Monday, April 17, 2017

A Lucky Guy

Hello everyone - hope everyone had a good weekend and if you celebrated easter, it was an outstanding day.  Quiet here, just us - by choice.  We've been busy lately and it was nice not to have to worry about being somewhere at a specific time or whether or not dinner was going to turn out fine.

This past week I've been trying to clean up my computer a little.  I have been remiss in deleting unwanted and unused items and it is out of control.  I haven't even saved my stories in the folder but just saving them so they are willy-nilly everywhere.  When I first saw the story below I didn't even think I'd written it.   I couldn't figure out why it was on my computer if I hadn't written it.   Well as I read further down, things started coming back.  However, I thought that if I couldn't remember writing it, perhaps some of you wouldn't remember reading it and others might be new to AR since it first saw the light of day.    So it's another rerun.

He walked in the door, removed his jacket and hung it in the closet.  He walked to the patio door and her eyes widened when she saw him. Very deliberately, he began rolling up his shirtsleeves.  Although his eyes were glued on her, he showed no expression.  It was when he unbuckled his belt and slowly removed it from the loops that she began to shiver.  She knew what was coming. He doubled the belt in is hand, making sure to hold onto the buckle and without a word used the hand holding the belt to gesture her to come to him.  Doing as she was bid, he pushed her over the back of the couch so that her bottom stuck out.  He flipped up her short skirt so that it covered her back and with one finger yanked down her panties to rest at her knees. He admired her perfect heart shaped bottom and tanned long legs and noted a slight tremor in her legs.  They both knew if he dipped his fingers into her nether lips they would come away wet with her juices.  The longer he made her wait, without words or action, the wetter she would be.  Soon, he would be able to see the juice running down her thighs.

She woke with a start, this had been a recurring dream since the night he spanked her for the first time.  She would never have thought a spanking could excite her as much as it did and continue to invade her thoughts and dreams weeks afterward.  Her hand reached out to an empty spot and she remembered he had an early start.  She rolled over and opened her nightstand drawer and removed her rabbit.  It was a poor substitute but one that had served her well between partners. 

Jerry introduced her to a whole new level of bedroom activities. She couldn’t always call it lovemaking, sometimes it was just hard fucking. He could be gentle and sweet one time and the next time be rough and take her with a vengeance.  He kept her well sated so that her rabbit hadn’t had any use since they began their relationship. 

If she were to describe Detective Jeremiah (Jerry) Markley she would have to say he blended in.  That is, to say, he had no distinguishing characteristics.  Average height of about 5’10”, about 35 with sandy brown hair cut short, brown eyes and not particularly well built and muscled like so many men today.  He had been married before but she couldn’t take being married to a cop.  Why she married him in the first place, was something he never understood – after all he was a cop when she met him.  At the time, he was a big city cop but because she became so frightened for his safety, he quit his job and they moved to the suburbs, where she thought being a cop would be less dangerous.  As fate would have it, he had been on the job about a year when he got shot during a routine domestic disturbance call.  Before he even fully recovered, his former wife left him and filed for divorce.  That had been seven years ago and so far his self-made vow of not getting romantically involved with anyone has been kept.  Enter Andrea Dawson.

He met her on a routine police call.  Ordinarily, her call would have been assigned to a uniformed officer but he was in the neighborhood and said he’d handle it.  Her complaint of being watched proved true, but it was not for anything but voyeurism.  Her habit of swimming and sunning nude enticed ‘watchers’ from the construction site on the lot behind her home.

He genuinely liked her, she was smart, sassy and independent. He asked her to dinner once he closed the case.  One date led to another.  They had been dating about a month when he asked if she was still practicing her ‘nude’ outdoor habits and her positive response raised his hackles.  He couldn’t believe she would be so carefree with her safety and meant to teach her a lesson.  He took her over his knee and imparted just how foolish he considered her to be.  Never having spanked a grown woman before, he didn’t realize how satisfied and aroused he felt afterward.  Although she sputtered and spewed, it raised the level of their sexual play to whole new heights.

It turned out Ms. Andrew Dawson liked being told what to do – especially in the bedroom – and he found he enjoyed taking over – over the knee, over the bed, over the kitchen table, over the couch.  He had more sex in the last six months than he had in the last four years of his marriage – not that he complained. 

He spent a lot more time on the computer these days; there didn’t seem to be anything you couldn’t learn on the internet.  No matter what he came up with, Andrea liked it fine and had many ideas of her own.  He teased her about her sexual knowledge and she told him that being an editor had many advantages, she was only glad she finally had someone willing to be a practice partner.  What a gal.

Their newest experiment involved him withholding permission for her to come.  He would bring her to the brink, then stop, resuming his ministrations when she ‘cooled down’.   She became more and more frustrated and the other night, she actually punched him hard.  He reached down, grabbed her sandal, and proceeded to spank her bottom raw.  The sound of the leather slapping against bare flesh aroused him so, he almost came.  He threw down the sandal, pulled her off the bed and made her kneel before him.  He could see her red bottom reflected in the closet mirror and pushed his turgid member down her throat – almost making her gag.  Such was his arousal, he gave no quarter and fucked her mouth.  Not one to submit easily, she grazed her teeth along his shaft and the sensation brought him to the very brink of ecstasy. But she was not done, the next time he slid out, she bit the tip of his penis – rendering his member flaccid.  So frustrated, he pulled her up and put her over one knee and grabbed the sandal and once again lit into her bottom.  She was panting, whether from pain or pleasure he wasn’t sure but he continued the spanking. His cock hard again, he pulled her off his lap and threw her face down on the bed and rammed his penis into her wet slit, she squealed but came up for more.  His continued to fuck her hard until he was ready to explode, then pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her reddened ass.  He knew she hadn’t reached orgasm but he slapped her ass sharply and told her she deserved not to be rewarded with an orgasm.  She groaned and reached for her rabbit but was stopped by the threat of another ass pounding with her sandal.  She laid there moaning and groaning her fate. Jerry went into the bathroom before he broke down and gave into her need. When she finally realized she wasn’t going to get release, she stopped all the noise and rose from the bed.  When she reached the bathroom, he took hold of her and pushed her over the vanity and fingered her to orgasm.  He couldn’t believe it, but his cock responded to the sight of her still reddened ass and he took her again.  It didn’t take long before they both went limp.

“I’m going to be sore tomorrow,” she told him.

“You deserve to be sore.  I know you’re going to have sandal marks on your ass for a day or two.”  He rubbed his hand across her punished bottom before giving each cheek a good squeeze.  She squealed.  “You are a mean man, and I love every bit of your meanness.” 

He grinned at her.  “Let’s go do some skinny dipping.  The cool water will feel good on your punished parts.”

“Oh, so it’s okay for swimming nude with you but not by myself.”

“Exactly, and you think you would have learned that lesson by now.”

“You really are a chauvinist.” She wondered if she should tell him about her recurring dream.  Nah, I’ll save that for another day, some day when my backside has recovered.  Who knows, it may come to pass all by itself. 

“Indeed, I am and it’s all your doing.


He still had a couple of other experiments he wanted to try, but it involved a trip to the sex shop first. It would have to wait for a trip to the city because if the guys at the station ever found out, he’d be the laughing stock of the precinct.  Then again, maybe not or maybe they could all learn something.  I’m a lucky man.


  1. Hi Sunny, sounds like a lovely quiet weekend. Same here mainly, dinner with friends Saturday night and visiting family yesterday.

    Nice hot story, thank you :) Not sure if I remember this or not.


    1. It was a nice quiet weekend with just the two of us.

      As I said above when I started reading the story, I was surprised Must have been 'loving' that day. lol

  2. Happy Monday, Sunny Girl! Besides cowboys, cops have a certain fascination for me. I would love to have Andrea's dream, too.

    Hope the Easter Bunny brought you some chocolate! Have a good week, my friend.

    Hugs From Ella

    1. The EB didn't bring chocolate but a gift card which is just as good. There is always DARK chocolate on hand in our house.

      That was some dream, wasn't it?

  3. I loved this story, Sunny. The first paragraph gave me butterflies in my tummy!
    Hope you've enjoyed the Easter weekend.
    Rosie xx

    1. Hope you had the opportunity to release those butterflies.

      We had a good weekend, hope you did the same.

  4. Sounds like one intense couple! Great story.

    1. It meshes when you fine a 'like' someone.
      Thanks. Reading over, I could have done so much better. lol

  5. Great story, Sunny and I don't remember previously reading it. Quiet weekend here also.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yeah, as I said I didn't even remember writing until I was further down the page. My muse was up front and center that day.

  6. Super hot story SG. Thank you.

    Nice to have quiet time. This year was busy for us, we were out each day/evening.


    1. I agree with the 'hot', not my ususal fare. lol

  7. What a hot, hot, hot story Sunny. I don't remember reading this one before.

    Quiet Easters are fun also without all the running around.

    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Thanks Lindy and I have to agree - really started the juices flowing from the get go. lol

  8. Happy Easter to you and yours. I love this time of year when everything is new and fresh. I really enjoyed this story and would love to read more....


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