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Tomorrow night, another year bites the dust.  WOW.  For us, it was a year filled with firsts and lasts but we are alive and well and there's not much else that means anything if you don't have those two things.  We are blessed to be surrounded by family and friends and memories to fill in the gaps.  Hope it's the same for all of you.

This is the last story of the year.  Hard to believe I've come up with fifty-two stories. Do you have a favorite?  

Natalie and Ron planned on spending the day taking down Christmas decorations.  The kids were at their grandparents for the night. Ron had taken them right after breakfast.  It was so much easier getting things done without the little ones underfoot; they always wanted to help.  It wasn’t that he didn’t love them helping, it was just everything took twice as long and he wanted to get finished so he and Natalie could get on the road.

They were going to celebrate New Year’s Eve with some friends.  Ron hated going out on New Year’s Eve; everything was overpriced, overcrowded, and understaffed. Every year though, Natalie talked him into it and this year was no exception. Natalie loved to dress up and he knew she had been shopping for just the perfect outfit. The difference this year was they were driving into Austin and had a hotel room reserved.   He hated being on the road with a bunch of people who had a little too much to drink.
Ron was working outside taking down the lights while Natalie was supposed to work on de-Christmasing the house on the inside.  He was almost finished outside when he came in to get a drink.  He was surprised to see so much of the Christmas stuff still around. 

“Natalie, what’s going on? Where are you?”

“Up in the attic,” she called down.

He climbed the stairs and found her sitting on the floor, amidst a bunch of open boxes and photograph albums.

“What are you doing?  I thought you were going to take down the tree and put the rest of the stuff away,” he asked.

“I am.”

“It doesn’t look as if you’ve done a thing.  I want to be on the road no later than 4:00, you better hustle.”

“Don’t start with me.  You know how I hate being rushed.”

“You know how I hate going out on NewYear’s Eve.  If you want to stay home that’s fine with me.”

“Oh, here we go again.  Why do you agree to go if you hate it so much?”

“Because you like to go out and you’re not happy if we don’t.  When you are not happy, you can be one raving witch and you know what happens then.  I don’t like the thought of starting off the new year with having to take you in hand.”

“Take me in hand, why can’t you just say, spank me.”

“Does it really matter what I call it, it ends up the same way, with your end up.  Besides, the kids don’t know what that phrase means so I don’t have to watch my words when they are around.”

She stuck her tongue out at him.  She liked hearing him say he would spank her, it turned her on, taken in hand did nothing for her.  Natalie went back to looking at photographs.

“Suit yourself.  I’m going out to finish my project. The tree has to be down and the stuff put away before we leave here today. If you are not ready to go by 4:00 we’re staying home.  End of discussion.”

He walked back downstairs and outside. 


Natalie couldn’t just up and let Ron know that she was going to be ready at 4:00.  She procrastinated a little while longer and then whipped downstairs and started dismantling the tree and putting the stuff away.  She was almost finished when he came back in.  He took a look in the family and just shook his head.  She’s a pistol, thought Ron. 

“I’m going to hit the shower, hon,” he yelled.

He came out of the shower and toweled himself off. 

“Hey, hon.  Are you getting dressed here or when we get to the hotel?”

“The hotel, of course, I’m not sitting in the car for an hour and be all wrinkled,” she answered him haughtily.

“Skip the tone.  I was just asking a simple question.”

“Well, use your head, why would I get dressed here.”

He just shook his head and put some toiletries into his dop kit and left it on the bed.  He took a clean pair of skivvies and socks out of the drawer and laid them on the bed next to the dop kit.

Ron dressed in a clean pair of pressed jeans and a white western cut shirt.  He polished his boots, picked up his belt and was just about to walk out of the room as Natalie walked in. 

“I laid my stuff on the bed.  Figured you could shove it into whichever bag you’re taking,” he told her.

“What about your clothes for tonight?”

“What clothes, I’m dressed.”

“Please tell me you are joking?”

“No, I’m dressed.”

“We’re going to the nicest place in Austin for New Year’s Eve and you’re wearing that.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with this?  The jeans and shirt are clean and pressed, I’ve shined my boots. What did you expect, me to wear a suit and tie?  Guess again, honey.  I only do that for weddings, funerals and occasionally work.”

“I bet Jason will be wearing a suit and tie,” she told him.

“Wanna bet?”

“Well, if you’re not going to change, at least put on a bolo tie and your leather blazer. Maybe then you won’t look like a complete country bumpkin.”

“I am country, so are you.  This is Texas and cowboy boots and Stetsons are standard.  You never complained before.  Are you going all hoity-toity on me?” he went over and gave her a good wallop on her butt.

He started to go downstairs and yelled over his shoulder.

“AIC at 4:00 pm.”

He can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, she thought.

She finished getting ready and called him to come take the bag down to the car.  It was 3:55 pm.

“Cutting it a little close, aren’t you darlin’?”

“It’s not even 4:00 pm yet and my ass is in the car, so get movin’.”

“You are being a little sassy today, little lady. You should know, I have no compunction about taking you in hand at the end of this year.”

She turned to the window and grinned.  Watching the scenery go by she thought about the night ahead.  She hoped he took her over his knee before going out tonight.  She loved going out with a stingy bottom, it increased her adrenalin.  I guess I’ll have to be a little sassier.

They arrived at the hotel ahead of Jason and Dawn.  They made reservations for adjoining rooms and when checking in found out they were on different floors.  Natalie's  inner bitch immediately surfaced.  Ron tried diffusing the situation with the clerk by asking to see the manager.  He did a lot of business with the hotel and knew the situation would be resolved without Natalie’s tirade.  Natalie was still going strong when the manager came out.

“Natalie, cool it,” Ron warned her.

She gave him a look that would freeze ice and he whispered to her she better behave or else.

“Or else what,” she asked loudly.

Ron ignored her remark and started a conversation with the manager. Natalie was not going to be silenced.

“Or else what, I asked you?”

Don’t push me Nat, I don’t want to embarrass you any more than you are embarrassing  yourself,” he told her.

“Or else what?” 

“Okay, that’s it.” He turned to the manager.  “Do you have someplace private I can take my wife to discuss just how rude I think she is behaving?”

The manager got all red faced and walked them to an empty conference room. 

“Will this suffice?” the manager asked.

“This is fine.  Thank you.  We won’t be long”

“Take your time.  When you’re finished, the situation will be resolved and you can continue the check in process.”

 He left the room and closed the door behind him. Ron went over to the door, turned the lock and grabbed Nat as he walked to the nearest chair.  He sat and pulled her over his knee in one fluid motion and began assaulting her bottom with hard smacks.

“Is your attitude adjusted now, or shall I continue?” he asked.

“Is that the worse you can do?” she replied.

He was losing his temper and control of the situation.  He stood her up between his knees and told her this was by no means over, and would continue when he calmed down. He marched out of the room and back to the reservation desk.  The Manager was nowhere in sight but the clerk handed him the key and told him their luggage was already in their room.  He walked to the elevator where Nat stood waiting for him.

“I’m sorry.  I don’t know what got into me.  I feel like being bratty today,” she told him.

He remained silent.  He departed the elevator and walked to the room behind Natalie.  He made sure everything was up to par, opened the door to the adjoining suite and checked that as well.  He put away his toiletries and hung up his jacket. 

“Aren’t you going to talk to me?” she asked.

“Yes, go remove your jeans and panties and go stand in the corner until I’m ready for you.”


“You have two choices, you can either do what I ask, or you will get spanked now, then do as you are told and then spanked again.  Take you pick.”

Natalie’s belligerent attitude dissolved.  She obeyed him and went to the corner.  He had to admire her spunk – she was like a dog with a bone.  He piled pillows on the bed and called her to him.  He sat down on the bed and seated her on his lap.

“This is not something I enjoy doing, especially now.  Natalie, you just don’t know when to quit and before this day gets any worse, we’re going to resolve the problem. Do you understand?”

She already looked contrite and tears were beginning to run down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t want to ruin our day.  I just wanted a spanking.”

“You didn’t ruin our day, and you are not going to ruin our evening and girl, if you wanted a spanking, all you had to do was ask.  I’m sure the spanking you are going to receive is not what you had in mind.  Now get over the pillows and bury your hands under you.  You are in for a good tanning.”

She meekly stood and maneuvered herself onto the pillows.  She wanted to look and not look at the same time.  His belt buckle jingled, followed by the whoosh of the belt out of the loops. She ususally loved that sound, but not right now.  He rubbed her back, then moved the belt over her ass and thighs a few times.  The next thing she heard was the sound of displaced air as the belt searched its target and then felt the lash strike her ass seconds before the pain arrived.  She was doing her best to stay still as he welted her bottom. He was just about finished when he heard the door to the adjoining suite open.  He quickly dropped the belt but wasn’t quick enough to get over to the door to close it.  Jason took one look at the scene and discreetly backed away and closing the door.  They could hear him telling Dawn that it looked as if Natalie was laying down.

“Well too bad for her, we’re here to have fun, she can take a nap some other time,” Dawn told Jason and bolted into the room.

Dawn took one look at the scene and apologized.

“Well, it’s too late now.  I’m sorry Nat and Ron, I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“Relax Dawn, it’s not like you don’t know I get spanked.  If Ron has finished with me, I’ll get up and get dressed and see if I can sit comfortably on my punished tush,” she said and then laughed.

“I’m done, that is, unless you want more,” he answered, reached over gave her a kiss and a swat on the ass.

“No thanks, that’s enough for now,” 

As Natalie left the room, Dawn apologized to Ron again.  Jason stepped in and said that maybe she needed her bottom reddened too because she never obeyed him.

“Aw, Jason, I listen most of the time.”

He laughed.  “Yeah, when it suits you.”

She went up and kissed his cheek.  Jason grabbed her to him and swatted her backside.

The four of them laughed and got around to saying their hellos and catching up with each other.  They had been friends for twenty years and tried to get together at least once a month.  There weren’t many secrets between them so Natalie wasn’t embarrassed that Jason and Dawn had witnessed her welted backside.  Actually, there was one time when they were camping that Dawn was over Jason’s knee getting her bottom tanned while Natalie was doing a jig as Ron was switching her for purposely throwing his hunting rifle into the lake. 

Their reservations were for 8:30 and the girls excused themselves and went to get ready.  The guys continued to sit around drinking and telling lies in typical fashion. Dawn was ready first and as she entered the room, Jason whistled.

“Wow, babe, you look really beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she said and twirled around so he could see and then sauntered over and sat down on his lap.

“Nat, are you almost ready, it’s getting late,” Ron yelled out to her.

“You can’t rush perfection,” she told him as she stepped into the room.  Ron looked at her and almost fell off the chair.

“There is no way you are wearing that,” he told her.

“What’s wrong with this dress, it cost a fortune,” she said.

“That may be so, but I can see everything you own and that is reserved for me only.  Now go back in there and put on something else.  We are not leaving this room until you do.”

“I didn’t bring anything else to wear, it’s this or nothing.”

Ron looked at Jason and told him that he and Dawn might just as well leave because his wife was not leaving the hotel with the outfit she was wearing.

“Ron, don’t be such a stick in the mud.  There is nothing wrong with this dress.”

“Don’t even start.  You are not wearing that and if you don’t want to change, then we will be celebrating New Year Eve right here in this room.”

“You are such a poop,” she told him.

“Well hell,” said Jason, “why don’t we all just stay here, have room service send up dinner.  We can put on some music, dance and drink and have our own good time. What do you think Dawn?”

“Fine with me, that way Natalie can wear her dress and Ron can appreciate her in it.”

“ I don’t like it but I thank you for being willing to give up your night because my husband is a poop.”

“You call me that one more time and you’ll be getting another taste of my belt,” he teased her.

“You’ll have to catch me first,” she told him.   They all laughed

By the time midnight arrived, both Dawn and Natalie had changed into jeans, the guys had removed their boots and they had just enough to drink making them giddy enough to traverse the halls yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR.   It didn’t matter because they were the only people on the floor, everyone else was out celebrating elsewhere. 

See  you later for more Aimless Ramblings. 


  1. Thanks for another entertaining story Sunny. I can't choose one favorite out of your have such a knack of bringing 'real life' characters to the page. Can't think of one story I haven't liked! :D

    Wishing you and Ray an awesome 2014.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Wow Sunny, fifty-two stories! So hard to pick a favourite as I enjoy them all, although I do like the blame it on the jeans series :)

    Looks like they all had a wonderful New Year's after all ... and Nat got to wear her dress! She is a firecracker alright LoL. I agree with her, I'd rather Rick told me he is going to spank me than take me in hand and what is it with our inability to ask for what we need?

    Wishing you and Ray the very best for 2014.



  3. Well done on so many fantastic stories this year.
    Ron beat me to it , I do like the blame it on the jeans series too.
    We haven't been out on New Years since we've had children, we always have a bottle of champagne at home just us or with friends. I actually don't want to go out any more!

    1. Sorry, meant to add:
      Happy new year sunny!

    2. Thanks Janey. I actually don't like being out on NYE unless it is close to home - pretty close to how Ron feels.

      Happy New Year to you too

  4. Happy New Year Sunny!

    Humm...a not dissimilar scenario happened at a hotel for me quite recently...minus the second couple of course. :)

    1. Thanks Susie - Happy New Year to you and MM too.

      Hmm - funny how my stories always seem to stir a memory. lol

  5. Another fun story! I don't think I could choose...each of your characters feel real and are enjoyable. :-) Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Terps. Happy New Year to you too. Thanks for the nice compliment.

  6. I was so surprised to find the other couple both witnessing the spanking and its aftermath. Good for Nat for taking it in stride. Obviously the two couples have a lot in common.

    Happy new year!

    1. Glad I surprised you.

      Happy New Year to you and Ron too.

  7. Sounds like my kind of New Year's. I can't wait to read some of your other stuff.

  8. This was great! Sounds like a fun way to spend New Years although I don't think I would
    want my friend walking in on us during a spanking! :)

    Happy New Year and Congrats on all the stories!!!

  9. WOW...getting caught red a*****....LOL. Another wonderful story. I cannot pick a favorite...first of all I am old and my memory is not that good....secondly, i have never read one i have not enjoyed.
    Happy New year
    hugs abby

    1. I think we are in the same boat with the memory thing. Glad you enjoyed the stories.

  10. SG,

    Another good story, Thank you. I can't pick a favourite as all your stories are wonderful to read.

    Happy New Year. Hope 2014 is the best yet.


    1. Ah, you're so sweet. Happy New Year to you and P too.

  11. Hi Sunny. Thank you so much for all the great stories this year. I hope you have a great new year
    love Jan.xx

    1. Thanks Jan - so happy about your news. I know you will be having a great new year.

  12. Are you sure that you aren't writing these stories from self experience??? Acting bratty to get a spanking is something stupid that I would do (or have done). You just want a spanking that is kind of enough to spark some pain. How the heck do you ask for that without feeling silly? And if you act out too much then you get more than you asked for.
    I have loved all of your stories. There are a couple that stick out that I particularly like and I will go back and find the titles.
    Happy New Year and Congratulations

    1. Oh Blondie - I wish I were. I fantasize that it's what I want but in reality I don't really think it would work for us (okay, me). I don't have a problem asking for it but the thing is if it gets too much, I can just call a halt.

      Glad you like the stories. Sent you an email, as soon as you answer I'll send you the book you won on Ana Advent Calendar.

      Happy New Year to you and Ty too.

  13. Oh that was great. I can see my Scotsman yelling that he will put me over his knee in front of anyone. (and maybe a swat or 5)..but actually getting my but burned and someone seeing? LOL.....yikes.

    You are so good at telling a story!

  14. Choose? A favorite? You can't be serious!!!

    Another great story to add to the collection. You should publish all 52 in a book, 'A Year Of Spankings.'

    Happy New Year


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