Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Times To Remember

Times to Remember

She met him when she was 18 years old and visiting her cousin.  Her cousin had set up the blind date with the friend of her boyfriend. She was in love or was it lust at first sight. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes with the longest eyelashes known to man.  His dark brown hair had chestnut highlights with a slight wave that dipped over his eyes.  He stood about 6”4’ and had legs that matched his eyelashes.  She had almost turned down this invitation from her cousin because she hated blind dates. 

He was going off to the Air Force Academy in two weeks. She was going back home in two weeks.  It seemed perfect except for the fact that they fell in love.  She transferred to a school in Colorado Springs so when he had time she would be close.  After graduation, they were married in the Chapel at the Air Force Academy and settled into life in Tampa, FL.  His first assignment was as a Strategic Analyst at Mac Dill Air Force Base. 
Being a military wife had its perks but it also had its downfalls.  As a junior officer his shifts were often nights and weekends.  She worked days and was off on the weekends, so for the first two years of their marriage they were like ships that passed in the night. Sherry took care of everything and Josh enjoyed letting her do it.  It was a role they had both settled into.

In the beginning of their third year of marriage things changed. Josh was promoted to the rank of Captain and was transferred to Pentagon.  Sherry was happy for Josh but hated leaving Tampa.  She loved the climate, her job and her gazillion friends but she knew what being a military wife entailed and so she put a smile on her face and began packing boxes.  The good part about his promotion was that they had relocation people to assist them with the move.

They settled into a cute house in Virginia. Sherry wanted to work but Josh didn’t want her to. At first Sherry was glad to stay home, however once things settled down she was bored to death.  She started looking for work and was offered a position at a large firm in Washington, DC.  She accepted the position without discussing it with Josh.  When he found out he hit the roof.  They went round and round.  He said he didn’t want her working and that was the end of that argument.  Sherry was apoplectic with his high-handed attitude and told him she would be starting work the following Monday.   He was so used to handing out orders and being obeyed that this situation was anathema to him. He expected to be obeyed once he issued an order. She told him he could issue all the orders he wanted at work but this was home and it didn’t work that way.  He said yes it did and proceeded to place her over his hip and spank her.  She was kicking and screaming obscenities at him.  When he was finished he simply stood her up and walked out of the room.

 To say she was surprised was an understatement. While he had occasionally given her a hard pop on her rear, their spankings had always been for fun and pleasure.   This was a first and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it.  On one hand it was humiliating to be punished like a child but, on the other hand she was as sexually excited as when it was part of their lovemaking. She loved his dominant personality; it was part of who he was in or out of uniform.  Loved it even more in the bedroom but wasn’t sure she wanted it to be part of their everyday life.  The question was “where did this go from here”?  Should I just ignore this as if it didn’t happen or should I make a stand?  She pondered this for several minutes while she stood alone in the kitchen.  A few minutes later he walked back into the kitchen and went to the refrigerator without a look or a word.   She realized that to him it was over.  He had issued an order and when it was not carried out he dealt with it. Problem solved.  The problem was this was home, not work, and as far as she was concerned the issue was not resolved.

She decided the better part of valor was to ignore it until she had come to a resolution in her own mind.  She left the kitchen, grabbed her purse and keys and went out the door. This particular problem wasn’t something you talked about to your girlfriend.  So the next best thing was retail therapy. It had always been a way for her to sort things out and besides she needed some new work clothes.  Her current wardrobe was suited to a warmer climate. The light bulb went on and she realized she had come to a decision.  She was going to go to work on Monday.  The only thing left to resolve was how she was going to deal with Josh.

She walked in the door with lots of shopping bags.  He was watching a baseball game on TV.
“Are there any more packages?”

“No, this is it.  I needed some new things for work.  I will need more but I will add items as the need arises.”

“I guess that tells me that my opinions don’t mean a thing to you”.  He said.

“Au contraire” she responded.  “They mean a lot to me and I would love to sit down and hash this out in a reasonable manner and not in the heavy handed way it was dealt with earlier”

He turned off the ballgame and said “I’m listening”

 She remained calm and resolute as she gave her reasons. She explained to him that he was gone all day and she was bored.  It wasn’t as if they had children.  She told him that if and when they had children she would quit her job and be a stay at home mom.  She also told him that she realized that at some point he would have an assignment that would take him out of the country.  If that happened now what would she do with herself with nothing to occupy her waking hours?  Did he want that?

He was quiet for a few minutes.  She could see his mind working.  When he finally spoke he told her she was right.  He was being selfish.  He liked the fact that she was there if he came home for lunch.  He liked that she was available to run errands and be ready at a moment’s notice if there was an event they needed to attend.  He said that what he would miss the most was their occasional “afternoon delight”. 

She melted and went over and sat on his lap and kissed him. She had decided that if he thought she needed a spanking occasionally that would be okay.  She figured by not making an issue of it would be a silent way of giving her consent to past and future spankings.

True to her word when she became pregnant a year later she quit her job to be a stay at home mother. 
Now here she was, years later, holding a graduation program stating that Lt. Col Joshua M. Hendricks, USAF would assist in presenting the new graduates with their diplomas. She knew what she was getting into when she married him and she had no regrets.  He looked so handsome and proud standing there in his full dress military uniform while he handed the diploma to 2nd Lt. Amanda S. Hendricks

Among her many wishes for Amanda was that she marry a man just like her dad.