Monday, September 17, 2012


The Teacher Learns a Lesson

Jennifer had been alone since her grandmother passed two years ago.  When she died Jennifer was the beneficiary of her house and her insurance policy.  During the last two years, Jennifer had been using some of the insurance money to fix up the house. Money had always been tight when her grandmother was alive and the house had fallen into disrepair.  As much as possible it was a DIY project for Jennifer. She worked on it on weekends and during the summer months.  She taught school in the local high school and once in a while some of her students would come by and lend a hand. 

Last Saturday, Jeremy had stopped by to help her paint the gutters.  He brought along his uncle.  Jennifer was already up on the ladder when they arrived. She was just loading the paint brush when she spotted Jeremy and his friend.  He was gorgeous.  He had to be at least 6’2” with black hair and the most heavenly  blue eyes with lashes that most girls would kill for.  She got so flustered she dropped the paint brush.  Jeremy and his uncle jumped out of the way of the incoming missile.  In her attempt to grab the paint brush she lost her footing and jiggled the ladder.  Jeremy’s uncle, Evan, grabbed the ladder and steadied it.  Jennifer thanked him and started coming down. When she reached the last rung, he put out his hand and introduced himself.  Jennifer grasped his hand and realized she just gave him a handshake full of paint.  She apologized and said that maybe it would be a good idea if she just went back inside and went back to bed.  He laughed and said it would be a shame to have missed this opportunity to get a handful of paint and meet a beautiful girl.  She blushed,  Jeremy rolled his eyes and told his uncle to knock it off that this was his teacher.

Jeremy and his Uncle Evan spent the rest of the morning painting the remainder of the gutters. Jennifer brought out a tray of sandwiches and lemonade around lunchtime.  Jeremy told Jennifer (Ms. Carson, to him) that he had to leave because he had other plans.  Evan volunteered to stay and help.

Later that afternoon Evan asked Jennifer if she would like to go out to dinner with him.  Jennifer accepted with the stipulation that she treat in payment for all his help.  He told her he was an old fashioned guy and his dates did not pay.  She acquiesced because she was attracted to him and figured she would think of some way to repay him.

During their dinner date they compared notes on their upbringing.  Jennifer told Evan how she was an only child and had been raised by her grandmother after her mother’s death when she was six.  She explained that she did not know her father.  He told her he had been raised in a large family with four sisters and three brothers.  It may not have been filled with lots of extra material things but there was a lot of love and laughter.  Jennifer told him that sounded wonderful.  One of the things in which they were agreement is if either one of them got married they planned on large families.

They parted at Jennifer’s door with a sweet peck on the cheek and a promise that he would return in the morning to continue helping her with her renovations. 

Jennifer fell asleep with dreams of Evan dancing around in her head.  She always slept well because most of the time she was exhausted from her remodeling efforts but she felt tonight’s sleep would really leave her feeling refreshed.  She was up with the birds the following morning.  She whipped up  batter for pancakes, put bacon in the oven and set the table; then took the paper and went out on the porch to wait for Evan.

Her third cup of coffee and the newspaper was finished and still no Evan.  She made herself a couple of pancakes and put the rest of the stuff away.  After finishing cleaning up the kitchen,  she went out and started the day’s project of painting the trim around the upstairs windows.

She was coming down the ladder to get a drink when a rung of the old wooden ladder broke and she lost her balance.  She landed on her kiester but luckily she didn’t feel like anything was broken.  Evan came around the corner of the house just as she was getting up.  He asked what happened and if she was okay.  She showed him the ladder and told him the only things bruised beside the ladder were her ego and her butt. He laughed and said he was sorry. They sat on the porch and Evan went in a got the pitcher of lemonade from yesterday.  They sat and talked while Jennifer recovered. 

When Evan removed the ladder from the house he checked the remaining rungs.  It was old and unsafe. He told Jennifer she needed a new ladder and besides she should not be up on the ladder when she was alone.  It was unsafe.  Jennifer protested but Evan held up his hand in the “stop” mode and told her if it happened again she could really get hurt. 
They spent the rest of the afternoon painting the railing on the front porch.  When they finished cleaning up, Jennifer ordered a pizza and they sat on the porch admiring their work eating pizza and drinking beer until the mosquitos came out.  Evan said he had to be getting on home and  would call her during the week to make plans for next weekend.  This time though the good night kiss was a little more to her liking. 

 Wednesday was a cool overcast morning and Jennifer decided to paint some more of the window trim.  She remembered what Evan said about it being dangerous so instead of painting the back of the house she decided to go out front.  Her reasoning was that if she fell somebody would be able to see and help if it was necessary.  She hadn’t bought a new ladder yet so the old one would have to do.  All she had to do was remember to avoid the broken rung.  She had just climbed the ladder to paint the last window in the front when she heard an angry voice.

“What do you think you are doing up there?

She turned around and saw Evan standing there with a scowl on his face.  She muttered something he couldn’t hear.  He asked again.  Turning toward him and giving him the sweetest smile she could muster said:

“What does it look like to you?”

“It looks like you don’t know how to listen.  I suggest you get down from there now”

“I just have this last window to finish and then I’ll come down.”

This time he muttered something she couldn’t hear.  She kept on painting and Evan sat down on the porch.

After finishing and starting down the ladder, she had just reached the third to last rung when it gave way.  Once again, she fell on her keister and the paint splattered all over the ground.  A few expletives peppered the air.  Evan laughed.  Jennifer came up sputtering and stomping her foot.

“Are you going to help or are you just going to stand their laughing?”

“Actually, I am just going to stand here and enjoy watching your temper tantrum.  It reminds me of my 6-year old niece.”

“If you’re not going to help you can just get your ass out of here” Jennifer said and went off into the house.

He started to put the ladder away but instead just put it out by the curb for the trashmen.  He then picked up what was left of the paint supplies and put them in the shed.  He went to the back door and knocked.  No answer.  He knocked again, still no answer. He tried the doorknob and walked in.  He could hear the shower running upstairs.  He just sat down and waited.

When Jennifer came downstairs she was in a pair of thong panties and a tank top. Clearly she didn’t expect company.  Evan cleared his throat as she cleared the kitchen door.

“What are you doing in my house?”

“I cleaned up outside and just wanted to make sure you were okay.  I also would like to know why you were up on that old ladder and when no one was around.  I thought we discussed this.”

“We talked about it but I made no promises.  Besides I took part of the advice, I painted in the front of the house so I could be seen if anything happened”.

“Yes, they may have seen you fall but you still could have been hurt, especially if a higher rung had given way.  Let me tell you that if we knew each other better I would take you to task for your unsafe behavior”

“And what exactly is that supposed to mean?”, Jennifer asked

“It means I would take you over my knee and spank your bottom so hard the next time you thought about doing something dangerous you might give it a moment’s pause before proceeding”

“So I should consider myself lucky that we don’t know each other better”

“You might say that, but if you continue being so bratty I might just do it anyway.”

Evan had never spanked anybody before but he really wanted to spank her.  She had taken such a chance on that old rickety ladder.  She turned around and he could just see the curve of her buttocks as she stood there looking so smug. 

“Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do? This is my house and I will do as I please”

That was it.  Evan couldn’t stand it anymore.  He got up from the chair,  pushed it back from the table, reached for her and pulled her over his knee in one fluid motion.  It was so quick she didn’t realize what was happening until she felt that first sharp smack on her behind. It was followed by a volley of sharp spanks. She was sputtering and kicking her legs. He wasn’t deterred until her bottom was a bright shade of crimson.

She jumped up rubbing her backside and dancing around the kitchen. Her thong hadn’t provided much protection and her bottom stung.  She told him she couldn’t believe he had done that.  He told her that’s what she could expect from him if he thought she was taking unnecessary risks.

“Of course, that depends on whether or not you want to continue to see me”

“Don’t think you are getting out of helping me with my renovations that easy” she said with a grin .

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.  Enjoy the day.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend sunnygirl, and who would've thought that ladders and a paint pot could be so exciting :)

    Dee x

  2. That was a good try, to get out of helping with the renovation.
    Pity it didn't work. Now he is obliged to help in this way many more times.
    Poor guy! ;-)
    Nice story to start the week.
    Thank you, Sunnygirl.

    1. Yeah, she was too smart to refuse help just because of a spanking.

  3. Glad you weather is cooler and that your stories are still HOT!


  4. I absolutely love when the weather turns beginning fall!
    Glad you had such an enjoyable day.
    I love waking to one of your stories. I agree HOT!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Great story. Thanks SG.


  6. Sunny, I love your men - they are caring and protective and very hot. Thanks for this. :)
    I'd like to read more about this couple.....

  7. Fall is my favorite! Your stories are high on the list too...great job!'

    1. I love fall, spring and summer. Winter not so much.
      Glad you liked the story.

  8. I enjoyed your story, sunnygirl! Thanks for sharing.
    I actually had to use a blanket last night too. I love this time of year.

    1. Yes, me too. Love the cool crispness of the air. But that's it don't like winter.

  9. Great story sunnygirl! Hope you are going to continue their story soon!


    1. You know Cat, I seem to be more of a short story girl. I'll have to see if they revisit.

  10. Good story Sunnygirl. (Thank you also for your note to me on my blog yesterday. I put a comment back, but in case you did not see then wanted to tell you here.) Thanks.

    1. Thanks SNP. I did see your note. Thanks, I replied to your email too.

  11. Just caught up with your last few posts. I really liked this story, Sunny, emphasis on "really liked!"


  12. Thank you Irishey. Nice to see you here.

  13. Loved the story, sunnygirl! What a hreat start to a relationship ;)


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