Monday, May 13, 2013

The Aussie Exchange

Kristy was the youngest of three sisters in a blended family.  She was the most rebellious of the three and provided her parents with many a sleepless night and most of their grey hairs.  When she was thirteen she sneaked out of her bedroom window and bicycled 30 miles to visit her boyfriend.  They moved her to an upstairs bedroom.  When she was sixteen she skipped school and went to San Francisco for the weekend with a bunch of her friends.  Her parents grounded her for months.  So when she was 18 and told them she was taking off for Australia, it was no big surprise.  They did everything they could think of to dissuade her to no avail.  She was going and that was that. 

She met some people at a hostel and they knew about this place near Adelaide that provided room and board for young people in return for work on their ranch.  Kristy thought this sounded like a lark. It was the seventies and communes were a big thing. The hippie lifestyle appealed to her.  Fortunately, it was not a commune but an actual hard working ranch that was low on funds but high on resources.  Kristy loved her time there.  She met lots of people and one of them was a policeman from Sydney who happened to be traveling through the area.  They made a connection and spent all of his two week vacation together.  He left with promises to be in touch.  Kristy kept thinking about Grant and two months later said goodbye to her friends and left for Sydney. 

She did not contact Grant ahead of time - just showed up on his doorstep.  He was surprised but pleased. Grant lived with two other chaps and they weren’t as thrilled.  Grant managed to convince his sister, who lived nearby, to take Kristy in.  This arrangement lasted six months.  Grant was in love with Kristy but Kristy being Kristy didn’t want to give up her freedom.  They decided to go their separate ways and Kristy moved back to the states.

Kristy got married on the rebound but the marriage was not successful. Youth and too many drugs led to the downfall after a year.  After the divorce she got in touch with Grant and he made arrangements to come to the US that summer.  He stayed for three months and once again he proposed.  Kristy did not want to live in Australia.  Her friends and family were in the US and although she liked traveling she didn’t want to be that far away all the time.  That was a deal breaker for Grant.  He went back to Australia without Kristy.

She floated for a couple of years and met Ryan.  She fell deep in love with Ryan and now wanted what Grant had offered.  Ryan, however, was fifteen years older than Kristy and had already raised one family and was adamant he wanted no more children.  Ryan thought it would be better if they ended the relationship because she was young enough to find someone who could give her what she wanted.  Once again Grant entered the picture.  He made arrangements to come to the United States on a temporary work visa, an exchange program at the Los Angeles Police Department whereby he would learn their tactics and share the tactics employed the Sydney Police Force.

Karen moved in with Grant.  She continued to live her life as a single woman which did not set well with Grant.  After he found out she had been with Ryan he went ballistic.  When he confronted her she told him they weren’t married and until she had a ring on her finger she could see and do what she wanted.  He told her he offered her a ring many times and her answer was always no.

“Well, it’s now or never, little girl.  I am not putting up with this anymore” he told her.

“I guess it’s over then” and went into the bedroom to collect her things.   He followed her and told her if she was leaving he was going to give her something she desperately needed and it would be something she could remember him by in the years to come. With that he took her over his knee and spanked her behind.  She was kicking and screaming and threatening assault charges. He was so frustrated with her behavior he didn’t care.  He continued to spank her until his hand was tired. He literally rolled her off his lap and onto the floor and told her to do what she felt she had to but he was done. She told him she never wanted to see him again.

Kristy gathered her things, threw them in the suitcase and walked out the door and back into her parent’s house once again. This time her parents told her she could stay until she found a place of her own and they gave her a month to do so.  Kristy, being Kristy, contacted Ryan and within two days she had moved in with him. 

She and Ryan lived together for two years.  Ryan did not put up with Kristy’s histrionics and she often found herself with a sore behind.  During this time she really came into her own.  Maybe it was the spankings, maybe it was because she finally found someone she couldn’t push around, but whatever it was it was working.  This may have been what changed Ryan’s mind because they married and a year later Kristy was pregnant.

They lived an interesting life.  Ryan worked for a company that transferred him to the far east where they lived for many years. They thrived. When their son was six, Ryan was transferred back to the states.   They settled in and bought a home.  All was bliss until the company decided to pare down and let go many of their older, higher paid employees.  He was given a nice package and for all outward purposes they didn’t seem to be too effected.  Kristy went back to school and completed her degree. She was able to find gainful employment and Ryan became Mr. Mom.  He tried his hand at writing, he did some consulting work but more and more he was bored.  Their son was in school all day, Kristy was at work and with time on his hands his eyes wandered and one day Kristy came home early in the day and found Ryan with one of their neighbors.  They weren’t having coffee.   Ryan insisted it didn’t mean anything; Kristy tried to accept that but found that too many things couldn’t be resolved.  They continued to live together as roommates and when that became too confusing for Mitch, Ryan found an apartment nearby.  Mitch chose to live with Ryan and visit his mom on the weekends.  Kristy was heartsick over this but Mitch was old enough to make his own decision. 

Now Kristy was the one with time on her hands because more and more Mitch was involved with his circle of friends and the many school activities that kept him busy.  He was sixteen and had a car of his own so he didn’t even need to be chauffeured everywhere anymore.

Then a funny thing happened.  Kristy’s oldest sister had kept in touch with Grant over the years and she mentioned to him that Kristy was divorcing.  He wanted to know if Kristy might still be interested.  Judy gave him her sister’s email address and told her she didn’t want to be the middleman. 

Grant sent an email and Kristy responded.  They began exchanging emails and eventually telephone calls. It was as if no time had transpired between them.  He had never married and still held a torch for Kristy.  He was retired now and suggested he come to the states and see if they could rekindle their relationship.  Kristy was both thrilled and frightened.  Did Grant expect her to make an immediate decision?  If so, it would be a problem. She decided to throw caution to the wind and see where this new path would take them.

Kristy told him to come ahead.  He did.  Kristy was as bossy as ever.  She had a great job with lots of people under her, the majority of them men, so she could show no weakness or hesitation in her decisions. This carried over in her personal life. Grant glossed it over the first week.  By the second week though, he was tired of walking on eggshells.   He warned her he was his own person and didn’t enjoy being ordered around. As usual, Kristy waved him off with a shrug of her shoulders, turned and walked away.  Before she got too far he caught up with her hauled her over his hip and gave her three hard smacks on her backside.  He let her go and she rubbed her bottom.

“That’s just a reminder of what’s going to happen if you keep behaving like you’re in charge of me” he told her.

“You still have a hard hand”, she told him.  “Ryan used to spank me too but he never spanked as hard as you.  I guess I’m destined to be with men that spank”

“Maybe it’s because you just seem to be a woman who needs to be spanked”, he told her.

She giggled, wiggled her butt as she left the room saying “I’ll try to keep my bossiness in check”.

He laughed and said then he would try to keep his itchy palm in check.

Sometime during the third week they decided to take a road trip to see Judy and her family.  He jumped at the chance as it was his chance to see some more of the country rather than flying over it in an airplane. The second day out they stopped for lunch in this small town.  It was a warm day and they sat outside to enjoy the day.  They had a couple of beers with their lunch and when Kristy ordered another,  Grant said he had enough and maybe she shouldn’t have another either.  She ordered one anyway.
 “Okay”,  he said.  “I’ll drive when we get back on the road”

“No, I’ll be fine, besides you want to see the scenery” she said.

He wasn’t about to argue.  Once they got to the car, he would take the keys and it would be the end of the discussion.   Or so he thought.  When lunch was over and they were on the way to the car, he took the keys off her purse where they were clipped.

“What do you think you’re doing? She asked.

“I told you I’m driving, you’ve had three beers.  You’ll be riding shotgun”

“Don’t tell me what to do, I’m fine, now give me the damn keys” she said.

Grant told her “I may not be a cop anymore but I still think like a cop and you won’t be driving and that’s final”.

She reached over and tried to grab for the keys.  When he held his arm up she kicked him in the shins.

“Okay, that does it.”  He pulled her over to a nearby bench and hauled her over his knee.  The short skirt she was wearing afforded no protection and his hard hand pummeled her bottom. When another couple walked by and was witness to this event, he let her up. 

“Are you going to behave now?” he asked her.  She shook her head yes and ran to the car.  
She was so embarrassed.When he got in the car she told him she couldn’t believe he spanked her in public.  He told her that she kicked him in public and from now on she could expect to get exactly what she gave.

“I guess I best be on my best behavior from now on then” she replied.

“I guess so”, he replied with a grin.  “I will be more than happy to spank that pretty ass whenever you’re naughty.  I should have done it years ago and then maybe we would have been together all these years”.

“Maybe so” she said and laid her head back on the seat as he drove away.