Saturday, April 7, 2012


Janet was so excited to be getting away for a few days.  She and two of her fellow teachers Sydney and Brianna had rented a cottage at Myrtle Beach for the long Easter weekend.  All she wanted to do was relax on the beach, work on her suntan and read a book that had nothing to do with her schoolwork.  In addition to her teaching position she was studying for her Master’s and would be completing the program in June.  Her schedule hadn’t allowed her much free time for the last two years and this was a much needed break.

When they arrived at the cottage there was a picnic basket filled with a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers awaiting them.  The card attached said welcome and was signed by a C. Bartlett.  Neither one of them knew a C. Bartlett but after unloading the car, they opened the wine and munched on the crackers and cheese.  They were sitting on the screened in porch discussing what they planned on doing for the rest of the weekend when a car pulled in the driveway. A good looking man of about 40 stepped out and came to the door.  He knocked and yelled hello.

“Hi, I’m Chad Bartlett.   I own the cottage and just dropped by to see if you received the goodie basket and if there was anything I could do to make your stay more enjoyable.”
They all responded at once that so far they couldn’t think of anything.  Janet introduced Sydney and Brianna and then herself.  She thanked him for the basket.
“As you can see, we are enjoying the gift.  Would you like to join us for a glass of wine?”
He replied that although he would like to he had to get to an appointment on the other side of town.  He told them that later that evening The Fish Shanty was having a live band and a Ladies’ Nite they might enjoy.  Usually just the locals attended and it wouldn’t be as crowed as some of the other tourist traps.  Janet thanked him for the information and said they just might do that.  She extended her hand and when he touched her fingers, she got an electrical shock. She quickly pulled her hand back and held the door open for him.

When he left all three ladies looked at each other and just smiled.  Sydney remarked that he was one good looking guy.  Brianna and Janet agreed.  Of the three, Janet was the only one not attached in some way.  They changed into their swimsuits and headed down to the beach. Before leaving, Janet had googled the handsome Mr. Bartlett.  She found that he was a local realtor and involved in many community projects.  She also found that he was divorced and the father of two teenage children.

Over the last two years she hadn’t had much time for socializing.  She had the occasional date but mostly spent her free time working on her thesis.  She wouldn’t mind a quick little fling to add some excitement to her life.  They had decided to give The Fish Shanty a try and she hoped he would be there.  She had definitely felt something when she shook his hand.  She wondered if he felt the same thing.

They arrived at The Fish Shanty about 7:30pm.  It was already crowded and they had to wait for a table.  They waited in the bar until their name was called.  While they were sitting there just enjoying the company and the scenery, the waiter arrived with a tray of drinks.
“We didn’t order another round” Sydney said.

The waiter responded that Chad Bartlett  had sent them over.  He nodded in his direction.  Janet looked over and Chad winked back in acknowledgement.  It wasn’t long before he sauntered over to their table and remarked he was glad they had taken his suggestion.  He said they wouldn’t regret it.  The seafood was the best on the beach and much more reasonable than some of the fancier restaurants. Janet hoped he was right on both counts because  teachers salaries only went so far. 

“Oh, so you are all teachers.  I started out that way but soon found out that I couldn’t support my family on a teacher’s salary.” 

They all nodded in agreement.  Brianna asked about his family.  Janet was glad that she didn’t have to broach that subject.  He explained that he had been divorced for several years and that he had two children, a girl 15 and a boy 17.  He then inquired about them. Sydney replied she was married but her husband was in the military and on a short term assignment in Europe.  Brianna said was engaged but her fiancé was involved in an engineering project and was in DC for the next two weeks.  He seemed to brighten when Janet didn’t mention any attachments.

Just then, the waiter called their number and said their table was ready.  Janet asked him to join them and he readily agreed.  He was a good conversationalist and entertained them with tales  of the local lore.  When the band started he asked Janet to dance.  She readily accepted and found he was a great dancer.  He was courteous enough to also ask Sydney and Brianna to dance also.  Janet noticed though that he saved the slow numbers for her.  By the end of the evening, he asked Janet if she would be comfortable enough to join him for a walk on the beach and if he could take her home.  She said that would be fine and she would tell her friends she would see them later.
They left and strolled on the beach.  They continued telling each other about themselves when Janet asked about the cause of his divorce and if it was hard on his children.  He explained that he wasn’t always the best husband as far as his wife was concerned.  He said his children had adapted better than he expected and he thought it was because he was still a strong presence in their lives.

Janet didn’t delve into the matter any further.  She felt it was a private matter and if he wanted to explain further he would do so.  It didn’t matter to her.  She wanted a weekend romance – nothing more.

They continued to walk and talk until Janet said she wanted to call it a night.  She said they’d had a long drive and she was exhausted.  He asked if he could see her again tomorrow and she said she would have to check with Sydney and Brianna to see if they had made any plans.  She knew they would encourage her to see Chad but she didn’t want to seem too anxious.  She told him she would call him in the morning.  He dropped her off at the cottage and gave her a chaste good night kiss.

The kiss left her wanting more. 

About 10:00 the next morning she called Chad and got his voicemail.  She told him she was available if he still wanted to get together.  He called back about an hour later and explained he had to take his daughter to practice.  He said he would pick her up about 11:30 and to bring a bathing suit.

As they drove to the marina he asked if she liked sailing.  She said she hadn’t done much but she did enjoy being out on the water.  He told her he had a picnic lunch delivered to his boat and thought they would sail to one of the smaller coves and enjoy an afternoon of sailing and sun.

The cove was secluded and empty when they moored.  They went ashore in the inflatable dingy, had lunch and decided to nap in the sun.  She awoke when she felt someone watching her.  Chad was laying there, propped up by this elbow and just staring. 

“You are quite pretty, Janet.  And to think you have a brain too”

“Thank you, she said, but it must be good genes, have to thank my parents”.

“Unassuming too.  I could be very tempted to succumb to your charms”.

Janet blushed and responded she could say the same things about him.  He reached over a started to kiss her neck, her ears and soon they were in each others arms and kissing passionately. 

“I think we better stop before this goes any further”, he said

She asked why.  He responded he was not prepared to go to the next step.  He didn’t have any protection.  She told him she had been a girl scout and she was prepared.  She reached into her purse and pulled out a package of condoms.  He laughed and said that on top of everything else, she was also resourceful.

Soon they were naked.  He pushed her down and began kissing while his fingers strolled deliciously down her torso.  When she didn’t think she could take any more, he found her wetness and his talented fingers found their mark.  Just as she had almost reached nirvana, he stopped, rolled her over, and began spanking her well rounded butt.  She was startled and was just about to say something when his fingers again found her sweet spot.  Once again she was arching her body to achieve climax when he stopped and once again began spanking her.  This time he continued to spank her while his other hand fingered her to completion.  She had never had such a powerful orgasm.   She was still trying to catch her breath when he rolled her over and entered her with a powerful thrust.  It wasn’t long before she was within reach of another orgasm when he reached his climax that brought her over the top.  He rolled off her and lay back on the blanket.  She lay there spent.  She had just experienced the best sex of her life.

“WOW” was all she managed to say.  He just grinned and matter of factly asked if she was okay.
“More than okay” she answered.  “I would have never thought that a spanking could feel so good
"There are many kinds of spankings.  If you like we could experiment to see which ones you liked best.  She giggled and said that maybe he could hide a couple of suggestions in her Easter Basket.

He said he would check with the Easter Bunny to see what could be done.



  1. Loved the story -- you are a very good writer --and a Happy Easter to you, too.


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  3. Loved it. Where can I find that cove? Have a great Holiday :)

    1. I do believe that cove is somewhere in the Phillipines. It is lovely isn't it. How's MM doing?

    2. :) We are both doing good, looking forward to a nice quiet weekend together!

  4. Very cute story :) Happy Easter!

  5. Oh, sunnygirl! That was just lovely. You truly are talented. Seriously, I think you should write a book. I'd buy it:)!


    1. Oh thank you Kitty for your lovely words. You'll be one of the first to know if I ever write a book.

  6. Makes me want to go sailing! Great story, but I know better than anyone what a good writer you are.

    Have a wonderful Easter!


    1. Sailing and the cove are very appealing. Happy Easter to you and Nick.

  7. Another good story! Happy Easter


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