must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  When Sandy finished, the men just started coming in to sit down to breakfast.  Afterward Mindy went out to pick the vegetables for the noon meal while Sandy assisted Lydia in the clean up.

“Can I ask a question Mom?

“Sure honey, what do you want to know?”

“Mindy doesn’t like me and I am not sure why”.  Can you give me any clues?”

Lydia said it probably had something to do with the fact that Mindy always had a crush on Chris. Chris never even gave her the time of day, to him, she was just like a little sister.   When Chris went away to school, she and Seth started dating.  Lydia said that Mindy loved Seth but she didn’t think she had ever really gotten over her school girl crush on Chris.  Lydia told Sandy not to take it personally because it wouldn’t have mattered who Chris had married Mindy would not like her.

Sandy felt better after talking to Lydia.  At least now she knew it wasn’t her imagination.  Mindy didn’t like her.  She determined to stay out of Mindy’s way and not cause any problems. 

Sandy helped wherever she could and the following week took on the laundry.  Unfortunately, she put one of Mindy’s blouses in with the bleach items.  When she realized what she had done she went to Mindy, confessed and offered to replace the blouse.  Mindy was not at all gracious about the accident.  She told Sandy she probably did it on purpose.  Sandy went up to their room in tears.  Sandy stayed there for the rest of the afternoon and when Chris came home Lydia filled him in on what had transpired.  Chris sought out Mindy and read her the riot act.

“How dare you accuse my wife of deliberately ruining one of your blouses? She has done nothing but help out and go out of her way to be nice to you.  You deserve a good hiding  and if I were your husband you would be eating dinner standing up”.

“If that’s how you treat your wife I am glad I am married to Seth” Mindy spat out.

Unfortunately for Mindy, Seth had been in the kitchen listening to this whole conversation.  When he came into the room Mindy blanched.  Seth told her he had heard her and asked Mindy for her side of the story.  When she was finished he told her to apologize to Chris and then to go find Sandy and apologize to her also.  Mindy stomped her foot and refused to budge. 

“Mindy, do what you were told to do right now” Seth told her calmly.

Mindy turned to Chris and apologized and then went storming up the stairs.  Seth heard a door slam and knew that Mindy had gone into their room.  He went right after her.  Chris went up to Sandy and found her asleep.  He started to change his clothes when he heard a noise and went to investigate.  He didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he heard his brother telling Mindy that he had warned her to behave around Sandy and what the consequences would be if she didn’t.  He walked away just as Mindy must have felt the first bite of his belt because he heard her cry out.

The next morning when Sandy was alone in the kitchen getting breakfast started, Mindy came in carrying the basket of eggs.  Laying them on the counter she told Sandy she was sorry for acting out yesterday.  Sandy said it was okay and that she was sorry she had ruined her blouse and that maybe they could go into town later and find a replacement.  Mindy said she would like that.

That night when Sandy crawled into bed next to her beloved Chris, she told him about Mindy’s apology and their trip into town.  She said maybe she and Mindy had turned a corner and could be friends after all.  Chris told her he thought it had more to do with the strapping Seth had delivered yesterday.

“What do you mean? She asked. 

Chris told her what he had heard and when he asked Seth about it today Seth admitted that he spanked her sometimes when she got out of hand.  Sandy didn’t know what to say.  Chris gave her a few spanks now and then but nothing like what he had just described.  She couldn’t imagine getting a spanking with a belt.  She shuddered and Chris asked what that was about. 

“I was just thinking about getting spanked with a belt, it must really hurt” she replied.

He told her that yes it stung like the dickens.  He said his father had whipped both he and Seth with a belt when they were naughty and his mom would switch them now and again too but they survived and he respected them both for being strong enough to discipline them.

“Would you ever spank me?” she asked.

“If you were naughty ”

“I know that when you slap my butt I get all tingly but I don’t know about a real spanking” she answered, “especially one with a belt”.

“I’ll be very happy to spank that cute little butt anytime you say the word” he told her.

“How about now”, she responded.

“Are you sure” he asked.

“Do you want a written invitation” she quipped.

"Well that sass will definitely get you spanked.  Roll over"

She rolled over on her belly and pushed up her nightshirt.  The sight of those delicious cheeks just waiting for his palm to make them blush had him all excited.  The first spanks were almost a caress with Sandy moaning her pleasure.  He increased the strength and tempo of the spanks and Sandy began vocalizing a little louder.  He told her to be quiet that the walls were very thin and handed her a pillow to muffle her squeals.  He stopped, rubbed her backside, and then took his belt from the back of the chair and very softly began caressing her now reddened behind with the leather.  Sandy began wriggling her butt to meet the belt. He gave her five quick hard licks,  stopped and caressed her.  When she was smoothed out he gave her another five quick hard licks and by then Sandy couldn’t take anymore.  She rolled over onto her back and begged him to  take her.  He was happy to oblige.

 “Ooh, being naughty has its rewards.  I might have to try it more often" Sandy cooed.