Tuesday, February 19, 2019


NEVER HAVE I EVER - as opposed to PK's Have you Ever.  This is fun.  Give yourself one point for every thing you've not done.  Let us know how you did in the comments section. Feel free to elaborate.   Me, I got 4. Anyone want to guess which 4 they are?

1.  Received Stitches
2.  Been to Niagara Falls
3. Had Chicken Pox
4. Got a tattoo
5.Flown in a plane
6. Shot a Gun
7. Failed a test
8. Graduated High School
9. Broken a bone.
10 Been spanked in public
11. Seen the Grand Canyon
12. Been skiing
13. Punched someone
14. Been Divorced
15. Swam in the ocean
16. Drove a car
17. Been stung by a bee
18. Changed a dirty diaper
19, Been to another country.
20.  Been arrested
21. Served on a jury
22. Slept in a tent
23. Ridden a bike
24. Had sex outside
25. Heard a coyote howl

See you later for more Aimless Ramblings.


  1. Interesting! I got 8. I must be boring!


  2. Ha! ... 11 here ... although there are several that I truly hope I never ever! :>)) ... nj

    1. Just what ones would they be. I bet I can guess at least one.

  3. I got six. I wasn't quite sure about no. one - I've had stitches from surgery, but I've never hurt myself and had to 'have stitches.' I'm positive of one you've never done and I have a good guess about a couple more.

    1. Stitches are stitches. I bet there's one you wouldn't guess. Read further to find the answer.

  4. I got four. I wonder if they are similar to your four?? I'll share if you will.

    1. My four are I've never been arrested, never been spanked in public (I don't consider a few swats here and there a spanking), never been divorced and never had chicken pox.

    2. Mine are never been arrested, never been to Niagara Falls, never been divorced or served on a jury. So we share two.

  5. Sunny,
    I got 22! out of 25! Wow!

    1. Now Mere - you know that's not right. You must have misread the instructions because I know for a fact that you've changed a dirty diaper, have never been divorced, and that you graduated from high school.

  6. Hi Sunny,

    I love this, this was fun! I got 9. Not sure what that says lol.

    Like PK, I didn't count the stiches question as I wasn't sure either. I too have had stiches as a result of medical procedures,but never from otherwise hurting myself, though I did come close to having them a couple of times. I haven't broken a bone either, touch wood!


  7. Hi Sunny, :) My guess is: punched someone, been arrested, been divorced, and broken a bone! Did I get them right? LOL!

    Let's see now... I would say that I have 6 points! Care to guess? LOL! Fun meme to read, Sunny! Many hugs,

    ❤️Katie xoxo

    1. Close, I have punched someone - back in high school but the other is I've never had chicken pox. You were pretty darn close. Let me think - never been arrested, never punched anyone, no tattoo, never been divorced, never been spanked in public, heard a coyote howl. Let me know how I did?
      I love these things - they are so fun.

    2. Cool!! :) I can't imagine you punching anyone! Well... maybe...LOLL!

      You are close too: never been arrested, never been divorced, never been to the grand canyon, never punched anyone, never broke a bone, never actually served on a jury... sure I've been called, sat there all day, only to be let out... a bunch of times. I've been swatted in public so I didn't count that one. xoxo

  8. Hi Sunny, I got 11, I am the most boring person :(
    Hope you and Ray are okay
    love Jan, xx

    1. Not boring - perhaps more laid back. Care to share some of your experiences that some of us probably haven't experienced.

    2. Hi Jan!!!!❤️ Miss you around here! You are far from boring, Lady!!! Love and Hugs! xoxo

  9. I got 7...... laughing at all the comments..... Thanks for the smiles, Leigh! Windy

    1. Are you going to share your 7? I don't know you so I can't guess.
      I do love these - we get a chance to peek into our friend's lives.

    2. I sure will share! No tattoo, not spanked in public, never skied, never been divorced, never arrested, never slept in a tent, and although I have been called for jury duty, I never served because I convinced them I was nuts!

  10. I got 8. Fun one. I think your four could be:-
    Been spanked in public
    Broken a bone
    Been divorced
    Punched someone


  11. Pretty close Ronnie - I have punched someone but I've never had chicken pox; have broken a bone but have never been arrested.

    Care to share your 8.

  12. 12 give or take (never broken a bone, but have hair line fractures so 13 if that doesn't count as a break...12 if it does) :-) very fun to read everyone's answers Hugs

  13. I got 5- never spanked in public, seen the Grand Canyon, had a tattoo, gotten a divorce, or been arrested.


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