Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Blip on the Horizon

Two days ago my "stuff" finally made it to Arizona. Actually it had been in storage until we decided what we were going to do.  Our decision to stay in places longer than we had anticipated meant either paying for storage in Florida or Arizona.  We chose Arizona.  My great friend graciously volunteered to rent us a storage unit and so the movers were alerted and our stuff was on its way.  Tuesday, it landed.  Now comes the fun.

 First call, the storage unit is far down the line and it is going to cost additional dollars to offload.

 Next call, something is broken but it looks as it it can be fixed (not sure what this was)

Third call, do we have a sofa and ottoman? (friend said I thought you didn't bring any furniture - I didn't)

Fourth call, did we have drapery rods? (I hate draperies and always have shutters, blinds anything but draperies ) Friend said didn't think so.

 Next call - all is unloaded but it is stacked four high.  The good news the item that was broken isn't ours.

Now the question is, is the rest of the "stuff" ours or someone else's.? The funny part is it's been soooo long since I packed some of this stuff I don't even know what is in the boxes anymore so if anyone else has my stuff I hope they enjoy it.  I probably won't know if I have their stuff for quite a while. Maybe they won't want it either.

Ain't life grand.  Have a great day and see you later.


  1. Too funny. Gotta have a sense of humor to deal with packing and moving. I think I might have a box of yours - Lol.

  2. Maybe you'll find something fun in the stuff you unpack, lol.

  3. Awww, that stinks. It's annoying enough if you were there overseeing and talking to them, from afar, its even more annoying. I really hope everything gets straightened out.


  4. That's funny, sunnygirl! You know what I like? You have such a fun, positive outlook about everything. I hope to be just like that someday, lol!


  5. Ha Sunnygirl! Who knows what may be in your new boxes. You could be a millionaire.

    Okay, maybe not...but I love your attitude about the whole thing.

  6. Oh dear. I hope everything gets sorted. You do seem very relaxed about it.


  7. Thanks Ronnie for your good thoughts.


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