Monday, July 31, 2017

The Pie Incident

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day.  I loved that song by the Mama's and Papa's.  Actually, I pretty much loved all of their music.  Their voices blended so well together. Another voice snuffed out too early and not because of a ham sandwich either.  Well maybe, it was a contributing factor but not the real cause.

August is chomping down the remaining days of July.  How quickly it comes - seven months of the year gone - just like that. Our anniversary is this week and we have plans to attend a Neil Diamond concert and then an overnight stay in a hotel.  Should be fun.  This month is also my Son-in-Law's birthday, my grandson's birthday and three anniversaries.  Lots going on - it's one of the busiest months for me in that regard. A vanilla life - lol.

The Pie Incident

Claire Donavan was just taking the Lemon Meringue pie out of the oven when her husband came in and slapped her on the ass.  She was so startled, she bumped forward into the stove, causing the meringue to slide off the pie.  While trying to rescue the meringue, she burned her fingers on the hot mess.

“Damn you, Sean Donovan, now look what you’ve done,” she berated her husband.

“But darlin’, I thought you like it when I slapped your ass.”

“I do, but this wasn’t the time.  Didn’t you even bother to look at what I was doing?”

“Darlin, when you’re bent over and I see your ass, I have to slap it.  That’s all there is to it.”

“When I see your face when you think you’re just so cute, I have to do this.”  She took a handful of the spilled meringue and smeared it all over his face.  “There, it looks so much better now.”

The incident might have ended right then and there if it weren’t for the fact that Rosie O’Donald and her husband happened to walk into the kitchen to see and hear the last exchange.

“You aren’t going to allow her to get away with that are you”? Patrick asked of Sean.

“What ?”

“Well, if Rosie did that to me, she’d be over my knee getting her bottom warmed.  Her cheeks would match her name, that’s for sure.”

Claire watched the color rise up Rosie’s neck until her facial cheeks were the color of her name. 

Patrick O’Donald, if you have the slightest bit of valor you would apologize to your wife right this minute.”

“Why, I was just stating a fact.”

“Facts or not.  That was private and not something to share in front of others.  And, another thing, you keep your two cents worth of advice out of my house.  My Patrick doesn’t need to hear any of your rubbish.”

“Sean, are you going to allow your wife to talk to me that way?”

“You’re darn right he is if he knows what’s good for him,” Claire answered. “He knows my feelings about such things.”

It was Sean’s turn to be red-faced.  “You have no need to speak for me, Claire.  I have a tongue and I know how to use it.  I know how to use other things too.” With that last statement, his eyes moved to the jug of kitchen utensils resting on the counter.

Claire got the message, loud and clear. 

The four of them seemed to be frozen in time until Claire spoke up. 

“So what’s up with you folks this early Saturday morning?”

Rosie, who had been silent until this point, spoke up.  “There’s a street fair going on in Dunedin and Patrick and I thought you and Sean might like to join us.  We could look through the booths, and have lunch.  It’s a beautiful day.”

Patrick said.  “Yeah, Patrick, why not come then I don’t have to spend time looking through all those booths.  You and I could go to the pub and play some darts.  What do you say?”

Sean looked to Claire and she shook her head.  “Sure, it’ll get me out of cleaning the garage,” Sean said.

"Until tomorrow," Claire added.

They made plans to meet in an hour or so.  When the O’Donald’s left their friends home, Patrick remarked to Rosie that he thought Sean was getting a little too soft, he seemed to let Claire run things. “Did you see the way he looked to her before agreeing to come with us today?”

“I don’t think that’s being soft, I think that’s being considerate.  That’s a lesson you could learn.”

“Well, if you ever spoke up in front of others and to others the way she did this morning, you can expect to get a taste of my strap.”

“Yes, Patrick.  I know that, and after this morning, so do Claire and Sean.”

Once the O’Donalds left, Claire began to clear up the meringue mess.  She was mid-stream when Sean took hold of her and bent her forward over the island  He raised her dress and pulled down her knickers. 

“Oh Sean, not now.  I’ve too much to do before we meet the O’Donald’s.”

“Nope now’s the perfect time.  You’re getting a little too mouthy lately and that can’t stand. I would never embarrass you the way Patrick did Rosie, but neither will I allow you to disrespect me and others.  Now behave and this will go easier for both of us.”

With that, Sean began laying on the whacks with the biggest kitchen spoon on Claire’s arsenal of cookware.  She tried biting her tongue which was something she should have done earlier, but she didn’t do it this time either.  

“Sean, that’s enough.  I’m sorry but it was all your fault.”

“It seems to me Claire you are in no position to be blaming your naughtiness on me.” 

 The spoon came down and left red splats all over that pristine bottom.  He knew it had too sting, but damn if it didn’t excite him.  From the looks of things, it was exciting to Claire too, even if she might not have agreed with him right at that moment.  He continued to spank her until he felt the feistiness leave her body.  He righted her and took her over his shoulder and right into the shower.  Turning on the hot water, he removed their clothing and into the shower they went. He positioned Clair so that the hot water would hit her reddened bottom.  He heard her intake of breath and at that moment, covered her mouth with his and all was well in the Donovan household.

Meringue be damned and so what if they were a little late meeting the O'Donalds, there were more important things in life.  

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Oh yum, lemon meringue pie. Sacrilege! I don't blame Claire for her reaction lol. Really enjoyed this Sunny, thank you :)

    Wow, busy month for you. Happy Anniversary to you and Ray. Have a wonderful time at the concert.


    1. Glad you enjoyed Roz.
      Thanks for the wiehes and I'm sure we'll enjoy the concert. ND is to us what The Boss is to your honey.

  2. Happy Anniversary, to you and Ray!
    Meredith and Jack

  3. Sass in the kitchen can be hazardous to your health. Too many utensils nearby. Katie's spatula comes to mind!

    Have a wonderful celebration with your Ray, and I will say a prayer to St. Azotaina that at least a good smack on the ass will come your way.


    1. St. Axotaina does strike occasionally - here and there. The target is sometimes too good to pass up just like Sean.
      Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

  4. How fun to have another couple who would speak openly about their spanking relationship- loved how they all played out in your story.

    Enjoy your vanilla week of celebrations and happy anniversary! Maybe to celebrate you could make a lemon meringue pie. ;)


    1. The chances of me making a lemon meringue pie are slim and none - buy one maybe. lol
      Glad you enjoyed the story.

  5. Excellent story - I agree with Ella, only be sassy in the living room where there are pillows instead of wooded spoons and other implements.

    Happy anniversary!

    1. Thanks PK. I know, not good planning, unfortunately I know from experience that what comes out of my mouth isn't well controlled.

  6. Hi Sunny, Happy Anniversary! enjoy the concert. Nice story, not so keen on Patrick myself...
    love Jan, xx

    1. Thanks Jan. Yeah, I think Patrick is a bit of a boor too.

  7. A great story for my afternoon read. Have a great anniversary.

  8. This story was a real treat. Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thanks Blondie. Nice to see you, hope things are well.

  9. Nice one SG. Enjoyed your story. Thanks.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Ray. Have a wonderful time at the convert.


  10. Hi Sunny! :) I enjoyed the story very much! I'm with Jan. That Patrick!!!

    Wishing you and Ray the happiest of anniversaries! I hope that you have a lovely celebration, and a wonderful time at the concert! Your month sounds so busy! Enjoy! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. Happy anniversary Sunny and Ray. Enjoy the concert and all the other celebrations in August.

    Loved the story. Yum, lemon meringue pie, my favourite.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  12. I love lemon meringue pie too, it's the best. Thanks for the good wishes.

  13. A great story, Leigh. Those two couples have a lot in common!

    Have fun at the concert and Happy Anniversary!



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