Saturday, March 17, 2012

Patrick's Lucky Day


Today was going to be his lucky day – he just knew it.  After all it was St. Patrick’s Day and he was named Patrick. He and his brothers, Jack and Bobby would be marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  They were part of the family business.  That business happened to be policemen for the City of Chicago.  It was a long family tradition – both their father and grandfather had been policemen before them.
As he was putting on his uniform he thought about how proud he was of his family.  They were a large rowdy bunch and loved each other fiercely.  Along with Jack and Bobby, there were also three sisters, Maureen, Colleen and Katie. Their parents, John and Kathleen Cochrane, were hosting their usual St. Patrick’s Day party at their house after the parade.  He was the oldest and the only one not yet married with children.  The family never missed an opportunity to remind him he wasn’t getting any younger – today would be no exception.  He would be getting the jibes all day long.

It wasn’t as if he didn’t want to get married and settle down.  He had just not found anyone with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.  He had a couple of long term relationships but they were just long enough for him to realize he didn’t want them to be around forever.

Maybe today the luck of the Irish along with some help from the leprechauns would yield him a sweet Irish lass.

After the parade everyone stopped by Flannagan’s for a beer.  He didn’t stay long because he wanted to stop by his house to take his dog Barney for a walk before he left for his parents.  He was just rounding the corner and Barney was doing his usual sniff every object possible when a little kitty went dashing in front of them.  Barney lunged forward and knocked him off balance and he found himself down on his kiester.  He was surprised when he heard giggling and then a quick apology for laughing.  He tried to get up with as much dignity as he could muster when he looked up and saw her.  Fireworks were going off everywhere.  She was about 5”4 with the bluest eyes he had ever seen, strawberry blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and he immediately knew this was his lucky day.  He introduced himself and told her he was usually not this awkward but Barney loved to chase anything that moved and the kitty was just too much temptation for him to overcome.  She laughed again and it was the sound of tinkling bells.  She introduced herself as Lauren and said she lived just around the corner.  She said she had often seen them going on their walk.  He asked her what she was doing for the rest of her life and she laughed again. 

“I don’t know about the rest of my life, but tonight I am going to a party with my co-worker” she said.

Patrick laughed and asked her for dinner on Saturday.  She agreed.  She knew he was a policeman and if she couldn’t be safe with a cop there was not much hope left in this world.  Lauren gave him her address and he said he would pick her up around 7:00.
They both went their respective ways.  Patrick couldn’t believe his luck but then today was his day, wasn’t it.

Lauren had often seen Patrick and Barney on their daily walks and thought he was a fine looking male specimen.  Six feet, two inches with shiny black hair and green eyes – she had tried accidently running into him often.  Today it finally worked.  She couldn’t wait until Saturday.
The party was in full swing when he got to his parents.  There were kids running everywhere and everyone laughing and enjoying telling stories of past years escapades. The ladies were all milling around the kitchen tending to last minute food preparation and exchanging their own stories. It was always the same but it never failed to bring a smile to his face and joy to his heart.  He was glad to be part of this loud raucous family but also a little jealous because he sometimes felt the odd man out. 

Sometime later he looked up and saw Lauren and Kevin standing at the door next to his sister Katie.  Kevin had been a friend of Katie’s ever since college and was actually the godfather to Sean, Katie and Bills’ youngest son.  His heart sank.
He casually walked over and said hello to Lauren.  Katie and Kevin were surprised. 
“I didn’t know you two knew one another” Katie said.
“We just met this afternoon” said Lauren.

Kevin said he and Lauren worked together and she mentioned she had never been to a St. Paddy’s Day party before.  He told her he knew the perfect place to enjoy the best time ever. Based on Katie and Kevin’s reaction, Pat had the distinct impression this was a set up.  He would get Katie alone later and give her the biggest hug for interfering in his life.  
Lauren had been trying to meet Pat for a while and now they were thrown together twice in the same day.  Maybe some of that Irish Leprechaun magic was working. She could feel Pat’s reaction to her and knew that he was as interested in her as she in him.  Lauren loved how he interacted with his siblings and nieces and nephews.  He was both strong and gentle.  She felt he was someone who could give her what she craved in a relationship. 

Pat spent the rest of the evening glued to Lauren’s side.  She was cute and sassy.  He didn’t want to scare her off but he knew she was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. When she and Kevin left Pat thought there really was such a thing as love at first sight. Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.

Saturday at 6:55 Pat was as Lauren’s door.  She yelled to come on in she would be right down. He didn’t like her leaving the door unlocked and made a mental note to discuss it with her.  When she came downstairs, he was dumbstruck again.  She had on a black mini with a low slung silver belt, black knee high boots, her hair over to one side. She looked gorgeous and all thoughts of lecturing her about the unlocked door had flown out the window.

They got in the car and Pat reminded her to buckle up.  She said she never used the seat belt and had actually disconnected the buzzer in her car.  Being a policeman, he couldn’t let that go. “When you are riding in a car, a seat belt is a must.  It is the law and you can get ticketed. But most importantly it can save your life. Now please put on your seat belt.” She did so reluctantly.

They drove to the restaurant and had a wonderful dinner.  Conversation revolved around what a wonderful family he had and how much fun she had at the party. When they got back in the car to drive home, Lauren did not fasten her seatbelt. Pat reminded her again and told her the third time he would make sure he would never have to remind her again.

“What are you going to do, spank me?”
“As a matter of fact, yes I will.
“If you think you are man enough to spank me, you’re welcome to try” she teased.
“Oh, I am man enough.  Just let me catch you not wearing your seatbelt again and you will find yourself over my knee.”
“I think I would like that” she replied.

 Lauren was excited.  She had always had a secret desire to meet a man who believed in spanking.  She mentioned it to a boyfriend once and he said he didn’t go in for kink.  After that, she squelched her desires but they never went away.  Here was a man who obviously didn’t feel that way. She couldn’t wait to test the waters. 

They made a date for the following weekend. When Pat picked her up,  the door was unlocked and she yelled for him to come in.  The minute she came downstairs he told her it was very unsafe to leave her door unlocked.  She asked him if she continued to do so would that be another spanking offense.


“I will have to make a note of all the things I do that deserve a spanking” Lauren replied sassily.

On their way back home after the date, Lauren did not buckle her seat belt.  Pat didn’t say a word just reached over and buckled her in. They pulled up to her house and he walked her to the door.  Once inside he held her in his arms and kissed her.  Lauren was disappointed.  She deliberately had not fastened her seat belt.  Now here he was hugging and kissing her.  What a disappointment. He kissed her again and then led her over to the sofa.  Then he began his lecture.  He told her what she could expect if he ever caught her not using her seat belt again.  She didn’t want to make this too easy on him though.

“Don’t go getting all policemen on me. I don’t need protection. I’m an adult and I can take care of myself” Lauren said haughtily.

“I’m sure you can, said Pat.  I am sorry if you are offended but it comes naturally.  I’m the oldest in my family and I have been looking after my siblings long before I became a policeman.  As for being an adult, you haven’t been acting responsibly.  Leaving doors unlocked and not using seatbelts is not responsible behavior.”

With that, he took her over his knee and began to spank her.  The spanks came hard and fast and in no time Lauren began to wiggle around.  She was kicking up her legs and almost kicked him.  He pinioned her legs under his and began another assault on her bottom.  When she finally settled down he let up and asked her if she had enough. She nodded her assent and he helped her up and held her on his lap.

“You are going to wear your seat belt from now on, right?” asked Pat
“You are going to lock your doors when you are home alone, right” he asked again.
“Okay.  I hope so because otherwise you will find yourself back over my knee”

Lauren smiled to herself and thought yes I will make sure to find myself over your knee many a time, my big Irish lad. 

Pat whistled his way to his car and patted the lucky four leaf clover he kept in his pocket.



  1. I'm so glad you write and share your work! I love having good spanking fiction to read. I took your suggestion about 50 Shades of Gray - which is why I haven't been around much. That is one HOT read!


  2. Happy St Patricks Day :) Ps: I'm now on book 3. Quite enjoying that bit more of an actual storyline now :)

    Dee x

    1. Yes, there is more of a story line in the last two volumes. Not as steamy but still good.

  3. Thanks for the story. Very fun!

  4. Thanks SG. I must download that book.


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