Monday, July 22, 2013

Sparks and Spanks

Donna hated waiting.  Dennis knew that but time was not important to him and the more Donna harped, the more Dennis balked.  He was trying to teach her that she couldn’t control everything and she sure wasn’t controlling him anymore.

The first twenty years of their marriage she had him dancing on a string.  She was in charge and control of everything.  When they started out he worked two jobs trying to get a down payment on their first house and then they got pregnant.  When he opened his insurance agency most of his appointments were nights and weekends.  It was only natural that Donna had taken charge of the home front.  The problem was that as she became more and more dominant he became less and less engaged in their life and marriage.  It was just easier to stand back and let her take over.  It was almost as if she was his mother rather than his wife and she treated him like one of their kids. 

When the kids went off to college, Dennis realized their marriage was in real trouble.  If  Donna didn’t recognize it, he did.  He loved her as much as the day they married but he didn’t like her anymore.  Something had to change.  He tried very hard to bring up the subject on numerous occasions but Donna was always too busy.  He finally nailed her down and told her they needed a weekend together.  He booked a room at a Bed & Breakfast they had always wanted to try.

On Friday evening, they had dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the river.  He was going to broach the subject but as he gazed at his wife across the table, he just couldn’t do it.  He thought to himself, I am afraid of my own wife, if this isn’t a testament to how much trouble we are in, I don’t know what is.  He told her that tomorrow morning before they started their day he needed to have a serious discussion with her.

Donna shook her head and said “Sure, whatever you want Dennis”.  If that were only true, were the words going through his head. 

The next morning, Dennis awoke to the sounds of the shower.  He stepped into the bathroom, relieved himself and flushed the toilet.  Donna let out a howl.  As she was turning off the faucet she began shouting at him that he was the most inconsiderate man on the planet, didn’t he know not to flush when she was in the shower.  She stepped out of the shower and was fighting mad.  He mumbled he was sorry and handed her a towel that she threw back at him while continuing to harangue him.  When she came up to him and started pointing her finger at him like a recalcitrant child his manhood awakened  from a long dormant sleep.  He found himself grabbing her finger and then her hand and hauling her over the bathroom vanity.  He began raining down spanks on her wet behind.  The sound reverberated in the tiled bathroom and each spank was punctuated by Donna’s screech.

“Stop that” she was yelling at him.  

The more she yelled the harder he spanked.  He happened to look in the mirror above the vanity and saw his hand making contact with her now red behind.  It was as if he was watching a movie -he couldn’t believe he was spanking her and he couldn’t stop.  He was enjoying himself.  All of his pent up frustration was being transferred to her bottom.  When his hand began to hurt, he gave her a few more spanks and watched her red bottom quiver as his hand made contact.  She had quieted sometime back and was just accepting what he was doling out.  He stopped and stepped back, clearly waiting for her to come up swinging.  She surprised him.

“I would appreciate a little privacy right now, if you don’t mind” she told him with a deadly calm to her voice.

“I don’t know what came over me, Donna.  I would say I’m sorry but I’m really not.  You’ve pushed and pulled me so much over the years that your finger pointing was the last straw.  I just reacted.”

“Some privacy please.”

Dennis left the room and sat on the bed.  A few minutes later Donna walked out of the bathroom, her robe tucked neatly around her. Dennis wasn’t sure what to do – they had never been in this situation before and Donna’s deadly calm frightened him more than the usual expected behavior.  She didn’t say a word as she began laying out her clothing.  She removed her bathrobe and he could see her reddened bottom and it turned him on.  He felt his erection growing larger by the minute.  As he watched her reach for her underwear he went to her and held her in his arms.  He felt her stiffen but began rubbing his hands down her back and over her sore behind.  She felt his erection and moved into him.  Before long they were both entwined on the bed and enjoyed the best sex they’d had in years.  As they both lay spent, he reminded her he wanted to talk to her.

“Let’s go down and get some breakfast first and then we can talk.  Is that okay with you Dennis?"

Wow, he thought.  She actually asked my opinion.  He couldn’t remember when that had last happened.  He told her that would be fine and while she finished getting dressed he would hop in the shower.  They went down to breakfast and after choosing their selection from the buffet, took a seat.  Donna winced when her bottom connected with the wooden chair.  He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“A little tender, Dear”

“Just a little, sweetie”

After breakfast he asked if she wanted to take a walk down by the river. Donna actually reached for his hand as they walked. They came to a bench and he suggested they sit and talk.  He told her he wasn’t sure just how or what to say so that it didn’t sound so harsh but he was just going to  spit it out.

“I hate what our lives have become Donna and I don’t want to live like that anymore.  Something has to change.”

Donna was shocked.  She knew that things hadn’t been right between them for some time but didn’t realize he felt so strongly.  Her first reaction was defensive and she raised her voice as she said.

Are you saying you want out of our marriage?”

“I love you Donna but I don’t like what you have become.  You are like one of those harradins you read about in novels. What I am saying is that our marriage is in trouble. You treat me more like one of the kids than your husband.  I feel like all I am good for is a paycheck.”

“After this morning, do you still think that.”

“What happened this morning Donna? You pointed your finger at me and I spanked you.  We had great sex.  It doesn’t fix what is wrong with our marriage.  Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great but there has to be more”

“What  do you want me to do.  I love you and I don’t want a divorce”

“I am not saying this is all your fault.  I am to blame for letting it go this long without stepping up.  The change has to come from both of us.”

They sat on the bench and talked for hours.  Each of them stating their case and they both listened to what the other had to say.  It was the most productive conversation they had in years.   Donna promised to treat Dennis more like a husband than a child and Dennis promised to be more attentive and to remind Donna when he felt she was getting out of hand.  They agreed to spend time together on the weekends starting with date night on Friday and a fun day on Sunday.
Donna asked him to explain why he had spanked her that morning.  Dennis said it was as much a surprise to him as to her.  She asked if it was something he planned on doing again and he said it wasn’t but he couldn’t promise that it would not reoccur if she pushed him too far.
“I was completely shocked by your actions Dennis and although it worked to bring my harangue to a halt and I enjoyed the aftermath, it’s not something I want repeated.”

“Donna,  you are no longer going to dictate to me what I will or will not do.  If anything, I will be dictating to you.  I realize it’s not going to be easy to change habits that have been in place for years but it is going to change”.

Donna nodded and Dennis took her hand and brought it to his lips.  We will make the changes we discussed and if we need to revisit some things we will.
Donna made a lot of changes over the next three months.  She treated Dennis with respect; asking his opinions, making his favorite meals, being less bossy. She slipped up occasionally and Dennis would simply remind her of their agreement.  Dennis, on the other hand, started bringing her flowers, telling her how much he appreciated all her efforts and generally being more loving. Their sex life, though better than before, still lacked the passion they had achieved at the Bed & Breakfast.   Donna wanted that back.  She had gone over it in her head many times and each time she came back to the fact that it had occurred after he had spanked her.  She hadn’t felt anything but shock and hurt during the spanking but when Dennis had held her in his arms and caressed her, her libido jumped into high gear.

One night not long after Donna had reached her conclusion, she waited until they were both snuggled in bed and brought up the subject.  Dennis agreed that he missed that spark too. 

“Our emotions were running high at that moment in time and I was turned on by seeing my handiwork on your bottom.  It was probably a combination of my testosterone and your acceptance of the spanking that heightened our sexual responses”

“I miss it and I want it back” 

“Oh so you are demanding now, are you, little lady.”

“Yes, and if you know what is good for you, you will do your darndest to grant my request, little man.

“How dare you call me, little man,” giving her a good smack on her bottom.

“Ouch," she cried and made a pouty face at him.

He pulled her to his side and smacked her again.  When she started fighting back he smacked her a little harder.  Before long, he had wrestled her over his lap and gave her right cheek a smart slap, following up with the same action on her left cheek.  She wriggled her bottom into his and could feel his erection. She reached back and pinched his leg, earning her another smack, followed by another and then another.  He heard her breathing change and gave her a few more spanks, each with a little more intensity.  He stopped and she pushed her butt higher into his hand. He smacked her again and then he stopped and rubbed his hand over her now pinked butt.  He found her slickness.

“I think you like being spanked, little girl”.

“I think you may be right little man,”

"Call me little man again and I might have to spank you again.

"Do what you must, little man." And they began dancing their dance.

The spark had been reignited and Dennis felt confident he had found the way to resolve any further marital issues and he was pretty sure Donna would agree.