Friday, March 9, 2012

Memphis Beat

The drive to Memphis was a rough one.  Lots of road rotomilling and wind made for a rough ride.  We spent the day at Graceland on Wednesday.  We were/are Elvis fans and so it was like a trip down memory lane for us.  We were lucky enough to see him in concert twice.  I don't think we even comprehended how many gold records he accrued during his lifetime. One of the features was a  photo shop opportunity where you could insert yourself  with Elvis.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the shot from Blue Hawaii where he was spanking the girl.  (Stormy recently had the photo on her blog)  I might have been tempted to  post that picture here for posterity.

Yesterday it did nothing but rain rain rain all day.  We holed up in the motor home after we got back from lunch.  We extended our stay for another day because we still want to hit the blues clubs on Beale Street at night.  We might be bundled up tonight because it's cold here but it is better than umbrellas.

Looking forward to the music.  Haven't had my Tennessee spanking yet.  Guess it will have to be today or early tomorrow.

Our journey continues tomorrow.  See you later.


  1. We drove by Graceland many years ago (traveling with my family when I was a young girl). Glad you actually got to go inside:).


    P.S. Have fun listening to the music!

  2. Sounds like you're having an awesome road trip!!


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