Monday, September 16, 2013

The Safe Word

Brad walked in the back door, walked over to the sink where Vera was standing and picked up a wooden spoon.  She nervously watched him as he came toward her.

“Hi, honey,” she managed to get out. 

“Don’t hi, honey me.  You are going to have one sore butt before I’m through.  I want your panties and jeans on the floor, bent over with your butt in the air and your hands on the counter.”

“But honey”

NOW and not another word”

Vera slowly began unbuttoning and removing her jeans.  Apparently not fast enough for Brad because she felt a sudden jerk and her jeans were on the floor.


“What did you just say?” Brad asked


Applejack was the safe word they had come up with when they first married. Brad stepped away from the counter leaving Vera bent over the counter. 

“I haven’t even started the discipline, why are you using the safeword?"

“Because you are too angry right now.  I would like you to take some time before beginning.  You always said you would never spank in anger and right now you are much too angry”.

He laid down the wooden spoon right in front of her and stomped to the door. He told her to stay just where she was.  He would be back after he calmed down.  She started to object but the look he gave her was enough to silence her.

“You just stay there and think about what you did and what’s coming, understand.”

“Yes, sir.”

Vera always knew she would be in a domestic discipline marriage because Brad cautioned her very early on in their courtship about his expectations.  His parents and two brothers had this kind of marriage and they were still together and happy.  His sister, who did not, had been divorced. She agreed because she loved him and knew he would never do anything to cause her harm. She was young and in love and never really thought about everything this kind of relationship would entail.

If you asked her she would swear she was spanked nearly every other day the first year they were married. Brad cut her no slack; he said she was an intelligent girl and knew what he expected and how she was to behave.  It was all very new to her. Vera had been raised in a household of free thinkers. Of three brothers and two sisters, she was the youngest. By the time she came along her parents were worn out and she pretty much did whatever she pleased with no consequences.  Considering the circumstances, she was a well behaved child, loved school, had lots of friends and boyfriends and really caused no trouble at all.

When she met Brad she was a junior in college and studying to become a teacher.  He was a BMOC.  The quarterback of the football team, a baseball star, Class President and was going to graduate summa cum laude at the end of the year. He was gorgeous – six feet two inches with broad shoulders, well toned, long legs and a very sexy looking butt. He had dark brown, almost black hair and beautiful blue eyes that twinkled when he spoke.  His killer smile and gentlemanly manners had every girl on campus swooning whenever he paid the slightest bit of attention to them.  Vera was no different.  They met when another student had bumped into her and sent her sprawling.  Her books and papers strewn out around her on the ground and the big lump had just kept on going.  Brad was with a bunch of his friends and he immediately came over to help her up and to pick up her items. He offered her his hand and she felt an electrical jolt as their hands touched.  So much so that he actually stepped back for a moment before reaching out again.  She noticed the size of his hands and much later often thought that might have been a “sign” because those hands were tough as steel and covered every inch of her behind when she was naughty. 

After helping her up, his friends handed her the books and papers and all she could manage was a very quiet “thank you”.  He told her she was most welcome and apologized for the guy who didn’t have manners enough to fix the havoc he had wrought.

She blushed and said that was okay, at least she got to meet a campus legend.  It was his turn to blush.  He told her that since she obviously knew him it was only fair that he get to know her, starting with her name.  He turned and told his friends to go on; he would catch up with them later.  He walked with Vera to her next class.  When class was over she was surprised to see him standing outside the door.

Except for a few bumps here and there they were always together after that.  Brad graduated the year before Vera and was already established in his professional career when Vera received her degree.  They married that summer and moved into a starter home Brad had already purchased. Vera found a job teaching school in a nearby charter school and needed transportation. Her very first spanking was the result of an argument in the auto dealership when shopping for that car.  She wanted a sporty convertible and he wanted a family car.  Neither would budge and when she called him a “jackass” in front of the salesman she knew her butt was toast.  She wasn’t wrong.  Brad stood up, offered his hand to the salesman and thanked him for his time.  He helped Vera out of the chair and placed his arm across her back ushering her out of the showroom.  He lectured her on the drive home about respect and how he would never disrespect her the way she had disrespected him, especially in front of a stranger.  He told her she had a punishment spanking coming and when they got home she was to go to their bedroom, remove all clothing below the waist and wait for him.

She was very nervous sitting in her bedroom awaiting her doom.  She had never been spanked as punishment before.  Her parents had delivered a few swats here and there but always over clothing.  Brad had playfully spanked her a few times but nothing serious.  She didn’t know what to expect. She was trembling when he walked into the room.  He brought her over to the bed and told her to get across his lap.  She tripped on the carpet she was so nervous.  He assisted her and he lectured her some more on what he expected of her.  She told him she was very scared.  He told her this spanking would hurt but when it was over he would hold her and the episode would be forgiven and forgotten.  He explained about safewords and Vera picked Applejack. It was the name of a stuffed horse she had when she was a child and sat on her bed this very day.  He told her she was only to use the word if she truly needed to and if she used it to know it would only be a stop gap and not a reprieve.  She was already sobbing before his hand landed for the first time. After twenty swats she was almost hysterical but she didn’t use the safe word.  She hadn’t used it ever until now.

She was still remembering that first spanking when Brad walked back into the kitchen.  It had seemed like hours and her back was starting to hurt from being bent over.  She sneaked a quick look at the clock and realized only fifteen minutes had gone by. He picked up the spoon and asked her if she was ready.

“Have you calmed down any Brad?  You were very angry.”

“Yes, I have.  You made the right call.  I was very angry with you.  Now I am disappointed in the decision you made to disobey me.  I  am still angry but it will not affect the spanking I am about to deliver.  Tell me, Vera, why you are about to get spanked”

“I went out with Lila last night after you told me not to see her anymore.”

“And, what happened during the evening?”

“Lila had too much to drink again and ended up leaving me stranded.  I called my brother to take me home instead of calling you”.

“Did you not think I would find out about this, or did you plan on lying to me?”

“I didn’t think about it”

“You’re right, you didn’t think about it.  I just happened to run into Dick and he asked if you were alright today?  Obviously, it wasn’t only Lila who had too much to drink.”

“I’m sorry Brad.  Can we just get this over with?  My back hurts.”

“I wouldn’t push my luck if I were you.  In a minute it’s not only your back that’s going to be hurting.”

With that he started spanking her, at first with his hand and when he thought she was warmed up enough to tolerate the spoon he picked it up and began peppering her backside, sit spots and thighs.  She was kicking and trying to escape the stinging spanks to no avail.  He just pushed her back down and held her imprisoned while he continued to rain down the bamboo spoon on her bottom. Her bottom was cherry red and he felt she had enough, so he stopped. He could see the outline of spoon in several places and knew she would be feeling the effect of this spanking for a day or so.  She stood up and pushed her arms back to rub her stinging bottom.  He held her hands and turned her into his arms.  He hugged her and gave them the comfort they both needed after a hard punishment.  He told her he was sorry he had to spank her so hard but he wanted it to be a reminder to listen to him.  He said he didn’t like disciplining her but she had disobeyed him and betrayed his trust by telling him she was going out with the girls.  He said he didn’t want her to see Lila for a reason and he hoped this spanking would be a reminder of that fact.

“I love you so very much.  You know you can always count on me to be there for you.  I’m sorry you felt you couldn’t trust me enough to come get you last night.”

“I love you too Brad and I am sorry I disappointed you.  I will tell Lila that I won’t be going out with her again.  Now, can I pull my pants back up please, or do you have other plans.” She said as she grinned at him.

“Only if you do”, he answered.