Monday, July 10, 2017

Life and Showers

Hello All.   My life has been crazy lately.  You all know Ray and I were on vacation, then I met some friends for an extended stay in Florida.  I came home on a Friday and on the Sunday I flew to Colorado to be with my friend who was having surgery.  I stayed two weeks and surprised Ray by coming home early so I could accompany him to Palm Springs to meet up with our daughter and her family.  So, as we arrived in Palm Springs the car was acting funny, so we had it towed to the dealership.  They diagnosed a faulty fuel pump which had been replaced last December.  Needless to say it was back and forth between AZ and PS, with the upshot being the warranty would be honored.

YEAH - Car fixed and we leave for home as planned.  Sixty miles out of PS and the same thing happens.  We waited roadside in 100+ temps for the tow truck and arrived back in PS three hours later.  

Good News - we were able to spend more time with everyone.

Bad News - It was Saturday and everything is closed - so we are still in Palm Springs and will begin the ordeal again today.  It's going to be an anxious drive home.

The upshot is, there is no new story for this week.  So, it's another retread from way back in January of 2013,  I can't believe I've been writing weekly stories that long.  Since it's so old, maybe you won't remember it's a summer rerun.


“We’re going away this weekend”, Doug said

“I can’t” she told him, “I have too much work to do”

“You’re just going to have to work around it because we are going.  You need some downtime and that’s final”.

Beth had been working on this presentation for the last month.  It was down to crunch time and she just couldn’t get it right.  It was due on Friday and she would be working every night this week just to get it finished.  Her promotion depended on her getting this account and she was in a dead heat with the new “hotshot” ad guy they had just hired.  She had been bitchy and crabby for the past week and had taken it out on Doug.  He was being so calm and patient with her, he realized how much this campaign meant to her.  He didn’t care if she got the promotion, frankly he wanted her to quit but he knew how much she loved her work.  He would put up with it as long as it didn’t interfere with him and he was just about there.  Frankly, she was surprised he hadn’t already corrected her. She probably would have already been sitting gingerly if he hadn’t been called out early this morning.  She would make it up to him if she could just get through the rest of the week.

When her boss looked over their projects on Thursday, he wanted some tweaking done on both presentations and suggested they meet again Monday morning before the clients arrived on Tuesday.  Beth was beside herself.  She knew better than to suggest to Doug this weekend trip be cancelled. She was going to have to find some time to make the changes. 

Beth stayed up very late on Thursday to finish her changes.  She thought Doug was already asleep but when she quietly slipped into bed she felt his hand reach over to pat her butt.  That was his usual ritual indicating he was off to sleep and didn’t want any more distractions.  She pulled up the cover and that was the last she knew anything until the morning.  When she got up Doug was already in the shower.  Beth decided to surprise him and join him.  When she stepped into the bathroom, it was so steamy the shower door was fogged over.  She slowly opened the door and a blast of steam hit her and a soapy arm grabbed her in the mist. 

“Who’s this invading my showertime,” he glowered.

“Someone who loves this big brute of a man that has been so patient with her these last couple of weeks” she replied.

“I am glad you noticed because you have no idea how much restraint I’ve exercised.  My palm has been itchy so often I thought I had a rash”.

“I know and I promise I will make it up to you this weekend” Beth responded.

He began soaping her back and shoulders working his hands down to her butt and inner thighs.  Next he started in on her front and gently soaped her neck and breasts, teasing the nipples gently as he moved down her tummy to her mons.  He eased her right leg onto the shower bench and washed her calves, ankles and feet then moved her right leg to substitute her left leg.  She was reveling in the gentle ministrations when she felt his hands once again on her mons.  He used his palm to rub little circles exerting pressure while the fingers on his other hand found her clit and gently flicked.  The touch was ever so light.  She was so aroused she was moaning and grabbing for his manhood.  He maneuvered her around and had her bend slightly over the shower bench and entered her from behind.  While his fingers kept working her clit he began thrusting in and out.  She was panting and very close to climax when he increased his thrusts and they both climaxed within seconds of each other.

“I think this is going to be one helluva good day” Doug said.  She agreed.

She got dressed and packed a bag so all she had to do when she got home was change clothes, brush her teeth and she was ready. She was so glad he had made the decision for this getaway.  This morning went a long way to helping her get into the right frame of mind.

Unfortunately, things went to hell in a basket.  The client moved up the meeting She spent the morning put finishing touches on the presentation so when the client came they were ready.  Well, the presentation was ready but unfortunately the client wanted changes and wanted them immediately.  She and the “hot shot” went back to the drawing board and this time they worked together instead of separately. They went back and forth several times and it was 5:30 before she realized it.  She was supposed to be home by now and leaving for their getaway.  The client still wanted another change so she called Doug.  There wasn’t any answer and she hoped that didn’t mean what she though it did.  They were working through the changes when there was a commotion in the outer office.  The receptionist walked in and said there was a Doug Aldridge here to see his wife.  She excused herself and went to the outer office.  She went over to Doug and explained the situation. 

“I really don’t care.  It’s 6:30 Friday night and we are leaving for our weekend.  Go get your purse and anything else you may need.  We’re leaving.”

“But Doug, I can’t.”  

“You can, and you will.” He propelled her to the office to pick up her things.  When they were finished, he escorted her out the door telling the receptionist to tell the others she had left. She didn’t talk to him the entire trip.  He checked in at the hotel and when they were finally alone in the room he told her to either snap out of it or she was going to get spanked.  He was not going to let her sulk all weekend and ruin their time.  She looked at him like he was crazy.

“I mean it Beth.  I will give you five minutes to get your head straight.  If you don’t you are going over my knee”

She ran into the bathroom and locked the door.  She would never get the promotion now.  She was so humiliated, even if she still had a job,  she didn’t think she could face them again.  How could they ever respect her now if she was not respected by her own husband.  She understood their dynamic at home, but that wasn’t home.  No, he could spank her all he wanted, she was not going to give in.
He was at the door trying to get in.   He tried a couple of times and then it got quiet.  The next thing she knew he was standing there with the maintenance man behind him.  Doug thanked him and the guy turned and left. 

“Obviously, you still are not thinking straight so over my knee you go”.  He sat down on the commode, placed her over his knee, pulled up her skirt and began spanking her behind.  He told her he hated to start off their weekend this way but she left him no choice.  After he felt she was sufficiently warmed up, he lowered her panties and really laid into her.  She was being so quiet he was beginning to despair he would get through.  He kept spanking her hard and she didn’t let out a peep.  He couldn’t take any more so he stopped, stood her up and propelled her to a corner in the bedroom.

“Stand there with your hands on the wall until I decide what’s going to happen next, he told her.  

He was angry now, angry that she wouldn’t acquiesce and he wanted to get himself under control. It was dark outside and the only the lights coming into the room were from the entryway.   He could see her outlined standing in that corner.  She stood straight as an arrow and he could tell by her stance she had not softened one iota. He couldn’t stand it any longer; he went over to her, brought her hands down, turned her around and took her in his arms.  She was as stiff as a board. 

“Beth, let’s start this weekend again.  I don’t want to spank you anymore and I don’t think you want that either. But, I will if I have to. How about we order room service and a bottle of wine and resolve this thing?”

“Whatever you want,” she said.

“What I want is my wife back.  Is that going to happen anytime soon?”

“I was so humiliated with the way you treated me in front of my peers,” she told him.

“All I did was ask you to get your things and told the receptionist to tell the others you had left.  Nothing else. You know how I feel about that job.  They are always dangling a carrot that you are never going to be able to grab. We see the situation differently but I will apologize for my action if how you perceived it was humiliating to you.  I never want to do anything that allows anyone to think you are less than you are.”

He cupped his hands around her face, looked into her eyes and saw a tear forming.  He hugged her tightly and told her to go wash her face and then take a look at the menu.

“After dinner, let’s take a shower and end this day that way it was begun,” Doug said.

“I think I would like that very much,” she said as she walked into the bathroom. 

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. I hadn't read this story before - I found Blogland in January 2013 but it took a little longer to find you. Great resolution to this couple's conflict!
    I hope your car behaves itself today. Safe travels.
    Rosie xx

  2. Hi Sunny, phew, you have had a busy time! Glad you and Ray spent time catching up with family and friends. Sorry tp hear about the car troubles, least it gave you some honus time :) Hope it is resolved with no further problems and that you have a smooth trip home.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, I remember this one too and always enjoy a re-read. I didn't like Doug at first demanding she take time off at a crucial point in her career...but I warmed to him and love the ending :)


  3. SG, Sorry to hear about your car troubles. Hope you get it sorted with no more problems. I do remember this story from before but I always enjoy re-reads of your stories. Thanks.


  4. Good luck with the car situation!

  5. Sunny,
    We had one of those breakdown vacations minus the heat. I feel your pain and know it happened with the right guy with you, your one and only!!!

  6. With all the problems the heat has brought our way lately, Sunny, it is downright scary to know that you were stuck out there. I will keep my fingers crossed about your trip home.

    Had never read this one, so I enjoyed it immensely. Shower sex always sounds more exciting than it really is.

    From the Heart,

  7. Sunny hope you solved the car problems and arrive home safely. Not good having to wait for road side assist in that heat.
    Loved this story. I haven't read it before so found it interesting.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  8. So sorry about all the car troubles!
    I've had vacations like that! In reality two I can think of would make a great story! Vibrating beds, cock roaches and a picnic in s dump! ��
    Loved the story! Perfect for me!


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