Monday, July 15, 2013

Taming a Tomboy

He had never done that before in his life but she had made him so angry and scared the only thing he could think of was that she needed a good spanking and that is just what he had done.

He and Carilyn had been dating for a couple of months.  She was a tomboy having grown up the youngest of five children and the first four were boys.  They were over protective now but back when they were kids they teased and taunted her unmercifully. In order to measure up she felt as if she felt she had to keep up with them and she was very successful at doing so.  Her mother, who was thrilled when she finally had a girl, was very disappointed as she watched Carilyn emulate her brothers in every way.  She was definitely ‘daddy’s little girl” but even Jim wished she were a little more “girly”.

He was an avid hiker and he asked Carilyn if she wanted to join him on one of his hikes.  She was enthusiastic and couldn’t wait.  Like in everything she did, she was competitive.  This weekend they were trying a difficult mountain trail.  When they were halfway up the mountain the weather started to turn.  Rory, as an experienced hiker, knew it was time to turn back and he told Carilyn so.  She said he could quit if he wanted but she was going to finish the hike they had planned.  He told her it wasn’t a good idea and he was turning around and starting back. 

“You go ahead, you wimp” she told him.

“Carilyn, I’m not fooling around here.  The weather at this altitude can change on a dime and we should start back now”.

She just kept on trekking up the trail.  He had no choice but to follow her.  He caught up to her, yanked at her arm and tried turning her around.  She fought him off and just then the first lightening strike occurred followed by a loud clap of thunder. He tried to maneuver her toward some caves he knew were ahead.  It would provide enough shelter until the storm passed and they could safely traverse back down the mountain.  She was fighting him off the whole way.  When they finally reached the caves, he removed his backpack and set it down.  It was obvious this cave had been used as a protective shelter many times before.  A fire ring to the right of the opening  allowed the smoke to vent and right next to the pit sat a little pile of kindling. He had some matches in his backpack.  While he was trying to get a small fire started to warm them up, Carilyn left the cave. When he discovered she was gone, his blood pressure started to rise and his anger right along with it.  Damn her.  He left the cave after her.  When he finally caught up to her, he pulled her arm and literally dragged her back to the cave.  He pulled her across his hip and began spanking her with a stick he had picked up from the kindling pile. 

When her kicking and screaming finally made him realize what he was doing, he stopped and threw down the stick.  He let her up and she started pummeling his chest yelling that he was a brute and she couldn’t wait to get away from him.  She accused him of abusing her and said she would be filing charges against him.

His anger started to return and he told her to go right ahead and do that but for now she was his responsibility and he was trying to keep her safe even if she didn’t have enough brains to recognize the fact.  She was being totally ridiculous yelling all sorts of epithets and saying her brothers would avenge her honor.  He was about ready to take her back over his hip when the rain started coming down in torrents.  Finally, she settled down.

It poured steadily for about an hour.  She sat on the ground, cross-legged with her arms crossed against her chest and never said a word.  She really was being a little spoiled brat and he was glad he spanked her.  Actually, she needed more than one spanking, she needed her butt blistered on a regular basis.  He didn’t think he would ever get the chance because he was pretty sure they were through as a couple judging by her reaction and her current behavior.

Once the storm passed, he tamped out the fire and told her to gather her things.  He wanted to get back down the mountain before dark. She shot him a look that would freeze ice but got up and put on her backpack. He went first with Carilyn following. It wasn’t long before she passed him.  He told her to be careful the ground was wet and some rocks might be loose making the footing treacherous.  She just kept moving along at a fast pace; he was having trouble keeping up with her while trying to maintain some precaution.  He had finally almost caught up to her when he saw her fall down.  He hurried to her, asked if she was hurt.  She shook her head no but when she tried to get up, she couldn’t put any weight on her foot, and went down again. He bent down to take a look and could see it wasn’t good.  She started to take off her boot and he told her to keep it on otherwise the swelling would take over and it would hurt even worse than it already did.

“Stay put and I’ll go find a stick we can use as a crutch” he told her

When he returned with a “cane”, he offered his hand to her.  She ignored it and tried to get up on her own. 

“Quit being an brat and accept my help” he told her. With that he put his arms under hers pulled her up.  He handed her the cane and told her to transfer her weight.  When she steadied herself, he picked up her backpack, hoisted it up and tried to continue. 

“I can’t do it, it hurts too much” Carilyn said.

 He pulled out his cell phone to see if he could get a signal.  No luck.  It was getting late and they couldn’t just sit here.  He left the backpacks, hoisted her over his shoulder and took off down the trail.

“I can’t stay in this position all the way down the mountain, the blood is rushing to my head” she complained.  He thought to himself, if I had my way it would be rushing somewhere else.

“Okay”.  He said stopping and setting her down gently. “We’ll try this piggy back”.

“Is this better?” He asked her after she was settled on his back.

“Yes, thank you”.

He was exhausted by the time they got to the Ranger Station.  He explained the situation and the Ranger took over.  By the time they got to the clinic, he had called her family and told them where they could find her.  At the clinic, he talked to her family and before she was out of ex-ray he had gone.

The next day he got a text from her thanking him for looking out for her and being her knight in shining armor.  Yeah, he got her down the mountain but before that he had spanked her and based on her behavior he was persona non grata.

Three weeks later he walked out of his office and she was leaning against his car in the parking lot. 

“Why haven’t you called?” she asked haughtily.

“I see your manners haven’t improved at all” he responded. “Usually, someone says hello before they launch into an interrogation”.

“We were a couple and all of a sudden you don’t call me anymore.  What’s up with that?”

“Maybe you have forgotten our little interaction prior to your spraining your ankle. I didn’t think you ever wanted to see me again.  Actually, every time I answer the door I half expect to find either your dad or one of your brothers looking to rearrange my dental work.  You even threatened to file charges for abuse, so excuse me for being a little hesitant to contact you.”

“I was just being a drama queen over a little spanking.  I’m sorry.  You are the best.  How many other guys would do what you did after the way I treated you?”

“I’m not sure if you would want to continue our relationship because you deserved that spanking and I think you would be a much better person if someone set fire to your fanny on a regular basis”

“Yeah, that’s what my brother Jake said when I told him.  He actually said I should hold on to you because you might just be the only one willing to deal with me.  Are you willing to deal with me, huh, huh?" she said as she sidled up to him.

Rory laughed at her attempt to humor him.

“Well, are you?” she continued to taunt him.

“Boy, you never stop pushing do you?   You just keep poking the bear.  Well if I do decide we should continue to be a couple you can bet you will be behaving better than before or you will find yourself in a constant state of discomfort.  I won’t put up with that stuff anymore.  I found out how to relieve my frustrations with your behavior and the cure is to redden your butt at the first sign of rebellion. Think about that and I’ll call you in a few days and you can tell me your decision.”

“Jeez, why are you being so obtuse about this?” she said.  She pouted and then turned to walk away.  He could tell it wasn’t the answer she expected.  He called to her and said it was just that kind of behavior that would earn her a red butt.

“We’ll just have to see about that” she replied.

“Yes, we will” he hollered back.