Saturday, March 3, 2012


We have been on the road 11 days and have gone 632 miles.  At this rate, we should be in AZ around the first of the year.   Seriously, we are just having a great time.  I received my Louisiana spanking yesterday.  So far, I have been spanked in every state.  I’m just glad I just said every state instead of every day of the trip or BY THE TIME WE GET TO PHOENIX I would be rising but more than likely I would be sitting on a pillow.  Just kidding.

Have a happy.


  1. It sounds like you're having a blast! I'm so jealous:)!


    P.S. Enjoy those spankings, lol!

  2. Hope you're both enjoying your trip together!

    I know someone who went on a road trip across the US and got spanked for each state they drove through. Some were smaller states so the spankings were less intense and other states were huge so they were butt busters!! LOL

  3. Glad to hear you are enjoying this gift of time together! Lasting memories! abby

  4. Kitty, Christina and Abby: Thanks for your good wishes. We'll be traveling through Texas Christina so I guess I should expect a long spanking.


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