Monday, June 3, 2013

Lucky Charm

Clay Thomas had everything going for him.  He was good looking, came from a great family, was always surrounded by the prettiest girls, had a circle of friends that really cared about him and was the best football player that ever came out of Riverbend. He went to college on a full football scholarship and the speculation was he would be the first player drafted in the NFL the year he graduated from college.  That was until he was tackled in the last game of the season and injured his knee and lower leg.  His rehab was long and hard and by the time he could even think about playing again, the bowl season was over and the draft done.  

He did not accept this new reality gracefully.  He was surly and despondent.  Little by little many of his friends gave up on him.  The girls stopped buzzing around and he was no longer the BMOC, he was just another college graduate in search of a job.  He was still living with his parents and driving a car they had given him when he graduated from high school.  He knew he was luckier than some but it didn’t help his attitude any.  He was mad at the world and himself but he didn’t know to change.  Everything had always come easily; dates, grades, accolades but now that he was in the real world he found he had to actually perform and not just show up.

He had been interviewing steadily for six months without any success.  He did not have very high hopes for the morning’s interview either.  He would not get the job but he would meet someone who would turn his world around.

Her name was Joy Anderson.  She was 24 years old and had been raised primarily by her aunt and grandmother.  Her father died when she was two years old and three years later her mother died in a hit and run accident.  She was a happy little girl that turned into a happy woman.  She still lived in the house her aunt brought her to when she was five.  She was cute and perky.  Her personality carried the day though.  Her parents had chosen the right name for her; she brought joy to everyone around her.  After graduating from college at 20 she took a teaching job and was as successful at that as with everything else she touched.  Her students loved her and her fellow teachers thought she was a great teacher considering her age and inexperience.

She was meeting her aunt for lunch the day she met Clay.  She was on spring break and wanted to treat her aunt.  Liz Morris was employed at Burke & Company where Clay was applying for a job.  They were both sitting in the waiting room and she asked him if he was Clay Thomas.  He said yes he was and went back to reading the magazine.  She told him she remembered him from  college and asked how he was doing. Joy said she didn’t think he would remember her because he was a senior when she was just a lowly freshman.   He nodded  and  once again went back to the magazine.  She kept talking and finally, with an annoyed look, he put down the magazine

“You don’t give up do you?" he asked her

“Give up what?” she said.  He smiled because she didn’t even realize he was being rude.

“Nothing” he replied. “You know my name, now what’s yours?"

She told him her name and that she was meeting her aunt for lunch. She was a chatty thing and before they called him in for his interview, he knew she had been orphaned at five, raised by and lived with her aunt and taught school at Herbert Taylor Elementary.
When he came out of the interview, she was gone.  He found himself feeling disappointed. He thought about how positive and happy she was about everything even when he was being his usual rude self.  It just went up and over her head.  Maybe he could benefit from some of that positivity.  He was deep in thought when a woman with a stroller bumped into him in the parking lot.  Instead of his usual surly remark when she excused herself he accepted her apology and actually smiled.  ‘that felt good’ he thought to himself. 

He didn’t get the job at Burke & Company but the Human Resource Manager called him and gave him a lead at one of their subsidiary companies.  He got that job and couldn’t help but think that Joy Anderson had been his good luck charm.  The more he thought about it the more grateful he was to her.  He had to let her know. He remembered the name of the school at which she taught.  He called the school and left a message.  Days went by and he still had not heard from her. 

During the next year Clay’s life changed dramatically.  He went on a tryout for the Seattle Pilots and made the team.  He was thrilled to be back in football and back in the limelight.  He thrived on it for a while. Once again he was surrounded by pretty girls and back slapping friends.  He was a different person now though.  He had matured and the “limelight seekers” no longer appealed to him. He put his business degree to good use and invested his bonus and football salary wisely.  He bought himself a condo and a new car.

One day as he was driving around town he happened to pass Herbert Taylor Elementary.  He looked at his watch and saw that school would probably be letting out soon.  He hadn’t forgotten Joy Anderson and on a whim pulled over and waited.  It wasn’t long before all the children came spilling out the schoolyard doors.  He got out of his car and walked over to the main entrance and spotted her with a bunch of children around her.  He waited until the last child walked away and went toward her.  He called her name and she turned around.  At first she didn’t recognize him and then he saw the recognition come into her eyes.

“Hello, nice to see you.  Are you here to see someone?” She asked.

“You” he replied.

“Me, why me?"

“I just wanted to tell you that meeting you that day changed my life.  I was a grouchy SOB and had been for a long while until the day I was lucky enough to meet you.  Your cheerfulness in spite of my rudeness made me stop and take stock.  I started looking at myself and didn’t like what I had become.  When I realized all of the opportunities I had been given I changed my attitude and my life changed after that.   I wanted you to know and thank you.”

“Well you are welcome, but I can’t take credit for your change.  You were the one who turned yourself around.”

“That may be so but you made me realize what an ass I had become.  Can I take you to dinner to properly thank you?”

“That’s not necessary, she said, but if you wanted to just take me to dinner, I wouldn’t say no.  I can’t believe I am being so forward I really don’t even know you.”

“Trust me, you don’t know what forward is.  You would be amazed at some of the things girls do to get a football player’s attention.”

“Are you playing football again?” she asked innocently.

That statement alone made him so happy he had decided to look her up.  She was going out with him because of him not because he was a Seattle Pilot. 

They made arrangements for the following night and when he picked her up he found she was still living with her aunt.  He took her to one of his haunts which was far from the madding crowd.  At Mateo’s he actually got to eat dinner without being constantly bothered  for autographs. They spent an uninterrupted evening.  The more time he spent with her the more he knew he wanted to spend more.

He asked her to pick him up after a party at one of his teammate’s place.  It was supposed to be a guys only party but it didn’t turn out that way, there were as many girls as guys.  The party was in full swing when Joy arrived.  She walked in and was amazed at some of the sites.  There were half-dressed girls falling all over some of the guys.  She immediately spotted Clay with a girl sprawled over his knee and he was whacking her bottom.  He had just set her upright with a last hard smack on the ass when he spotted Joy.  She was just turning to walk out the door when he caught up with her. 

“Where are you going?" he asked.

“I’m leaving."

“I’m coming with you” he said.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay and continue having your fun?” she retorted

“This isn’t my idea of fun anymore.”

“You could have fooled me” she said  “I saw you spanking that girl.”

“I was spanking her because she kept grabbing my crotch.  I told her to stop or I was going to spank her.  She laughed and did it again and so I put her over my knee.”

“Are you sure that’s all it was and you still want to come home with me.”

“I’m very sure” he said and kissed her deeply.

When they got to the car Joy asked where he wanted to go.  He told her to go to Mateo’s and then she could drop him off at his place.  When they got to his place he asked her to come in. She told him she wasn’t sure that was such a good idea.  He nodded his head and said he understood. Joy told him she wasn’t sure he did.  The reason I don’t want to come in is because of what I want to do to you.

“And what is that?” he asked.

“I want to do to you some of the things I saw at that party and I especially want to do to you what that girl was doing.  I am not as innocent as you think” she told him.

“I see what you mean.  So unless you want a spanking I think it would be a good idea for you not to come up either.”

She kissed him goodbye and drove off.  Halfway home she turned the car around and went back to Clay’s.  She parked the car and went up and rang the doorbell.  When he opened the door she began kissing him and pushing him toward the bedroom.

“I’ve waited long enough.  I don’t care if you spank me.  It would be worth it.  I want you and I’m tired of being treated like a china doll.  I’m a grown woman and I know what I want and what I want is you.”

He laughed and told her to do with him as she chose.  He was willing to do anything with a  wanton woman as long as her name was Joy Anderson.