Monday, October 14, 2013

The Fender Bender

Ellie was changing the cd as she backed out of the parking place and hadn’t bothered checking her back up mirror again. Unfortunately, Casey was reaching for his wallet and had taken his eyes off the lane just at the right moment and the ‘gods” took over. Casey’s front bumper made contact with Ellie’s passenger door.  She came storming out of the car yelling at the top of her lungs

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?.  Why weren’t you watching where you were going?

“You backed up into me.  Not the other way around."

“I did not”.  How dare you even suggest it was my fault?” shouted Ellie

“It was your fault”, Casey said trying to keep his temper down.  By now a crowd had started gathering and Casey just wanted to get out of there.  He had only had his car for a week and this silly twit, with a car that looked older than her, pulls out in front of him. He just hoped she had insurance.

Casey suggested they exchange insurance cards and he would file the accident report. She reached into her glove compartment and pulled out her information.  He handed her his insurance card which she grabbed and started to put into her pocket.

“Write down the information” he told her.  “I want my card back” She fumbled in a purse that looked more like a suitcase looking for pen and paper.  After a few moments, he was so frustrated he just handed her his pen

“I would like to get out of here sometime today. I have to get to work” Casey said.

“If you weren’t in such a hurry we wouldn’t be standing here now” she spit out at him.

Casey couldn’t believe the nerve of this little spitfire.  Okay, she wasn’t so little, she was tall but thin as a willow with gorgeous chestnut brown hair, green eyes and a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.  ‘What was wrong with him, spending time thinking about how she looked instead of what she had done to his car.  He watched as she walked back to her vehicle. She had a cute little ass, one he’d like to see over his knee.  He grinned as she pulled away. 

His secretary saw him pulling into the drive and saw the damage to his new car.  She bet he would be a bear and she immediately called his brother.  Reed was a General Manager at the local dealership and would make arrangements to get his brother’s car repaired.  When he walked in she asked what happened.  She saw him ratchet himself up and was sorry she had asked.  He went into a diatribe about how this rude young lady pulled out in front of him.

“You were at least a little more civil than you are now, weren’t you?” He ignored her and continued with his rant.

“I guess not then.  I called your brother, he will take care of everything.  He said he would have another car available for you should you need one”

“Of course I am going to need one,” he snarled at her.

“If this is the way you acted at the accident scene, I’m not surprised that the other party was rude.  You’re acting like a spoiled little boy”.  Vivian told him.  Vivian had been his secretary for years and was twenty years older than he and sometimes acted as much like his mother as his secretary.  He groaned and rolled his eyes.
He made the necessary calls and got down to work.  He headed a large   architectural firm in the area .  His work was his life.  He dated here and there but didn’t have time for a real relationship.  His brother and parents were always on him that time was passing him by and he should take time to enjoy life before he turned into an curmudgeony old man.  Anyway, he hadn’t met anyone  he wanted to see every morning over the breakfast table yet.

Vivian came in and said she was leaving for the day and did he need a ride.  He said no, Reed was coming by with his loaner car.  When Reed arrived, Casey was at his drawing board. 

“Brother, you HAVE got to get some downtime”

“This is downtime, I’m working on my someday dream house”

Reed said it was good he was thinking of the future but he should be having some fun now.  Casey said he was a fine one to talk, Reed hadn’t settled down yet either.  They decided to get a bite to eat and when they walked into Sally’s, a little neighborhood place with good food, sitting in the booth near the entrance was Ellie Carmichael.  He nodded to her and she stared at him.  Reed asked who the “hottie” was. Casey responded the “hottie” was the girl that ran into him earlier in the day.

“Well, brother, it looks like you lucked out.”

“How do you figure that, she ran into my car”

“A little old lady could have run into your car instead of her”

“You are welcome to her.  She’s a little too flighty for me brother”

“You learned that in the short time you saw her this morning.  Give her a break.  She was just involved in a fender bender and was probably a little tense.”

“Can we just get a table?  I’m starving”

They found a booth and Casey took the side facing Ellie.  He was trying to glance at her over the menu.  Reed caught him and commented
‘so you’re not interested eh brother’.  Casey ignored him but continue to sneak those looks.  Reed was right she really was cute.

Suddenly, he watched as she got up from her booth and started walking in their direction.

“Why are you staring at me?  Are you trying to intimidate me?  Do I have food on my face? She asked him sarcastically.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Ms. Carmichael?  I am not staring at you.  I am merely trying to read the menu”

“Well then your eyes should be on the menu, not me.”

Reed was enjoying himself as he watched Casey squirm in his seat.  His brother who was always so in control was completely uncomfortable in the presence of this girl.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, Casey”? 

“Reed, meet Ms. Carmichael, the lady who hit me this morning”. Ellie sneered at him.  “Miss Carmichael may I introduce my brother, Reed Gentry”

Ellie smiled and extended her hand to Reed.  She then refocused her attention back to Casey.

“Well, did you report the accident?” 

She stood there tapping her foot. Casey was thinking she was the most irritating woman.

“Yes, I did what I said I was going to do.  Now, if you don’t mind, I’m hungry and I would like to order some dinner” and he went back to reading his menu, leaving her standing there.


People in the neighboring booths were staring and he all he wanted to do was teach her a lesson in manners.  Obviously, she hadn’t been spanked enough when she was younger, or recently for that matter.

“What’s the matter, little brother?  It seems to me that little girl has gotten under your skin”

“She just makes me want to take her over my knee.  She’s is downright rude”

“Me thinks you doth protest too much”.

“Enough, give me a break” said Casey. “Can we just order now?”

The rest of the dinner was quiet.  Reed and Casey talked about everything but the earlier events.  When the evening was over, Casey dropped Reed off at the dealership and drove home.  Casey showered and got into bed but for some reason he didn’t understand why Ellie Carmichael kept invading his thoughts. He finally drifted off to sleep and when he woke in the morning he realized his dreams were filled with a girl that looked an awful lot like Ellie.

He dressed in his workout clothes and headed off to the gym.  After his workout he was walking out of the training room and ran into somebody while he was reaching for his locker key.

“Obviously, you make a habit of not watching where you are going Mr. Gentry”?

Oh shit, it’s her again he thought.  “I’m sorry, I was distracted”

“Distracted again?  I would think after yesterday you would pay more attention to that annoying little detail.”

“I said I was sorry and I meant it, now if you will excuse me.” He started to walk away and she gave him one more sarcastic remark to which he turned around and replied. 

“What you need is someone to take you in hand, because you are out of control”

“And tell me. Mr. Gentry, do you think you are that someone”

“I just might be, Ms. Carmichael as he strode past and into the locker room.

Ellie stood there watching him retreat.  She hadn’t noticed his looks yesterday morning but last night in the diner she did.  He was tall, good looking but not pretty and had an air of self confidence about him.  Today, with his hair all messed up and his body all sweaty after his workout, he was definitely hot.  She had all she could do to keep her hands where they belonged and not explore those muscles that just rippled under his body-hugging workout shirt. She might want this man to take her in hand.  Whatever that meant?  She shook her head and went on her way.

At work, Ellie kept seeing Casey with his mussed up hair and sexy body everytime she tried to concentrate.  Finally, she decided on a plan of action.  She made it a point to be at the gym the next morning.  She waited in the reception area until she saw him ready to head out to the parking lot and purposely ran into him.

“Not you again” he said.

“Why do we keep running into each other?  I think fate is taking a hand”

“I don’t believe in such nonsense”

“Are you too cowardly to see if there might be some truth to it, or are you willing to take a chance?”

“I’m willing to take risks when necessary.  What did you have in mind?”

“I thought maybe we could meet for drinks and after that if we haven’t done bodily harm to each other we could move on to dinner”

He laughed and suggested they meet that evening at Barry McGill’s, a hip downtown bistro. 

He was sitting on a barstool watching the door when she walked in.  She was wearing a coral sheath dress and very high heels. Every male head turned as she walked past.  He stood up and nodded to the hostess.  Seconds later she was ushering them to a quiet booth in the back.

He couldn’t believe it; they spent the entire evening together and talked and laughed and not one snippy remark.  He had such a great time he asked if they could do it again. 

And they did.  Almost four times a week for the next three weeks.

The following Saturday, Casey’s firm was having a picnic and he invited Ellie, his brother Reed and a date. When they picked up Reed and Cathy and introductions were made, Cathy made some offhand remark to Ellie. Casey could almost feel a cold wind in the air.  He squeezed Ellie’s hand to give her  silent encouragement.  The picnic was in full swing when they arrived.  Reed and Cathy hopped out and waited for Ellie and Casey to park the car.  Casey asked Ellie what was wrong and she said she was fine. 

“Okay,” he said, “but I expect you to behave.  I work with these people and I don’t want a scene”

“Are you chastising me? We’re not even there yet and I haven’t done or said anything wrong”

“I know that Ellie but I sense there is something going on in that pretty little head of yours and I would appreciate it if you could keep it under wraps for the day.  Once we get home you can unload”

She stuck her tongue out at him but grabbed his hand and the four of them joined the crowd.  They signed up for a couple of the different races and when one of Casey’s workmates snagged him to be her partner in a race, Ellie started to pout.  Casey quieted her down but when Casey and Marcy won the race Marcy came over to Ellie and said Casey couldn’t have had a better partner because she always won those races.  It became a game of one upsmanship, with Marcy and Ellie trading jibes to each other.  Casey’s attempts at intervening were ignored and it wasn’t until Marcy’s date pulled her out of there that things quieted down.  Casey was angry with both Marcy and Ellie. Casey was letting Ellie know how he felt when she told him he could go to hell.  Things went from bad to worse. 

By the time they got to her house, Casey followed her to the door and Ellie told him he didn’t have to bother coming in.  She tried closing the door on him but he managed to get one foot in the door.  He pushed his way in. She turned around and punched him in the nose – all bet’s were off.

“I’ve thought this is something you’ve needed for a long time, Ms. Carmichael and by damn I’m going to do it.  If you don’t want to see me again, or call the police,  sobeit but maybe the next guy will benefit from this lesson I plan on teaching you”

With that, he pulled her over to the couch and began spanking her.  He didn’t even start off slow, he was giving her rapid fire full out spanks right from the beginning.  He was lecturing her the whole time and he seemed to punctuate every word with another smack, each one harder than the last.  The more she fussed and fumed, the harder he spanked.  When he didn’t think his hand could  handle one more smack, he quit.  He pulled her up, hugged her and walked toward the door and out to the walkway.  Before he got to his car, he heard her yelling

“Hey coward, afraid of what’s going to happen next”?  He grinned, turned around and was surprised when she came flying into his arms.