Monday, October 8, 2012

Disappointment - A New Story


Cleo thought that she would get through the day without crying. She was about to disappoint her husband and felt terrible.  The worst part was she would have to explain to him why they would be unable to attend the football game of his beloved Denver Broncos. They had planned this weekend since the end of last season.  They planned to travel to Denver, stay overnight at the Brown Palace Hotel and then onto the football game. This was to be a birthday present to her husband.   Unfortunately, that was not going to happen. 

She was going to have to come clean.  She had been piling up traffic tickets for the past year. Last week it caught up with her.  Between the tickets and the late fees it had not only taken all of her savings but had maxed out her credit card too.  In addition, she had to perform community service for the next eight weekends.  One of those weekends was when the Denver trip was scheduled.  She dreaded having to tell Johnny.  He would not only be disappointed about not going but would be livid about the tickets and the community service work.  He was always warning her about her careless driving and parking habits and now this.  He worked in the municipal court system and it wasn’t like she was would be able to hide this.  She just hoped that one of his cohorts hadn’t informed him already.

When she got home, she straightened up the house, got dinner started and changed into one of the outfits she knew Johnny loved.  If she could distract him maybe the consequences wouldn’t be so bad. She thought about what Johnny had told her about The Donaldson's.  Jeff Donaldson told Johnny that when his wife misbehaved he took her over his knee.  He said it had worked wonders for their marriage. Cleo hoped it wouldn’t come to that but she had her doubts.

She poured herself a glass of wine and sat down and watched the clock as the minutes ticked down until Johnny would be home.  When she finally heard the garage door open, she got up and went to greet him. She opened the door and immediately knew she was in big trouble.  He was frowning and told her it was no use.  They would discuss it after dinner.  Right now he just wanted to sit down and relax with a drink.  Dinner was a very silent affair.  When she got up to clear the table he told her to sit back down.  She did so but didn’t say a word.  He told her he was waiting.  She asked him very coyly “waiting for what”.  He told her not to be smart she was already in a lot of trouble and there was no sense in making it worse.  

She wasn’t sure where to start.  She hemmed and hawed and finally told him that a warrant had been issued for her arrest and she had finally appeared in court.  She told him it had cost her the money she had saved for the trip and in addition she was sentenced to community service for eight weekends and one of them was the weekend for the Denver Broncos football game.  He sat there silently and when she was finished he asked her how many tickets she had accumulated and that they were for.  She explained the majority were parking tickets but three of them were for other infractions.  He asked her to be specific and she told him that one was for failing to make a complete stop at a crosswalk, another was for failure to wear her seatbelt and the third was for speeding.

Johnny was very calm as he lectured her on her various infractions. He lectured how lucky she was that her license hadn’t been revoked.  He said driving was a privilege and she would learn just how much of a privilege it was.  She was very contrite as he told her she was banned from driving until her community service was completed.  He asked for her keys and placed them on the key holder in the kitchen.  She asked how she was going to manage her life between now and then. 

“That is not my problem; it’s yours to work out” he said

“But I have to go to work everyday”

“You will just have to do what other people do, use public transportation”.

“That’s not fair” she said.  “I’ve already been punished enough, why are you doing this”

He told her he had been warning her about her driving habits for years.  This is not the first time a warrant had been issued for her arrest for failure to pay tickets. He bailed her out the last time and warned her he would not do it again.

“Furthermore, if I catch you driving between now and then, I am going to do what Jeff Donaldson does and you will get the spanking you so richly deserve.  I am letting you off easy. Oh, and by the way, I am still going to Denver that weekend.  You are not reneging on my birthday present because of your negligence”

“But, I don’t have the money”

“I’ll take it out of savings and you will repay it out of your “mad money”.  “It shouldn’t be that hard because you will be stranded for the next two months and should be able to save quite a bit of money”. “You will also be responsible for any additional insurance premiums that may come as a result of your recklessness”.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.  I’m sorry”
Cleo made arrangements to get to and from work.  Grocery shopping was another matter.  After her first week trying to use public transportation to do the usual household errands, she decided it was just too hard.  She bummed rides from friends and when she asked Johnny for help he would accommodate her if he could.  Finally, she decided she would make him pay too.  She stopped worrying about grocery shopping until basically “the cupboard was bare”.  She would eat a good lunch at work and then just plan on a can of soup or a PB&J sandwich for dinner.  After three days of this Johnny told her he knew what she was doing and that if she didn’t shape up she would be getting that threatened spanking and her driving privileges would be revoked for extra time.

All went well until the Saturday she had a hair appointment. Johnny was out of town and her friend, Gracie, was supposed to pick her up, take her to the salon and then spend the day shopping.  Gracie called that morning and said she was sick and wouldn’t be able to make their date.  Cleo was frantic – she couldn’t miss an appointment with Jonathon.  He was booked weeks in advance and if she cancelled she would not be able to see him until next month. 

She was sitting in the kitchen crying when she looked up and saw the car keys.  They were calling her name.  Surely Johnny would understand, this was important to her. She got ready, grabbed the keys and was out the door.  Johnny would never find out. 

She drove to her appointment and when she came out to get in the car, the front fender was dented on the driver’s side.  How was she going to explain the damage when the car was supposed to be parked in the driveway?  Could she get it repaired before Johnny came home?  It wasn’t a very big dent.  She drove to an auto repair shop they frequently used and begged them to see if it could be repaired immediately.  The serviceman took pity on her when she explained that her husband would kill her because she had dented the car.  He used the special plunger which removed dents. She breathed a sigh of relief and drove home.  She made sure to park the car in the exact same spot and placed the keys back on the key rack.

She was in the clear until the following week when Johnny had came home early and opened the mail.  There was the bill from the repair shop.  At first, he was going to call them and tell them they had made an error.  Once he reviewed the bill, however, he saw the license number of the car and the date of the service.  He remembered he had been out of town that day so the only possible explanation was that Cleo had used the car and something happened and she was trying to cover her tracks.

He purposely left the bill on the kitchen table so that she would see it when she started to fix dinner.  He watched her as she picked up the paper and realized what it was. She blanched and he asked her if she would like to explain how the car could be in service when it was supposed to have been in their driveway.  She started crying and explained about the hair appointment and how she couldn’t miss it and then someone had hit the car as it was parked.  He quietly listened and then went over to the utensil drawer, pulled out a wooden spoon.  He sat down in the chair and asked her to join him over his lap.  She hesitated.  He asked her again.  She dragged herself over to him and stood looking down at his feet.

“You know what’s going to happen, don’t you?

“Yes, she said in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Tell me, he said

“You are going to spank me”

“Yes, and do you know why I am going to spank you?”

“Yes” she answered.

He took her over his lap, pulled down her jeans and began spanking her with his hand.  When he felt she was sufficiently warmed up, he removed her undies and began laying into her with the wooden spoon.  In no time she was howling like a banshee 
“Please stop” she begged. “I’m so sorry”

I am sure you are he told her but this has been long overdue and continued spanking her bottom.  When he felt she had enough, he stopped and held her over his lap a few moments, rubbing her back and trying to quiet her.  When he finally let her up, she stood up, pulled up her jeans and walked out of the room with as much dignity as she could muster.  When she didn’t come back after a while he went to look for her.  She was asleep on their bed.  She looked like a little girl all curled up hugging her pillow.  He could see the tear tracks on her cheeks. 

He loved her so fiercely and he marveled that she was his.  He wondered how anyone so sweet and lovable could get herself into so much trouble.  That was going to be his problem for a long time to come. One that he gladly accepted.