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Santa Claus Special

Here I am again.  Another Christmas story - if your memory is in the same shape as mine maybe you won't remember these stories.  haha. This one was actually published in a collection of LSF stories - the proceeds donated to keeping the Kilhara Library alive and well.

Santa Claus Special

‘TWAS the night before Christmas and John and Shelley were busy finishing up the last minute things before Christmas morning. Shelly was wrapping presents, baking cookies and fixing a plate for Santa while John was installing batteries and beginning to assemble the toys.  Shelley hated having to wait until Christmas Eve but there was no place to hide the finished items so it had to be.  They always ended up in an argument and she ended up over John’s knee for being so disrespectful.  They even joked about it and called it the Santa Claus Special.  Shelley had a plan for this year and hoped it would work.

It was all John’s fault.  God forbid he read the directions first.  He would go about getting the whole thing assembled and then find it wasn’t right or worse yet, find leftover parts. Usually by the third toy he was out of patience and exhausted. This year was no exception. 

She could hear John’s frustration in the other room.  The mumbling came first and each time something went wrong, the mumbling became louder.  I am not going in there, she told herself.

“Shelley, can you come in here.  I could use some help.”

When she heard those dreaded words, she cringed.  I can’t escape now.  Lord, please give me the patience to hold my tongue and my sarcasm in check she said to herself.

“What can I do Babe?”

“You can hold the flashlight while I find out where this damn screw goes.”

She picked up the flashlight and positioned it just where she was told.

“You’re not holding it in the right place.” He told her.

OMG, it’s starting already, Lord are you listening. I need patience and I need it now.

“How’s this Babe? Is this better?” I swear I didn’t move it one iota.

“Yes, thank you.”

When that piece was finally together, he put it aside and pulled the next item to him.  Shelley, very quietly, tried leaving the room.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“There are some things I still have to finish up in the kitchen, Babe.  Call me if you need me.”

Shelley knew it was time to put her plan into action.  She went upstairs to the bedroom and brought out the package from Victoria’s Secret she had purchased last week.  She was just about to don the outfit when she heard his footfalls on the stairs.  She ditched the box under the bed.

“There you are.  I need you again.  Why can’t you just stay close?  You had all day to do this stuff.  I didn’t.”

His voice was getting louder and her temper was rising.

Sh, you’ll wake the children and then we will be in a mess. They are too young to realize that it’s daddy not Santa Claus who delivers the presents.”

She was biting her tongue to stop this before she let him have it with both barrels. Like I have so much time.  I should let him deal with the kids all day, while trying to grocery shop and get things ready for his folks tomorrow.Calm down, don’t let this go any further her little voice said.

“At least Santa Claus has Mrs. Claus and all the elves; I just have one disappearing wife.” He said grumpily.

“Okay, let me do this one thing and I will be right down to help, okay.”

“Okay, but make it snappy.  It’s already 12:30 and you know the kids will be up by 6:00 AM.”

“Yes, sir” she replied and gave him a salute, and not the kind you would expect.

He gave her one of those looks that said she was pushing her luck. 

“Remember what usually happens on Christmas Eve.  Well you are just about there.” He said to her.

“Oh, so that you have time for.”

That last remark was what pushed him over the edge.  He pulled her to the bed and over his knee so fast; she didn’t even have time to balk.  Her skirt was up and her panties down in a flash.  His rock hard hands were raining down spanks on her bottom so quickly she could barely catch her breath.  He stopped for a moment, she caught her breath and hoped it was over.  Then she heard the drawer open and knew it would only be moments before she would be paying the price for that last remark.  She heard the air whoosh moments before she felt that first burst of searing pain from the leather strap. She tried keeping still knowing squirming around would only increase the time and tempo of this spanking.  By the time the fifth strike hit her sit spot, she was done. She literally rolled off his lap and onto the floor.

“Get back here, I’m not done,” he told her.

“Well, I am. I am quite sure Mrs. Claus doesn’t have to put up with this.”

“I’m telling you to get back here.”

“Not happening.  Merry Christmas to you too.”

All of a sudden, he started laughing.  She looked at him with this perplexed look.

“Why are you laughing?”

“We did it again, you just received the Santa Claus Special,” he said grinning from ear to ear.

“I’m glad you think it’s so funny.  It’s not your bum that is as red as Santa’s suit and throbbing to boot.”

“No, but I’ll tell you what else is throbbing.”

Looking at his tented jeans, she too grinned.  “Too bad, so sad. You still have toys that need assembling.  You better get to it.”

She walked into the bathroom and when she came out, he was still sitting on the bed.  He was holding the Victoria’s Secret box.

“What’s this?”

“It was supposed to be my diversionary plan to avoid the Santa Claus Special.  I was just about to don it when you came upstairs.  Too bad it didn’t work.”

He took it out of the box and held it up.

“I don’t know, I think even Santa might spank you for something this naughty.  Tempting your husband like this deserves more than coal in your stocking.”

“Well, you missed your opportunity.  Now go put the rest of those toys together.  As you pointed out, it’s late and we have to be up early.”

“You know for a girl whose bottom is still red from a spanking, you are being pretty saucy.”

“Hush” she told him as she heard the pitter patter of feet. “I hear footsteps and it’s not Santa on the roof.”  The words were no sooner out of her mouth than their bedroom door opened and there stood Mikey.  He was all sleepy and rubbing his eyes.

“Has Santa Claus been here yet?  I heard noises.”

“Not yet, sweetie.  Let Daddy take you back to bed.  We don’t want Santa to pass us by, do we?”  He shook his head no. She hugged him to her and gave him a kiss.

John picked him up and trotted off to Mikey’s room.  Shelley listened to John talking to Mikey as he snuggled him into bed.  He is such a good dad and a good husband.  I think that maybe he deserves a reward even if he is an old meanie on Christmas Eve.

Before John went back downstairs, he stuck his head in the bedroom.

“Don’t think this is over, Missy.  I’ll be back; we still have some issues that need addressing.” 

She knew that wasn’t the threat he meant it to be.  Chuckling to herself, she felt those first slivers of excitement that his dominant tone and demeanor always brought forth. 

She donned the corset, thigh high fishnet stockings and lacy thong.  She then covered this up with a long flannel nightgown, fuzzy robe and slippers and trotted back downstairs.

“Okay, what can I help you do so we can get some sleep? Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.”

He handed her another box and she set about putting it together. Following directions made it easy and she chuckled as she watched him struggling with his item.

“Need some help.” She said saucily.

“You are cruising girl.  Keep it up.” 

She went over to where he was working, picked up the item and saw just where he was having the difficulty.  Within minutes, she had it together, looked at him, and smirked.

He shook his head and slapped her ass.  “Not a word, not one word,” he told her.

She smiled sweetly.  He began putting the tools away while she placed everything under the tree and turned off the lights.  They climbed the stairs together. 

“I’m going to check on the kids, Babe.  Be right with you.”

She came into the room just as he climbed into bed.  She had removed her nightgown and robe in the hall, and donned the high heels she had stashed in the kids room.  He almost fell out of bed.

“So, do you still think Santa would spank Mrs. Claus for wearing this naughty outfit, or would he have other things on his mind?”

“I don’t know about Santa, but I know what I’m going to do and I am going to enjoy every minute of both.  Come here, you sexy thing.”

Suddenly he wasn’t so tired. 


  1. Hi Sunny, Nice story. I wonder how many of us will get Christmas eve spankings.....
    love Jan, xx

  2. Hi Sunny, ooh, I remember this one. I wonder too :)


  3. This is funny, so typical of husbands. But it did give me some ideas for Christmas Eve.

  4. I'm loving all the Christmas stories. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. I remember this one but not the previous ones. Thanks for giving us these extra treats.
    Hope you and Ray have a great time with your family in California.
    Rosie xx


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