Monday, October 21, 2013

Nothing Like The Real Thing

Susan sat at the window watching the rain fall gently against the windowpanes.  The weather fit her mood today.  She had recently broken off a relationship with her long time male friend and was having second thoughts about it.  They had been together for four years and one day she realized she was just going through the motions and decided life was too short live that way.  She didn’t think she missed Dan as much as she missed the idea of him.  She wondered if Dan felt the same.  He didn’t seem surprised or hurt when she told them it was over between them.  He merely started looking for a place of his own.  He had moved out two days ago and the house was feeling empty.

Being part of a couple made life easier in so many ways.  Run out of milk, call him and tell him to stop on the way home;  need someone to pick you up because your car was in the shop,  dial his phone; need someone to pick a fight with, you didn’t have to look far; these were things she would miss now that she lived alone again.  On the other hand, coming home to unwashed breakfast dishes, feeling an obligation to cook dinner, cleaning the hair out of the bathroom drain were some of the things she would not miss. 

She had to shake this mood and start making a new life for herself.  She took a hot shower, put on a tee shirt and jeans, grabbed a hoodie and left the house.  She had no idea where she was going but she was out walking in the rain.  She thought of the movie ‘Singing in the Rain’ and started humming to herself.  She was so lost in her thoughts that she never even heard someone coming up behind her.  When she felt something touch her ankle, she jumped and heard a howl.

“I’m sorry.” She heard this deep baritone voice say.  “Foxy is usually not this rambunctious.” as he bent to pick up a ball of fur.

“I was lost somewhere in space and didn’t realize anyone was behind me.  It’s all right.  I am sorry Foxy, I didn’t mean to scare you or step on your paw if that’s what I did.” She reached over to pat the dog’s head.

“Don’t do…” he started to say that Foxy might nip at her but instead Foxy just licked her hand.

“You were going to say”
“I was going to tell you not to get to close because Foxy might nip at you.  She’s not overly fond of strangers, but I guess she didn’t think of you that way.”

“I love animals and I’ve never had a problem yet.   I should be more careful though because there is always a first time.”

“I’m surprised to see anyone out walking.  Usually, people are only out in the rain if they have to be, like me because Foxy was tired of being cooped up in the house. Although, I don’t mind this kind of rain, it’s the downpours I try to avoid.  Do you need anything like a ride or a phone?”

“No thanks.  My phone is here in my pocket and I am out here by choice.  I actually live on the next block over.  For some reason, like Foxy, I had to get out of the house too.  My name is Susan Foster.”

“Nice to meet you Susan, I am Shane Quinn.  Foxy and I moved into the neighborhood only recently.  My great aunt willed her house to me and although I hadn’t been here since I was a young boy, I found I wanted to return and see if I still like it as much as I once did.”

“I think I was headed into the village.  Would you like to join me instead of  standing here?” She asked him.

“Fine, can I buy you a cup of coffee if we can snatch up one of the outside umbrella tables at Starbucks?”

“I’d like that.” She told him with a smile.

They spent the next hour talking about the merits of small town versus big city living.  It wasn’t until Foxy started getting antsy and yipping to get away that they realized how long they had been there and started the walk back to their respective homes.  When they got to Susan’s door, Shane asked if she would like to have dinner sometime.  She accepted. He started to leave when he realized he didn’t have her number.  She pulled out her cell, asked for his and then called it.

“Now you do, and I hope you use it.”

“No worries.”
Shane smiled to himself the rest of the way back to his house. ‘Thank you Foxy’ for your help. I hope no one sees me talking to myself; they won’t understand I’m talking to my doggie.  Susan definitely seemed like someone who would fit nicely in his life.  Not beautiful, but striking in a very natural way.  She had dark brown hair and green eyes and you could tell she was comfortable in her own skin.  He loved watching her smile because it started with her mouth but soon her whole face lit up and the light danced in her eyes.  Her smile mesmerized him and he couldn’t wait to see it again.  I don’t want to appear too anxious so I’ll wait a couple of days until I call.  Whom do you think you’re kidding; you’re going to have to control yourself to wait at least until tomorrow. He thought to himself as he opened the front door and walked inside.

Susan liked Shane and couldn’t wait to get to know him better.  Meeting him and feeling that way was the proof she needed to know she had made the right decision in breaking up with Dan.  It was better for both of them and she hoped Dan found someone soon that could give him the kind of love he deserved.  He was a good man, just not the right one for her. Thank you Foxy.

Shane called the next evening and asked how Saturday sounded. 

“Fine, what time and where?”

“We can either go some place in the village or you can come here and I can cook?”

“Wow, I can eat out anytime.  It’s not often I get to eat a home cooked meal that I haven’t cooked.” She told him.

“Great, I’ll see you then about 7:00.  The address is 4209 W. Sanstone Lane, or I can come get you if you would like?”

“No, I can walk and I’ll see you at 7 on Saturday.”

What Susan didn’t know and would learn on Saturday is that Shane grew up in a restaurant family.  He was not the only chef in his family.  His dad, sister and brother all had culinary arts degrees.  He had tired of working in his family’s restaurant.  It was his dream to open a small place with a price fixe menu where he could cook what he wanted.  That’s why his aunt leaving him her house fit right into his plans.  Riverton was just the kind of place he thought could support a restaurant of this kind.

Dinner was fabulous.  He had roast lamb with rosemary and dauphine potatoes, asparagus, and Crème Brule for dessert.  She couldn’t believe how much she ate.

“That was delicious; you can cook for me anytime.  Without even knowing, you had all of my favorites. I am stuffed to the max. 

“I love to see a woman eat.  Most times, on dates, they just pick at their food.  It always breaks my heart to think about how much money is wasted on food that is never eaten.”

That is when he told her about his family and his idea for a restaurant in Riverton. She told him she thought that was a great idea and it should be successful given the neighborhood and the residents.

“Won’t that be a lot of work though?   Will any of your family come out to help?”

“My sister may well come out and join me in the endeavor.  That is, if she can behave herself.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means she thinks because she has a creative personality, she can act live a diva.  She needs to be spanked and hard enough that she can’t sit for a while.   Obviously, my dad didn’t do it enough when she was younger.”

“Is she single?”

“No, she is married but she runs rampant over her husband.  I told him what she needs but he is a “modern” man and thinks its Neanderthal to even think like that much less act on it.”

“Oh” she said and didn’t know what else to say.  Does he really think spanking a grown woman is effective? Sure, I’ve seen it done in movies and read about it in books, but in real life.

“I can see by your reaction to my last statement that you don’t believe a good spanking now and then can correct errant behavior and maintain discipline and the right order in a relationship.”

“What do you mean by right order?”

“Any successful relationship is a partnership, but one person has to have 51% and the other 49%.  One person needs to lead, to make the final decision and know that that decision is final, otherwise it’s a stalemate and no decision ever gets made.”

“And you believe it is the man that provides the right order?”

“It can be whoever is determined to be the leader.  In my case, it will always be me.  I am naturally dominant and would not be able to live in a relationship in which I was not the leader.”

“Oh.” She said again.

“I can tell my opinion just doused the flames of our budding relationship.”

“To say I’m surprised would not be an exaggeration.  It is definitely not something I have ever given any thought.”

Shane dropped the subject and Susan was glad. After helping Shane clean up the kitchen they settled in the living room. They talked about what a great house he had inherited and how it fit perfectly into his plans.

“It has great bones but some of the old-fashioned furniture needs changing. Eventually I’ll get around to changing the soft goods but not the rest. I like the feel of it and it fits the house and the locale.”

 I’m not surprised; it goes along with his old-fashioned attitudes. Susan thought to herself.  But,on the other hand the man was smokin’ hot. At 6.5” and about 250 lbs his size alone made him intimidating.   He was also charming, witty, intelligent, had a great sense of humor, sexy as hell, a great cook, and he loved animal, and that voice, what it does to me.

Foxy jumped up on Shane’s lap and stated to yip at his hand. 

“Foxy is telling me she needs to go out.  I’ll be back in a minute.”

“It’s late and I should be getting home,” she said.  “I’ll go out with you.”

“Foxy and I will walk you home?”

“That’s okay, it’s not necessary.  I can get home by myself.”

“Susan, we will walk you home.  That’s final.” There’s that domination. The decible did not change but there was no mistaking the tone.

When Shane and Foxy got to Susan’s she thanked him for the dinner, and started walking up the steps to the front door. 

“Can I see you again, Susan?”

“Sure Shane, give me a call.”

“How about next Friday night?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that, I have a prior engagement.”

“Are you really busy, or as you just giving me the polite brush off.  I am a big boy.  I can take it.”

“I really do have prior plans.”

“Do me a favor, and at least keep an open mind, can you do that?”

“I’ll do that and give you a call.”

She’ll never call me again. I should have kept quiet about my ideas.  Maybe if we had known each other better before I brought them up I might have stood a chance. C’mon Foxy let’s go home.  At least you still like me and don’t think I’m a brute.


She never planned to call Shane, but as she lay in bed that evening, she thought about their conversation. If she were honest with herself, she could see where his ideas made sense.  Someone always had to be in charge, be the responsible party.  Maybe she was being a little too hasty in making a decision not to see him again.  I’ll sleep on it and if I still feel the same in the morning, I will call him.  She finally drifted off to sleep.

She didn’t make that call.  On Friday evening she was out with friends and ran into Shane at Starbucks.  They acknowledged each other and Meredith asked how she knew him.  Susan told them about meeting him on the street and their subsequent date.

“Wow, he just oozes sex.  Such a difference from Dan who was about as sexy as an old shoe.” Said Jan.  Meredith nodded in agreement.

“Stop it.” Susan Said.  “Dan may not have been as sexy but he was a good guy and his ideas were a little more up-to-date than Shane’s.”

“What are you saying?”

Susan went into detail about their conversation about his sister and Shane’s comment about a successful relationship.

“I think that’s true.” Meredith said.  “Just think about you and Dan, if you said jump, he said how high.  I think you had the upper hand in that relationship.  Shane is saying he wants the upper hand in any of his relationships.”

“Yes, but he thinks his sister should be spanked.”

“He didn’t say he would spank you, just that he thought his sister needed to be spanked.  Looking at him though I don’t think I would mind a little spanking from him.” Meredith laughed.

“Me either,” said Jan.

“That’s enough” Susan said.  “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

That night she dreamt about Shane.  In the dream he was calling her to join him on the sofa.  She was reluctant to go to him and she didn’t know why, and then she saw the look in his eye.  He drew her to him and pulled her over his knee.  He was spanking her but she was smiling.  He would tease, then spank, then tease some more.  The next thing she knew she was awake and ready for sex.

In the morning she would give Shane a call.  For now, she would have to settle for her vibrator.