Monday, July 24, 2017

Lost in the Woods

Hello everyone.  I can't believe a week has passed and I didn't post anything all week.  I don't know where the time goes but it speeds by at 100 mph.  

Ray had a lovely birthday.  I never did write the story, there wasn't time.  He didn't want to go out saying we've been out constantly and he is right.  We had a quiet dinner at home. When we were in Palms Springs I bought him a straw fedora - must say he looks quite dashing in it, but I still wanted to get him something more.  I stopped at See's and bought some of his favorite candies and then remembered I'd asked Katie from This Whole Thing if she would take some pix of pelicans for me. He loves pelicans. She is an excellent photographer and I had several from which to choose. I had one blown up and framed and he loved it.  I even have a place he can hang it when he gets around to it.  So problem solved.

So, based on the last week's feedback, I wrote a part two to this story and I do believe it has the makings of an eventual book - so everyone should be happy.  Hope you enjoy

Here's Part Two of Lost in the Woods.You can read Part

On the outskirts of Centerville, she spied an official looking building with the state seal plastered on the side and a flagpole with the American flag, the state flag and what she could only assume was a flag representing Centerville.  Was Centerville the count seat?   She found a parking spot up front, completely overlooking the sign warning that parking was for fifteen minutes only.

Before leaving the car, she brushed back her hair and put on some lipstick.   She got out, straightened her dress and walked into the one story building.  It was well ordered and paintings of local artists decorated the walls.  There was a good deal of talent in Centerville based on what she saw.  Walking up the receptionist, she introduced herself.

“I’m Carole Maddow and earlier today I met Sheriff Decker.  He assisted me and I would like to thank him in person.  Can you tell me where I might find him?”

The girl looked at her and told her that Sheriff Decker was on vacation.  He won’t be back until next week.

“Oh, that might explain why he wasn’t in uniform or driving an official car.”

The girl merely smiled.  “Would you like to leave a note or talk to another deputy?”

“No, that’s alright.  Maybe I’ll stop by again next week when I come through this way.  Thank you” and Carole turned and left.

She stopped to admire some of the paintings and when she saw Rance Decker’s name on the bottom of one, with a for sale sign, she decided to buy.  She went back to the Receptionist’s desk and explained her desire to buy the painting.

“Oh, yes.  I’ll get someone to help you.” While she waited, Carole perused some of the other paintings and found Decker’s name on quite a few more.  Someone appeared, and took the painting off the wall and brought her over to the desk.  After writing out a check, she took her painting and walked out the door.

She walked to her car and saw something under the windshield wiper.   A ticket.  How could that be – she looked at the ticket and then saw the sign that it was limited time parking. 

“Well, I’ll be damned,” she said to herself.

She walked back into the building to complain.  “I just received this ticket.  I shouldn’t be ticketed because I was detained because it took so long for someone to come down and help me with the purchase of this painting.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” the receptionist said, ‘but the spots are clearly marked and I have no jurisdiction over the ticketing.  If you feel it’s unfair, you’re invited to appear in court to state your case.”

Carole looked at the court date and saw it was a month out.  “I don’t know what I’ll be doing in a month, isn’t there anything I can do in the meantime.”

“Yes, ma’am you can go over to the Clerk of the Court’s office.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so,” she spouted off before the gal even finished talking.  Carole headed toward the Clerk of the Court’s office. She stepped up to the window and handed over the ticket.

“I was told I could take care of this here.”

“Yes, Ma’am.  That will be $25.00.”

“What, I thought you would take care of it”

“I am taking care of it.  The fine is $25.00 and once you pay the fine the matter will be settled.”

“I don’t deserve this ticket; I was detained in here beyond my expectations.”

“Ma’am, I don’t mean to be rude, but I have no control over your expectations.  Now you’re holding up the line so may I suggest you either pay the fine or make the court appearance listed on the ticket where you can plead your case.”

Carole grabbed the ticket back and stuffed it into her purse and with a final huffing motion, turned and walked out of the building.  She kicked the sign as she walked past and got into her car.


Carole once again found herself on the way to Centerville.  She remembered she wanted to talk to the sheriff about his outlandish thoughts on the treatment of women.  She made it a point to be there around lunchtime, thinking that perhaps she could invite him to lunch.  She knew she was passionate about such things and she wanted to be in a public place knowing her manners would keep her in check.

She perused the town and saw a quaint café not too far from the county building. She parked in the lot and walked from there.  She was in luck, Sheriff Decker was in and she was ushered into his office. 

He was even more gorgeous than she remembered.  He seemed to be taller and dressed in his starched fitted green shirt that brought out the color of his eyes, his long lean legs encased in dark green denim pants, she almost swooned. He immediately stood as she entered the room.  Extending his hands, he smiled and asked if she had taken any wrong turns lately.

“You remember me,” she said pleased.

“Yes, I do. I have a tendency to remember feisty females."

She blushed. “I stopped by once before to thank you in person but you were on vacation when you assisted me.  I found myself here again and wanted to invite you to lunch if you have the time?”

“That’s totally unnecessary.”

“Nonetheless, I’d like to take you to lunch.”

He agreed and she told him she had parked close to the café down the street.  All talking stopped and eyes turned to them as they entered together.  Apparently, people weren’t used to seeing the Sheriff with anyone.  He tipped his hat to everyone and was ushered to a booth in the back.

“This okay with you.  I figure we could skip some glad-handing if I sat in the back.”

They ordered lunch and he told him she has purchased one of his paintings and that there were several more she admired.  They talked about paintings, she found out he had two children and they talked about them, about his ranch and for the life of her she could not make herself bring up the topic of his manhandling of women. He seemed way too polite and gentlemanly – she must have misunderstood.

He wouldn’t allow her to pay the check which ruffled her feathers a bit but she thanked him. He walked her to the parking lot and the spot where she parked was filled with a different car.

“My car’s gone.”

“What do you mean your car’s gone?  Are you sure this is where it was parked.”

Now ruffled and exasperated, “Of course I’m sure this is where it  was parked.”

He put his hand on her arm to soothe her and she jerked away.  He raised his eyebrows and she saw his eyes turn a darker shade of green/blue.  He spoke into the radio on his shoulder to report a stolen car, gave her license number and location. Within seconds the response came that the car had not been stolen but towed in response to a bench warrant for the owner’s arrest.

“What?” she called out quite loudly.

“Now calm down, I’m sure there must be some mistake.”

“You’re damn right there is a mistake.”

He tried to take her arm and she jerked away again.  He gave her another stern look and suggested she walk with him over to his office so this could all be straightened out.  He called his assistant and by the time they arrived at his office, it was determined that the bench warrant had been issued because of failure to pay a ticket.

“Ticket,” she stormed. “What ticket.”   That’s when the light dawned and she remembered getting the parking ticket.  She had shoved it in her purse and forgotten all about it.

“Now I remember" She suddenly calmed down. "It was the day I came to see you.  I parked out front and buying your painting took me a while and I was parked there longer than the allotted time.”

“I see,” he said.  “Let’s go down to the clerk’s office and straighten this out.”  
He escorted her to the clerk’s office and walked behind the walled counter.  He spoke to the supervisor and she pulled up the information on her computer.  The fine plus the additional costs was now up to $65.00 not including the tow charge.  Carole went ballistic. 

“You’ve to be kidding me, a stupid parking ticket is now $65.00.  That’s ridiculous.”

Sheriff Decker tried to calm her down.  He told her they would waive the tow charge if she would just pay the ticket and costs.  If she didn’t, her car would stay in impound and there was a good chance she could wind up in jail.

“Over a parking ticket” she yelled.

“I don’t make the laws, I only enforce them.” He told her. His patience with her was about exasperated. 

She pulled out her checkbook to write the check and was told they didn’t take checks – either cash, debit or credit.  She paid with her debit, got a receipt and turned to leave, the sheriff right behind her.

“If you slow down a minute, I’ll drive you over to the impound lot to pick up your car.”

“That’s mighty big of you sir,” she spit at him snottily.

“Remember our conversation on the day I assisted you, well if you were mine, right about now I’d have you over my knee and spanking you so hard, they’d hear you in the next county.  If ever a woman deserved a spanking, it is you.  Be glad I’m in uniform or I might be tempted to do just that."

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“I’d probably lose my job over it, but it might be worth it to teach you some manners.”

Carole kept her mouth in check after that last statement.  They were both quiet on the ride to the impound lot.  When she got into her car, she nodded her thanks and drove off.

A few miles out of town, something didn’t feel right.  She squirmed around and realized her panties were wet.

“What the hell?” she said to herself.

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Hi Sunny, I wondered what had happened to the usual Monday story. Thank you for continuing this story. Definitely the makings of another book!

    Happy belated Birthday to Ray. Glad he had a wonderful day :)


    1. It's funny, I had that feeling Sunday night, but ignored it because I was too tired to check. Sorry about that.

  2. What a great way to start my day! Loved part two and looking forward to reading more. This would be a fantastic book.

    Have a fun week and if you find the time, write more! :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      Love your Write more - you're too funny.

  3. Hi Sunny, glad Ray had a good Birthday. Yes please ,, this would be a great book.
    love Jan, xx

  4. SG, I just knew it could be the start of a new book. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Ray had a lovely birthday.


    1. Thanks Ronnie. I'm working on another now so, it will be a bit.

  5. Hi Sunny! :) I'm so glad that Ray had a great birthday celebration! It's awesome that he enjoyed the pelican photo too! Was so fun photographing them. SEEs Candies- YUMMMM! I love the lollypops myself. Haha!

    I very much enjoyed the part two to this story. Carole sure does need that spanking. She's a handful! I am looking forward to hearing all about that in your book! Great news for all of us readers! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  6. Replies
    1. Is your name Oliver, by any chance? Lol

      Glad you stopped by.

  7. Hooray! It sounds like there may be a part 3.

    1. Yes, there will be more eventually. Thanks for coming by.

  8. Hi Sunny, What a lovely present for Ray, Katie takes such fabulous photos.
    Loved this story, can't wait to read more.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. She does lindy, but then so do you.
      Glad you're enjoying the story, writing is a lot less likely to get me hurt thank your hobby. lol Hope you're feeling better.

  9. What the hell indeed! Mine nearly were too. Yes, we have to have a book.

  10. Glad Ray had a good time on his birthday; what a great present.
    Looking forward to the book in due course!
    Rosie xx

  11. Happy birthday Ray!
    If this doesn't turn into a book, I hope there is a part 3!

  12. So glad Ray had a wonderful birthday...I am sure he appreciated your thoughtful gifts. :-) Hugs to you


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