Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Beach Cottage

Happy September everyone, hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

 After our little "upset" a couple of days ago, Ray and I had a great day yesterday. We spent the day in San Juan Bautista which is an old California town not too far from where we are staying. There is a mission and lots of historical buildings to visit.  Just my cup of tea. We enjoyed each other, lots of laughing, hand holding, you get the picture. We drove to the Fremont State Park Observatory and were going to stay to watch the nighttime presentation but the road was eleven miles of switchbacks and no lights and Ray didn't feel comfortable coming down in the dark.  The view was spectacular in the daytime so I can just imagine what it is like at night.  Going to check out if there are any tours.  Anyway, back to normal for now, but I am quite sure we will eventually be on each other's nerves again. I think it's time we start thinking seriously about where we are going to roost.

This is a repeat of a story I posted last Labor Day.  Enjoy.

They rented the beach cottage for the month of September.  It was something they had done ever since they were first married.  Their relationship had begun on a Labor Day weekend here on the island.  This was their favorite time because once the Labor Day weekend was over most of the visitors cleared out and they were left with a quiet, peaceful vacation.  It meant no traffic on the bridge, a deserted beach, great tables and service at the local restaurants.

Joanna had been coming to the island since she was a little girl. Her grandparents had been caretakers on an island estate and she  spent her summers with them.  When she was sixteen she met Carter Hannigan.  Carter was eighteen and the son of the local police chief.  His family had moved to the island the year before and this was Carter’s first summer.  He had a summer job working at the local marina.  Joanna and some of her friends had rented a hobie cat for the day and when they returned it Carter checked it in.  Joanna couldn’t take her eyes off him.   He was gorgeous with blonde hair, blue eyes and was tanned a beautiful bronze color.  He could have passed for a model in a magazine. Joanna fell in love and he didn’t even give her a second look. She was crushed but was determined to get his attention before the summer was over.

Joanna spent the rest of the summer plotting ways to get Carter to ask her out.   He was always nice to her but that was it. She found out he thought she was just too young.  Armed with this information, she changed her tactics.  Her plan was to seduce him at the End of Summer Beach Fest held on Labor Day Weekend. 

All the kids would get together make a huge bonfire, play music, and dance.  Summer romances would sneak off and pledge their undying love to one another and promise to be faithful until the next season. When Carter saw a group of kids starting to smoke pot he figured it was time for him to leave.  Being the son of the Chief of Police he felt it would be best.  Joanna saw him starting to walk away and ran after him.  This was going to be her last chance.  The two rum and cokes she had had given her a false sense of courage.  She called out to him – he stopped and turned around and she ran right into his arms. She began kissing and hugging him.  He stopped her and stepped back.

“What are you doing?” he asked

“I am trying to prove to you that I am not too young.  I know what you want and I am willing to give it to you.”

“You have no idea what I want and you are too young or you wouldn’t be acting this way.  Have you been drinking? He asked noting that she was none too steady on her feet and her words were a little slurred.

“No," she lied

“I think you have and I am going to take you home to your grandparents before you get into trouble.”

She was sober enough to know she didn’t want her grandparents to see her in this condition.  Joanna knew they would be disappointed in her and told Carter to just leave her alone she would go home on her own.  He wasn’t about to let that happen.  She was a kid and he saw it as his responsibility to see her home safely.  She began fighting him and so he grabbed her and heaved her up over his shoulder and started off toward home.  She was kicking and screaming at him to put her down.  When she gave him an especially hard kick he gave her behind a sharp slap.

“How dare you”.

“If you don’t stop carrying on there is more where that came from.  You deserve a good spanking and I would be more than happy to see that you get what you deserve”.

She was sobering up quickly and gave him another good kick.  He yelled and before she knew what was happening she was down on the ground and being pushed over his hip.  He started spanking her in earnest.  She was yelping and calling him every name she could think of.  The more she yelled, the harder he spanked.  When she was finally quieted, he stopped and let her up.  She ran from him as fast as she could.  He didn’t follow close but watched until she got to the cottage.

That was the last time she saw Carter Hannigan until she was 21 years old.  She no longer spent the summers at her grandparents.  They had retired and now only came to the island as visitors.  She accompanied them that Labor Day weekend and ran into Carter at the local diner. She was embarrassed remembering their last encounter and was going to just ignore him when he came over and said hello to her grandparents and her.  He was as gorgeous as she had remembered and she still felt butterflies in her tummy.  He said he was home for the weekend before starting his dentistry internship. During the conversation, he told them his parents were giving him a send off party that evening and invited them to attend.

Joanna and her grandparents attended the party.  That night Carter saw Joanna as a woman and liked what he saw. Before the end of the evening he knew she was the girl for him and he hoped she was still interested.


They had high hopes for this vacation.  The past year had been a difficult one for them.  Joanna had another miscarriage and this one had almost torn them apart. After attending grief counseling they were trying to recapture the spark that had gone out of their marriage.  Neither one of them was willing to throw away fifteen years. The island had brought them together and they both hoped it would keep them together.
That first Saturday night they had gone to their favorite island restaurant and were walking back to the cottage when they spotted the bonfire on the beach.  Carter squeezed Joanna’s hand and she squeezed back as she remembered that night.  They walked toward the fire and watched the kids.  Carter suggested they walk back to the cottage and do what she wanted to do that night so long ago.  She melted – she was still so in love with him.

“ So Joanna shall I throw you over my shoulder or do you want to walk back?”

“I would rather walk, if you don’t mind.”

“How about the spanking, shall we relive that too.  It’s been a long time”.

“Yes, it has.”

When they entered the cottage, Carter turned on their I Pod and invited Joanna to dance with him.  Slow dancing led to kissing and kissing led to petting and soon they were shedding their clothing.  He led her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. He caressed her back and nibbled on her neck.  Slowly he began kneading her bottom.  The kneading turned to light slaps, then caressing, then harder slaps and soon she was raising her butt to receive those wonderful spanks.  This was nothing like the first spanking he had given.  She was squirming but in an entirely different way.  As his one hand spanked, the fingers on his other hand found her pleasure spot.  She was so ready for him and begged for him to enter her.  When he finally did they came together in a way that hadn’t happened in a long time.

The next morning, Joanna brought Carter his coffee in bed.  She snuggled up to him and told him how wonderful last night had been. She said she wanted to have more nights like that rather than the ones they had been having for the last couple of years. Maybe they had been trying too hard to conceive and had forgotten how great their sex life had been.   He suggested they didn’t have to wait for nightfall; as he recalled morning sex was pretty great too.

They spent the remaining days of their vacation falling back in love.  They strolled on the beach, lazed in the sun, ate fabulous food and made love every day, often more than once a day.  They went back to their real lives as newlyweds.  Their friends couldn’t believe the change in them.  The island had once again worked its magic.

Another year passed and they arrived on the island on Labor Day Weekend.  When they got off the ferry, Carter’s parents were there to meet and greet them.  They couldn’t wait to get their hands on the newest member of the Hannigan family.  Another generation was going to be indoctrinated into the magic of the island.

Come by tomorrow for a new story.  Until then, see you later on Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Hi Sunny, I'm so glad to hear things are back to normal and that you had a wonderful time together. You have to go back to see the night show!

    Love the story, especially the end, very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

    Labour Day for us is next month. However, today is Father's Day here.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the story.

      Happy Father's Day to your hubby.

  2. Sunny Girl,, yes,yes, yes!!!!!
    This is a storry I LOVE, this is a spanking I LOVE!!!!!!!

    Thank you.

  3. I must be getting old, I don't remember this story. Anyway I loved it. Glad you and Ray had a great day.

  4. Glad you and Ray had a great day together! Thanks for the story! :-) Hugs

  5. What a sweet story Sunny. I think we need more love rekindled/rediscovered stories - especially with yummy spankings!

    Glad that things are well with you and Ray - hope you have a wonderful rest of your time here in California!

    :) Cali

    1. The story was a happy one, wasn't it.

      Thanks for you good wishes. There's nothing about California not to like except it is pretty darn expensive.

  6. Hey Sunny glad things are settling the story it is a very real story ..thanks for sharing and big hugs

    1. Yes Daisy, things are settled. Glad you enjoyed the story.

  7. Going to the Mission and visiting the historical sites is my cup of tea!
    I really loved this story. I remember it and I enjoyed the two different types of spanking!
    Hope the rest of the weekend is fun.

    1. My cup of tea also Minelle. Glad you enjoyed the story even if it was a rerun.

  8. Oh, so glad things are better with you and Ray. :) sounds like you are enjoying California. :)

    Thanks for sharing the story. I loved it!!!!

    1. Me too Sarah. We are enjoying California. We used to live in So. California but this is a new area to us. We would only come up this way to visit. I am really enjoying being here.

      Glad you enjoyed the story.

  9. Hey happy to hear things are better with you and Ray! Thanks for the story...must have missed it last year but happy I didn't miss it this year. :D


  10. Thanks for the good thoughts. Glad you liked the story.


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