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This is another example of shameless self promotion.  It is another blurb from my latest book Love Is Where You Find It.  It's the story of Randy Colburne, a retired rodeo cowboy and Misty Callahan.  Randy has taken Misty to his hometown and she is staying with his parents while she gets her life on track.  This scene takes place the day after her arrival at the Bar C Ranch and she is being introduced to Randy's sister. Randy has the first peek into her life before Cheyenne. 

“Get ready, Misty” Randy said.

“For what?”

My sister, Bree is here and that means the twins are here too.  They are Zack and Max, four years old and are a bundle of energy that is tough to contain” he said with a big grin on his face.

Sure enough, he opened the door and two little dynamos came barreling forward and head butted him.  It would have knocked over most men but Randy was used to taking hits like this from the circuit so he picked each of them up and set them back down again.  He gave them each a bottom swat and introduced them to Misty. They both said “pleased to meet you ma’am” and it melted Misty’s heart.

“What beautifully well-mannered boys.” Misty told Bree.  Bree grinned.  “I’m glad you think so, I know better.”

Randy stepped in and introduced Misty to Bree. 

Bree said she was happy to meet her and told her not to be swayed by the sweetness of her boys.  They might have nice manners but they were all boy and she wanted to give her fair warning to expect anything and everything.  She shared a story that last week she found a frog in the sugar bowl.  When she chastised them and put them in time out they said they were sorry but the frog next appeared in the cereal box. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for them, my husband, Billy found that surprise and he handled it.

Misty laughed.  “Thanks for the heads up, I will be on the look out for frogs and spiders.  I do know all about little boys.  I had a little brother and he knew all about frogs, spiders and other creepy crawly things he loved and I hated.” Randy listened and learned something he hadn’t known before.

His momma asked how the morning went and Misty told them about breakfast and then what Randy had done for her at Wal*Mart.

“By the way, Randy, this is yours” and she handed him the $100 gift card she had purchased that morning.

“What’s this?”  And when he saw what it was, she could see the color creeping up his neck.  He smiled but it never reached his eyes.

He asked to be excused.  “Misty will you please join me out on the porch?”

Bree looked at her “I think there are going to be fireworks any minute now.”  Momma agreed.

Randy walked Misty away from the house and out toward the barn area. 

“It is a very nice thing you did and I thank you for the thought but the card is a gift from me to you and is for you to keep and do with as you wished.  It will tide you over until you have some money of your own.”

Okay, I understand it is a gift and mine to keep and do with as I wished.  What I wish is to return it to you.”

“I am not going to accept it so you might as well put it away.”

“I am not going to accept it either.” She told him through clenched teeth.

 “You are the most exasperating girl I’ve ever come across.  If I knew you better I would be bustin’ your butt.  Now take this card and I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

“The hell with you Mr. Randy Colburne.  If you don’t take this card back, I am going to cut it into pieces as soon as I get back to the house.”

“You do that Misty and I swear to you I will tan your hide right here and now and I don’t care who sees or hears; do you hear me?”

She looked at him, turned back to the house and started walking.

“I dare you.” she said to him.

He really wanted to do just what he threatened.  She was really beginning to cross the line and was just asking for a spanking.  He knew the next time he threatened he would have to follow through or she would continue to push until she knew just where his limit ended. How dare she sass him that way? He was so angry he couldn’t see straight.  He walked over to the barn and kicked a bucket that was laying there.  The bucket traveled at least fifty feet.  He then walked back to his truck, slammed the door and peeled out of the drive. She had him tied in knots and no woman had done that to him since Francy.  He couldn’t go back in there right now because he really would spank her and he wasn’t ready for the grief he would be getting from Momma and Bree, not to mention Misty.  It was best if he went back to his house and stay there for the next hundred years. He would saddle one of his horses and ride until he simmered down.


Come by tomorrow for a new Christmas theme story.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Oh my! Have a very funny feeling someone is going to end up with a very red and sore bottom in the not too distant future.

    Thanks for sharing Sunny. ;)


  2. Enjoyed this Sunny, thanks for sharing. Oh yes, I too have a feeling someone's feistiness is going to lead to sore behind!


  3. Never be ashamed of shameless self promotion--it's your job. :) THanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Rene for reminding me, sometimes I have a hard time with that.

  4. Ohhhh I am thinking... he dares!! I love the promotion!! You go girl!!


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