Monday, August 11, 2014

Spanking Clean Laundry

Susan and Blake had been married just a couple of months, and this was their first summer in their new home.  It wasn’t air-conditioned and in a Texas summer that could be brutal.  Blake promised they would have air installed but the cost had been too exorbitant, and he didn’t want to get into any more debt until they were used to handling the mortgage payments.  Susan’s family had money, and her dad offered to give them the money, but Blake said he had done enough.  The down payment on the house was their wedding present to the young couple.  It had been a point of contention between the newlyweds, and Blake had reddened Susan’s bottom more than once because she wouldn’t let it go.

This week she had decided it was too hot to cook dinner, too hot to make his lunch, too hot to do anything but sit around and complain.  Blake went to his underwear drawer this morning and didn’t have any clean shorts.  He confronted Susan about it and she complained.

“It’s too hot,” she told him.

“It doesn’t matter, it still needs to be done,” Blake told her.

“But I don’t want to.”

“I don’t care, either do it, or I am going to take you over my knee.”

Susan rose from the chair and moved toward the laundry room.  She stuck her tongue out at Blake as she passed.

“I saw that girl, don’t think I didn’t,” Blake told her.

“I think I’ll just pack it up and bring it over to my folks; it's cooler there.”

“That’s not going to happen.  We spent the money for the brand-new washer and dryer.  There is no need to take it somewhere else.  Now get to it.  I’m not fooling girl; I've had it up to here with your excuses.”

Blake knew it was hot, it was hot for him too.  Hell, he had to work in it all day so by the time he came home he was hot, tired and irritable too. He was going to try a temporary solution.  He told her he had to go do some errands, and he expected the laundry to be finished when he returned.  She stuck her tongue out at him again.

“Once more girl and you’re getting spanked.”

“You’ve spanked me twice this week already.”

“Yeah, we’ll keep it up, and it will be three times before the week is up.”

Raised by a single mom after his dad was killed during a freak training exercise while attending the police academy, Blake Denton’s upbringing was much different than his wife’s.  There was never any extra money, so if Blake wanted something, it had to be earned.  He had odd jobs from the time he was twelve and learned how to appreciate the value of a dollar. Susan’s attitude bothered him.  He loved her and wanted to give her everything she wanted, but she had to realize that not everything came easily.  He hated they couldn't afford air-conditioning right now; that's why he was on his way to his buddy’s who had one of those industrial-strength  fans he could buy cheaply.  He figured he could set it up in the laundry room, and it would not only cool off that room, but the kitchen as well.    He hoped that would make doing her chores a little easier and cooler.

Blake wasn’t gone ten minutes when Susan decided, the hell with him.  She was taking the laundry over to her folk’s house.  She could do the laundry while they visited. She called her mom to tell her she was coming.

“Why not bring your bathing suit, and we can use the pool and plan on staying for dinner.  Daddy can barbecue.”

“Sounds good.”

All she had to do now was tell Blake.  She decided it was easier to write a note rather than text or call him.  This way he couldn’t say no.   She wrote that her mom invited them for swimming and a barbecue.  If he asked she would tell him she had turned down the invitation at first because she was doing laundry, but her mom said just to bring it over. He couldn’t be mad at that, could he?

When Blake didn’t see Susan’s car in the drive, his blood pressure started to rise.  He pulled the fan out of the truck and dragged it in the house.  He saw the note on the kitchen table and for the thousandth time wished they didn’t live so close to his in-laws. It was going to be an ongoing problem between them that he had to nip in the bud. 

The Davis’s didn’t consider it interfering, after all Susan was their only daughter, and they had spent their life making her comfortable, why should things change just because she was married.  They loved Blake and thought he was good for Susan but couldn’t understand why he was so stubborn when it came to accepting things that would make life easier for the both of them.  Blake had tried explaining his feelings but nothing had changed.  He would try talking to Ben Davis again tonight.  Maybe he could get through to her dad.

On the way to the Davis house, he stopped and bought some flowers and a bottle of wine.  He never went to anyone’s house empty handed, it was something his mother had taught him. 

“Thanks so much Blake, that was so thoughtful.  You’re a lucky girl Susan to have such a thoughtful husband.”

“Yeah, lucky,” she responded.  “If I was really lucky, we would have air-conditioning.”

“SUSAN, don’t start.”

“Well, I’m just saying we would be lucky to have air conditioning.”

Listening to this exchange, Anne Davis once again said why not go ahead and get the system installed and they would consider it an early Christmas present.  Blake, once again thanked her for the very generous offer and explained that while he would love to have a cooler home, Susan had to realize that his salary didn’t go quite as far as Ben Davis’ salary as a CFO of Teledyne.

“I understand your reasoning Blake.  I’m just trying to help.”

“I know that Anne, and I appreciate it but Susan is going to have to learn we are not wealthy and we can’t have everything all at once.   Once, we’ve saved a little and are used to the mortgage payments, we will be able to afford things.  Actually, if we wait until cooler weather, I’m sure the unit and installation will not be as costly as it is now.”

Susan, listening to this conversation, grew more petulant by the minute.  Blake recognized that look, she was just asking for a spanking and he wished they were home. He had to put his hand in his pocket.  Anne left the room and Blake lowered his voice and told Susan to knock it off or they were leaving.

“You leave if you want to, I have my own car and I’m staying here,” she told him.

“Susan, don’t test my patience.  If I leave, you’re coming with me.”

Ben Davis came in the door at that moment and realized he was smack in the middle of an argument between his daughter and Blake. 

“Hi Blake, good to see you.”  Ben offered his hand to Blake.  “How’s it going?”

“Going fine, Sir.  At the moment your daughter and I are having a little conversation about her attitude.”

“Oh, sorry.  I’ll leave you two to it then,” and he walked back outside.


Susan perked up after that and they had fun. Susan’s brother Kevin came by with his girlfriend and they played volleyball in the pool.  The girls won and were accused of cheating but it was a win nonetheless.  Ben, Kevin and Blake started the barbecue and the girls went inside to help Anne.  When they were all sitting around the table eating dinner, Anne mentioned she was glad Susan had called and said she was coming over to do laundry because this get together probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Blake looked at Susan and watched her start to squirm.  He could see the wheels twirling in her brain as she tried to come up with a cover story.  He gave her a look that told her it wasn’t any use, she had a spanking coming.

Blake had started chastising Susan very early in their relationship.  As a law enforcement officer, obedience, whether it be civil or otherwise, was important.  As a lawman, he was rigid to a fault when it came to civil disobedience, as a husband he was a little more lenient. He would give Susan two warnings.  After that, all bets were off.  The third time she threw a fit because his shift interfered with a party she wanted to attend, he took her over his knee.  She hooted and hollered and threatened to do him bodily harm, but they didn’t have that argument again.  Since they were married, it seemed the spankings came with more regularity and as she reminded him earlier, she had already been spanked twice this week.

Shortly after dinner and clean-up, Blake said their goodbye’s.  Susan, although reluctant to leave, didn’t want to make things worse.  Blake gathered up the finished laundry and put it in his car.  He kissed his in-laws goodby, thanked them for a good day and headed out the door.  Susan right behind.

Blake arrived home before Susan and took the laundry to their bedroom for sorting. In the kitchen, he heard the garage door open and positioned a chair so that Susan would immediately see it as she came through the door.  He had gathered a wooden spoon from the crock and set it on the counter, so she would see that too.

Susan didn’t miss either clue, not that she needed any.  She knew she was in for a doozy of a spanking.  Not only had she directly disobeyed Blake but lied about it.  Two strikes.

She started to apologize but Blake was having none of it.  “I don’t care how sorry you are Susan, you are still getting spanked.  Now drop your jeans and your panties.”

Blake sat down on the chair and watched as she reluctantly and slowly removed her clothing.  He patted his thigh and as she moved closer, he reached for her wrist and helped her over his lap.  He made sure she was as comfortable as possible and scissored his leg over hers so that she was resting on one of his thighs. 

“Do you want me to hold your hand?”  Susan knew, these two things didn’t bode well for her booty.


“Susan, I want you to tell me why we’re here.”

“Because I disobeyed you about taking the laundry to my folks and then I lied about it.  Technically, though I didn’t lie.”

“Susan, you didn’t tell the truth.  No matter how you choose to sugar coat it, a lie is a lie, don't make it worse.”

He didn’t say another word, just let her lie there across his lap with her bare butt in the air.  He knew how humiliating she thought this was and to him this submission was as much a part of the discipline as the spanking.  He could feel her nervousness escalating and when he felt her submission beginning to turn to anger, he laid down the first smack. She jumped, not because of the pain, but the surprise.  After that initial whack, he spanked her in earnest, one after another.  When her bottom was a nice shade of rose, he picked up the wooden spoon and gave her another twenty spanks, delivered five at a time on her right and left cheeks and then on her right and left thighs.

She did not cry out or beg him to stop.  When it was over, he rubbed his hands up and down her back and over her reddened behind and thighs, removed his leg and helped her stand.  He hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

“Now go sort and put away the laundry,” he told her.  She bent to pick up her pants and panties.  “No, stay just the way you are, seeing your well-spanked bottom doing the chore that caused you to disobey makes me feel better about your disobedience and lying to me.”  That’s when she started to cry.  Great heaving sighs accompanied the tears.

“I’m sorry Blake.”

“I know you are baby.  Now go, so we can turn up the heat in other ways.”  He smacked her bottom and sent her towards the bedroom, grinning the whole time.