Monday, October 28, 2013

The Witch's Brew

Hey everybody, if all is going as planned we are on the way to Las Vegas.  Should be there later today.  We were there last year for a few days with another couple and never did get downtown.  Not that that area is great, but Ray hasn't been down there since the changes which have to be there at least twenty years.  He wants to go at night to see the lights, that's not all he will see.  The girls will be out in full force. lol.  We are only staying a few days and will head to AZ by week's end.  

My birthday was great, had dinner with my family and spent Saturday getting things stowed for moving.  Ray took care of my birthday spanking, boy did he ever, then we danced our dance.

Hope you all had an opportunity to get over to my other site to read the halloween story.  The story below is one I originally wrote for Spank or Treat but when I wasn't able to participate in the official blog I scheduled it for here.  Then I got the brilliant idea to celebrate my birthday and blogaversary on the new site and wrote another story.  No prizes here though so I hope you were able to participate in the bog hop and get signed in for a prize and better yet, win one.

 The Witch's Brew

Angela and Devon Michaels accepted an invitation to attend a party given by friends of friends.  Supposedly this was a fabulous party and they were told to come in costume otherwise they would not be allowed in the door. Angela said the Richards’ loved Halloween and it was an event not to be missed.

They met the other couple over Labor Day weekend while waiting for a table.  They began talking and cracking jokes about how ridiculous, it was to stand outside an hour waiting to spend a ridiculous amount of money for dinner.  Finally deciding no restaurant was worth this, Angela and Devon decided to leave. 

“How about if we join you?”  Rick asked.

“Terrific.” Devon responded and the four of them walked off down the street.  They slipped down a side street and could hear music coming from a little bistro halfway down the block. Heading in that direction, they found the place and it was really rocking.  There weren’t many tables but there was no wait, the music was good and they were all starving. By the time the evening was over, they were fast friends.  They had been out to dinner with them a few times since then and enjoyed each other’s company.

There was something about Rick and Carrie but whatever it was, they were fun and Angela and Devon were looking forward to a great Halloween party. They began thinking about their costumes right away. They decided on an Indian Maiden and a Western Cavalry Officer.  Angela had purchased a buckskin dress on one of their many trips to Utah. Now all they had to find Devon’s outfit. She was confident she would be able to find the right thing online.  She had even able to find a used pair of riding boots in Devon’s size. When the costume finally arrived she called Carrie to share the news. She was just about to hang up when someone answered.  It didn’t sound like Carrie.

“Carrie, is that you?” Angela asked

“Yes, how are you Angie?”

“I’m fine Carrie, but you don’t sound well.  Are you okay, you sound as if you have been crying?”

“No. I’m fine.  My sinuses are acting up today, that’s all.”

“Good, I’m glad everything is okay. I was a little worried. You know it’s funny, you called me Angie.  I haven’t heard that since I was a little girl.”

“Would you rather I not use Angie.  I used to have a girlhood friend with that name and it just seemed natural.”

“No, that’s fine.  I’m calling to invite you and Rick over Friday night.  Devon’s costume arrived today and I wanted to share and get your opinion.”

“Sounds good but I will have to check with Rick first.”

“You do that and let me know.  If the weather holds maybe we can barbecue, if not, we will order in.”

Carrie hung up the phone and was glad she was able to throw Angela off with the sinus thing.  She had been crying because Rick had been blistering her butt not minutes before she picked up the phone.  Her butt was still throbbing and Rick had refused to allow her to rub out the sting.  He had kissed her and jumped in the shower.  It was not nearly enough aftercare for her.  She lay down on the bed in a fetal position, hugging her knees to her chest.  When Rick came out of the bathroom, he took one look at her, went over and held her in his arms. 

“Are you still crying over that spanking, honey?” She shook her head.

“It wasn’t even that hard a spanking.  You have had worse.” He told her.

“I know, honey.  I don’t know why.  Maybe if you hold me a little longer.”

“Okay, sweetie,” and he continued to hold her and rub her back.  “Is that better?”

“Yes, I think it’s hormonal.  That and I feel so bad that I disappointed you and you had to spank me.”

“Honey, it’s over.  I’m not disappointed in you, just the choice you made.  Are you okay now?  By the way who called?”

“Oh, I almost forgot. I didn’t even realize I had picked up the phone; it was just a knee jerk reaction. Angela called and they invited us over to their place Friday night to show us their costumes for the Halloween party.  I told her I would check with you and get back to her She asked me if I was crying.  I made up some story about sinuses.”

When they got together Friday evening, Angela asked Carrie if her sinuses were better.

“Sinuses, I don’t have sinus trouble,” Carrie responded.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I thought you said your sinuses were acting up when we talked on the phone the other day.”  Rick chuckled and tried to hide it by pretending he was coughing but he didn’t fool Angela or Devon.  They raised their eyebrows and shared a look.

Carrie quickly changed the subject. They talked about other things, ordered in Chinese food, laughed and had an all around good time.  When they left, both Angela and Devon looked at each other.

“What do you think they are hiding?” she asked him.

“I don’t know but it is definitely something that isn’t any of our business and if they want to tell us, they will.  I want you to stay out of it, okay.”

“Yes, Devon.”


While driving home, Carrie let loose on Rick. She let him know that he could have helped her out of the predicament instead of chuckling. She told him how embarrassed she was with his actions.

“How could you laugh when I was in such a predicament?”

“Honey, you have to admit it was funny.  I’m sorry I should have backed you up, but the chuckle just slipped out.”

“It was so embarrassing.”

“You know honey; there is something we should tell them, especially if they are going to the Halloween Party.  They should be forewarned.”

“You may be right and I will have to think about it.  I think they are open-minded enough to cope but I wanted them to get to know us better before I dropped the bomb.”

“It’s your secret.” He told her.

Carrie decided to keep her secret a little longer but right before the Halloween party, she invited the Michaels’ over for dinner. The Michaels’ arrived and encountered lit jack-o-lanterns on the walkway, little fairy lights along the rail, a ghostlike creature at the doorway.  When they pushed the doorbell, an eerie voice activated Welcome to Our Home greeting with a devilish sounding chuckle  made them step back from the door.  Carrie opened the door to two shocked people.  They all laughed.  Carrie said Rick had come up with that doorbell thing and he thought it was so great he actually wanted to use it all the time. 

Everyone migrated out to the deck, the propane heater and the fire pit made it cozy enough for outdoor cocktails.  Carrie handed everyone a drink. 

“This is a special concoction.  I hope you don’t mind.”   Rick watched as Angela and Devon took their first sip.  He knew what was coming.

“Do you like it?” Carrie asked.

“It’s very good, what’s it called? Angela asked.

“It’s called “A Witches’ Brew.”

“That’s very clever and it is delicious.  You will have to give me the recipe.”

“I will be happy to give you a list of the ingredients but I can’t promise it will taste the same.”

“Is it one of those secret family recipes that no one is ever supposed to reveal?”

“Something like that.  You see I am a Wicca.”

“OH,” Angela responded.

“What’s a Wicca?” Devon asked.

“She’s a witch, darling.”

“Are you going to or have you cast a spell on us or anything like that?”  He asked jokingly to cover his nervousness.

“Of course not.” Carrie replied once she finished laughing. “It is a spiritual belief that has been practiced in my family for generations.  I only tell you because many of the people at the party are also Wicca’s and Halloween is one of our special days. I didn’t want you to be blindsided and feeling uncomfortable if you found out from someone other than me.  This way we can discuss it and I will answer any questions.”

“So, it’s not witchcraft?”

“It’s not the way you think of witchcraft. It encourages learning and understanding of the earth and nature. It teaches responsibility.  Wicca’s are taught to accept responsibility for our actions.  We do not blame anyone or anything else for our shortcomings or mistakes. If we mess up or do something that harms yourself or another, we blame no one but ourselves and must face the consequences.  No ifs, ands or buts and absolutely no whining.”

“So you don’t cast any spells or make any magic potions.”  Devon asked.

“We work to achieve balance with all things.  Any spells involve healing, love, harmony, wisdom or creativity. Potions might be as simple as a remedy for a headache or a tonic for a cold.  We use natural remedies and only succumb to synthetics when absolutely necessary.”

“So Rick are you Wicca too?” Devon asked.

“No, I’m not, just married to one.  However, I adhere to their beliefs, nonetheless. Always have as Carrie can attest.  I believe in accepting responsibility for one’s own behavior and any deviation from acceptable behavior and/or action result in consequences and/or corrections for such.” Rick responded.

“Does he ever.” Carrie quipped.

The comment did not go unnoticed by Angela.  She intended to quiz Carrie about this later.  When Angela and Devon had no more questions about Wicca and they hadn’t run out the door with their hats in hand, Rick steered the conversation to mundane things like the football game coming up on the weekend.  The girls moved into the kitchen to get dinner on the table.  Once dinner and dessert was over, they played Spades until Angela started yawning.

“I think the Witch’s Brew is beginning to get to me.  I’m ready to call it a night.”


They didn’t see each other again until Halloween.  The Seller’s were right about the Richards’ party.  They lived in an old Victorian house and setting was perfect for a Halloween party. The driveway was lined with trees from which hung cobwebs and fairy lights illuminating the ghostliness of the bare trees. Walking on the dried fallen leaves and hearing the wind whistle through them gave a haunted feel.  Candles flickered in the blacked out windows and occasionally an object would jump out to scare the daylights out of “newbies” and those faint of heart. Eerily carved pumpkins were scattered along the porch. 

Inside all the rooms on the main floor were also decorated. There was the a mortuary room with a coffin filled with a body that would sat up when someone got too close, a dungeon where all sorts of torturous sounds emanated from unworldly creatures, the parlor where seating was available if you didn’t mind being accosted by a skeleton or finding a very large spider (fake, of course) crawling down from the ceiling to roost in your hair or dangle in your face.  The backyard featured a cemetery complete with fog and ghost-like creatures walking among the graves.  A carnival type tent with a gypsy motif provided the backdrop for fortune telling and séances. Speakers allowed the ghostly organ and classical music to be heard throughout the property.  It was like a scene out of a Hollywood movie.

On the back deck, among large propane heaters, was a large cauldron filled with “Witche’s Brew” and lots of food consisting of eyeballs (green peeled grapes) deviled eggs, vampire worm pasta (spaghetti with garlic sauce) monster claws (chicken fingers dipped in barbecue sauce) mummy bread,  and anything else ghoulish. Costumes went from the mundane to the ridiculous.

As the night wore on, the Witch’s Brew began to take its toll.  Rick and Devon were enjoying watching everyone when a commotion broke out in the yard.  They went to go check it out and Rick found Carrie involved in a fight with a “zombie”.  Rick tried breaking them apart and found himself being jumped on by other zombies.  Devon along Doug Richards finally got the upper hand.  Rick grabbed Carrie’s arm and escorted her further out in the yard.  When he thought he was out of ear and eye shot of everyone else, some really hard swats found their way to Carrie’s backside.

“Ouch,” she yelled.

“Unless you want everyone to hear you getting a spanking, I suggest you quiet down.”

Unfortunately, Angela and a couple of other partygoers heard and came to investigate.  They arrived in time to see Carrie getting her backside warmed.

Rick calmly stopped, took Carrie’s arm and whispered to her they would finish this discussion at home.  As they passed Angela, he told her they were leaving and to meet them at the car. It was a quiet ride home.  When Rick dropped the Michaels’ off at their house, Angela asked Carrie if she would be okay.  Carrie nodded yes. 

“Are you sure?”  Devon told Angela she had her answer and to mind her business.  Rick told them not to worry, Carrie would be fine. She would just be experiencing a consequence for her behavior.  She would call them in the morning.

On Halloween night, Carrie found herself over her husband’s knee, with her witch’s costume bunched up and her bared bottom reddened for drinking too much Witch’s Brew.  The next morning she made a healing potion for her backside, a tonic for her hangover and prepared to call the Michaels’ to let them know she was alive and well.  She had a feeling she would also be sharing that she was a spanked witch.  The cat was out of the bag.

Have a good day everyone.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Great story sunny, makes me want to go to a halloween party for many reasons! May you have safe travels!

  2. Wonderful and entertaining story Sunny, thank you for sharing. I like your character name choices too :) Travel safe.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the story Roz. Yeah, pretty cool names huh. Actually, I planned on them being the main characters, just didn't work out that way. lol

  3. Thanks for the fun Halloween story. I have a friend who is Wicca and attended her outdoor wedding many years ago where we all dressed in Renaissance costumes and it was really fun. :-) Have fun in Las Vegas. :-)

    1. You're welcome. We should have fun, everythings' here.

  4. As usual I loved it. I really like the description of the decorations and the food....lovely job. Enjoy Vegas...and a safe trip to AZ.
    hugs abby

  5. A spanked witch. :) Great story!!

  6. Happy belated birthday sunnygirl!

  7. SG,

    Fun story. Thanks.

    Safe and happy travels.


  8. Great story Sunny! Stay safe in your travels...have fun in Vegas. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks Cat. We arrived here in LV safe. Fun on the agenda.

  9. I have always loved witch stories! Thank you for this one. It's wonderful.

    Have fun in Vegas! I think we're going next year. I haven't been there since the late '70's, so I bet I won't recognize downtown.


    1. Thanks Irishy.

      Lots of changes... You wouldn't believe the changes.

  10. Love that healing potion for her backside and a tonic for her hangover.....
    Have fun traveling my dear!
    Watch your behavior...*wink* *wink*

  11. LOL...funny how Carrie and Rick share common beliefs in personal responsibility and consequences even though they are both Wicca! Lovely story...enjoy Las Vegas, you'll have to share what it's like to be there on Halloween.

    1. I didn't even think that would be here. Thanks for reminding me, have to see what's going on.

  12. Great story! I wonder how naughty I have to be to get a spanking on Halloween...? Have fun in Las Vegas.

    1. Thanks Blondie. I am sure you can convince Ty somehow. I have faith in youl. lol

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks Daisy. Glad you had a great trip with your friend.

  14. This was a brilliant story Sunny! The descriptions were superb, but when I read that there was a room with a spider that dropped from the ceiling to dangle in front of your face or get caught in your hair - I wanted to run for the hills! Oh I hate spiders!

    I know some Wicca, but don't know any who are spanked! LOL!

    You made me really want to visit Vegas! Lucky you! Just to see it and see the strip with all the lights! I can't afford to gamble, but I hear the hotels are awesome!

    Glad you had a great birthday - I'll not ask how many spanks you got but it all sounded great!

    Many hugs



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