Friday, December 22, 2017

A Family Christmas

I've decided to repost some of my  Christmas stories from the past.  Hope you enjoy reading.

Tis the season to be jolly, that’s what she kept telling herself.  Three weeks before Christmas and she was already stressed to the max.  She had usually completed the shopping by this time of the season but this year she had just begun. It was because she had to buy presents for Kyle’s whole family. 

Kyle informed her they were going to his family’s home in New Hampshire for the holidays. It had been years since she’d seen any of his family.  Since then she and Kyle divorced, remarried, divorced and then remarried each other.  She could just imagine the jibes she would receive from his family and wasn’t sure she would be up to them for the three days they would be imprisoned in that mausoleum of a house.  Her only hope was for good weather, so they could at least get outside a little.  New Hampshire was the kind of place one visited in the summer, and even then New Hampshire summers weren’t exactly what she considered summer. Kyle brought her home to meet his parents the summer they met and she damn near froze to death. 

Anyway, his whole family was gathering this year, and Kyle said they were going, and he didn’t want to hear any grief about it.  He said he spent enough holidays with her dysfunctional family and she owed him.  She couldn’t disagree, but he shouldn’t have burdened her with purchasing gifts for all of them.  He should be out here with her but no; he's at a sales conference in Hawaii while she’s running ragged trying to find gifts for people she didn’t necessarily like.

Kyle came from a very prominent family; his ancestors came over on the Mayflower.  They were all pretty snooty, and she knew she was not his mother’s favorite choice for her precious son.  Mathilde Hawthorne probably celebrated when she and Kyle divorced and cried when they remarried.  Kyle was not his family though, and so she would be on her best behavior for the time they were there.  She might have to take Xanax, or smoke some pot, but she would be nice.  She would do it for Kyle.          


When Kyle came home from the sales conference, Megan had most of the gifts bought, wrapped and ready to be shipped.  She was sending them ahead of time by FED EX rather than deal with them at the airport. She only had to buy something for her mother-in-law, and she wanted Kyle to help with this gift. 

“Honey, do you have any idea what you want to buy for your mother?”

“Not a clue.”

“You’re a big help.  How about a Pandora bracelet?”

“What the hell is a Pandora bracelet?”

“It’s sort of like a charm bracelet.  It’ll be expensive, but it is something your mother might enjoy.  We could always add more charms for her birthday, Mother’s Day, next Christmas.”

“Fine. We’ll go shopping on Saturday, and you can show me what you’re talking about.  Right now, I want to spend some time with my wife.  I’ve been gone all week, and I’ve missed you. Let’s go upstairs and play some adult games.”

“Last one up is a rotten egg.” She ran past him and pinched his ass on the way.  She heard him laugh and say, “paybacks are a bitch” as she ran up the stairs. He could hear the door close and lock.  He knew her so well.  He knew if he didn’t go up right away, she would start to get curious and would eventually come to the door, unlock it and sneak a peek.  He quietly waited outside the door and soon saw the shadows under the door moving closer.  The minute she cracked the door open, he pushed her in and pulled her into his arms.

“Are you locking me out of our bedroom?”

“Would I do that?” she asked him all innocent.  

He took her over to the bed and laid her across his lap.  He loved looking at those porcelain globes and loved watching his slaps turning that white flesh a blushing pink.  He watched her squirm and carry on as if he was killing her when he knew she loved every moment.  He could see her juices glistening down her thigh, as his fingers started to invade all open cavities.  She was wriggling, her body literally vibrating when she moaned and called out his name.  He took her then, and they came together.

Kyle loved their marriage this time around.  The first time they were both too young and didn’t realize that marriage took work.  They divorced and he immediately jumped into a relationship and married Judith.  It was a disaster and they soon divorced.  He made a vow he would not get married again.  Megan married again too and although her second marriage lasted longer than Kyle’s, it too ended in divorce.

As luck would have it, they ran into each other at a gallery opening.  The spark was still there, and they began dating again.  After five months, Kyle broke his vow and asked Megan to marry him again.  She agreed.  This time the marriage was filled with understanding, love, fun and great sex.  A lot of that had to do with spanking.  Megan wanted him to spank her the first time around.  After a couple of failed attempts, Megan gave up.  Kyle was brought up knowing that striking a woman was not acceptable and no matter how much Megan tried to convince him otherwise; it didn’t work.  It was not the only reason the first time around marriage didn’t work, but he was determined if she was still interested,  he would give it a try on this second go round. 

Megan was still interested and currently, spanking was very much a part of their sex life. It wasn’t just Megan that enjoyed it now.  He loved it too.  He might not spank her every time they made love, but he noticed that when he did, their level of enjoyment was increased exponentially.


The next Saturday they headed to the mall, and Megan showed him the Pandora bracelet. It was more than he wanted to spend but agreed it was a good idea and after all, it was his mother, and they could afford to splurge once in a while.  After leaving the jewelry store, they walked the mall and came upon a shop selling sex toys.  They perused the items, purchased some and decided to go home and sample their new products. 

That very afternoon, they played with the ben wah balls and Kyle spanked her with the new leather paddle.  They were laughing and having a good time when he remarked that his parents would probably benefit from some of these toys.  Megan agreed and giggled picturing Mathilde getting spanked by Henry.

The next week, Megan was at the mall again and the sex shop called her name.  She remembered what Kyle said and knew what she was going to do.  She was going to buy a paddle and a vibrator.  She would wrap them as gifts to Henry and Mathilde as if they were from each other.  She could imagine the looks on their faces when they opened the presents.  It would make the three-day stay in New Hampshire bearable just thinking about that, and she giggled as she made the purchases.

She didn’t dare tell Kyle her plan, just proceeded to wrap the presents and put them with the others.  She had to put it out of her mind because otherwise, she was sure to tell.  She’d tell him after the fact.  Actually, she wouldn’t have to because she knew Kyle would immediately know who was responsible.


They arrived in New Hampshire on Christmas Eve Day.  As much as she hated to admit it, it was picture perfect. The mausoleum, as she called it, sat on a rocky point overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A fresh layer of pristine snow covered the ground; icicles of all sizes hung from everywhere, frosted windows and white lights sparkling in the bare branched trees, made it look like a fairyland.

After dinner, the children were sent to bed to dream their dreams and await Santa’s arrival. The Hawthorne's carried out their family tradition of the adults opening their gifts on Christmas Eve with Christmas morning reserved for Santa’s presents.  All the adults,gat

hered in the living room warmed by the fireplace.  It was a beautiful scene with the crackling fire providing a soft glow only enhanced by the lights on the huge Christmas tree in the corner. 

Once everyone settled in, Henry began doling out the gifts. When he got to the one addressed to Mathilde from him, he looked perplexed.  Megan had to look off for fear she would give herself away.  When all the presents were handed out, they each took turns. One of the first gifts Mathilde opened was the Pandora bracelet.

“Oh, Kyle this is lovely.  Thank you so much.  How did you ever know I’ve wanted one?"

“You’re welcome, Mother. However, I didn’t think of it; it was all Megan’s idea.” 

“Oh,” she said.  “Thank you, Megan.” She may have said the right words, but the tone and attitude didn’t match.  Just you wait, Mathilde.  She couldn’t wait now; she knew it was naughty but just once Megan wanted to see Mathilde squirm.

She didn’t have to wait much longer because the next gift she opened was from Henry.

“This is from my darling husband” she announced as she opened the vibrator.  For a moment, she didn’t know what it was and began examining the box.  Everyone else was snickering, and Henry was red in the face.

“Darling, that isn’t from me.” Henry piped up.  Mathilde was speechless and practically threw the item down on the floor, quickly covering it with the discarded wrapping paper.  “Next” she called out. 

Kyle, who had been holding Megan’s hand, squeezed it hard.  In that instant, she knew he knew and the look he gave her was a mixture of mirth, and “you’re in so much trouble” she almost giggled. 

It was almost anti-climatic by the time Henry opened his supposed gift from Mathilde.  The leather paddle was beautiful leather, embossed with a rose and a card attached that read, ‘guaranteed to provide rosy cheeks. At first, everyone maintained their usual staid demeanor until Kyle’s brother-in-law couldn’t hold on anymore and laughed out loud. Soon, everyone, except Mathilde and Henry, was hysterical. 

Henry and Mathilde had the last laugh though.  When they were ready to retire for the evening and said good-night to the younger generation still imbibing adult beverages, her last words to Henry were,  “Be sure to bring our new toys with you and check to see if batteries are needed.”  This set off another round of laughter. Megan couldn’t remember ever having such a fun Christmas Eve.

Kyle made sure that Megan received her very own rosy cheeks that evening, she loved every minute of it.


  1. Hi Sunny, nice surprise this morning seeing a story pop up, especially as I hadn't read it before. Thanks very much!
    love Jan, xx

  2. Another fabulous festive story Sunny. Am enjoying these :)


  3. I'm so glad you decided to put up some story reposts. I love them. Thanks, SG.


  4. Great to see your story pop up on my reader today!

  5. OMG, I do not think my husband would think it was funny if I did that but then again his parents are divorced..... This was a great story especially since my MIL treats me like Megan's did. It would be worth any spanking.

  6. A blanket response to all commenters. Glad you enjoyed the reruns and have a great holiday.


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