Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday's Spanking Story.

Another Sunday and another story due for tomorrow and here I am stalling.

 It was a beautiful week here in Arizona – springtime continues and I’ll take it as long as it lasts.  Yesterday, we went to a Pajama Party – yup a pajama party for adults.  It was fun to see ‘old folks’ rock the theme.  There was a contest and the winner was a man who wore Spiderman pajamas – seeing a 55+, six feet + wearing Spiderman pajamas was a hoot.  It was fun. 

I think my writing muse must be on spring break because nothing is coming to mind.  Since I have to be out of here in about an hour or so, I think I’ll stroll through the archives and pick an oldie for Monday’s tale.

This one was titled "The Old Maid Charms a Prince".   I think it may have been one I sent over to PK for Fantasy Friday so you may have seen it there.  Either way, it's an oldie and jumped out at me from the archives.  

Katie Douglas was the oldest of three sisters.  Their mother had died when Katie was twelve and since then she had taken over the role of “matriarch”.    Her dad wanted sons and did not know how to act or treat girls.  Mollie, his wife, and the girl’s mother had always taken care of things when she was alive so he was more than happy to let Katie take over now that she was gone.

Katie was a good “mother”.  She had managed to keep things together and still be an A student.  When she finished high school, she took college courses at night so she could still take care of her sisters and her dad. She met Mac at one of those classes.  They became study partners and soon Mac wanted more than that.  Katie told him she was not interested; she did not have time for anything else in her life.  Mac did not give up so easily and showed up one Saturday afternoon unannounced.  Katie was off at the grocery store but Amy, who was 17 at the time, entertained him while he waited for Katie to get back.  Amy, being the romantic teenager she was, filled Mac in on the fact that Katie felt responsible for her, her sister and their dad.  Amy told him she was sure Katie would end up an old maid unless a Prince Charming came along and rescued her. 

Mac was just trying to process this information when Katie walked in the door, arms loaded with groceries.

“Here, let me take those.” Mac told her.

“What are you doing here, Mac?  We didn’t have a study date that I’ve forgotten, do we?”
“No, Katie.  You are always putting me off so I decided to come in person to see if you would like to go out with me tonight to dinner and a movie?”

Amy answered. “Of course she would.”

“Any hush.  You have no right to speak for me; Mac is talking to me, not you."

“Mac, I’m flattered but I couldn’t possibly go out with you this evening. I have too much to do here.”

“Katie” Amy interrupted again, “there isn’t anything here that we can’t do.  Dad and I can handle dinner and Bree can do the clean up. We’re not helpless little girls anymore.”

“See Katie, even your sister thinks you should go out with me.”

She thought about it for a minute and told him “Okay, yes I will.  What time will you pick me up?”

“Is 6:00 good for you?  That will give us time to grab a bite to eat in plenty of time to get to the movies.”

“I’ll be ready,” Katie told him.

“See you then.  It was nice meeting you Amy and thanks for all your help. It was a very interesting conversation.” Amy blushed.

When Mac left, Katie asked Amy what he meant about thanking her for all her help.

“Oh, I just told him that you fuss over us too much and need to have a life of your own and if you didn’t start dating soon you might end up an Old Maid.”

“You didn’t really tell him that did you?” Katie said incredulously.

“Yes, I did.  It's how I feel.  You are like Mother Hen and forget that we are older now and you should be having some fun.  You work, go to school, come home and the cycle starts all over again the next day and this has been going on for years.  You can be mad at me if you want but Mac seems like a nice guy that is genuinely interested in you.”


Katy went upstairs, took a shower and started getting ready for her date. She was excited to be going out with Mac.  He seemed to be a nice guy and although he was just an average looking man he had the warmest brown eyes, great hair that seemed to have a mind of its own and a smile that lit up his face.  When you talked, you felt like he really listened and when he talked to you he made eye contact and focused on you.  He was a great study partner and she hoped this date would not interfere with that. 

Mac was at the door at 6:00 pm sharp.  Katie was not quite ready.  Her dad had answered the door and entertained Mac.  By the time Katie came downstairs; her dad had practically given her hand to Mac in marriage.  I have to learn to keep him away from my family she thought to herself.  Mac was gracious about it.

“Your family is a hoot.  I think they are all trying to get rid of you.  Is there something I should know?”

“I think my family needs to be gagged.” She said with a grin.

He took her to a small eatery downtown.  It was very quaint, only a few tables and very romantic with white tablecloths, subdued lighting with candles on all the tables and soft music playing in the background. 

“This is very nice.  Do you come here often?” 

“Actually, I do.  It is close to everything and the food is very good. Besides, I worked my wait through school waiting tables here.”

He’s very easy to talk to, thought Katie.  Their conversation flowed easily. They were enjoying each other’s company and Katie wondered what had taken her so long to accept one of his requests for a date.  Actually, she knew the answer to that, she was afraid they would ask more of her than she was willing to give. She did not think that would be the case with Mac and, if she was truthful with herself, she hoped he might ask. 

Dinner was delicious.  The owner came out and said hello to Mac and he introduced her as his girlfriend.  She liked the sound of that.  When they left for the movie, he grabbed for and held her hand.  It felt right.

The movie turned out to be an ‘old classic’, ‘The Philadelphia Story’ with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  Katie had never seen the movie.

“It’s a great old film and Katherine Hepburn never disappoints.  As a matter of fact, her nickname was Kate or Katie.”

“I’ve seen her in other movies but not this one.”

“I think you’ll enjoy it but if you don’t like it, we can always leave.”

Katie loved the movie. “It’s always been one of my favorites too.  I really think Tracy needed to be spanked and often.  Dexter had her number and got the girl after all.” Said Mac.

“Oh,” she blushed. 

“Don’t you believe she deserved a spanking, or you don’t believe in spanking adult women?”  He asked.

“I think that spanking is non-productive beyond a certain age.”

“Adult spanking is very different than a parent chastising a child.  A child is
usually spanked to correct a behavior.  An adult, on the other hand, can receive a spanking for many different reasons. Off the top of my head, and in no particular order, discipline, correction, punishment, maintenance, reconnection, reminder and, last but certainly not least, the good girl spanking.”

“So, I assume you are a spanking enthusiast.”

“I don’t know if I would classify as an enthusiast but I am definitely a fan of spanking; on the giving end, not the receiving end.”  He sheepishly laughed and stopped talking. 

Katie giggled at his embarrassment but did not want to let him off the hook, this was too good. “So what are some of the reasons you might spank someone?”

“I would not be much on rules, chores and such. I think a couple should agree on what constitutes a spankable offense.  In my estimation, disobedience, bad language, disrespect, lying, or a temper tantrum would all be considered spankable offenses.”

“Wow, that’s quite a list for someone who’s not much on rules, chores and such.” She mimicked his works back to him.  He flashed that gorgeous smile.

“Did I mention I’m a fan of spanking?”  He laughed.  “I think it is every bit as sexual as sex. It creates a bond between the giver and the receiver on an emotional level rather than on just a sexual level?”

“That’s an interesting theory. I might like to test that out sometime.” She said sweetly.

Mac was floored and was not sure he heard what she said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, please repeat it?”

“Oh, you heard alright, you are just trying to figure out if it is what you heard or it’s what you think you heard.”  It was her turn to laugh. 

“You are being a very naughty girl.  Do you need a spanking?  If so, I would be happy to oblige.”

“Why, Mr. MacIntosh are you suggesting I need or would want a spanking?”

“I don’t know Ms. Douglas, am I?”

“I think we need to end this conversation right now before we get ahead of ourselves.  After all, this is our first date, we have not established any rules and I have not agreed to anything yet. I think we will have to have a second date for that.”

“Oh, we are going to have a second date.  I have been asking you out for months. Besides, this conversation is too good to leave unfinished.  What are you doing next weekend?”
“Which day next weekend?”

“All weekend.”

“Much too soon for that Mr. McIntosh, but I am free on Saturday evening.”

He kissed her at the door, yelled good night to Amy and Bree walked down the walkway to his car.  He turned around and blew her another kiss.

“What are you doing at the door?  Are you spying on me?" Katie asked.

“You’re darn right.  Not really spying, we were waiting for you, like you wait up for us.” Bree said.

“Oh, you are good,”  Katie replied.

“So what happened?  Come on, spill it sister dear.” Bree said.

Katie laughed.  “Well, we went to dinner, to a movie, out for coffee afterward. There is nothing else to tell.”

“There was that kiss.  That was some kiss, sis.  When are you going out again?” Amy asked.

“We have a date next weekend.”

“There may be hope for you yet, Katie.”

There were no classes that week so Katie did not see Mac until Saturday.  They talked on the phone a couple of times and each time it was harder and harder to hang up. Saturday night could not come soon enough.

This time is was Bree waiting around to answer the door when he rang.  She introduced herself and before she couldn’t even begin the interrogation, Katie flew down the stairs, yelled goodnight to everyone and ushered him out the door.

“What was that all about?  Are you that anxious to see me?”

“The answer to your first question is that I don’t want any more of my secrets divulged by one of my family members and the answer to the second question is yes, I am anxious to see you.”

“I’m very glad to hear the answer to your second question.  As to the first, am I going to have to spank those secrets out of you?”

“I see we are starting up just where we left off.” She replied and he threw back his head and laughed.

“You didn’t think I forgot, did you?”

“It never came up in our phone conversations.”

“I didn’t know who might have been listening in on those.” He replied.  “Now it is just us so I know I am on safe ground.”

‘We will get to it in due time, Sir.”

“Oh, I like the sound of that.”


Bree and Amy were her bridesmaids.  Before her dad walked her down the aisle he whispered to her that he wished her the kind of marriage he had with her mother.  He said he had a long talk with Mac and told him that he better take good care of her, loving her in good times and bad. He said he also told him to take me over his knee once in a while just to let me know I was his and he would keep me protected and safe.

“Oh, Dad, he already knows that.  We’ve been practicing” she laughed but her father was red in the face as he was walking her down the aisle.

Hope you enjoyed reading or re-reading.  See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Now that is a cute story to liven up Monday morning. Thanks Sunny
    love Jan, xx

    1. You're welcome Jan - happy you enjoyed the re-post.

  2. A great read to start my week, Sunny. I hadn't read this one before; it is like your books, where the main story sets the scene and the epilogue ties it all together. I love the description of spanking you wrote for Mac, that it creates a bond between the giver and receiver on an emotional level rather than just a sexual level.

    I've never been to a pyjama party, sounds like great fun!

    Rosie xx

    1. So happy you enjoyed the story. I remember writing it and when I saw it on the list, it jumped out at me. I enjoying re-reading myself.

  3. Hi Sunny, cute story, I enjoyed reading this, thank you :)

    The pajama party sounds like loads of fun. Enjoy the lovely weather. Last week was atrocious here with lots of flooding in various parts of the country. Fortunately we had a nice reprieve for the weekend, but the rain is set to return tomorrow.


    1. Hope your winter is better than your summer. Try a PJ party, it was fun the guys had no idea what to expect but they had fun too

  4. Loved this story Sunny. Thanks for sharing.

    The pyjama party sounds so much fun.

    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. You are welcome Lindy. Try that PJ party - you and Bear will love it.

  5. The very best way to begin a marriage.

  6. An adult PJ party...what a fun idea. I do not recall this story, but it had me smiling. hugs abby

    1. Glad you're smiling. It was great fun - give it a try.

  7. Fun story, Sunny and I agree with PK...what a wonderful way to kick off a marriage. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

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  9. A lovely read SG. Thank you. Adult PJ party sounds a hoot.


    1. It was great fun - imagine that party with some of our friends and you could provide the canes. I'm getting this fun picture in my mind. lol

  10. Loved that you dusted this old story out and shared it again. It was my first reading, and I am still smiling.

    Could never get Sam to a pajama party. He doesn't own any!

    Hugs From Ella

    1. Ray has a pair that he digs out whenever we go to visit our daughter and stay in the house instead of a hotel. Me, I do the same, when we do our get togethers. lol


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