Monday, July 18, 2016

Pulling Up Stakes

Another week already.  Not much to say - thinking about the tragic events of the last week finds me speechless.  I can't imagine the senselessness of killing for killing's sake and I don't want to bring that here, so I'm wishing and praying for the best for all.
Here's another installment of Pulling Up Stakes.

Mary Beth caught a sight of her ass in the bathroom mirror.  Sure that her ass was aflame, she was disappointed to see it was only a rosy pink. She was hoping for bruises. They would be a badge of honor and sure to elicit some sympathy from Marcus – after all, he was a gentleman.  It didn’t look as if there would be any residual marks dammit. The sting felt good, and the spanking made her horny as hell.  As soon as his car pulled away, she got out her trusty ‘magic wand’ and took care of her need.   Not exactly a substitute for Marcus but it would have to do.  Her only hope was that he was suffering from his self-imposed edict of no sex until an apology was forthcoming.

Once the magic wand had done its job, a relaxed Mary Beth lay back and stared at the ceiling thoughts of Marcus Ware, not sugar plums, dancing in her head.  Although she’d had many chances at serious relationships, they all paled after a while. Her world included lots of male friends, and she sure as hell knew what she didn’t want. The man she envisioned would be gentle, yet strong;  flexible, not rigid.  He didn’t have to be a ‘looker’ although that would get him in the door.  A person who liked people but also liked being alone; a man who could hold his own in a roomful of people, well read and not afraid to speak his mind or express his opinion without being belligerent.  He had to have self-confidence and let’s face it; she needed a man that had a healthy libido because she liked sex. As she went down her imaginary checklist, Marcus Ware, so far, fit every category. She might have found the man of her dreams. 


Marcus went off to work hurting.  He didn’t have time to remedy the situation after leaving Mary Beth.  Feeling that Mary Beth was going to break down all his carefully built walls of reasons why he shouldn’t get seriously involved with anyone, careful was going to be his watchword. As a Texas Ranger he was never in one place very long, and when he left in the morning, there were no guarantees he would be back that evening, or ever for that matter.  He’d seen too many marriages crumble under the strain of law enforcement careers, both male, and female and he didn’t want to be part of one – it was easier to remain unattached.  Mary Beth had him thinking otherwise  On the other than, his current job in IT in Humboldt County was much different than his last job.  

Her independent can do spirit was reminiscent of his sister who had succumbed to cancer much too young. A woman, with strong opinions, and unafraid to express those opinions had always appealed to him.  The repartee between him and Mary Beth was what first intrigued him about her.  He admired her playfulness, sense of humor, and that caustic wit that sometimes made him want to pummel her into submission.  He badly wanted to jump her bones and to walk away this morning damn near killed him.  As she told him this morning that he would pay for the spanking, he would make her pay for not apologizing and thereby denying him the pleasure of sex.

He didn’t want to appear too eager, though.  His sense was that would be a turn off to Mary Beth.  He would have to remain aloof and just out of reach until she pulled him in and he snared her into his net.  He had the next few days off and decided he would take a trip upstate to do some fishing. His only hope was that Mary Beth would be thinking about him the whole time.  Lord knows, he’d probably be thinking about her. It wasn't until he'd unpacked his fishing gear after that move that memories of how much he enjoyed the activity came back to him. It had been a long while and maybe it would keep his mind occupied enough to forget about Mary Beth for a bit.

He got through the rest of the uneventful day thinking about things he’d need for the trip. His tent was a little worse for wear, but if he couldn’t find a rental cabin, it would make do for one more trip.  Some of his cohorts had suggested places and more than one had said that Lake Winslow was the place.  Apparently, it was close enough to a little market and restaurant that if he were unsuccessful at fishing, he wouldn’t starve.  Sounded good to him. 

When he got off work and pulled into his driveway, he noted the absence of Mary Beth’s car.  ‘Good, she won’t see me packing up.’  The drive to Lake Winslow took a little over an hour but there wasn’t much traffic, and the scenery was awesome.  Stepping out of the car and getting a whiff of that fresh mountain air, alive with the scent of pine and woodsmoke, made him forget all about Mary Beth for the moment.  Luckily, someone has canceled at the last minute, and there was a cabin available for rent.  He wouldn’t have to drag out that old tent and sleep on the ground – his body wouldn’t be groaning too loudly in the morning, and maybe he’d get some sleep.  Lord knows he needed after the night previous night – that chair was a killer.

He unpacked his gear and walked over to the little restaurant.  The owner also rented boats, and Marcus put in his request for the morning.  Dinner consisted of freshly caught pike that had his mouth watering for more, with cole slaw and fresh cut french fries.  He was in heaven and ate more than usual.  A slice of peach pie and coffee completed the meal.  The walk back to the cabin eliminated some of his fullness, and he grabbed a chair and headed to the lake to watch the sunset.  When the mosquitos had sucked too ‘much of his blood, he retreated to the cabin, climbed into bed and was asleep in no time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Mary Beth invaded his dreams.  The thought of her, draped over his knee as he spanked those pristine white globes woke him up with a raging hard-on.  He needed relief.  The cold shower took care of one problem but added another.  He was no longer able to get back to sleep.  He looked at his watch, and it was 1:45 AM.  ‘Time to catch some bass.’  He donned his gear, grabbed a bag of jerky and headed out.  He’d picked out his boat the night before, so he grabbed the rowboat, oars, and headed to ‘the lake.

Mary Beth had fully expected a call from Marcus Ware.  When the day and evening had come and gone, and she hadn’t heard from him, she began to stew.  The least she expected was a call inquiring about her well-being.  Nothing.  She woke after a fitful night’s sleep and decided to be neighborly and also remind him that she wasn’t all peaches and cream.  She baked some biscuits, with cheese and lots of jalapeno peppers and left a basket on his porch before she took off on a hike. 

Surprised to see the basket still there upon her return, she collected the biscuits and hauled them in the trash.  They were much too hot for her taste, and the birds and critters wouldn’t eat them either.  Not sure of what to do, this had never been her dilemma before.  Men were always chasing after her, not the other way around. ‘Should I call him?’

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Should she call him? I can't make up my mind! Looking forward to next week's instalment to find out.
    Rosie xx

  2. Oh dear leaving us up in the air like that. What should she do????
    Enjoying this story and can't wait to see where it leads.
    Hugs Lindy

  3. Loved this instalment and really enjoying this story Sunny. Such a dilemma for her, I can't decide if she should call him or not either. Seems Marcus is punishing them both with the no sex until she apologises. Hmm, wonder if she will...


  4. New week. New story. You had me hooked, Sunny, when you told me he was a Texas Ranger.

    Ella Wondering

    1. It's a continuing saga - TR's always solve the case.

  5. A cliff hanger!!! Marcus is surely going to have his hands full... Or should I say that it sounds like his hand will be very busy. Spank! Spank! Fun story, Sunny! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  6. Oh SG, fancy leaving it there. If I was Mary Beth I'd leave it a day or two before calling him. Enjoying your story. Thanks.



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