Monday, September 23, 2013


He saw her pull in the driveway.  He could tell she didn’t realize he was home because he usually left the garage door open but his car was in for service and he had been dropped off.   He watched as she carefully pulled packages out of the back seat, sort them out, then put all but two of the bags in the trunk.  She had been at it again. 

Courtney was an over zealous shopper; he didn’t consider it compulsive but that she just loved to shop and couldn’t resist finding just the right gift for herself or someone else.  She always bought way more than was needed, not only for herself, but for friends and family.  They had a spare room that was filled with items Courtney had purchased and were destined for someone someday.  There were items hidden way back in her closet that had never seen the light of day since they were purchased. They could have opened their very own store.  Andrew had warned her that enough was enough.  When he had intercepted their last credit card bill he had gone ballistic – he told her any more buying had to be approved beforehand.  It wasn’t that they couldn’t pay their bills; to Andrew it was the money that was being wasted that could be put to better use. He had threatened to take away her credit cards,  take over their finances and put her on an allowance. It looked as if he had to make good on his word.

He thought he would have a little fun with her first, watch her squirm a bit before he confronted her about this little shopping spree.  She came into the house and almost jumped out of her skin when he greeted her as she walked in the front door with her packages.

“You frightened me.  I didn’t realize you were home.  Where is your car?”

He admired her attempt at covering her bases; she was always quick to deflect any bombs coming her way.  He grinned and told her about his car and that they would have to pick it up later.

“I don’t remember discussing your going shopping today.  Did I miss something or did you forget our last conversation or did you deliberately ignore it?”

“Oh, honey, I didn’t ignore it. The only thing I bought today was some bras and panties.  That hardly constitutes shopping, that’s necessities.”

“Normally, I would agree with you.  However, you have drawers filled with bras and panties and I see no need for you to purchase anymore.”

“But, babe, don’t you enjoy the show I put on for you when I have some new lingerie?”

“You know I do, but it’s never on long enough for me to remember.  Besides, I’m more interested in what’s in the garments than the garments themselves.”

“I hate when you call them “garments.  It makes it sound like I wear granny pants or something.”

He laughed, it was what his mother had always called her undergarments and although he knew Courtney hated the term he seemed to always revert back to it.

“Sorry, I’ll try to remember.  What I do remember is that I told you any purchases had to be approved prior to purchase.  So, I’ll take your credit cards now and you also are not in charge of our finances any more.  As of today, I will be taking over.  You will be given an allowance for food purchases and some pocket money, everything else will have to be pre-approved."

"That's not fair."

He handed her the purse and held out his hand.  As she handed over the cards, he tried very hard not to show the slightest bit of the amusement he was getting from this scenario.  She was like a little kid handing over her most beloved toy.  For a moment or two he actually thought she might shed some crocodile tears.  He took the cards, looked at them and asked if that was it. 


“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“No, that’s all the credit cards."

“Where are the debit cards?”

“You can’t expect me to give up those too.  What will I use for the unexpected expenses that come up?”

“You will have a food budget and if you need to use it for something other than food, I will reimburse you when presented with the receipt for the unexpected item.”

She pouted and said she hated him and he wasn’t being fair.

He laughed at her and told her he was being fair and she was acting just like a spoiled little girl instead of a grown woman.  She ran into the bedroom and said he could forget about seeing her new lingerie.  He smiled to himself thinking how she thought she had pulled one over on him because there were still packages in the car.  He couldn’t wait to watch her performance as he “found” the packages she had stowed in the trunk.

The garage called and said his car was ready for pick up.   He told Courtney about the car and he would return that pressure washer to Home Depot while they were out.  We can grab a bite to eat at the cute little café we like so much.  He told her he would meet her at the car. She practically ran out of the bedroom to reach the car before him. 

“Put it in the backseat” she said.

He didn’t answer her, just grabbed the pressure washer from the garage and  headed toward the car automatically pressing the “key button” for the trunk.  He wished he could have seen her face but the opened trunk obscured his view.  He put the pressure washer down and picked up the packages and brought them around to her.

“What’s this Courtney, more garments?”

“Damn you, you knew they were there, you watched me and enacted that whole scenario for your enjoyment.  You are mean and you can find your own way to the garage."

Courtney grabbed the packages from his hand and took them into the house.  He was right on her heels, she turned around and threw the car keys at him. They barely missed his eye.  Now he was angry.  She was acting like a spoiled brat. He yelled at her to stop and she just kept ignoring him and walking toward the spare room with her parcels.

“If you know what’s good for you, you will stop and talk to me.”

“I have nothing to say to you, you jackass.”

“Well, I have something to say to you.  I may have watched you put those packages in the car but you fully intended to hide them from me because you knew you would be in trouble.  You do remember our previous conversation and yet you went ahead and ignored me.  Tomorrow, you are taking everything back.  Do you hear me?”

“The hell with you, I am not taking anything back. You are being a mean spirited SOB.”

With no thought to his actions, he reached for her and pulled her over to the couch. She was yelling at him to let her go.  At the couch, he sat down and positioned her over his lap and started to rain down spanks on her backside.  She was really yelling now and kicking up her legs.  The harder she kicked, the harder he spanked.  Suddenly, it hit him, he was spanking his wife.  He had never done that before.  Sure he’d thought about it a time or two when she acted petulant, but it was just a thought.  He wasn’t sure what to do now.  Did he keep spanking her? Did he apologize?  Would she report him for domestic abuse?  He decided the hell with it; in for a penny, in for a pound.  He pulled down her slacks and saw a lacy black thong in between two pink orbs.  He readjusted her so that her butt was raised a little higher and began painting the orbs a deeper shade of red.  He pushed his knee up a little higher yet and began coloring the spot where the thighs met the buttocks.  He could feel the heat and sting in his hand and figured her fanny had to be on fire, so he stopped.  She tried to get up, but he just held her there, resting his hand on her punished bottom.  She fought her way up and as she started to take off she almost fell because her slacks were still down around her ankles.  He lunged for her and couldn’t hold back his laughter.  Courtney’s face was as red as her butt had been minutes earlier.

“You think this is funny, you Neandethral.  Well it’s not.   You just spanked me. How dare you?”

“I’m sorry I laughed but you looked so funny trying to run away with your pants around your ankles.  I did just spank you and I am not the least bit sorry.  I don’t know what came over me but it was an instant reaction at first then  I decided to finish what I started.   With every smack your beautiful ass turned redder and I thought about the deceit and lies that brought us to that point.  Let me tell you, Mrs. Taylor, it felt good and no matter how angry you may be at me, it was worth it.  Now go do what you’re going to do and meet me in the car” he told her in a very stern voice.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.  After what you just did you expect me to do something for you.  Guess again, buddy.”

“Well, as I see it you have two choices you can either get in the car or you can get back over my knee.  I’ll give you ten seconds to make up your mind,  1...2…3…4…5...6...7   I’m warning you, don’t push your luck Courtney. 8…9."

He watched her move toward the door.

“Smart girl, now let’s get our chores done and have a nice dinner and maybe check out that new piano bar down on Chestnut and tomorrow you can return your new garments.” He chortled when he saw her face.

'Guess again, Mr. Taylor.' she thought to herself.