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She was already late. She had left the city an hour later than she had planned and now she was stuck in the traffic jam from hell. Her phone was dead so she couldn’t even call.  She knew he would be worried.  She tried to calm herself down before a case of road rage really kicked in.   She turned on the radio and listened to some smooth jazz.  Within minutes she was lost in the music and her jangled nerves calmed.  She could do this. 

What seemed like hours but was actually minutes later the traffic jam eased and she was on her way. There were several cars and emergency vehicles on the side of the road.  But for the Grace of God it could have been her.  She was always hurrying. Sean was always telling her to slow down.  He was her exact opposite.  He didn’t rush for anything or anybody and yet everything he touched turned golden. 

They had been together for over fifteen years but had never bothered getting married.  Their thinking had been if it’s not broke don’t fix it.  They knew other couples who lived together for years and decided to marry only to be divorced later. However the news she received today would definitely change their relationship.  That was why she was in the city.  She had been feeling poorly lately and after a couple of trips to her local physician had been referred to a specialist.  Several tests had been run and today was the appointment to hear the results.  She was pregnant. She had been told she would never be able to conceive so it was a complete shock to her and it would be a complete shock to Sean also. She couldn’t wait to get home to tell him.

By the time she walked in the door he was frantic with worry.  When he couldn’t reach her by cell phone, he called all her friends, her parents and anyone else he could think of to see if they had heard from her.  She breezed in the door as if walking on a cloud.  She saw him and it was as if the cloud burst.  He was all grim and bearlike.  He took her in his arms, gave her a huge hug and kiss and upended her.  She was sputtering, telling him she had a good reason for being late and he was being unreasonable.  He wasn’t even listening.  He was taking his two hours of worry and frustration out on her butt.  When he finally stopped he let her up and once again took her in his arms.

“I was so worried” he explained

“I know and I’m sorry but the traffic was horrible and my cell phone went dead”

“Are you telling me you still haven’t replaced the car charger you lost last month” Sean asked

“No, I mean yes”, she said sheepishly.

“You know I ought to spank you again for that.  We live so far out that it is dangerous to be without a charged cell phone at all times.  How many times have we talked about this?”

“I know, I know.  I promise I will get one tomorrow”

“You better, because if you don’t, you will be eating your dinner standing up.  Do you hear what I am telling you?”  He asked.

“Yes”, she answered.

He asked her what she wanted to do about dinner.  She told him she wanted to go to Bella Vista. 

“Bella Vista is pretty expensive for an every day dinner.  Why don’t you pick someplace else?”

“No, she said, I want to go to Bella Vista.” He didn’t argue.

So they drove to Bella Vista. Because it was a Tuesday night they had no trouble getting a table.  It was on the lake and very romantic which was why they usually saved it for special occasions.  Their small table was set with a snowy white cloth and the silverware and glassware sparkled in the candlelight.  Carrie reached across the table to hold Sean’s hand.

“Aren’t you curious why I wanted to come here tonight?”

“A little” Sean answered, “but you seemed pretty adamant”

“Let’s order and I will tell you”

When the waiter came, he ordered their usual appetizers and a bottle of wine.  When it arrived, he started to pour some into her glass and she stopped him.

“Don’t you want any wine tonight?” as he began to fill his glass.

“Not tonight”,  she said and picked up her water glass to raise a toast.

“Will you marry me” she asked.

“Why the sudden interest? We have talked about this and always said that unless children were involved we didn’t see the need”

She just continued to look at him all dewy eyed and she could see the light bulb going on in his brain.

“Are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?

She nodded .  He took a large gulp of his wine and asked her to tell him everything.
She explained how she had not been feeling well and had been sent to a specialist.  She just had the results today and that was why she had been late leaving the city.

He felt a little sheepish about spanking her but then realized she more than deserved it.  All the more reason she should have kept her cell phone charged. And why hadn’t she told him she hadn’t been feeling well?  Now he was going to be more vigilant than ever . All these thoughts are filtering through his brain as he is rising to get to her across the table.  He is pulling her up out of her chair and lifting her up and twirling around.  The other diners are watching and smiling - feeling the joy of this couple.

That night as they were lying in bed entwined in each other’s arms she mentioned that he hadn’t answered her.  Not thinking, he asked what was the question?  She punched his arm and said she wasn’t going to repeat it; he could just think about it and let her know when he did.  With that, she punched up her pillow, pulled the sheet up around her neck, rolled over on her side and tried sleeping.

“Oh no you don’t”, he said. “You are not going to ruin the best night of my life without telling me why I am in the doghouse.”  

“You still don’t get it, do you” she replied.

“No, I don’t, that’s why I am asking you to please tell me”

“I asked you to marry me and you didn’t respond” she whined.

“Tonight you told me news that I just said made it the best night of my life, of course, I will marry you.  I would have married you after our second date if that was what you wanted.  I love you and I will love you forever, with or without children, you silly goose.”
She rolled around and cuddled into him. 


He called her the next day and asked her to meet him at an address in the city.  They were supposed to meet at 5:30.  It was 6:05 and he hasn’t heard from her.  He didn’t despair just yet.  She was always running behind but if she didn’t call him soon it was her behind that was going to suffer.  6:15 and still no call or Carrie.  Finally at 6:25 he sees her turning the corner.  He walks up to greet her, looks at his watch and ducks into a nearby ally.  When she passes, he grabs her, pulls her into the alley and places her over his hip.  He lands a few well placed smacks on her butt and begins lecturing her on calling when she is going to be late.  She sheepishly tells him that her phone had no bars. 

“Not again, he said.  Did you not promise me to get a new charger?  And did I not promise you a good spanking if you didn’t?

“Yes, she said, but I have an excuse”.

“Well, I can’t wait to hear it but it will have to be later.  We have an appointment right now with the jeweler.  He wanted her to pick out an engagement ring and wedding ring.  She had no trouble finding one she liked.  The engagement ring was a simple princess cut solitary diamond set in white gold and the wedding ring was a thin white gold band with  pave cut stones.

She constantly amazed him.  He purposely did not put a price limit on the ring sets.  The set she had chosen was well below the cost of what we would have chosen for her. They also chose a ring for him.

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  1. It is a fun process, but a process none the less some days on finding the right balance with a story. As you say...sometimes it just comes easier. Will be back for Part II:)

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